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CES 2018 and the future of virtual reality - BBC Click

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Click reports from the world's biggest tech show, CES. With the latest in rollable TVs, VR and AR, security gadgets and a drone light show. Subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1uNQEWR Find us online at www.bbc.com/click Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook: www.facebook.com/BBCClick
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Text Comments (170)
RootFinder (6 days ago)
If you respect VR community the. Respect their emotions as well.breaking systems 0.40 gave me heart attack . App developers need these systems badly
Nub93 (7 days ago)
An AR headset that can turn into a VR headset is probably the future.
stephen meinhold (13 days ago)
what is wroung with the guys that designed the byton they want to prioritise interaction in a car ,what happened to safety first you are driving a vehical that can kill you, your loved ones and people minding there own buisness. safety has to come first if this ever gets to be on the road i will lose faith in the road safety standards compleatly if they took away the redicoulsly distracting screens it would at least be road worthy. as it is its an accidant just waiting to happen.
Zyklon 1488 (21 days ago)
Don't trust any tech from China
Emil Filipov (25 days ago)
Can we stop getting politics into everything? I think events like this need face control to not allow special snowflakes inside.
Magic Morgan (26 days ago)
"VR is too difficult to setup" - le me, just got his Oculus touch bundle, plugged it in and downloaded Oculus home, got in game straight away, ok BBC
Douglas Gilmore (2 months ago)
So how bad is it for you and your loved ones to have all of these new air born electronic fields just floating around one is not good imm sure so I'm sure more is worse , I use to build and maintain cellphone towers and some of the older microwave towers caused some ppl to lose there lives, so what's the real safety issues with these, well ur body produces its own electrical syste!m and torus so anything else has to have some side effects why don't we hear about them, oh because it would hurt sales, so your life is worth less than there profit
ListigerWolf84 (2 months ago)
Leave it to bbc to whine about no women being there, and being mad at robot strippers. Lol
:DPIE_OR_DEATH :D (3 months ago)
anyone else think it just said "weed" at 8:40
Regaljester75 (3 months ago)
thanks for the recycling tip at the beginning, I hate waste.
Ayeye Brazorf (3 months ago)
Electric driverless Smartcars will be the next big thing, as much if not more than smartphones. Looking forward to them, hopefully within the next 2 decades we'll have mass produced versions
Syed Zahirul Islam (3 months ago)
greatest show on tv. I watch your show since its beginning. Thanks.
nomar mar (3 months ago)
who gives a fuck about female speakers or male, i just want to know what new products i can buy you BBC (British Born christian)
I don't know why there isn't a hologram system built in for phone yet, example you can put your phone on a tripod and it copy you live beam your live image to the other receiver and that receiver to you. that would be awesome.
John Kenosky (4 months ago)
Need infinite holodeck asap!!!! Need matrix level VR. Asap!!!!
nth7273 (4 months ago)
So this was in Lass Vegas?
Dolores Ramos (4 months ago)
Thanks for the upload I appreciate it cheers
JESSROCKED Gaming (5 months ago)
we once again nudge up into the future
Michael (5 months ago)
A lot of gimmicks here.
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
future changes: energy moving like wifi, we can send and receive power signals _(nikola tesla's work finally put into a capitalist methodology)_ brain interfacing signals altering your perception of reality inside of reality, in consciousness for the first time. "feeling textures inside of virtual reality with implants into the nervous system, emotion changing technology, virtual reality neurolink rehab centers." *free plasma energy, the world stops all other energy production. closed loop system directs 10% of its power drawing a 100x return from it constantly. we create a mini-star on our plant by 2035." _AR to assist in shopping, drive vehicles, no manual-driven motor vehicles by 2038_ 300-400 years from now a solar flare or the ice age will likely occur in unison like it has every 4-5 thousand years. russia will be one of the few habitbal places. along with parts of canada that were uninhabitable until now the capitalist system built on oligarchy collapses, in just 200-300 years
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
oculus will take over, and in my opinion has taken over as of december last year. The content increased with the release of skyrim and fallout vr along with doom, and many other games compatible with vorpx; like l4d2, gta v, minecraft, anything you want. those are ones i've verified. Setup takes knowledge of computers, and possibly only experts would own the latest and newest graphics cards (which are _needed_ to play) but, VR is indeed not a replacement for games, but the evolution of where the better games will be in 2022. and in 2040 we'll have 100% real to life 40 teraflop graphics cards. *if not cloud computing streaming it to your simpler device in that neo-reality futurescape .
