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The new scramble for Africa’s resources – looting or development?

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The outside world has its eye increasingly set on Africa. Farming lands and new discoveries of oil, gas and minerals have made the continent interesting again – not only for former colonial powers and the United States but also China and India. Under the motto “trade no aid”, Africa’s poor are to be lifted by trade rather than aid. Meanwhile, history shows that rich natural resources easily become a curse. Instead of creating jobs, better education and healthcare, large export revenues often lead to corruption, conflict and to countries becoming dependent on raw materials. Who are the winners and who are the losers in the new scramble for Africa’s resources? Who ensures that the fortunes will benefit the citizens themselves, and what is required for a broad community development? These issues were discussed at a live-streamed panel debate in Lund on 10 November. Panellists included: Margaret C Lee, leading Africa researcher and author of “The 21st Century Scramble for Africa” Nnimmo Bassey, was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 2010 for discoveries about the humanitarian and ecological disaster as a result of the Nigerian oil industry. Erik Esbjörnsson, Africa correspondent for Dagens Nyheter Moderator: Andreas Ekström, journalist Introduction by Ellen Hillbom, Africa Researcher at Lund University
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Osei Kantanka (1 day ago)
So Whiteman cannot leave Africa alone? You cannot scramble for Africa again like you did before. Black people are coming together to unite!
barta madadaalis (1 month ago)
The fate of Africa is in the hands of those who are there. If I am poor despite the fact that tons of natural resources are being extracted from my backyard, then it is in my best interest to have those mining operations closed. Perhaps the future generations would be in a position to benefit after the world realises that some crimes against humanity should not be allowed to persist. And let us admit that subjecting a human being to starvation from poverty whilest enriching your self is not a criminal act. The local Africans are the most to blame. What an embarrassment that the self entitled whites pretend to give charity to Africa whilest robbing trillions of its wealth.
citrenoogeht (2 months ago)
I didn't find this interview informative. In fact I found it extremely patronising. These so called experts didn't even try to disguise their distain for African's ability to negotiate and conduct business on any level. I am making my observations with the benefit of hindsight. At the time of me making this comment it is May 2019 and Africa has made clear progress that these so called experts did not forecast in 2015. Africa's dealings with China has proved to be more fruitful than a century of dealing with the west. Across Africa business and infrastructure has mushroomed across the continent. The African Union have agreed to ratify African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA), meaning that the red tape that restricts trade across Africa is very much reduced. Other developments are in the pipe line to increase the ease of people with the implementation of a single African passport. These so called experts come across more like puppets who are on a promotional tour for the west. SMDH.
citrenoogeht (1 month ago)
@gids mosia: Thanks for your response. We need to be suspicious of everything. In this world…. we have no friends.
gids mosia (1 month ago)
citrenoogeht my suspicions are the west is pushing for this new trade among Africans as to why did African leaders allow gaddafi to be killed and were suppose to cease the one currency issue Why now ?so theire genocide can be easily applied with Ebola hiv bokoharam etc I still maintain pan Africanist ideals but we need to protect ourselves aswell
koley Gadu (4 months ago)
Do not worry, new African generation is rising to  gain back our continent. France , great Britain,  Germany, etc... keep your comments.... they are useless to us.. we know what this continent has done for poor  Europe, we are getting.... ready..
Kevin Asoera (6 months ago)
why should Africa oil been refined in abroad? The crude oil are been sold for ten dollars a barrels n resold to the citizens for five hundred dollars a barrels that's penny wise n pound foolish now there's oil shortages in most countries that God has blessed with the mineral resources, having oil refinery's will boost the economy of the country by creating jobs, standard of living, good houses,good roads, good Hospitals, good schools , constant Electricity to increases the productivities of goods this will attract foreigners for tourism or relocations but by claiming of environmental polutions does not hold water because we all will end up in six feet one day Shalom.
Queen Esther C - squared (7 months ago)
40:02 sorry but my country DRC doesn't have major health improvements.
Queen Esther C - squared (7 months ago)
13:25 I'm Congolese! This video is very informative. Thanks!
Yo Kbd (9 months ago)
The lady in the middle explains the problem concisely and appropriately. The african dude was just not hitting the points..I felt like he has not gotten it what the heck is happening to africa..he looks clueless and baby like ..sorry to say that smh..
