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Saudi Arabian Women Unveiled

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Text Comments (15597)
Milwaukee Phil (3 days ago)
The hadith on dajjal and women are happening now
Ani Dude (5 days ago)
all about bhosdadinia
Vinayak At (7 days ago)
Bitches is the comments be like west can't say how soudi woman should live, let soudi woman live how how soudi woman want . What a joke ,your fking courntry have rules not to make them not to do so. Ok some bitches say they like their life, getting divorced by saying some arabic shit like 3 times, cannot go out without a male , can't keep your children after a divorce, can't work, can't Make decisions without male permission,can't wear clothes or make up that show off their beauty, interact with men,can't Compete in sports. What an ideal life,some bitches will argue with me saying 'how do you know how a soudi woman should live', Actually i don't know how any one should live ,but i know that every human being should have their own choices and not have law that control how a human should live.some say they are educated and modern still don't understand the meaning of the word freedom.
parmod swami (13 days ago)
Islam is not good religion
harriet zz (19 days ago)
As a woman I would never go to Saudi Arabia. Who would want to spend time in a country where you can’t even do anything without another persons permission? It would basically be a denigration.
Peyton Bell (21 days ago)
If they don't know NOTHING ELSE about make-up they're EXPERTS @ mascara. 😁😂
Miguel Banana (25 days ago)
I wanna go to saudi and get some fine beautiful puffy puss...
Kamel Labiad (27 days ago)
Its ironic no one of these women were able to take photos outdoor
Luprez Tryson (27 days ago)
Man I got clickbaited. Fuck you
Suzy Arambula (29 days ago)
Why not show the women who don't come from wealthy families? Like, of course the rich live different and have a better lifestyle. I'm sure the poor, uneducated Saudi women don't have any of these luxuries. These are the fortunate Saudi women who have more freedom and opportunities. There are definitely more less fortunate people.. so let's get a real story on that nwci I doubt they all have happily ever after fairytale lives.
Vespuur (29 days ago)
omar haziq (1 month ago)
Thank you
lyssimar2 (1 month ago)
This just shows in the comments, bigots are in every culture
Dru N (1 month ago)
i thought this was about saudi women not a guys life of photography ... bait and switch? half video was about this dudes life... not interested. Bad editing vice..
ZIPPER (1 month ago)
Half the video is a dude sitting in a fucking chair
AbySheK (1 month ago)
Black means women and white means men here in Saudi Arabia
Ana Pastori (1 month ago)
Excuse me !! Education does nothing to women when the entire country including men don't want women to actually be free and have freedom of choice ok !! Even a Phd woman can be chopped into pieces for stupid reasons lol That's not a good news for women....... women are treat like animals even worse than that in such countries. Even the rulers of that countries torture their own women and daughters for stupid reasons lol
Scott Allen (1 month ago)
Only if we could ban or erase any knowledge of all religions?
Most Saudis are Peaceful and loving Just like these Saudi muslim women . I just Hope that Saudi government allows To built a few Churches too for the few amount of Christians who contribute for the work force of that country .
Ann M (2 months ago)
This documentar y is fully bullshit, who ca n believe what these represed women say ????
024nad (2 months ago)
Nice couch
Gamerboy083580 (2 months ago)
the thumbnail of this pic is a picture of the youtuber user Foziya Mohamed
Cosmic Baby Demon Otaku (2 months ago)
I don’t know who to believe Women say they’re not oppressed, Videos say that they are and men throw rocks , Others say women can’t drive Honestly I don’t know who to side
elnubnub (2 months ago)
I,m a better photographer
Mac Giveyouflak (3 months ago)
saudi is NOT an advanced country.
Lombremic (3 months ago)
Holy fuck this video took forever to get to its main topic
Rene Dulnuan (3 months ago)
Fly Arabian Women to Korea and Enjoy Pleasure the Korean Boys , What Follows is global Union One World Dominion be ahead of Godly Sexual Events!
Muttaqin Fix (3 months ago)
Not all Arab Islam also have Christianity and Shiah.
Atul Datkhile (3 months ago)
Saudi arabia is a very Antique country. all Gulf country
Muslim Montana (3 months ago)
Bosnians r bad Muslims, they drink alcohol and eat pork
citi24 (3 months ago)
These sluts have hairy pussys tho ive tapped a few
Chrissy T (3 months ago)
This wasn't long enough:( but good
God is peace and love but religion is false...People are wasting there time worshiping a religion when you should worship GOD only ....God does not want us to oppress each other..God is about FREEDOM
James Hill (3 months ago)
This is a documentary about the person making a documentary... don't waste your time.
neocon con (3 months ago)
saudi arabia is the center of terrorisim export to world
Doug Masters (3 months ago)
WTF does this piece have to do with the title? All you see and listen to is the "photographer". Shut up, man, no one came here for you!