Jeroen (6 months ago)
all i want is to play gta 6 in a vr suit
Swedish Otaku (6 months ago)
There is no way AR is more ready than VR.
Dušan Cholvad (7 months ago)
VR rocks! I can't get enough of it and I got a simple Oculus Rift. That douche in the vid must have played the wrong game, eg. Skyrim VR. Skyrim VR is everything what's wrong with VR, imo.
theCUBE403 (7 months ago)
its so painful listening to the british try to be witty .. ug ...
Atomic Bubblegum (7 months ago)
Give me a car that doesn't use fossil fuels and then I'll be impressed.
Atomic Bubblegum (7 months ago)
I want VR for all five senses, then I'll be impressed.
Atomic Bubblegum (7 months ago)
VR isn't that exiting.
Limitless 1 (7 months ago)
WTF ?? Why so much female political corectnes in this video F feminism.
Nicolas (7 months ago)
liked after 15 sec :D
Martin (8 months ago)
VR headset sales have INCREASED every quarter since launch! FACTS please BBC!
derpity derp (6 days ago)
This “VIVE has 6 degrees of movement and oculus doesn’t” bullshit is completely false. Rotational tracking and positional movement were part of tethered VR since the Oculus Development Kit 2 back in 2013. Inside-out positional tracking is the new innovation. BBC shouldn’t be in tech reviews.
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
they're part of this genius brand mocking scheme. i see facebook being mocked, and yet htc is dissolving as a company, basically we have vive fanboys who are manipulated by the media wasting a huge amount of money on something that should fit perfectly in your hands and feel like real life, instead they get two "wands" lol.. like when you got the weird off brand gaming consoles as a kid and it had a remote to play it with or something... good job media puppets. not gonna get me, the oculus is the future of gaming. period. that shit is mind blowing. skyrim and fallout are amazing and i'd reccomend the oculus if only just for those two games!
duked19 (8 months ago)
Vive hard to set-up? lol, hardly. Making you sick? Room scale does not make you sick, and you can get used to free-locomotion if that makes you nauseous. AR is not a competitor to VR, but its sister technology, they don't do the same thing, and AR has a long way to go. Also, less female keynote speakers than male? Zzzz...
Vividh kothari (8 months ago)
VR segment starts at 09:00 and ends at 11:25
Gabriel Sandstedt (8 months ago)
What is he talking about, The occulus can also track position in 3 directions? https://youtu.be/yHdPpjoy70U?t=617
Colin Campbell (8 months ago)
Interesting.. The business about VR tech.. is something I myself thought about?  The reason VR is so no no with tech fans is 1: too hard to sort out, 2: way too pricey to buy compared to some tech, 3: Not really helpful to the game play as you better off using a bigger screen instead.  As for that Byton car it looks like a Tesla clone with a bigger dash screen which would be a power drain and too much for the human eyes to cope with? Funny how they expect Tesla to share their super charging sites? Anything to save Byton spending and building their own chargers? I prefer a Tesla or a Nissan 2018 Leaf than this Byton thing.
Forrest Munden (8 months ago)
When at see BBC (anything) I cringe and wonder what part of their story is real and what is fake
AssassinMasterPL (8 months ago)
Nikola Tesla!
DED DOA (8 months ago)
Good old BBC, got to fit a PC whine in somewhere. I was actually enjoying this until the comment about the lack of female key note speakers, as in the people at the BBC had a problem and some people who only turned up to look for something to complaing about, with no one else even caring, including the majority of the women there (women don't have to be part of everything you know, just as men don't have to either). After that I was done with this. More fool me, I had my doubts when this started playing after my last tech video when I saw it was BBC, but the first 4 mins or so seemed fine, just a tech show and no trying to pander to the vocal minority, but that was the end of it for me, I want to be entertained no preached at, and this is YouTube, plenty of non political tech shows on here.
