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sc - Spreadsheet Editor - Linux TUI

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http://www.chemie.fu-berlin.de/chemnet/use/xspread.html http://xmodulo.com/2014/05/make-spreadsheets-linux-terminal.html NAME sc - spreadsheet calculator DESCRIPTION The spreadsheet calculator sc is based on rectangular tables much like a financial spreadsheet. When invoked, it first looks for a file in the user's home directory called .scrc and if found, reads that file into memory. If that file contains the command ``set scrc'', sc looks for a file called .scrc in the current directory, and if found, reads that file into memory, too. Next, it reads the options from the com‐ mand line, and finally, it reads in the file or files specified on the command line and presents the data in a table organized as rows and columns of cells. If invoked without a file argument, the table is initially empty, unless it is running in a pipeline, in which case it will read its data from the standard input. If more than one file is specified, all files except the first one will be merged. The default filename for saving a file with the Put command will be the same as the first file specified, and the other files will be treated as macros. If you want to use advanced macros from the command line, the ``|'' must be quoted to prevent it from being expanded by the shell.
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Text Comments (30)
Jay91 (7 months ago)
Anyone know how to possibly convert .sc to any calc or exel compatible format ?
Charlotte Fields (1 year ago)
Try out https://github.com/andmarti1424/sc-im its an improved open source version
ghenulo (1 year ago)
Yeah, that's the version I cloned. Maybe I'll use it for new spreadsheets, but it seems like a bit of a hassle to compile with support for importing .xls files.
and1424 (4 years ago)
Hello everyone! You might want to take a look to SCIM Spreadsheet. Its actually a fork of sc i am woring on..It has some addons like undo and I am cleaning some other stuff..
ghenulo (1 year ago)
Isn't scim an input method?
jpp (2 years ago)
Lancelot Xavier scim in ubuntu has nothing to do with sc-im. To install sc-im on ubuntu you have to build it from github repo (git clone, make, make install)
Lancelot Xavier (3 years ago)
@Andres Martinelli Look more carefully.
Andrés Martinelli (3 years ago)
+Lancelot Xavier you must be talking about the original sc. i dont see sc-im in the ubuntu repos..
Lancelot Xavier (3 years ago)
@and1424 It is in the repository.
Dmitriy Kaminskiy (4 years ago)
Awesome as always! I've discovered lots of great TUI packages watching your videos, keep them coming! 
gotbletu (4 years ago)
@Dmitry Kaminski glad u enjoy it =) ; yes more will be coming
KDGNOR1990 (4 years ago)
Make other video for Spreadsheet Editor for terminal :D
Andrés Martinelli (2 years ago)
you should expect stable behaviour from v0.3.0 afterwards..
gotbletu (2 years ago)
yea im aware of it, just waiting until is stable all these years
Andrés Martinelli (2 years ago)
sc-im -> https://github.com/andmarti1424/sc-im
gotbletu (4 years ago)
@KDGNOR1990 find me 1 with undo feature then lols
skrelnic (4 years ago)
Great tutorial. SC files are so small you can save multiple versions of your file as you go along to get around the lack of an explicit 'undo' command.  One thing I couldn't figure out was how to use the '@lookup' command (in the range commands). I thought it would be neat but never made it work.
skrelnic (4 years ago)
Thanks for the info, I'll try that.
gotbletu (4 years ago)
the lookup function is to match an existing table, u can watch some 'excel lookup' youtube videos on it to get an idea how to use it
I (4 years ago)
Pretty neat having a spreadsheet right in the terminal. Despite the usability problems and lack of undo, I'd probably use it if it can import/export to and from standard file formats.
ghenulo (1 year ago)
And sc-im can also import .xls files, if you compile it with libxls.
Andrés Martinelli (2 years ago)
sc-im does have the undo feature -> https://github.com/andmarti1424/sc-im
gotbletu (4 years ago)
@Iago Mosquera yea i dont think teapot has an undo feature either
I (4 years ago)
I was looking at this and found another spreadsheet called "teapot". It seems more modern than sc but a bit different ot use than most traditional spreadsheets
gotbletu (4 years ago)
@Iago Mosquera well i heard u can use the sc files with gnumeric if u need a GUI to work with but outside if the opensource apps, yea it doesnt work with others.

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