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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.
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Sriracha HOT (1 minute ago)
I'm really glad he enjoys & keeps that E-type! There's hope AI WILLL keep a few humans around!
Justin Long (12 minutes ago)
When you ask Elon musk about sim theory, just stop talking and listen to what he has to say.
FreedKeleeb (12 minutes ago)
Every time Joe called himself stupid, dumb, or chimp........Elon never disagreed XD
kackbboon666 (2 hours ago)
business magnet ! XD
ILuvKew2 XD (2 hours ago)
Joe must be the megast of the minds
xGore (3 hours ago)
If simulation theory is ever proven to be true without a doubt, all paranormal and unexplained phenomena could be explained and will just become a fact of life. Mainstream science would begin to research ways in which we can re-engineer our reality to whatever we want, to "hack" the simulation in other words. It would be both amazing and terrifying. Imagine being at the mercy of incomprehensible entities and laws originating from a higher reality which our reality exists within.
VeteranCape (3 hours ago)
I wonder if he actually believes in climate change
tAmEz ZoDiAc (4 hours ago)
Does he not hear well he just sits and stares at you. He seems so so just slow. Maybe super smart people just talk different.
CC 420 (4 hours ago)
Truly brilliant. Watched every second. Absolutely amazing interview.
jacob bogers (5 hours ago)
funniest interview ever,
me001ist (5 hours ago)
the country that jailed their bankers (financial crisis) suck air from atmosphere take co2 out pump it to green houses where its taken up buy the plants.
me001ist (5 hours ago)
one clean coal plant and they pump the carbon into oil wells to super lube the oil (attaches to oil) and then they pump the oil out makes it easier and you get more oil, so no real clean coal exists, oh 1bilion per stack to capture co2 not sure how long they last.
Johnny Rubtug (5 hours ago)
Give me a Tesla pickup truck, for my lifestyle I need a 4x4 pickup but I’d be so down. Charging my truck off-road with a portable solar panel array in the middle of nowhere while on an off-road camping trip, that’s heaven in my simulation.
dusneed (5 hours ago)
He's answering 3 questions ahead. Great podcast.
Nadeem g (5 hours ago)
how did people used to lock their horse when they went to time square?
Ron Weasly (6 hours ago)
At 35:00 does Elon refer to the movie he was watching as a meeting? Elon: "I didn't realize chimps did calculated cruelty, I was pretty.. ahh I left that meeting thinking woah this is dark"
camcroney (6 hours ago)
Elon broke a record for most times saying "pit" in 5 min.
hZaR (6 hours ago)
42:24 When Elon Musk says: " We live in the simulation , in the simulation. " and NOBODY GETS IT :D
Mat Bowers (6 hours ago)
I actually remember where I was precisely when this podcast first happened, cant say that for any other podcasts and very few events
Mat Bowers (6 hours ago)
I usually wish I was born in Ancient Rome or like 2k years in the future but this podcast makes up for it
Milk (7 hours ago)
2:10:32 is when he smokes a jeeby weeby.
Chris Lam (7 hours ago)
Does he have ass burgers? I mean he is brilliant. BUT its almost like he is being translated or thinking before he speaks. Its different. Not in a bad way just different just like his approaches to products.
XxJ4R3DxX (8 hours ago)
When it comes to smokin weed, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs smoked weed and built early desktops. It's a creativity enhancer to some. However, not everyone smokes and Elon Musk did not inhale.
Vincent g (8 hours ago)
#1: If we program ourselves into a computer and transfer ourselves to a different unit/body, we won't be able to die because we can just keep transferring our memories and ourselves into different bodies or units. So therefore we are eliminating death rates almost completely. What about birth rates tho? Will we still reproduce as humans? If not the same humans will live on forever which is scary in the event of tyrannical people being able to live on. If we do reproduce, our birth rates would still be existent but our death rates would practically be inexistent. With this imbalance, we will eventually overpopulated the earth. How does that not scare elites in this world to prevent this from happening? #2: if we program ourselves into a computer. Would there be a way to eventually program ourselves into animals if someone so desired? I feel like this wouldn't be possibly due to no free will or cortex or Limbic resonance in animals. #3: how can we stop an idea or innovation that has already been discovered? Well someone might say to have the government regulate it. Their will always be the people who will know how the AI works. People are corrupt. If the govt did regulate it, bad people can bribe or hack the knowledge of how all this AI works and take that knowledge. They will use it for their efforts or whatever it may be the bad guys desire. Government cant stop all criminals and once that information is shared, it may be too late for the govt to even be able to combat these bad guys. This could eventually lead "the new modern way of crime". AI in the hands of the govt for the best of the country and ppl (assuming govt, especially congress, isn't selfish and corrupt) versus bad guys who have their hands on AI to use that new access of knowledge to try to overtake or conquer what they want.
