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Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor

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Jennifer Lawrence presenting Matthew McConaughey with the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club" at the 86th Oscars® in 2014.
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Sparsh Dikshit (4 hours ago)
It was a special moment , when he hugged leo before going on stage
Prashlu Prashanth (12 hours ago)
One of the best speech
This video inspires me everytime whenever I need some motivation. Great Speech Great Actor Great Man.
Abbas Alhusseiny (1 day ago)
I think he deserved the oscar for his character in interstellar
Pranoy Praveen (1 day ago)
Jennifer that was very funny 🙄
Anwesha Ghosh (1 day ago)
Why so much hate/dislike for Lawrence?! She wasn't outstanding with her humour and presentation but she wasn't that terrible either
Matchington 1 (1 day ago)
Sad that all of his roles since 2014 have been shitty
Soso Mama (1 day ago)
0:02 Wow, that was so awkward.
Khristian Morales (1 day ago)
I love Matthew, well deserved... But why you hate JLaw... She is nice...
Guy Ravenscroft (1 day ago)
How did Leo not win this for Wolf of Wall Street
Rahul Choudhary (1 day ago)
Can someone pls name the song which plays when she announces the Winner? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
Bimarsha Kalikote (2 days ago)
What a man.
Tejas Padhye (2 days ago)
Give Downey one too!
Akash M. Deshpande (2 days ago)
Fantastic speech I've ever watched.
Str4t0sPh3rE (3 days ago)
And the Oscar for Best Award Speech goes to.......
Frank Lopez (3 days ago)
That was a low hanging fruit Oscar win. A. It was a biopic, those Win Oscars and B. He is from Texas! So it was easy to play the character. You have to transform like Daniel Day Louis (from England) did in Lincoln, that’s acting!
jayjayjay365 (4 days ago)
true and from the heart and didnt get a reaction from the adience
Mallory Knox (5 days ago)
What a MAN what a MAAN!! #nohomo
MCspicy Chicken (5 days ago)
1:12 Men will me men All right, all right!
Diana Solano (5 days ago)
What a beautiful act from Matthew to go to hug Leonardo DiCaprio, as a way to acknowledge him.
Luis G (5 days ago)
It’s 2019 and this is still the best Oscar speech ever given.
Chris Barbera (5 days ago)
Thank You Matt. I hope I can find what I'm passionate about. And thank you for the speech.
Emperor2Goodyy (5 days ago)
The man shows no fear or nervousness and delivers a killer speech, huge props to Matthew
Anna Chait (6 days ago)
God I love him
Hhhggg Gt (6 days ago)
such a stupid speech
Hhhggg Gt (6 days ago)
redneck idiot . god is ur friend huh
Charles Asadi (6 days ago)
I was watching the oscars when he said that speech. I listen to it everytime I need motivation to do well. Definitely the most amazing speech I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen most of them.
Lorian T (6 days ago)
what just happened he confusing us
Tq Spooky (6 days ago)
I feel like that comment at the beginning wasn't very necessary Jenifer 😂 it's the fucking Oscar's people are having a good time 😂
Jose Alvarez (7 days ago)
Great speech apart from Lawrence being cringe worthy
Brent Edwards (7 days ago)
She's acting like it's a club...meanwhile at home, yawn...
Herman Ågren (8 days ago)
abs salem (8 days ago)
I remember he got so much hate for this because they didn't let Leonardo win 😂
LBenn302 (8 days ago)
Still think Leo deserved it.
jedi1967 (8 days ago)
experiment0003 (8 days ago)
alright alright alright
Barbara Zen (8 days ago)
Where does this accent come from?
Becksy (8 days ago)
the most pretentious speech ive ever heard
alex324ization (8 days ago)
I would give an oscar to him every year great actor.
Manuel Orbea Otaola (8 days ago)
One of the best winning speeches ever in the OSCARS! With the HOLE FLOW MAN!!
Juan Gonzalez (8 days ago)
What the fuck was that at the beginning?
Galman Ferguson (9 days ago)
McCounaghey and DiCaprio need to make a movie together
Galman Ferguson (9 days ago)
+Jamil Khan MAKE not star in a movie together
Jamil Khan (9 days ago)
wolf of wall street?