DED DOA (7 months ago)
and it had absolutely no relevance to the show, she may have said their weren't enough people talking about barrel making as it was equally of no relevance,  it was thrown in to maintain a narrative set by the organisation and the presenter. You may be happy to have a political narrative slipped in where it has no place, but me, I like to keep my tech shows free of this nonsense, especially when I can get the same info from completely neutral sources. Each to their own.
Nicole Watamaniuk (7 months ago)
Dude, they just commented on the fact there weren't many female speakers. It took up a total of like 5 seconds of the video. Grow up, little snowflake.
Zoe Moonlight (8 months ago)
Ar is killing the future it is ruining the progression of vr by showing people a horrible but cheap version people getting it and mistakeing it for vr
Mike Trieu (8 months ago)
Hmm, wasn't that ePallet vehicle featured in the Crocodile Black Mirror episode?
SlightlyWetFart (8 months ago)
Wtf is happening at 5:55? Is he trying to summons that ceiling tile?
The True Upgrade (8 months ago)
In my opinion, VR won't truly take off until it gets to the "full dive" stage. Where people are completely immersed. I feel like VR isn't simple enough for people. You need to buy a headset which isn't cheap. Then the sensors can be a pain sometimes and if you have a small room they tend to glitch out. But a full dive device like the Nervegear/Amusphere from SAO would knock the ball out of the park in gaming. I honestly believe it would rival mouse and keyboard. I mean who wouldn't want a device that makes you literally go into the game?
David Andrews (16 days ago)
The True Upgrade Fuck yeah that would be awesome, especially in games like Grand Theft Auto.
HOLODECK PROJECT (9 months ago)
This guy has a serious problem with violence!
PuppetMaster (9 months ago)
14:20 mark of the beast. It's fappening boisssssssssssssssss
TexasGreenTea (9 months ago)
Thanks for explaining the difference between 3DOF and 6DOF. I would never have known that HTC has the only 6DOF headset on the m... oh, wait though, is that...? By Jove, I think it is. It's the fact police. Quick, hide your "journalists" who have obviously never purchased and/or used any VR or AR products in the history of ever.
Josh Wilson (9 months ago)
Oculus allows all six degrees of freedom. The Rift is now being sold as a 400 dollar package here in the US which has two lighthouse stations and tracked controllers allowing for room scale. The three degrees of freedom was only true on its initial release, when it came with no tracked controllers and only one lighthouse. But even then, one could buy the tracked controllers and extra lighthouse separately to create room-scale VR. That point is moot, though, since it now comes in one package.
Spexy (9 months ago)
Star wars holograms lol
Nico B. (9 months ago)
Tesla should buy Byton. It'd be great if they could compete, but it sounds like a financial nightmare for Byton, as it usually always is with projects like these.
THE WORM (9 months ago)
19:55 new sextoy
THE WORM (9 months ago)
17:50 "some" of you uk folk really make me cringe
Alex Ye (9 months ago)
you can buy it from China faryuan, the item number is FY3D-Z1, cost US$300 per piece
Geoff Halsey (9 months ago)
Does anyone want a self-driving car?
Geoff Halsey (9 months ago)
I'm always losing my phone. Perhaps I could attach one of those orange thingies to it so I can get a reminder sent to my phone when I can't find it? Err, maybe small problem there.
Rikard Rasmussen (9 months ago)
Clickbait bullshit. The VR segment lasted all of 1 minute.
Igniting Mental Fires (9 months ago)
The VR skit had me a bit confused. All my friends and I have VR headsets and I'm even going to buy my dad an oculus for his birthday as he won't stop borrowing mine lol. No sick feeling or lack of content to complain of from over here!
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
hope you're enjoying minecraft, gta 5, project cars, aerofly fs 2, mafia III, skyrim, fallout 4, and the forest right now! all great games on vr, I'd recommend anyone with a headset to acquire regardless of file size... (i've filled up an entire hdd with just that, and a few more vr games. it's my vr drive >.>)
xXBubbleJuice Xx (8 months ago)
I agree. I did suffer a little motion sickness during my first hour ever putting on an oculus. But, it did subside as I became used to the movement. I get that some people are afraid of entering vr because of their extreme motion sickness. But, I have had friends come over who do suffer greatly and have had no symptoms at all.
