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How to Sync Digibyte Core Faster and Create Digibyte Addresses

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Digibyte Site: http://www.digibyte.co/ Download Blockchain: http://cryptochainer.com/dir/ Addresses if you feel like donating Digibyte: D736aVnPFLSRSZukscBS9Ea5WQXnWbvWXA Vertcoin: VjLpyJYQAPe4UDu7u2455zoep5BvXK8n4M Bitcoin: 1HaEkHodCgxAPBuLbiV1C2jcwYmtvBtDnZ Litecoin: LhitBmHoSoWyFEDLYUnkL4FHdN7yPn2yAS Ethereum: 0x0D0Dd668F4d934e4A697AF0Cc9f72Fe219FcA8Aaa
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Text Comments (18)
Oldink cru (8 months ago)
Gracias amigo
poppop artist (9 months ago)
Love me some Digibyte DN495ZEsjKENn3w7SRCjWbyHx337D8smKo
Vincent P. (10 months ago)
How can I trust cryptochainer.com?
Esheronas (10 months ago)
Awesome video for Bootstrapping QT Clients. If doing something like this is too complicated for you: Hodl in Coinomi, Hold in an Exchange, or get out of Crypto and learn to Computer. That isn't meant to be a mean comment, it's true. If you don't understand the implications of immutable ledgers with no recourse....Please do your own Finances a favor and learn basic Accounting, Micro/Macro Economics, and Banking.
- J (10 months ago)
! I've downloaded Digibyte wallet on android and got some coins. I turned it off  and turned it on again but the sycn didn't fit like when I downloaded it first time. I'm waiting to sycn but worried so much cause I think there might be a problem so that I could not be able to use my wallet again. Is there anyone with simialr experience? How is it going?
Crypto Teddy Bear little1 (10 months ago)
Way to complicated:( I lost all my digibytes
Kessler Rotell (10 months ago)
same my app keeps crashing and i have 1000s of DGB
Mike F (10 months ago)
if its this complicated to get a wallet for digibyte, that means its inaccessible, preventing it from being used as payment. So why the hell would the price rise in value?
Valkon (10 months ago)
Yeah I am not gonna download a zip into my wallet, probably safe but I remember 5-6 years back when everyone got hacked on bitcoin.
Neocharm (10 months ago)
I also sent coins to the wallet address before the sync was done but now the DGB wallet is locked (encrypted) but i did NOT put in a pass phrase yet. I did get the DGB coins but i can not put in a password/phrase. How can i solve this without losing my coins? Is it possible to Backup -> delete this wallet -> re-install and then put in a passphrase? So i can replace the wallet.dat file with my backup file?
Neocharm (10 months ago)
Connie, i just found out i made a mistake during sync. I typed in a passphrase/words (without knowing i was doing one) but with a typ-o. I don't know how but it happened twice. With me i found back the DGB's. (lucky me). Just asking myself the question if i would have typed a pw/phrase, which would i have been using and what could go wrong.
Crypto Teddy Bear little1 (10 months ago)
Does anyone know. I did the exact thing as this guy. I didn’t enter a pass phrase. I hit back and now it’s asking for passfrase. I’ve lost 2,400 digibyts. This is awful . No one will get this token if you can’t even simply get the tokens you paid for.
nathan matthews (11 months ago)
I sent my coins to my wallet before it was synced. Will this process change my address and lose my coins? my wallet has been syncing for 2 full days now so need to do something! cheers
Miroma Tube (9 months ago)
same i sent from poloniex to nano s its been a week ..NOTHING , tried it again with more coins from poloniex to digi core from there site, shows complete again from poloniex and nothing. but maby when its done syncing i guess , P.O.S coin idn why i even bother buying it
Si Gh (10 months ago)
Did you get the coins in the end? I may have a similar problem
ravegten (10 months ago)
The same problem here. My wallet was finished synchronizing after two days but now 5 days later still no DGB's on my wallet. Contact them is useless. When i fill in my wallet address on there other site digiExplorer i can see my transaction information. Is there a way to send them back to the first wallet? Or do we have to wait longer???
HurtSteveRemix (11 months ago)
nathan matthews Your coins are fine just wait for your wallet to sync and they will appear
Chris D (1 year ago)
Thank you! This was just what I needed :)

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