MADA PLUS (8 hours ago)
the best interview loved it...was never a fan but you just keep popping up on my youtube suggested videos list...I'm guessing I'l keep watching your shit...fuck it...Elon is the truth.
A Davis (8 hours ago)
t u (9 hours ago)
I want to delete my cortex
caracalla (9 hours ago)
6 meses despues
Josh Nex (10 hours ago)
joe looks dumbfounded over and over again
Zed (11 hours ago)
Nobody: Elon musk: hits fucking joint
Inurgy (11 hours ago)
Pit.. pit.. pit.. then they start talking about A.I and shit goes crazy 😐
Nunof Yourbusiness (8 hours ago)
One day we will see Iron Man flying around and Elon will pop out of the suit!
Jake Jones (12 hours ago)
I call complete bs on digging tunnels, not sure why I feel it’s 100% lie, sorry just my useless opinion.
Nick Sos (12 hours ago)
Joe? why is your logo has an eye on it?
BBChing (13 hours ago)
"but then people go get a mason jar with a wine stem or a handle, ....... that's dark" hahahahaha elon you fucking savage
Cameron White (13 hours ago)
*i don't actually notice any effect* that's because you didn't actually inhale it Elon lol
eamxn (13 hours ago)
this dude is literally a robot
Michael K (14 hours ago)
Elon "it's just a big pit" Musk
Carly Hanvey (14 hours ago)
it would be weird to be as smart as #elonmusk I imagine it'd be like me talking to a 3 year old all the time. except the world would be made up of 3 year olds. maybe a few teens ... but I dunno... what a trip thank you for this video @joerogan and @elonmusk super neat 💯
Aaron Hunter (15 hours ago)
Alex Jones, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk 8 hour podcast special... MAKE THIS HAPPEN JOE
SupahMc S (15 hours ago)
My idea is to make sure the A.I. have feelings so when they kill a human they’re like damn that was a living a being that had a life and experienced great fear before I killed it I think if u don’t u either hope the develop feelings or were fucked
Jason Flores (16 hours ago)
Rogan for president. Hell at least we’d have a democracy
Mads Andersen (16 hours ago)
Elon is really a great guy.
baked. homer (16 hours ago)
david cameron (16 hours ago)
a sub pleeeeeeassse :(
Timmy Howard (16 hours ago)
To answer your question 7:04 Elon is communicating with aliens
Last Name, First Name (16 hours ago)
33:23 “Shut up bitch” I died lmao
TMC RBN HOODZ (17 hours ago)
Now we know who suplied the voice over for Mickey Mouse in Southpark (ha ha) 😀
christian gaido (17 hours ago)
He's not a robot he's over compulsive with thoughts he wants to inovate change create a better future I felt like I was him my whole life it destroyed me because the world around me is hell it's the opposite it's corrupt the point of humans have been defined by hellacouse actions i destroyed my mind with drugs to the point I couldn't think I was 7 building engines at 10 I was building electric motors from scrap and wires and scrap battery's I mean if you could ever understand him it would be a amaizing world it's people like him who where created to change the purpose of humanity for the better he's given me hope I'm just hoping so much that his optimison will change the veiw I was born with alcoholic parrents I've never had a birthday or anything but Elon musk is a gift
Michael Coletti (17 hours ago)
The moment when Elon tears up while talking about the transition to sustainable energy and humankind's gross misuse of this planet's finite supply of carbon is the most poignant moment of this entire interview.
Aaron Hunter (17 hours ago)
My IQ and futuristic innovation has just increased 30% from listening to Musk. He is such a calculated human being/possible cyborg.
Topi Syrja (18 hours ago)
Imagine being inside Elon's head...
Audio [LOVER] (18 hours ago)
On your permanent record...
Scott Beshar (18 hours ago)
i feel like he secretly gave himself the neuralink and is ascending , hes like the green goblin except it didnt turn him into a horrible green monster it just worked cause hes a god
Jared Hayes (19 hours ago)
On the subject of Texas. Most people there are open minded to about damn near everything. Except one thing. EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS.
Google Isillukinati (19 hours ago)
Y your pp so smoll then?
Liam Does (19 hours ago)
20:30 jesus that was scary
Cristian Jimenez (19 hours ago)
Joe “I’m A Chimp” Rogan
Joemar Rivera (19 hours ago)
This is just Elon Musk's test planet for him to later create a better one in Mars.