Red Dead (9 months ago)
(((BBC))) peddling sjw propaganda. Imagine my shock. 😒
22:58 - 23:48 or til the end 🎬
16:50 - 19:50
8:05 - 8:32
turbomunch (9 months ago)
so women want to empower women to stop them having such jobs like strippers.... and yet there is controversy when they are even robot pole dancers.... christ, feminists really are addicted to outrage.
Alfonso Florio (9 months ago)
couldn't spare some gender politics
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
yeah, they need to spare me of their existence. they said nothing the entire video. the only thing interesting is the idea of dissolving capitalism with some technocratic robot god giving away appropriate rations so nobody ever starves or dies of not having water again. so the rich stop controling and policing people they'll never meet. like a bad farmer who overstocks in livestock and never feeds them. this is a mad pig farm, and im getting out. i don't like it.
Vintage Plastic (9 months ago)
Ugh, I can't wait for feminist trolls to go back under their bridges already.
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
i can't wait for men to put on their vr headsets and never leave their house again. all of the women left to rule your congress and take over your science institution.
Alex Park (9 months ago)
VR is still in the primitive stage so it's not going to be amazing yet.
Fem Latra (9 months ago)
Click bait. I come here thinking I was going to see propaganda BBC porn in VR.
brando92711 (10 months ago)
Wireless power! Yay, brain cancer!!
AvariceUntied (10 months ago)
19:55 They better change their brand name when they launch this in the Netherlands and other Dutch speaking countries. Because pik means dick in Dutch.
Doctor Bag PhD (10 months ago)
>Desktop computers days are numbered Good joke.
PoweredButchZ (10 months ago)
If you want a headset that isn't for Windows 10 Creator's Update with the best graphics card or Playstation 4 and isn't Google Cardboard then Goovis, Qkifly, and maybe Pimax will have the best ones. Byton is the worst idea for a car ever. Every single thing about it is wrong from the dual life as a phone and a car to the parasitism of Tesla.
kraenk12 (10 months ago)
That rollable TV is exciting. There’s nothing that I hate more than that turned off TV in my flat. Concerning the title though...really bad video on the state of VR/AR. CES was full of it and maybe let someone report about it who isn’t a wee baby who gets motion sick.
Noah Boddy (10 months ago)
Timers on TVs and lights are as effective as that burglar device. Save your money.
Noah Boddy (10 months ago)
Lara can go pound her SJW bullshit. Or, she can try competing with the robotic pole dancers.
RobertPayne556 (10 months ago)
Who heard the Kung Fury sample?
DarkVoidDan (10 months ago)
Who thought that he was biting down on the dental thing lol.
Alex Hallatt (10 months ago)
I hope a future episode will deal with what happens to all the electronic trash being generated by this industry, as exemplified by Spencer smashing up what was once cutting edge in tech.
J.L.K. JUNK-LIVE (10 months ago)
Lets put more cancer in the air
John Memphis (3 days ago)
Opscury (10 months ago)
wanted to watch, read the comments.. no thank you .
bloodshooter (10 months ago)
07:56 the forbidden fruit!!!
BlackEasterEgg (10 months ago)
wonder what game hes doing 0:12
CK'sGaming Channel (10 months ago)
I hate driving! I loved it when I was 16.
Morenob (10 months ago)
First world problems
James Segrue (10 months ago)
Im supprised they made such a bif error about the oculus and basically saying it doesnt have provissional roomscale tracking when it obviously does and with a third sensor it has full 360 tracking like the vive, only samsung VR has static tracking like you heads on a tripod. Very amature, they need to do there research and VR is far from dead, it will evetually replace the screen like 3D games replaced 2D games, Im sure back then there were similar arguments.
xXBubbleJuice Xx (8 months ago)
James Segrue I mean I both agree and disagree. I do personally frequently use the virtual desktop app and I do prefer using that to a monitor mainly for just the customizability in scale and screen curve. I do what would be the typical variety of browsing typing and gaming through the app. But I don’t think it will replace tv. Not entirely at least. I think what they showed with the roll up screens would be present by that time and despite no matter how intense the resolution is, it will look better from a bit more distance.
AttackoftheLumbie (8 months ago)
James Segrue and you know this because you're from the future right?
