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Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

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Music video by Steve Earle performing Copperhead Road. (C) 1988 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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NuclearAssault (9 hours ago)
Even though I'm a huge metal fan and DevilDriver brought me here ... this is still awesome. Great country song.
Tina Dedmond (9 hours ago)
God bless the moonshiners..
Ange C (13 hours ago)
My Dad would have loved this song
Peggy Converse (15 hours ago)
Im 64..always been a hippy..gypsy..listen to the classics..this guy is the reason Im taking "dancing" lessons....
Rene Estevez (16 hours ago)
1:34..... bottle of water... right??
Marilyn Sutton (1 day ago)
I still enjoy you guys Even at 80 yrs From Kelowna
Marilyn Sutton (1 day ago)
I mean the Cruzeros
Al Lowe (1 day ago)
Sam W . I would rather be white trash. Then some rich bastard. That walks over the top of people. They go into fancy resturants and leave a dollar tip , for the waitress who is trying to make it in life.
Al Lowe (1 day ago)
Chief 762 you are appreciated and respected, THANK YOU ! HAPPY YOU MADE IT HOME.
Major woody (1 day ago)
Johnson County Tennessee baybay....
Cooter Glasscock (1 day ago)
38k people never came back from Copperhead Road
nils bakkelid (1 day ago)
heilo .Ma name is Nils bakkelid. i live in Norway.. i have a dream and thats its to go to Nashville. Steve Earle is my faroritt to meet.
Tyler Mabey (1 day ago)
Can't wait to just sit back with some shine and listen to this
Joshua Moore (1 day ago)
Carter Ward (1 day ago)
This is my favourite song like if you agree
Ian Holmes (1 day ago)
One of the best songs ever.
scorpion19142001 (2 days ago)
Does anyone recognize the type/make of the two cars in the Video?
Titus Tucker (3 days ago)
These days it seems Europe folks gives Americans a lot of grief, but what they've forgotten is that We are Them, transplanted in a new land. The Scott's and Irish emigrating to America soon found the Appalachia Mountains, which seemed so much like home they stayed. If you can't hear their influence in this song, you're not listening.
ImaMonaKnight (3 days ago)
Brett Tate (4 days ago)
Finally learned this line dance a couple weeks ago 😂
Thomas Link (4 days ago)
Pappysshoes (5 days ago)
I was too young for Nam, my uncle wasn't, did 3 tours as a Sgt of Marines in M-48 Patton tanks, he is still around too, was a cop for almost 30 years, the single best family peer i have ever had, two beautiful daughters, i was not ever too young for Copperhead Road.^^ Love you Unc, no thanks will ever suffice, Semper Fi.
I used to love this soooooo much every time I hear it🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Reid Bronson Harris (5 days ago)
Short for Kamber Kane.
Wendell Cotham (5 days ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 days ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 days ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 days ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 days ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 days ago)
Flight school 420 420 (5 days ago)
Real country
Michael Hardnickel (6 days ago)
My intro music to getting on the cruise ship
BTS loving Potato (6 days ago)
Thankfully my aunt showed me and my younger cousins this song and taught us the dance. This song’ll live a few more years, it’s a great one!
Chace Swinson (6 days ago)
Glad to see Wild Bill made it off the Green Mile
anywaythewindblows 89 (6 days ago)
Never been a country fan but my friend got me into this song and I love it
To me it is lol
scorpion19142001 (2 days ago)
How Is this Country?
Zchris Eightysevenvee (6 days ago)
Apparently even country music wasn't left untouched by the 80's. The headband says it all.
tommy phil (7 days ago)
I mean this is just FUN, Let's talk... any IDEAS??
tommy phil (7 days ago)
MY BAD; Grandaddy never died. He was Too 800 smart. The dad died cause he didnt learn enuff.... Charlie dont SURF!!!!
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Dont worry. WINISK is a real place. Fort Severn, ont and Churchill, Manitoba. All on the Hudson Bay!!
tommy phil (7 days ago)
A Grizzley Bear walks into a trap in Alaska? He bites the chain and heads on down to Copper Head Road to get Grandadddy? MAYBE!
tommy phil (7 days ago)
But, Maybe NOT!! I have been to Winisk, Canada. Polar bear is the one that usually loses. Life is not FAIR!!!!
tommy phil (7 days ago)
800, at the start a Marine corp is just lookin out. Not a worry in the world. BEEN THERE DONE THAT.... Charlie Dont Surf!!!!!!! I flew a H-369 with a vet from Viet Nam. Scared me!!!! These guys know what the 800 is goin ON!!!! Dont kid yourselves. I would pee my pants....