DimX 93 (3 months ago)
In a Theocracry, Women's right is far cry! In Arab Countries, Sharia restricts women's right. Simply in Islam, female is subservient to male.
Prowler 17 (3 months ago)
Nice!Ninjas still exists!!!
Abby Nelson (4 months ago)
The strings music was so wrought with emotion... I loved it
AISHIK ADHIKARY (4 months ago)
Full of propaganda shits
AISHIK ADHIKARY (4 months ago)
Being educated or owning buisnesses doesnt really represent the amount of rights they have, cuz fact is that all of that is still needs approval of male!! Until Saudi doesnt have equality of genders in all aspects and independence from male guardiansship law, it wud always be a backward society in terms of women empowerment!! Anyway this photographer is doing nothing except for making apologia for his Saudi masters!!!
Sara Shelton (4 months ago)
Is he smoking pot on camera?
Marcus Thomas (4 months ago)
Seems the women there are very industrious. No sitting around eating snacks and watching Lifetime or whatever. They're mothers, wives, students and business owners. Just productive. I had to rewind because I don't think I saw a tv in any living room. Has me thinking about how many hours a week I waste on Netflix, YouTube, NFL, NBA and ESPN. The last 21 years since 1997 have been wasted. I have nothing to show for it. Interesting.
njxiong (4 months ago)
gotta say: his speakers aren't triangulated. the way he hears things from his speaker must sound like they're behind him. but its not like hes a music producer or anything. just a thought.
Karl Adrian Aguro (4 months ago)
The last woman was boujie.
Mike L (4 months ago)
Wtf !! Click bait bullshit
There's No God (4 months ago)
Barbaric savages.
Cadaverdog (4 months ago)
I loved Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina when I was there. Each cab driver had crazy storys about the war, a couple of shrapnel scars as well. The place still Bares the scars of the war, massive bullet holes in buildings, people selling 20mm anti tank shells... Had to get one. There was still a bit of hate there naturally, you know if my brother was killed by a Croat or Serb I'd want blood. But hopefully younger generations will disperse that. Luv from Aus!!
BAD MOJO (4 months ago)
Now Im going to watch Tour of Booty
chad (4 months ago)
some woman have beautiful eyes, make you wonder whats underneath.
truth 90 (4 months ago)
Westerners like to criticize Arabia before they even know the culture and how far Arabians came in only 30-40 years after oil was discovered; turning desert into an urban place happend from all sides; rights were introduced to women; developments were set if you were to live prior to oil you would have died of hunger, famine and hunger was common and widespread; there were even rare cases of cannibalism; arabians came a long way in only 30-40; and much more progression and development is coming to the region, turning desert into an urban is not an easy task it a major feat that many countries do not achieve; yet people always find reasons to criticize
Rajat Sharma (4 months ago)
Jacqueline Larsen (5 months ago)
Every place Muslims inhabit become a shithole because the True God Jesus is not with them.
maryyjanee247 (5 months ago)
03:34 that’s really a great picture wearing a mask of the happiest place on earth in probably the unhappiest.
Jackson Sparks (5 months ago)
How many Saudi Arabian women does it take to change the batteries in a smoke detector...
Steven Medina (5 months ago)
I love Arabic women
Lol WTH (5 months ago)
Trust me from personal experience u won’t find much in Riyadh but in Jeddah ppl r more open and there r even certain societies that aren’t segregated and ppl in general are more open but still most r private u just need to get someone who knows their way around and has connections
Destaw Asefa (5 months ago)
Relay racking
Algerian Prophet (5 months ago)
SO many capitalist pigs who want rights and freedoms and give no fucks about family, tradition, and all religions besides Christianity. You imperialist faggots should fuck off of foreign politics and not put your own government there and puppet them with that government! I know most of the world's cultures hate you, and i hope that doesn't change!
james100075 (5 months ago)
Why is he using a film camera ?
Bright Sun Light (5 months ago)
soudi Arabia  the FANATIC and biggest  devilish  state of the whole WORLD, the country which need to burn in HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Director Lunchie (5 months ago)
this guy is brave
Roland Deschain (5 months ago)
I'm so happy I live in Ireland ☺
KoivuTheHab (5 months ago)
Unfortunately this documentary failed miserably. Through his connections he got to photograph and talk to women belonging to the elite. We already know these women are educated and live a good life. However, what we actually want to know is how the average Saudi women lives, that's what would be interesting.