Abdul carr (10 months ago)
Easy to say when the world turns its back on taking land by force! Just imagine what would the world be like without evil people!
Bright Lima (1 year ago)
I pity black man and woman most especially those leaving in Africa continent not until we as a people stand up for our own race sooner or later we may not be around longer due to the fact that the leadership across the continent continuously accept bribes in secret undermining their own citizens given the white man the right to conquered its own black Africans. That I don't understand black man in the twenty first century still in bed with their former slave masters in the West who continuously use their media to castigate Africans as walking chimpanzees yet African leaders don't understand the politics of the white Europeans race yet kept on allowing them to disrespect the entire people of Africa because they lack vision.
Bright Lima (1 year ago)
A man's enemy are members of its own house hood not until Africans stand up and fight against terrorist sell out amongst ourselves we are going nowhere.
Son of NOK (1 year ago)
Growth my ass! Growth as defined by you thieving Scoundrels! How do you define growth, but the finished products not made in Aftica. You thieving brood of infidels, may you and your puppet collaborators die by fire and brimstone and burning sulfur, you and your descendants, Amen.
Bright Lima (1 year ago)
Nigerian leaders loves money too much they will kill,sell out anyone who stand in their way but this time they will eventually be destroyed sooner or later.
Kalydosos (2 months ago)
Yes, the same cunts who sold people not from their own tribes or political opponents to white Caucasians now they sell resources instead of human beings.
Bright Lima (1 year ago)
The massive increase in corruption in Nigeria is owned and run by British government any attempt for Nigeria leaders to think inward about how to break free from this colonial mentality will eventually result in destabilization of the entire continent except we Africans stand up and fight against terrorist sell out amongst ourselves first before we can face the Europeans imperialist evil creed who hide behind their bible and the Arabs,Indians,Chinese and Japanese to justify their actions against any nations across the continent who stood up to their hegemonic policies and interests.
Bright Lima (1 year ago)
Am a Nigerian living in Britain,western powers should leave Africa continent alone they have done much evil than good in the continent of Africa.
Bright Lima (1 year ago)
If world powers refused to leave Africa continent alone they will eventually be destroyed in war with East sooner or later. God has a way of dealing with evil creed who hide behind their bible to justify their actions against any nations across the continent who stood up to their hegemonic policies and interests.
PatrickMCcolley (1 year ago)
Ernest Chima (1 year ago)
Western people are too greed they should lieve African continent alone?
Hodayah Baht-Israel (1 year ago)
These thieving Shameless Europeans should leave Africa alone, especially Britain, France, Belgium and Germany.  What was Britain; France, Belgium and the rest of Europe like before the Looting of Africa.. where did their wealth come from? All of Europe's wealth comes from Africa. Where does the British Museum get all those treasures from. How can you deal with liars, thieves without a conscience. Does Britain have Gold; Diamonds, Coffee, Coco, Pineapples, Bananas, Coconuts ~ can Britain survive without Black Countries.  Everything relating to Europe is destructive. They produce Weapons of Mass Destruction yet other people are terroists. Just Stop.  Everything is stolen including music, art and the list is endless. The Chinese are even worse ~ they think they are superior to all other race.
Meo Erhum (1 year ago)
Hodayah Baht-Israel you are very right. The Europeans are not only thieves but they are terrorist.
Lets not fool ourselves. Europe has little mineral wealth. They would not be at the stage of economic development hadn't it been for the fact that they were able to loot from Africa. They infiltrated South Africa and was the direct cause of the Anglo Boer War. They placed our women and children in concentration camps and burned the farms. All for the wealth in South Africa. When will there be pay back for these atrocities
Jordan Sharpe (3 days ago)
gids mosia why are whites even still in South Africa
gids mosia (1 month ago)
Definitely we are Reclaiming our land without compensation to these thieves and Africa need to wake up and resist
Kalydosos (2 months ago)
You must miss the good old days before 1992.
Kenneth Mutai (2 years ago)
Thanks!! very informative and encouraging.
pangeapiercing (2 years ago)
this may have been the most unintentionally funny thing I've seen since Grizzly Man or Into The Wild. My sides are orbiting somewhere around Saturn.
Sean Ung (3 years ago)
fuck the Anglo live in indian land and new found land rob from native and Anglo European history of Africa only African knew what going on who did to who

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