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Anyone remember Iodine??
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Plus, What a GREAT actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tommy phil (7 days ago)
I mean, come ON, look at Grandads face at 1 min 19 secs. There is no one takin this guy outta C/Hd Rd
tommy phil (7 days ago)
My theory; Grandaddy is the Guy in the car for most of the video. Drinkin Moonshine outta a Mason Jar. After all the lyrics he is still there until "The Sheriff comes around in the middle of the night." I think the dad left the family, and The Grandad was Momma's DAD. The one who died in the crash; "We could smell it burnin, etc." Just my idea. Do you guys have any Ideas. BTW, I LOVE this song....
tommy phil (7 days ago)
My grandad was Cleveland Osbourne, named my daddy Conley Osbourne Phillips. Grandad was born 1884.... He was from Batesville, arkansas. I think it was Batesville. Long time ago.... I might b wrong.
tommy phil (7 days ago)
800, I am up all night and you guys are sleepin!!??!!??
tommy phil (7 days ago)
I am not GOIN into business, just curious....
tommy phil (7 days ago)
So, 100 pounds of yeast. How much shine can you make??
tommy phil (7 days ago)
63' corvette split window was back. 43' Dodge was split window out front....
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Buy's a car from a Mason Lodge and drinks whisky from a Mason Jar. Where the F is the Mason JAR LINE in USA????
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Does anyone get the fact that all the drums are full on 'Isopropyl Alcohol' ???? White plastic in the kitchen, 55 out back later??
x (7 days ago)
Same as my daddy and his daddy before...
ha ley (7 days ago)
Ahhh the classics love it 😃 a lot better than what they wana call music these days we need more songs like this! I can listen to this all day and it would never get old!
Brian Meyrick (7 days ago)
You do have to admit that he made a shit load of money and a whole Moony Movment out of one song.
darlincommitme (5 days ago)
He didn't really get all that rich, and lost a lot of what he did make when he bottomed out in the early 90s on drugs. There are a couple good bios out there.
Elisa Urru (7 days ago)
What should i say, i love this Song!! Rock on!!!
Kommandant Koonsberg (7 days ago)
Never be ashamed of your heritage or privilege in a country built off the blood and sweat of your ancestors. Anglo, Celt, Germanic, Norse.
tommy phil (8 days ago)
Can someone tell me what he means when he says, "A shot load of Primer and he looked inside...." I dont understand....
darlincommitme (5 days ago)
+tommy phil It is a big BLOCK Dodge, not a big black one. I assume they would eventually get around to painting over the primer, though I would think any motor head would look at the engine before priming it! Sometime it is just what fits into the lyrics. I don't know much about classic cars. so can't help you there.
tommy phil (7 days ago)
I 'LOST ' a wrist pin on my 340, started pissing water out the left side HEADER.... I wonder WHY. (i dont). The wrist pin wore a hole into the water jacket. That cost me a few bucks, plus I almost kild myself in the process. Every try takin 'Harmonic Balance' off a 340 dodge crank shaft????
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Hey, Do you know what car is coming down the road at the start? is it 1940's Dodge???? That F-r is Smokin like Tony Stewart....
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Loose ur Daddy, Viet Nam is a Good Option. 800, vol b4 Draft or go to Canada. ur choice.... I flew for air america....
tommy phil (7 days ago)
Anyway, Thank you Darlin COMMITED!!
tommy phil (8 days ago)
Can you all check Coboconk, Ontario, Canada. My grandad started there.... About 2 hrs north of Toronto, In a BIG BLOCK DODGE....
Adam Fiddler (8 days ago)
C. Schmidt (8 days ago)
I post this song every Friday Night on My FB Home Page....just for the hell of it...love it...I find it funny how a song that is probably 35 years old ...still sounds so good today...
dooberheim (8 days ago)
100 pounds of yeast would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Guess it was really good moonshine.
darlincommitme (7 days ago)
That is ridiculous. He would never use that much yeast, but a 2 pound bag of bulk yeast is about $9-10, so about $500 for 100.
tommy phil (9 days ago)
CON LEE Pettimore; Con-federate and Gen Bobby Lee; Who says Jon-lee now? It is Con Lee!!!!
darlincommitme (7 days ago)
It is a character, and Steve Earle named him, so you are wrong.
Samuel Ndirangu (9 days ago)
How the song starts, pure magic!
