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GRUB Bootloader Fix: How to Boot in to Windows After Installing/Deleting Ubuntu Linux

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Get The Complete Linux Administration Course Bundle! https://josephdelgadillo.com/product/linux-course-bundle/ After installing Ubuntu Linux, type the following commands in to the terminal to updated GRUB and to see the option to boot in to Windows: sudo update-grub After deleting the Linux partitions from your hard drive, do a live boot in to Linux (Try Ubuntu without installing) and type the following command in to the terminal to boot back in to Windows: sudo apt-get install lilo Hit enter then: sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr Web - https://josephdelgadillo.com Subscribe - https://bit.ly/SubscribeJTD Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/delgadillojt Discord - https://discord.gg/EbcQFrg Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jo3potato
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Text Comments (439)
Joseph Delgadillo (1 month ago)
Get The Complete Linux Administration Course Bundle! https://josephdelgadillo.com/product/linux-course-bundle/
Hi, Joseph Thanks for uploading the info, it helped me. I fully appreciate your help and knowledge, thanks once again.
H D (2 days ago)
Thanks you helped me keep working on this 💙💙💙💙
cHOsWIz (3 days ago)
Thank you very much
genX India (8 days ago)
I installed phoenix os over windows without setting up any dual boot and now what i gets is only grub and phoenix os i cant go back to my windows os.so will it work for me I have Linux mint live usb. Please need a fast reply
Danang Suryo (9 days ago)
thanks maaaaaaaaaaan
Joseph Delgadillo (4 days ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Michael Taylor (15 days ago)
What if I don't have a copy of the Linux Mint I was using? Do I need to reinstall the image to my pendrive from another laptop and try these steps?
Shashank Gangwar (23 days ago)
Thanks buddy.
PR3DATOR (23 days ago)
I get the windows boot manager , please help I can't get back to windows
TomiHawky (25 days ago)
Thx m8
Joseph Delgadillo (24 days ago)
My pleasure!
harshit dalakoti (29 days ago)
It's still not working.....pls is there any other way
ehab medhat (29 days ago)
What if I don't remove Ubuntu I only install a new windows version When I boot it will go to old boot menu And when I click windows option It will boot to new windows
burbon ­ (29 days ago)
Well, this is just a very simplistic explanation. For example, it didn't solve my problem, which was restoring windows in grub menu after windows installation.
jdcamar (27 days ago)
same still tring to figure this out
Jason Daniel (1 month ago)
I've been searching for days youre the only that helpd thanks
Joseph Delgadillo (29 days ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Bipin Maharjan (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Joseph Delgadillo (1 month ago)
Glad it worked for you!
VIKTAUR (1 month ago)
Somebody can tell me which key is pressing on 2:27 to access UEFI DUALBIOS?? THANKSS
Kelton Nickerson (1 month ago)
Real hero among men here
Tech World (1 month ago)
After selecting windows in grub it reboots to grub
KurFuE Gaming (1 month ago)
Help me please. I am using linux kali. And there is no option for run kali without installing
Diego Ramos (1 month ago)
You absolute madlad, you saved my ass just now. Thanks!
Giovanni Piccioli (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! This is the only approach that worked among those I found
Kapil Sarma (1 month ago)
Could you tell me how to install Windows over Ubuntu??
Demir Altay (2 months ago)
Your a lifesaver!
Murad Alm (2 months ago)
you saved me thanks alot! i've watched more that 20 videos and yours is the only useful one
Joseph Delgadillo (2 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
kaleb64 (2 months ago)
Thanks this really helped me out
Joseph Delgadillo (2 months ago)
Glad you found it helpful!
Marko Milojevic (2 months ago)
Iv'e installed ubuntu just to download windows and create bootable windows usb, Iv'e done it, and now I CAN'T uninstall ubuntu from ubuntu, and I can't run windows setup because that GNU thing is always running instead my windows setup.... The only solution is to throw a goddamn hard disk and buy me a new one, so I can install windows... Having Ubuntu is worst than a virus, can't remove it, and can't use it neighter because it sucks.
Glen Cooper (2 months ago)
Thanks. This helped me when I accidentally overwrote the MBR of Windows with Grub!
Vitaly Vlasenko (2 months ago)
So, you just swap grub to lilo passing the only option to the new loader. Is "bootrec /FixMBR" no longer available in Windows 10?
Khalid Warsame (2 months ago)
I can't thank you though for this! ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!
Joseph Delgadillo (2 months ago)
Glad you were able to recover your system!
K3WL DERP (2 months ago)
If i wanted to boot back into linux how well i do that
Tom (3 months ago)
I love you. I encountered this problem 3 times and you are the first video that accomplished what 10 other videos couldn’t.
