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Buried Miners in Chile Leave Note, All Alive

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Some relief came for the families of the 33 miners who have been trapped for more than two weeks in Chile. John Bentley reports the miners left a note confirming they are "all fine."
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peoplelikingpeople (8 years ago)
seems kind of fishy
NOFX (8 years ago)
Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!! It is amazing to see how many countrys came to these 33 men's aid... i am glad the world has seen this and need to take it into there hearts countrys can live together and when one needs help.. the others will come to help.. with the power of this planets people it can get thru anything... I live in central texas.. and this touched my heart... long live chile and long live the miners, thank you for being strong.. and making it out alive..... for the world....
yerizzity1 (8 years ago)
Yeah im glad these men made it out safe, i just don't like the fact that laws are slipping under the radar during this voting session because we are glued to cnn. But yeah let the minors rest, eat and make major love.
raposoconrad (8 years ago)
Miners his work is terrible on the other hand my dad is employed at the hotel ritz carlton of santiago of chile and they pay him very well
raposoconrad (8 years ago)
chile south america, tokio hotel and jonas brothers in santiago of chile They were lodging in the w santiago or ritz carlton santiago This year
algiasphere (8 years ago)
@sorBwepSmodnaR That's it? So predictable and unoriginal. lrn2troll.
NOSEKENSOYYO (8 years ago)
the miners need alot of beers and womens down there....VIVA CHILE MIERDA
1bottlejackdaniels (8 years ago)
the miners deserve to stay alive ...a few racist internet-assholes not!
Fidelidad (8 years ago)
@nuxiiXD Your English is good, be sorry for your Spanish jajajja
Fidelidad (8 years ago)
@sorBwepSmodnaR jajajaja. You really have some issues to solve. From Chile with love...
Fidelidad (8 years ago)
@simonsays1092 jajaja If only "I" had an iphone 4 in my hands...
BobyLaMop (8 years ago)
If only they had a iphone 4 in the mine...
padrone1976 (8 years ago)
They will have a huge overtime...
siegfried182005 (8 years ago)
@siegfried182005 0:01
sinduda (8 years ago)
@nuxiiXD 3 months is nothing to be proud about its actually tragic and its true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but thats a human trait, and not specifically a chilean one.i hate patriotism.. my heart goes out to the miners and their family..
hlaltimus (8 years ago)
"Remember those imprisoned as though bound with them". Hebrews 13:3
anir2 (8 years ago)
im from chile and right now i feel really proud of my country and my people we had gone though earthquakes and tsunamis this year and now this tragedy but we never give up and we always get stronger from every problem VIVA CHILE MIERDAAAAAAAAA (sorry for my english)
Eva Thyssen (8 years ago)
It was awesome, sublime, when we knew the miners are alive. Go miners! Cheers from Chile :D (I'm Chilean)
Victor Staley (8 years ago)
Espectacular, muy emocionante

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