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Gold Rush | SEASON 8 | Hunter Decides To Look For A New Piece Of Land To Mine

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Getting sick of such a small profit and so many problems, Hunter decides that the crew should look for a new piece of land where they might be able to reach their 5000 ounce goal next season. Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DiscoveryTV Follow Discovery UK on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DiscoveryUK
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Text Comments (64)
Max (1 month ago)
He seems like a bigger cunt than his dad
Esteban Barresi (2 months ago)
anhemail (4 months ago)
hunter is an idiot
jbscotchman (5 months ago)
Todd is such a dumbass
Thomas Mullenix (5 months ago)
Should've kept your butt up north! Constantly looking for a big payday and his men paid for it!
MB808AllDay (6 months ago)
Scripted as fuckkkkkkk
Theo Negros (6 months ago)
The occasional day or moment I feel down and a little sorry for myself I think it could be worse... I could be Todd Hoffman .. what a fucking complete prick .
diver dave (6 months ago)
WOW.... this is one STUPID show !
Juan Lopez (7 months ago)
Hoffman’s are a joke, haven’t watched for awhile but the snot nosed kids calling shots! Hunter wannabe Schnabel but doesn’t have the pedigree.
a f (7 months ago)
Hunter is a fuckin queef just like his daddy
Chewing Tooons (7 months ago)
Ive watched the show since day 1 and I've only known him to have 1 profitable season ffs. Todd has got to be one of the most delusional people on this planet and with an ego to match it. Ive just watched that season recap show with Todd and that ridiculous pompous look while hes being interviewed. But yet again that same old crap came out of his mouth - " 8 years ago I had a dream to put gold into my mens pockets and change all of our lives and I've accomplished that" OMFG!! what a load of rollox! And it wasn't this season - when he came up with this bright idea of betting Parker he would get 5,000 ounces!! The guy must be smoking summet real strong! I bet you every penny Ive got that 'HIS Guys' were paid more by the Discovery channel than they earned mining gold!! Thats the ONLY reason they managed to make a living. Each year he loses his men, either thru rowing with them or they walk out because they are skint. Sadly its obvious that deluded character flaw runs in the family too. His son Hunter, who thinks he knows it all, has learned all he knows by watching his father fail year after year, but still thinks he knows enough to go buy land to prospect on. And its obvious Todds dad is as bonkers as he is! But what gets me is hes had 2 bright, clever guys working with/for him Freddy and Dave. Dave left him cause he had enough but got no idea why Freddy hung around. He was loaded when he joined up - wonder how he is now? And now the crazy twat thinks hes going to be a big hit making records and own a TV production company!! I bet none of his investors have watched Gold Rush!! What I want to see is a season focusing on Tony Beets whole operation not just the little bits we see on the dredges. See the mountains of gold that guy gets every year!!
sonny shiner (3 months ago)
Chewing Tooons Dave was a pushy spoiled piece of crap that ain't any better than Todd who thinks he knows it all but don't know shit but running equipment in a gravel pit. A whole lot different than to mine gold.
Chas Ket (7 months ago)
It is so incredible Todd Hoffman it's so willing to let anybody else step in and Lead this organization I'm now convinced he is just a biting his time just so he can get the money from the Discovery Channel he does not care about gold mining anymore. Todd Hoffman you either lead follow or get the hell out of the way your time to get the hell out of the way has come unfortunately you are not blessed you're condemned
Juan Lopez (7 months ago)
I think you’re right , sucks for the crew who bust their ass trying to make a buck.
avni ajdini (7 months ago)
i am confused about this gold rush.A hunter wants a new ground for the next season,Meanwhile todd is talking about leaving the GOLD RUSH.So what is the deal.No more todd hoffman on guld rush or what?
Greg Souza (7 months ago)
Kid,I know you want to follow the family business,DON"T,get a real 8-5 job and you will be better off.
Michael Junior Møller (7 months ago)
Damn straight,next years show.....parker vs hunter let the two boys fake it out.
Roscoe Dogg (7 months ago)
That is an episode I would skip.
MrSnicklesnickle (7 months ago)
Hunter and Parker should rather make out
Bob Bartos (7 months ago)
Todd eats rocks....that explains his obesity
Roscoe Dogg (7 months ago)
He eats anything that is put in front of him.
Dick Sargent (7 months ago)
Oh hell, f&ck no!!!
Joel Aguerre (7 months ago)
Nice program! I'm an unemployed mine technician. My mistake was to born in an useless country called Argentina. Regards!
MrSnicklesnickle (7 months ago)
Could be worse, you could have been born in South Africa
Roscoe Dogg (7 months ago)
Useless?  The women are beautiful down there!