Liam Crandley (3 months ago)
I think i accidentally deleted windows 10 on my computer :(
hayakuhiro ' (3 months ago)
Arigatou 🙏
Cole White (3 months ago)
Thank you, the instructions were very easy to follow and it worked for me
Joseph Delgadillo (3 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Mee Singh (3 months ago)
Sir, initially my laptop had Ubuntu, with linux 3.2.0-32-generic and windows 7 which automatically upgraded to windows 10 after upgradation the system start showing error: unknown file system grub rescue Can you please provide any permanent solution to this problem so that i can keep both Ubuntu n windows 10 on my system.... Thank u
ryan paul (3 months ago)
Please someone help me, its'already 10 hours im trying to boot into Windows, but after i installed kali linux on hdd, my windows 10 is not shown anymore in the grub menu, i already tried allot of stuffs more than 10 videos and sites, how the fuck can i remove this linux?
Naomi Webb (4 months ago)
I keep getting comand notg found on the very first step
Thanks a lot you have save my huge data
@Joseph Delgadillo make a video plz how to bios seting on bcoz when i do that my bios setup and boot option is not working
@Joseph Delgadillo but problem is that my bios is not coming when in press f2 key what is solution if this i wanna install linux operation syatem plz help me
Joseph Delgadillo (4 months ago)
Glad you were able to recover your system!
karan (4 months ago)
Thankyou very much, I thought i lost my all data,but you saved my day.
Joseph Delgadillo (4 months ago)
My pleasure!
Greda Gerda (4 months ago)
does this also work with getting rid of the GNU GRUB terminal on startup? i get a slightly different screen even though i uninstalled linux
FrostWallker (4 months ago)
This will work with Linux Mint as well,right?
Bartek Kawalec (5 months ago)
Thank you Mate!
Joseph Delgadillo (5 months ago)
My pleasure!
Rusher King (5 months ago)
Thanks a-lot Bro +1 sub and like for saving my PC
Basavaraj Chougala (5 months ago)
Dear sir, In this video, You have installed lilo Package ..to intsall lilo package, we need Internet.. is it correct? Without Internet, it is not possible ? Could you kindly reply to my Questions Kind Regards, Basavaraj, From India
Joseph Delgadillo (5 months ago)
Yes, you need an internet connection. I forgot to mention that, sorry!
Marcelo Trajano (5 months ago)
thanks that was really helpful.
Joseph Delgadillo (5 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Shake UR Mind (5 months ago)
Thank you so much bro!!! Because of you I'm able to boot my windows again. Thank you so much again😊😊😊😊
All In One Tech (5 months ago)
Thanks bhai love from india
Joseph Delgadillo (5 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
WhySoFast (5 months ago)
2 years later... and i'm still grateful <3
Eric Chong (5 months ago)
I am new in ubuntu and just instal ubuntu in my PC. Thus, I have a dual system Window and ubuntu, they are in different hard-disc. I can select window or ubuntu after boot. If I can select ubuntu, it is working well. But if i select window, it shows error as below: error: file '/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/nfs.mod' not found error: no such device: DECEA41ECEA3ECC9 error: can't find command 'partool' error: can't find command 'drivemap' error: disk 'hd0,msdos1' not found Can you help?
Krishnendu Ghosh (3 months ago)
Have you fixed it?? If yes then please tell me the process
Mus Et (5 months ago)
Thank you so dam much
Joseph Delgadillo (5 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Kamuii (5 months ago)
Omfg I have ubuntu but I need to install windows any help?
666tilrest (6 months ago)
Lmao I thought I’d lost everything, thank you
Joseph Delgadillo (5 months ago)
No problem!
Rodrigo Barradinhas (6 months ago)
ben edhk (6 months ago)
Joseph Delgadillo (6 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
NH' Soria (6 months ago)
My issue is the last install i had on my Hard drive was Linux Lite. Now i cannot reinstall any Windows. It fails near 65%. Tried converting partitions to MBR, no fix... I will try your fixes but i don't think it'll work. But if it does, youll be my hero xD. Still thank you for this video
Pawel Grochola (6 months ago)
Thank you so much! Extremely helpful
Joseph Delgadillo (6 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
SREEGIRI (6 months ago)
Can I install Ubuntu again after deleting Ubuntu in this way?Please give me reply as soon u can possible.please......
Sampath Kumar (6 months ago)
I was an atheist but now I'm started to believing in you.... You are my god
Lari Palander (6 months ago)
Thank you for a quick working mbr-fix! All the best!
Joseph Delgadillo (6 months ago)
Glad you were able to fix your system!
NRamo2000 (6 months ago)
Mine doesnt say loader ??? Plz help me someone ???!!!
Negara Maxim (7 months ago)
Aleluia man , you saved my life ,thank you so much , i was so lucky to have a live sd with ubuntu , fk was so scared lol
Negara Maxim (7 months ago)
@Joseph Delgadillo you jost forgot to mention that the person who has this problem have to be connected to internet,by default my notebook was not connected to Wi-Fi and commands don't run .
