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Currency of Ukraine. New 20 hryvnas UAH. Super Macro. Новая купюра 20 гривен в Украине

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New twenty grivnas (hryvnas) of Ukraine. 26 August 2016 This banknote is the 20-hryvnia commemorative banknote, issued to commemorate 160 years since Ivan Franko, a prominent Ukrainian poet, writer, folklorist, publicist etc. was born. It is made in the style of the new banknote series since 2014. - В Украине вышла новая купюра в 20 гривен. Эта банкнота посвящена 160 летию со дня рождения Ивана Франка. ⚑ SUPPORT CHANNEL: ❄ PayPal: ➥ https://paypal.me/xvoland ❄ Patreon: ➥ https://www.patreon.com/xvoland ⚑ Video URL: https://youtu.be/qjieLWrY7uc ♫ Music: New Tattoo by Josh Kirsch © For copyright issues, please mail me
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Vitalii Tereshchuk (1 year ago)
*New 20 hryvnas UAH.* Super Macro. Currency of Ukraine. Новая купюра 20 гривен в Украине

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