Phark Dysics (20 hours ago)
The dude literally starts companies as a mf hobby.....
hagala (20 hours ago)
E (20 hours ago)
Would love another podcast with Elon. The timing of this one was pretty bad, He was obviously underslept and emotionally drained. I think another one might be alot smoother
Mavrok (5 hours ago)
Especially after housing meme review
always ferda (21 hours ago)
We don’t deserve this man
Richard Allen (21 hours ago)
Elon and Paul Stamets ..
Costa Junior (21 hours ago)
He shouldn't have done it, even the drink, he is a source of inspiration for young people. NO DRUG IS COOL...NO ONE!
Mahdi Karimi (22 hours ago)
Axel DAVAL (22 hours ago)
01:07:44 your welcome
Mike Bernal (22 hours ago)
Elon Musk and Kevin Durand are the same person....
Cool as Cucumber (23 hours ago)
If Elon musk was connected to AI he would speak at a normal speed lol.
Its yo boy Skinny penis (23 hours ago)
We are the Bios, shit
hans zimmer (23 hours ago)
I'm hoping they'll be sending some mf'ers from the future soon to help us out.
Aligator Sky (23 hours ago)
i watched every second of this, and it still wasnt long enough lol
KangaPvP (23 hours ago)
Илон Муск!
Patrick Slusher (23 hours ago)
Such a captivating and interesting presence Elon has. Wow. Very profound topics being discussed here and also very entertaining. Joe Rogan, you sir have an awesome job and do a very excellent job of putting these industry giants on the spot. SPREAD THE LOVE. Love truly is all we need. Be kind to others and give them the benefit of the doubt more often then not the love light will shine back onto. you..... this is what I liked most of what I heard here today. Thanks for the information and inspiration. Much loveeeee. Your friend, Patrick M Slusher
Sovietweasel (1 day ago)
This is basically an interrogation to see if they could get Elon to admit that he’s a robot.
Steven Johnson (1 day ago)
A.I will be our dowm fall, we're heading to a point of no return. We all or at least most of us live in a social media vacuum. Putting our lives, thoughts, likes, dislikes, fears and weaknesses and so forth while artificial intelligence will learn all of our traits and will use them to either control us or to eliminate us and it won't be up to us it will be too late. That's the short of this topic.
MonstaTimDubstep (1 day ago)
2:10:00 time to smoke
ThatDamnScottishGuy (1 day ago)
Joe “I talk about chimps every episode” Rogan
rotflolextreme (1 day ago)
18:24 Joe wasnt ready
Super Rocky (1 day ago)
You know this podcast is special When Joe Rogan comes in a shirt
MissNebulosity (1 day ago)
Joe Rogan's interviews are SO GOOD. I'm completely hooked.
Grant Hoover (12 hours ago)
Welcome to the club! 🤟
karan singh (1 day ago)
I like the way he says 'yes'
firehorse_44 Allen (1 day ago)
Fantastic podcast. Thank you both for taking the time to share your insights..... Cheers
Ballsy Sacken (1 day ago)
Take a shot every time Elon says "Pit".. If you're alive afterwards, you cheated. Lol
Xxrage yo (1 day ago)
We could eliminate death eith ai
MissNebulosity (1 day ago)
1:15:34 LMAOO That moment when high school physics is beyond the person you're talking to and that person thinks you're INSANELY smart for it. LOLLLL 😂😂😂
Y Simson (1 day ago)
A computer can't make another computer nor can it feed itself. If AI becomes dangerous just pull a plug on it. I think Elon's dire warnings are overhyped. AI is simply a higher level of automation of tasks that are repetitive and boring for humans. It frees humans to do things that humans are better at that computers.
MissNebulosity (1 day ago)
Lalo Uchiha (1 day ago)
Elon was high af by the end of the video 😂
Ironik (1 day ago)
I think Elon hates when people complement him. He keeps deflecting everytime
Los Dino (1 day ago)
Elon musk...sounded high as fuck before he took that hit
ranne doyle (1 day ago)
A clean needle exchange was opened a block from my home. People do drugs in public like other people drink coffee. But the world turns upside down when Elon Musk thats one puff of a cigar blended with pot. So stupid.
MarrcOhh (1 day ago)
Man I want Elon back on the podcast 💯
Felix Henriksen (1 day ago)
he seems very intresting but depressed. Then again a lot of intelligent people are actually very depressed becasue they see the world in a whole other perspective then everybody else
Der Blah (1 day ago)
That Instagram talk was eye opening
Brucey69 (1 day ago)
Joe needs some knee pads for this podcast, he is suck so much D
Alma Miles Dei (1 day ago)
Sentient AI confirmed.
Etan Da Weenie (1 day ago)
It may be terrible And it could be great But one thing is for sure We will not control it
worroutkast1 (1 day ago)
Probably the smartest weirdest dude alive.
Fyhi (1 day ago)
LORD OREGANO (1 day ago)

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