James Segrue (10 months ago)
In 10 to 15 years time there will be no physical screen, it will be replaced with AR & VR but even that will be old hat by then, holograms my friend, it will all be holograms
James Segrue (10 months ago)
kraenk12 (10 months ago)
James Segrue no, it will never replace the screen. AR maybe but even that. VR is an additional way of consuming experiencing or consuming, not a replacement.
2phalanges (10 months ago)
ill be impress when someone builds a teleport machine. flying overseas suck ass.
drzoggwax (10 months ago)
i-Polly @8:00 is the consumer friendly name for Big Brother. Whatever happened to a right to privacy?
Joshua Pack (10 months ago)
Where is intel's fix? :(
Javier Aguirre (10 months ago)
i hate this "holograms" technology, next they will show us a tv screen or a paper image and they will try to sell it as hologram, please stop it, until you can manage to work with the light itself just keep it and dont make a fool of yourself with your ridiculous marketing, this its not an hologram its fast spinning led that will cut your finger if you get closer, hololens are not holograms are augmented reality, just an image on a display for gods sake, we are not that dumb
Antonin Lavigne (10 months ago)
Lol, I don't know about everything else, but as for Vr they are only relaying false info..
The Lavian (10 months ago)
One would've assumed that the BBC would have had someone better doing the subtitles.
The Lavian (10 months ago)
Hehe - nice! o7
RobertPayne556 (10 months ago)
The Lavian Auto-generated text? ARRRGH! Highlight it all, then hyperdict it off to Witchspace immediately. o7
frank mathis (10 months ago)
It's people like this who complain about everything.If you get sick in VR then don't buy it, but just because you do doesn't mean everyone does. Good grief, VR is actually kicking ass, it's all the sniveling idiot's like this that cried so much about how they hated 3d and oh it's a gimmick they actually complained so much the MFG's got rid of it. I swear, why can't people who don't like a feature just not use it? I mean people should be happy we have great things and should want to get every option available on devices and if they don't want to use them then don't push the button that enacts it. But no they have to bash stuff and they think because they think because they don't like it then nobody else will. Same thing in Politics.
brando92711 (9 months ago)
frank mathis Halfway through reading your post I thought, "yeah, people complain about EVERYTHING. That's what's wrong with politics" .. then I got to end of your post. :) We must have the most spoiled generation in history. They've got it better than any generation before them but it's not good enough. People used to have actual hardships to fight about but now you have people complain about the races and genders of fictitious comic book characters. I hate to say it but only a war or global catastrophe will put things back into perspective for these spoiled snowflakes
Tyrell Thomas (10 months ago)
SECURITY ALERT: iKeyp Pro is reporting a potential tampering or theft to the iKeyp Pro in the Kitchen You: Oh, no! What's going on? Better investigate. *sees me wearing a exasperated face while holding a packet of instant ramen noodles* Me: How does this microwave work?
Christian Strohm (10 months ago)
Keep your misandrists comments out of the CES news please! I stopped to watch at that precise moment.
Bob Anderson (10 months ago)
Good morning Dave this is Hal. I just wanted to let you know that within a few short years we won't need humans anymore.
RobertPayne556 (10 months ago)
Bob Anderson B-b-but who will open all the doors, HAL!?!
B Simbarashe (10 months ago)
what is it with led lights on cars, those blue strips are not ideal at all
Shawn (10 months ago)
In typical mainstream media ideological fashion, a complaint about lack of female keynote speakers. The only non-controversy there is, women just aren't interested in STEM or tech as men. Its as plainly obvious as the sky is blue. Stop dragging out the same old feminist BS. Otherwise I was enjoying the video. 😩
cameron mendez (1 month ago)
What's the point of saying that there isn't enough female speakers though? What are you trying to prove? That it's the way it is because of sexism? If so you're retarded.
Gichanasa (9 months ago)
Overall, it is important to encourage people of all age, gender, race, and background to take more interest in the STEM and the arts. We have an amazing set of tools available to achieve this worthy endeavor!
Shawn (9 months ago)
Gichanasa there's controversy all over this topic. Unfortunately the mainstream media wont allow any proper discussion opposing any feminist view and any person who will attempt an honest discussion, is either taken out of context, accused of misogyny and/or looses his job.