The420 Executioner (7 months ago)
why doesn't he get a real job so he can quit bitching and moaning .
aprtuned75 (7 months ago)
Well maybe discover channel will give anyone a show lol joke
aprtuned75 (7 months ago)
I have run av hard Rock quarry and heavy construction crews for 25 years and if this kid worked for me he would have been fired 10 mins in to his shift. In this case the Apple didn't fall far from the tree is true . You are not a Miner period!!!!
Scott H (7 months ago)
And Todd you got to pay off that debt to Parker that hundred ounces it's a lost and then that's the best thing for the show is if you go away and never come back and McDonald's is hiring
Budahhhz (7 months ago)
Why tf was this on my recommended
Technetium1337 (7 months ago)
They are setting up the show for next year... Parker Vs Hunter. let the young guns get at it.
The Tinman (4 months ago)
Technetium1337 Parker all the way
Ralph Payne (7 months ago)
Hunter barley has hair on his nuts stick to taking orders from ur failing dad and grandma
KamuiPan (5 months ago)
Are you retarded LOL?
crash burn (7 months ago)
Too much at one time will cause problems quickly. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to fights that one out!
Be that as it may, Todd - a kind soul man. For him, people are always above money. And Hunter is a smart fellow - I think he will do better.
easyMEDIA (7 months ago)
Todds part of the show is defo acting their ether finding alot of gold and not showing us or Discovery are paying them, the guys wouldnt do all that for nothing... keeps the show hot i guess
chuy u later (7 months ago)
His no Parker! Not even close.
High Light (7 months ago)
All the gear and no idea. How many people does Hoffman have working there, pulling nothing but rocks out the ground? His father, he does what? Processes the 20 ounces of gold a week.....Parker seems to have half the bodies yet generates 10 times the gold. Give up Hoffman and ask Parker to train your kid properly.
Chewing Tooons (7 months ago)
Got plenty of experience at failing!! And more to come if he thinks hes going to be some 'star' writing,selling,singing his own music!! Delusional!
Dusty Tanco (7 months ago)
High Light, experience he's grew up with mining in his blood and being around grandpa.. so honestly I'd expect parker to do better faster and he has.. but that doesn't mean these guys aren't out there learning stuff while they fail
SilverStone (7 months ago)
I feel like Hunter could make better desiciouns with experience, I'm sorry Todd, but you just got all too good at getting everyone around the fire to make another sorry we tried speech, and I don't know what you were thinking with challenging Parker when you can barley get by as it is
KamuiPan (5 months ago)
For sure, that old dude could teach him better than his father for sure xD
Elliott Fontaine (7 months ago)
He acts like he's in butt fuck nowhere up north.
Rod Lyver (7 months ago)
Todd depends on thoughts and prayers... seriously...
SilverStone (7 months ago)
Rod Lyver right, you don't pray for gold
Nice Boy (7 months ago)
comedy gold (7 months ago)
i dont know why your all hating, fact is even on a bad day todd prob earns 10 times what you people do lol
Brandon Harrison (7 months ago)
Haha silver but I am, on a much smaller scale XD, that's the only reason I know they can lose it just as quickly as they got it, fuckin gold can be hard to find lmao. We only do placer where I live so only like flour gold. But you get a good idea
SilverStone (7 months ago)
He spend 10 times as much keeping it running, I don't think your in this kind of business to make that statement, what are you like 17?
Brandon Harrison (7 months ago)
This is completely inaccurate lol, I mean yeah they do make good money, but a bad run and some hard to find gold is the difference in owning a mining company and not, it's just as easy to lose it as you got it.
POZZA691 (7 months ago)
and has 10 times more overhead as well, equates to SFA
comedy gold (7 months ago)
i hope they get a bit of luck with it, todd deserves a win.
JACK ILLER (7 months ago)
The brain's of the family
lor walm (7 months ago)
Hunter may be dumber than his father !! He Crew cost the company $50,000 !! And his comments are so scripted it makes me laugh !!! Go to School Hunter you are not a Gold Miner
Michael Focke (7 months ago)
Is hunter going to be the owner next season
Robert Curtin (7 months ago)
Fat Tod is trying to create a mini-Parker.
Chewing Tooons (7 months ago)
Tell me summet yeah. How the fuck is Todd so god damn fat!! He came out of the jungle bigger than he went in. Amazes me where he gets all that time to fill his face. All the crew SEEMS to be on the move 24/7. Might be a portable McDonalds follow them around?
Chewing Tooons (7 months ago)
Hit the nail on the head mate. And hes still going to look like Todd when he grows up!!! Imagine that to look forward to!
Alton Doss (7 months ago)
scouser scouse (7 months ago)
Roll on parker
Nathan Mofield (7 months ago)
Ian Hansen (7 months ago)

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