Nancy & Michael Martin (5 months ago)
Religion, a dark veil around what we understand to be the unalienable right to how a free human being should live.
carnage6ar (5 months ago)
Yugoslavia whoooo
Tiftik Tiftikify (6 months ago)
Actually islamic law gives great value to woman but they are all abused in the wrong hands.
Nolan Nalon (6 months ago)
actually, you need a big press of money to keep your woman in Saudi way. believe me.
Raj Singh (6 months ago)
Why muslims are unsecular extrimst can't tolerate other religions. Why most muslim Countries are unsecular Islamic
AbdlRhman Taha (6 months ago)
Julia Berg (6 months ago)
This shouldve been presented by a muslim woman; not a western man.
Sakina Jafar (6 months ago)
First the photogràphr is chain smoker .he shud atleast not do it before camera. Its unpleasing to watch vdo. Its his passion to smoke n want to spoil his health .. y he wants to show it off to world. Second Dr Fawzia Akhdar is dressed best n gave right vìews.
asorlon1 (6 months ago)
islam made arab women look ugly af
Mohamed Abdulwali (6 months ago)
You know they are fucked country when they are named after a man who lived 100 years ago because he was king. If they become democratic and rename the country things will get better
Pablo Cejas (6 months ago)
People stop judging other cultures and think to have the right to influence them. Western countries are very different. That's exactly how racism and colonialism were born. Thinking of being better and that your values are higher than those of other cultures
CuddyTG (6 months ago)
The video starts at 10:00
FaresHab (6 months ago)
14:12 how exactly did they know she's Dr . Fawzia Akhdar?
Get Dough (6 months ago)
Baby don’t cry,Tupac
Meghan Is mine (6 months ago)
How many mosques do they fucking have in Bosnia? It's ridiculous they are built with a 100 meter distance?
Jasna Kolasinac (6 months ago)
bullshit, SA is advanced country....look at those home female hostages...so sad:((..take a look video Saudi Arabia Uncoverd
Clement Gitonga (6 months ago)
Now do a documentary on how the same Saudis are enslaving their domestic workers and torturing them
The beginners world (6 months ago)
Saudi women ass are so lickable... Sexy bitches
Kaarmy (6 months ago)
fuck muslims. they still live in the bronze age
PajoFrom TheU (6 months ago)
Not all of us Muslims treat our women like shit coming from a Bosnian. Although she better be in that kitchen😉
Omid Reza (6 months ago)
Lol. Picturing rich people. That’s it.
Victor (7 months ago)
I respect how islamic women dress modestly and cover themselves up but I think this is taken out of proportion when they start covering up their face with the niqab/burka. Imagine if everyone in the world did that. Throughout your whole life you'd probably see about 5 different girls faces, your mother daughters and wife. I do not think God made beautiful humans so we could see about 5 throughout our lifetime.
thomas tomad (7 months ago)
لماذا يتزوج محمد في سن التاسعة؟
Soft Dreamer (7 months ago)
Fun fact:60% of the literatured people of Saudi Arabia are women
Saitama Black God 777 (7 months ago)
Islam dont belong to bosnia never will be bosnia was and never will be muslim
Hanan Ali (7 months ago)
Hanan Ali (7 months ago)
7:38 video starts from here....
Douglas Waterman (7 months ago)
I have nothing good to say about islam. Islam is a horrible, evil, ideology. It must be stopped!
Mengpeng (7 months ago)
Arab women are one of God's most beautiful creations ever. Am not gonna lie☺
Charles Coe (7 months ago)
The fact that you can't walk up to anyone on the street and talk them about their situation is the proof of suppression.
Fibonnaci Fractal (7 months ago)
Hey vice why don't you make a video on mossad and cia links to Isis
Fibonnaci Fractal (7 months ago)
Saudi heads the women rights organisation of the UN,too much irony
Living 679 (7 months ago)
God bless Saudi Arabia ❤️
C Strongman (7 months ago)
Beautiful story thumbs up :)
lookwhoscomin (7 months ago)
Talk about propaganda
Shekhar Sharma (7 months ago)
saudi women have rights ???? 😀😁😂😄😅😆 Honey, that is the joke of the year, hahahaha , fuck yeah, do you even know what having a right means ??? You don't even have the fucking right to go out alone !!! You sure do have fucking rights and what's that you said, modern Life style ??? Huhh !!!??? You don't even have the right to drive a fucking car bitch...the day you lose that burka and go out alone, tell the whole fucking world you got rights !!!!

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