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
Glad you were able to recover your system!
Joseph Bailey (7 months ago)
I am subscribing to you, my genius friend. I have been looking for two hours now on how to fix this. THANK YOU
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
Saeed (7 months ago)
thanks man your a safer
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Rooster HAX (7 months ago)
Sir, many thans. You are a great hacker Sir! Hare Krishna
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
No problem!
noel noel (7 months ago)
Thank you !
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
My pleasure!
Michael King (7 months ago)
Clear, to the point, worked great. Thank you!
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
Glad to hear it worked for you!
Gaja Tanu (7 months ago)
Great TQ very much
Muchamad Hindarto (7 months ago)
It works, thanks a lot!!!
Joseph Delgadillo (7 months ago)
Glad it worked for you!
Omega (8 months ago)
man. installed android os But Now my window not showing In boot
Rooster HAX (7 months ago)
You overwrite it maybe
Henrique Alles (8 months ago)
You just saved me.
Joseph Delgadillo (8 months ago)
Noyon Ibrahem (8 months ago)
After installing Ubuntu, I didn't find my widows. After shutdown and powered on Ubuntu is direct now, there is no sign of choosing option of login is window. So, How do I fix it?
HerO _X (8 months ago)
Work 100% you are best
Prasad Pawar (8 months ago)
Made my day man. Finally got out of Grub error
Joseph Delgadillo (8 months ago)
Glad you recovered your system!
Kayne (8 months ago)
It still boots me back into grub.
Ariful Islam Russel (8 months ago)
Bro no method is working to remove GRUB.. If i install win10 newly will grub go??
Keagan Coleman Hill (8 months ago)
Please help me. I have Linux installwd. I don't have windows 10 anymore. I want to reload windows 10 on my laptop. But it won't boot through the USB. It is a live USB and I have tested it. It works. And I can't access my bios. I've taken out my rtc battery. And it comes up with an error but it doesn't reset the BIOS. I don't have a code that pops up on screen when I fill the incorrect password 3 times. So I'm stuck with Linux. Unable to change to windows. And unable to change bios settings
ded (8 months ago)
saved my pc lol
Joseph Delgadillo (8 months ago)
Glad you were able to recover your system!
varmint (8 months ago)
Amazing! Thank you!!
Thomas Kozar (8 months ago)
Nyxe Bunchie (9 months ago)
You are awesome Sir ! Thank you
kushal reddy (9 months ago)
Thank you sir,worked like a charm.
Joseph Delgadillo (9 months ago)
Glad to hear!
Extra Knowledge (9 months ago)
it says no os found after restarting.... what should i do ? please help bro!!!
Bryce Johnson (9 months ago)
Thanks a ton, I was installing the October update and I thought my files were deleted lol
abdullah al-hadhrami (9 months ago)
you are my savior
Thank you very much!!!
Abderahman Baikari (9 months ago)
Thanks man
MidasGoldKing (9 months ago)
One more subscriber here 🤠👉
MidasGoldKing (9 months ago)
JonahAU (9 months ago)
Hage Duri (9 months ago)
man ur windows is working. its easy for u but mine both r not opening
Ultimatum (9 months ago)
If you can enter the boot option menu before actually booting into any os using ESC or any other key , then simply choose windows boot manager and start windows to do the cleanup stuff
98jedan (10 months ago)
Dislike! Who the fuck would want to delete Linux and install that Microsoft's piece of trash on his PC... :D
Joseph Delgadillo (10 months ago)
Diane Ring (10 months ago)
Hi. I installed windows 10 and then Ubuntu after, but did not get a dual boot option. it would only boot to Ubuntu. I did your lilo fix and now the computer wont boot at all. i am getting An operating system can not be found. Windows was working perfectly fine and registered before the install of Ubuntu. Any suggestions.
Kroves (10 months ago)
hey i am having the same issue but with Manjaro Linux, do you know how to do that on Manjaro
Alex (10 months ago)
Many thanks this is the only thing that fixed my predicament!
Joseph Delgadillo (10 months ago)
Glad it worked for you, Alex!
Alex Dumitrache (10 months ago)
Thanks, you saved my day
Joseph Delgadillo (10 months ago)
Glad you were able to fix your system!
Ravi Pandey (10 months ago)
Can't get that windows in grub but i have all my windows data and windows partition in files option How to go to Windows?
esoterikouno (10 months ago)
This video was very useful :)
Joseph Delgadillo (10 months ago)
Glad you found it helpful!
NateDog Diamond (10 months ago)
When I did the command you put in, it said GRUB_TIMEOUT
Cameron (10 months ago)
My windows partition is on my drive but the update-grub command is not finding it. What do?

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