BasketballToastBrot (9 days ago)
Luna Pierce (9 days ago)
😍 the definition of real man
dubbeatdown (10 days ago)
Ooh yeah he gots a Miller light in heaven? what the heck are you serious haha what a dummy
Donut Worry (10 days ago)
chiwetel deserved the oscar :(
hot mixers (10 days ago)
Can they please cut the cringe in the beginning
vera ochoa (10 days ago)
The speech was awesome
Karen Aguirre (10 days ago)
He should have two, another for Interstellar 😔
wael Mr1 (10 days ago)
1:52 wtf is jesus doing here
Adena M (10 days ago)
Awesome speech, Oscar well-deserved
Still watching ds now tho. 😎
movie LoBer (11 days ago)
I don't go to Oscars because they have no worth in my life
Kim Kwei Tei (11 days ago)
Bad joke ever
THARANGA (11 days ago)
How do these people have so much fucking charisma
Crisna Manggal (11 days ago)
Interstellar 2
Crisna Manggal (11 days ago)
Interstellar 2
Sandali Dev Sinha (11 days ago)
3:38 why is JLaw talking in between the speech? That is so disrespectful... Especially to this Oscar worthy speech!
Sneaky44 (12 days ago)
People still don't believe in God, you wouldn't understand the opportunities God will give you if you give him a chance.
t t (12 days ago)
DiCaprio was snubbedw
He could have given a salute to all those suffering from aids and offered comforting words to their loved ones. Instead, he drones on about God for 4 minutes. I like McConaughey's films, but this was an abysmal speech.
Hip Hop Machine (12 days ago)
Damnnn this speech is priceless fuckin awesome! never gets boring.
Anja Martinez (12 days ago)
He is amazing.
Angelic 4 (12 days ago)
Ohh god his accent i can’t it’s so hot i love him
Palash choudhury (12 days ago)
how can people dislike this???
A_Hopeful (12 days ago)
One of the best Oscar acceptance speeches of all time.... It's a pleasure hearing him talk....
Herr Starr (12 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence should get an anti-oscar for that entrance
manu menorca (12 days ago)
... this actor is a biggot, a fanatic that every time in the oscars disturbs the audience with this nonsense of gods and spirits... pffffffffff please stop, give chance to other actors to do a better speach
Icy Spice (12 days ago)
Alright alright alright
Anosh Savangouda (13 days ago)
Those three magic words alright alright alright
Troy Davies (13 days ago)
Alright alright alright...
Peter the Man (13 days ago)
which one was more awkward that night? Jennifer Lawrence's joke attempt or John Travolta's Adele Dazeem incident??
(13 days ago)
This speech should won an Oscar .... greatest words 😘😘😘😘😘
bambino bambini (14 days ago)
should have won for interstellar
michelle thomas (14 days ago)
Great speech
Jennifer Louise (14 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence makes herself look quite obnoxious here
cynthia (14 days ago)
Was he drunk or something lmao
Robin • (14 days ago)
I like his character in True Detective more, he‘s an atheist😂
Shibin Mathew (14 days ago)
That year was strong af.
Mohamed Helmy (14 days ago)
The bitch in red dress is trying so hard to be funny
ohouti8estwra (15 days ago)
But i think he should have taken it for Interstellar.
Kara Leigh Lakusta (15 days ago)
Love love love Matthew
Yousif Omer (14 days ago)
Cringed In the first 15 second
Yousif Omer (14 days ago)
Master King ohh my Fallout lol
Master King (14 days ago)
Yousif Omer This video isn't even 5 minutes lol
Heavenly GAGA (15 days ago)
Has anyone noticed Jared leto comforting Matthew's wife when she began crying as Matthew walked to the stage......... Just saying, that's cute
Leather Neck (15 days ago)
The woman at the start should only be in radio
indiankira (15 days ago)
That's the best speech at Oscars ever
Rayday smiles (16 days ago)
Seems like he prepared a speech for the cermony. He knew this was coming.
Marco Antônio (16 days ago)
1:13 jesus this motherfucker is handsome, he only appeared for a second but took over the "scene"
Jesus will Judge (16 days ago)
Leonardo got his oscar 2 yrs later
Ces McMyth (16 days ago)
I just came here to say that this mother f**ker as**ole took this opportunity he was given, in which he could have given a nice message to the world, to just praise himself with all his arrogance maderfakerness. Never like the sucker. Very bad speech.
Saul Villalobos (16 days ago)
Haha One of the greatest speeches in Oscars history! 🤘😎🔥🙌
Dawan Enonlee (16 days ago)
Jennifer Lawlerence allowed Harvey to fuck her to get her no talent ass those awards and he even admitted it.
René Mareau (16 days ago)
eloquent bitch :))
claudia mastro (16 days ago)
jennifer lawrence has the worst skin in this
D. Walter Bernabe (16 days ago)
excellent speech....
bhanu kaushik (16 days ago)
Jennifer is such a bitch here
Rosie Blair Schumer (17 days ago)
He’s so hot
redgalectik dragon (17 days ago)
what a year for leading actors..
Mr Ed (17 days ago)
Man, Leo deserved it that year. Wolf of Wall Street.
ALL ROUNDERS WORLD (17 days ago)
I liked him after INTERSTELLAR.

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