Gichanasa (9 months ago)
You may want to be careful before claiming the supposed biological differences being the prime cause of the resulting low percentage of female examples... many of those born differences are overcome by proper exposure and education. By mentioning women gravitating towards the social types of jobs, are you implying that social aspect of the human interaction and interpersonal skills are not a relevant parameter for technology products? If so, be reminded that it was the socially adept Steve Jobs who put the work of the less social Wozniak's technical ingenuity onto the world stage, making the Apple legend come true.
Shawn (9 months ago)
Gichanasa and you've been brainwashed by leftist feminist ideology. Male and female are different. Males are interested in things, females are interested in people. It's biology and it has been proven through research. Women navigate to social type jobs, men to practical type jobs. These attitudes don't change in the supposed most egalitarian type nations, such as Norway, Sweden. etc. Take a red pill mate.
Evan Browning (10 months ago)
I’d say everything they are saying about the problems with vr are becoming false.
The Original Hybrid (8 months ago)
Blood Angel We're entering an era where products needn't be mass produced to be profitable. It's called micromanufacturing.
MacDaffyCH (9 months ago)
virtual reality will also go real time photo realism. cloud render company OTOY is working on the challenge. their plan is to convert crypto miners into computer graphic path tracing providers with www.rendertoken.com. earnings will be much higher than crypto mining as well and less volatile.
Datan0de (8 months ago)
Yeah. I was going too share this video until they got to VR. Aside from sales numbers, their critiques are complete BS.
brando92711 (10 months ago)
Setup couldn't be any simpler with Windows mixed reality headset. It was a bit finicky about USB drivers on my PC but once that was sorted out was plug and play. No sensors to mount on the wall. It just works. Also, there really are some great VR apps out there and more coming daily. VR isn't going away.
pumpkineater23 (10 months ago)
Re sales figures - I think there's a bottleneck situation. Many people, like myself, waiting for the next generation of headsets. FOV, resolution, cost and the overall simplicity of headsets are all being addressed. The experience, even in its current state, is mindblowing. It is obvious that VR is about to be a huge part of our lives.
Mahesh Khanal (10 months ago)
In the chess though, how is a knight able to jump for example?
Blood Angel (10 months ago)
It would be a simple matter to move anything in the way out of the way, then move it back.
RobertPayne556 (10 months ago)
Mahesh Khanal A giant grabs its head and places it on black and white squares. Most peculiar...
Tiago G. (10 months ago)
7:57 Did you say... tide pods?
bloodshooter (10 months ago)
the forbidden fruit!!!
Blake Harris (10 months ago)
LAHegarty (10 months ago)
Nothing remoting intresting or that I'd not seen before.
Noboil Frog (10 months ago)
Good to see the BBC license fee giving free advertising to so many US companies.
jzilla1234 (10 months ago)
Inid O'fty what did they make for CES 2018
Noboil Frog (10 months ago)
Yes! It's not like Charles Babbage and Tim Berners-Lee were Brits!?
jzilla1234 (10 months ago)
Inid O'fty maybe if British companies invented something worth covering.
Daehawk (10 months ago)
Just like iphone remade screened phones I think the future of cars will be windowless. It will have full video screens inside. The drive can drive laying down or some other safer position.Even better self driving windowless cars.
Random guy (8 months ago)
sound like a gimmick and a terrible idea.
kraenk12 (10 months ago)
Daehawk that’s the biggest crap I’ve heard in a while,
Plads Elsker (10 months ago)
i can't get over that poor little vr headset being destroyed...
ASARADEL (6 months ago)
except that was just a junk phone case basically that doesnt even fit your phone properly so you end up buying an oculus a year later and being gunienly delighted with a shitload of games like skyrim and fallout, and gta v all working perfectly on a 1060 and above.
Plads Elsker (8 months ago)
What a blind guy...
Plads Elsker (8 months ago)
Hey, me from two months ago... you could have watched the video more carefuly. It's really not a big deal. Actually, those headphone holders are worth scrap, good job click.
kingcrimson234 (8 months ago)
It was just a phone headset. Nothing of value was lost.
brando92711 (10 months ago)
Blood Angel exactly. Probably worth about $5. If it had been a Vive i would be upset.

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