Gina Nicole (9 days ago)
My daughter and I met this guy in 89 so cool and laid back attended his concert later that evening at the saddledome in Calgary
Glen Doucette (10 days ago)
This song kicks ass
Puri Rajesh (10 days ago)
yeah run it
Chief of Sinners (10 days ago)
I'm from Knoxville Tn, and we still drink our shine, copperhead roads between Johnson County, and Knox County, back road like a snakes back....come see us.
David Dowling (10 days ago)
This song inspired me to pick up the mandolin
Arty (11 days ago)
This is basically a white and more sophisticated version of "Straight Outta Compton". Country = rednecks' hip hop
You got that wrong way around cranberry man watch this
Yuri Orloff (12 days ago)
38k revenuers downvoted this badass song.
Oli (12 days ago)
Me: *Sees on Up Next* Well, might as well see what it is since I don't know it *hears instruments* Me: HOLY CRAP, THAT'S THIS SONG??!!
Kadie Manshack (12 days ago)
I love this song
Gun Star (12 days ago)
So Copperhead road was in Kentucky or Vietnam?
darlincommitme (7 days ago)
Neither, the song is set in East Tennessee.  Earle was biking in the area and came across the name.
Jack Weezer (9 days ago)
Gun Star Kentucky
Julie Loofbourow (12 days ago)
282 southerners
Danny Bradley (12 days ago)
Quick question folks!! At the begining there's a soldier. Is he from a movie or something? Looks familiar to me...
darlincommitme (9 days ago)
I think that is actual news footage from Vietnam.  I know the helicopters are.
BlueMaxxW (13 days ago)
Apparently this isn't Poison. Even though they copy the worst of Poison's copying. Whatever. I'm old who gives a fuck what I say anyhow. I'll text you the meaning of life when you're older.
BlueMaxxW (13 days ago)
Is this what Poison is up to nowadays?
Eighties Joe (13 days ago)
You just can't beat this one - makes you want to punch something
Wally Mizell (13 days ago)
I 💘 this song
Tabitha Jeffries (13 days ago)
Beginning of Trap Muzik
Ameliana C (13 days ago)
D Larson (14 days ago)
Geez he was really hot back then
Russell Morehouse (14 days ago)
I love this song!!
Nathan Jackson (14 days ago)
Being from East Tennessee I for sure remember my roots..... sip sip......🤣
YooTooobJeff (14 days ago)
Thought this guy is a Canadian...
David Couvillon (15 days ago)
Nailed it
Peter Foerderer (15 days ago)
all I'm say'n is that I trust Steve Earl more than any politician..
Clyde Stamp (15 days ago)
This is my big brother. Gone now...
1manuscriptman (15 days ago)
Down here in the swamps of Mississippi I have friend whose family has made moonshine for well over 60 years straight. At any given time at least two of his relatives were running active stills. However, he's not the brightest bulb in the pack. A while back he went into one of those Home Depo type establishments and bought about $3500 Dollars worth of Copper tubing and rolled copper at once, and someone turned him in.
This man and his group need honored...truth rings like a big brass bell with his lyric and song.
tommy phil (16 days ago)
Revenue Man wanted Grandadddy bad, Came up with everything he had. B4 my time, but I've bin told, he nvr came back from CopperHead Road. So, Gran dad wont come back from CopperHead, He lives there. The Rev Man 'NEVER COMES BAC FROM COPPERHEAD RD.'
codemiesterbeats (16 days ago)
Always liked this song, it actually does a pretty good job describing the folks mentality in Appalachia.
DEE 300 (16 days ago)
Smell the whiskey. 2018 🤐
Carla Matney (16 days ago)
I've always loved this song its an awesome song
tommy phil (16 days ago)
I dont think grandad died from NASCAR, DAD Died goin to Knoxville
nilradem (4 days ago)
+tommy phil First, that is overstated, and there were multiple early influences on the formation of NASCAR, and is a story created to sell NASCAR Second, this particular song is about moonshiners and, mostly, growing pot, not NASCAR.
tommy phil (9 days ago)
I'm a red neck, my spells not too good. My momma said I should have written "WENT HOME CRYING!" My momma is only 14, but smarter than you!
tommy phil (9 days ago)
And, I doubt u know anyTING about 'Tore That Engine DOWN' . u prob TORE ur jeans on a swing set.... when home cryin' to momma
tommy phil (9 days ago)
WANNA BET!!!! Nascar started with the MoonShiners!
nilradem (15 days ago)
The song has nothing to do with NASCAR.
tommy phil (16 days ago)
The 45 gallon drums, 55 in the USA
tommy phil (16 days ago)
So, Prob Isaprofanal (800 the spellin, I dont Care) Need it to make HASH

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