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Install and configure openFiler as your NAS storage

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More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com You can of course use any Linux distribution to setup NAS storage, the advantage with openFiler is that it is specifically built for this purpose and so is quick to install lightweight and easy to manage. We will install openFiler on a single drive machine, change the default password and setup an NFS share on the openFiler appliance. Once setup openfiler can be used as your Citrix XenServer NFS disk store of ISO library. Or in fact is useful for any hypervisor store. If you have not looked at openFiler yet I think you will soon.
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ayub esmailzadeh (4 months ago)
Great tutorial. Thanks!
theurbanpenguin (4 months ago)
Thanks, it is old but I hope is still relevant today
dhoni nuck (1 year ago)
i have a problem when installing the openfiler...when I enter the web interface, I can't see the menu above...the only menu I got is Logout, status, password and status...the other menu like system, volume, cluster is none..where is the mistake..???
Glen Mc Carthy (9 months ago)
Are you logging in with Root & Password? Try logging in with openfiler as username and password as password, as typed...
scasub (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video, worked perfect
Edward Ramos (2 years ago)
Great tutorial. Thanks!
Alejandro F. Peña (2 years ago)
Thks!! por el aporte!
Muhamad Elkenany (3 years ago)
tyler MurphyWilliams (1 year ago)
Pete G (4 years ago)
I have an open filer system( my friend and I setup, (mostly him i just followed along) it is in Raid 1, with two 1 tera byte hd's, now about 85%full, is it possible to add one more 1 tera byte drive and gain one more tera byte of space or do they need to be installed in pairs? or should i just get two 3 tera byte drives and build a new one? if i go with the two 3 tera byte drives can i install a third drive (120 gig) for the os of open filer?
Ahanonu Kelechi (5 years ago)
i dont have a dhcp soo hw can i get the nas to have one so that i could access it

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