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Kinesiotaping for Clubfoot | St. Louis Children's Hospital

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Paul Jenkins, one of the physical therapists at St. Louis Children’s hospital gives a step-by-step tutorial outlining kinesiotaping techniques for clubfoot. Clubfoot is a congenital foot deformity that affects the bones, muscles, tendons, and blood vessels of approximately one in every 1,000 children born. The foot is usually short and broad in appearance, with the heel pointing downward while the front half of the foot (forefoot) turns inward. Treatment for children with clubfoot is determined by your child’s doctor based on many factors including your child’s age, overall health, and medical history, the extent of the condition, and expectations for the course of the condition. Kinesiotape is an elastic, cloth tape with a paper backing. This elasticity of the tape promotes movement for children with clubfoot, allowing for mobility in all directions. In clubfoot patients, we address the plantar flexion and inversion characteristics of clubfoot by applying the tape in a way which promotes dorsiflexion and eversion. These strips work together to target very specific muscle areas and will last about two to three days once applied. Kinesiotapes are hypoallergenic and typically do not irritate the child’s skin, but if this is a concern we recommend that you apply a small test strip to the wrap area first. A child needs to have good mobility of the foot in order for kinesiotape to be effective in managing clubfoot. In some cases other interventions including stretching, casting, and surgeries must be done first. Learn more about clubfoot treatment, visit http://www.stlouischildrens.org/diseases-conditions/clubfoot. Learn more about St. Louis Children’s Hospital – Find a Physician, Get Directions, Request an Appointment, See current ER Wait Times http://www.stlouischildrens.org Want to hear more from St. Louis Children’s Hospital? Subscribe to the St Louis Children’s Hospital YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Children... Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stlchildrens Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/STLChildrens Visit Children’s MomDocs (a blog by mom physicians at St Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine): http://childrensmd.org Learn More About Donating on YouTube: https://support.google.com/youtube/?p…
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BlackRose0555 (9 days ago)
I am physical therapist my real problem with foot taping is that no matter what tape will be removed by itself quickly how can we preserve it?
Jenifer Clark (4 months ago)
Would this be good for MA? My daughter is getting a wheaton afo for her left foot but her right also turns in... Just not a dramatic. They did tape her but it wasnt this tape and came right off. Im contacting dobbs actually.. Just got his info this past week but would love to try this in the mean time. Im sure her PT or OT can help apply but your video was pretty good at explaining it.
Maristel abenir (6 months ago)
I definitely try this to my Son,thank you for the video.
Plinx Energy (26 days ago)
Maristel abenir My mom used boots on me and I’m now twelve and nobody sees my feed as different
Sadipirala Sameera (7 months ago)
Hi...when the baby has clubfoot ..will they be able to move their feet upwards on their own?
Cynthia may Bunya (11 months ago)
There is a lot of color of the cast for the legs are for the arm are for the hands åre for the knee wipe the feet in the rainbow color of the cast he need to get help getting dress up for bed ånd å bath in the bathtub change the diaper
Jenifer Clark (4 months ago)
Cynthia may Bunya huh??
juzero2 (1 year ago)
Thank you
estherderu (1 year ago)
What a pity that our colleagues are not reacting to our questions. Am trying to get into contact with them in another fashion.. Hope we get a reaction....
Greta Casey (1 year ago)
can you please give the precise bony landmarks where you are attaching the tape?
Nyla's World (2 years ago)
I have club feet
Colleen Mccoy (6 months ago)
I also have club feet. Multiple surgerys had to be done.. They were severe. Wish this dr was around.when i was a baby
Sam Mcdaid (2 years ago)
Leslie Carr (2 years ago)
How would you change the taping technique for a vertical talus correction?
Shekeisha Reed (2 months ago)
Hello , I know it's a year later but my newborn has vertical talus. I wanted to ask how's it going for you. It's really rare and I don't know anyone who has it.
Sammy James (2 years ago)
your description is awesome, but just lack of the boy gait pattern before taping.. so that we can differentiate before and and after taping.. anyway it does help..
estherderu (2 years ago)
Agree with you Sammy, dear Paul, the questions I have are: 1. Could you also show us a video of the child walking BEFORE tape was applied? 2. How long was the application applied? 3. When we consider the recoil of the tape I am not so sure you have the best results if you start under the foot, why did you chose this option? Have you tried starting proximally? 4. What was the function of the second tape? I do not really understand therapeutic goal thinking recoil tape again. 5. How long did the whole therapeutic taping last? 6. Can you tell us more about the effects long term? Thanking you and hoping you see this and can respond. Esther de Ru https://www.facebook.com/ettped/
estherderu (2 years ago)
dear Paul, thank you for making and sharing this video. Am going to share it on the FB page called Elastic Therapeutic Taping... Would very much appreciate your feedback on the questions I have. I will be posing them there. kind regards Esther de Ru FB https://www.facebook.com/ettped/
zainab iqbal (2 years ago)
when his shoes and braces are off (which is at night and nap time)can I use tape at the time when he is not wearing shoes for added benefits
saniya ali (26 days ago)
zainab iqbal whats his age
zainab iqbal (2 years ago)
he is eleven months old
zainab iqbal (2 years ago)
we are using shoes for its correction and my son wears it at night.can we use this tape to keep feet corrected when the shoes are off?
Steven Schulman (1 year ago)
zainab iqbal Of
zainab iqbal (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for your response.it is much needed.and we highly obliged.i am saying that my son's doc advised us to brace n put the shoes on for night time and nap time in afternoon.we are doing that.i just want to ask can I use taping along with bracing and shoes(night and nap) when it's not his time to wear shoes
Taping should not be used as a replacement for foot and ankle bracing.
zainab iqbal (2 years ago)
is this treatment followed after ponsetti treatment?
Chaudhary Martza (1 year ago)
St. Louis Children's Hospdoctar I love in Pakistan city Lahore my baby have 1 and had years old and how can I get this tape in Pakistan pl guide mere and ol repledd am very tens to my baby boy Doctor I live in pakitn. City Lahore plz guide me how can I get this tape for my 1 years old baby boy plz replied mere me very tens too my baby foots L
Zara Mire (1 year ago)
St. Louis Children's Hospital My daughter 9 year old has clubfoot we live in London UK we would love to come and visit you, how could we arrange this? Thank you
Yes, it is one of several therapy modalities that can be used following Ponseti treatment to help maintain correction.

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