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How to apply Kinesiology Tape for a swollen (oedema) Knee Joint

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http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk/courses/kinesiology-taping-for-the-athlete-masterclass/ John Gibbons is a sports Osteopath and a lecturer for the 'Bodymaster Method ®' and in this video he is demonstrating how to apply Kinesiology Tape for a patient that presents with a swollen knee. Want to learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape and other Physical Therapy CPD Courses then look on http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk John is also the Author of the highly successful book and Amazon No 1 best seller, called 'Muscle Energy Techniques, a practical guide for physical therapists'. John has also written 2 more books, one is called 'A Practical Guide to Kinesiology Taping' and this comes with a complimentary DVD and the other book is called; 'Vital Glutes, connecting the gait cycle to pain and dysfunction'. These 2 books are available to buy now through my website http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk/books/ or from Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk John now offers Advanced Training in all aspects of Sports Medicine to already qualified therapists in manual therapy to 'Diploma' Level. You need to have attended all of his Physical Therapy Courses before the diploma is awarded. His venue is based at the idylic venue of Oxford University, home of the first four-minute mile by Roger Bannister.
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Tekchand Sharma (15 days ago)
Hllo John ...in case of acute injury swelling .we often go for ice ..which reduces the blood flow . But kt tape increases blood flow to that area ...??? Plz elaborate ans
John Gibbons (13 days ago)
KT tape doesnt increase blood flow so ts ok to use. Regards JG
Mehfooz Husein (3 months ago)
I had an ACL surgery 7 weeks ago and have a lot of swelling around the patella to the extent that it is not visible. Will this tape help? How long should I wear it For? In which position do I keep my leg after applying the tape. Thanks for all the help.
John Gibbons (3 months ago)
This technique will help for the swelling and you can also look at my other kinesiology taping for the knee joint as they will help as well. I would leave the tape on for 3-5 days, a day or two rest and then reapply. Hope that helps, regards JG
Kristina B (4 months ago)
Hi! I get random knee effusion with minimal pain about 1-2 times a year, and I've just tried this technique to reduce the swelling. It feels better immediately! It's so empowering to take care of this myself and not have to seek a physician's help to (painfully!) drain my knee. Thank you!!
John Gibbons (3 months ago)
Pleased the technique has helped and thanks for the comments. regards JG
John Gibbons (4 months ago)
Thanks for the message and pleased the taping technique was able to help, regards JG
Sweetkiwi74 (6 months ago)
Why no tension?
John Gibbons (6 months ago)
The tension is coming from the knee being in a position of 90 degrees so no stretch is needed on the tape. Regards JG
S Zaidi (10 months ago)
Could you please explain the physiology by which this tape reduces the oedema
ucanbwell (1 year ago)
How long are the strips? Is it custom for the person?
emma c (1 year ago)
Mine is placed the same way when it comes off will it be bruise
Chrissy Mello (1 year ago)
will it work for swollen knee due to arthritis, and should I use this style of taping?
Helen (1 year ago)
Why do you not put any stretch on the tape? I thought you are supposed to stretch it, I'll have to read more about it. I've got very worn medial meniscus on both knees and swellings below, that a doctor said was brown fat, it's tender underneath the swellings. I applied K tape to see if it will improve lymphatic drainage, do I not stretch it? I want to try and get rid of the lumps and ease knee discomfort. Do I leave the tape on for as long as it will stick on? It was still on at 5 days or does it lose its effectiveness?
Alfredo Mugo (8 months ago)
Helen è
Fabrizio Lottici (1 year ago)
Helen in order to obtain a draining effect do NOT stretch the tape. Apply it with zero tension on the bend knee, so when you will extend the knee the tape will form many many micro ondulations and cause a vaacum effect
Fred Polster (1 year ago)
just use Unflexal instructions :)))
Marco Kingma (1 year ago)
Great technique but please don't touch the sticky side of the tape, to make sure it isn't quickly coming of the skin within a couple of hours...
Melinda Advincula (1 year ago)
Can I have a shower with it?
John Gibbons (1 year ago)
Yes you can shower with the tape on but dont wash the area with soap or use a sponge over it and pat it dry with a towel after the shower. Happy new year, regards JG
Melinda Advincula (1 year ago)
How long can I leave it on?
John Gibbons (1 year ago)
3-5 Days is normal for the tape to be left on the skin for. Regards JG
joolslee08 (2 years ago)
I went to a Lymphoedema clinic today and showed my swollen knee to clinician who put kinesiology tape in this fan pattern - I had immediate if not total relief and whereas I was unable to bend my knee enough to wash my feet this morning, this evening my knee is bending much further and without pain. I'm amazed quite frankly.
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Thats brilliant to have such a rapid effect...hope the swelling stays away...good luck. JG
Melissa Landry (2 years ago)
can I use this tape I had a knee replacement 8 years ago and still is painful and swells
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
You can try a simple orthotic if you have an pvnrpronated foot (flat) as that might help off load the meniscus issue. Glute strengthening exercises are advised as well. Good luck
Victor Flores (2 years ago)
+John Gibbons hey, got me knee with the swelling taping technique you showed, feels good. im about 10 days post surgery and def making some progress, can walk pretty good. flexion still a little limited. i am flat footed, what other things should i look to be proactive for future? gait? muscle tightness in what part etc?? to prevent meniscal pressure
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
I have a few taping techniques for the knee so have a look at them as they will all help for the swelling and assist in the stability of the joint. Good luck, JG
Victor Flores (2 years ago)
John Gibbons hi john, I had partial meniscectomy of left for suspected tear of poster medial meniscus (haven't see him post op, but full weight bearing as tolerated was prescribed) I'm 5th day post op and I'm doing my ROM exercises and weight bearing. There is swelling still, any other taping technique you recommend during my rehab or?
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Its worth a try as it can help reduce the swelling and hopefully the pain, Good luck, JG
Ibrahim Aji (2 years ago)
Christiane Arndt (2 years ago)
Hello, is this the right Tape for e Knee effusions? wen not please give me e Info to the right Tape
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
You can use the KTape for many conditions and the way i show this technique would help a knee effusion. Hope that helps,. JG
Fadi David (2 years ago)
My kneecap got dislocated two weeks ago. Its still swollen, could this method work to recover my knee?
Nessa Rossini (2 years ago)
Did you see your doctor for it? If so and it's okay to use the tape....Yes, this method could help to reduce the swelling. I use it for my knee and it does seem to help vs not taping.
High Energy Girl (3 years ago)
Thank you :) Trying now! Had a lateral release and meniscus cleanup 2 1/2 months ago. Still swollen and I am a fitness instructor, so not very good! Hope it works...also tried your medial meniscus technique!
High Energy Girl (3 years ago)
Thanks. It is still swollen. Sob. How often should I change it out?
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Tracee Gluhaich Hope it can help as once swelling reduces then pain should subside.
Reuben Yang (3 years ago)
Hi John. Could you advise me on how to tape a hematoma on the clavicular fibres of the pectoralis major? The point of pain is on the spot inferior to the clavicle where the clavicular head is. Could I use two fan strips, anchor them on either side of the nipple (1-2cm away from the nipple) and cross over the point of pain? Thanks a lot.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
I would apply the tape across the haematoma without stretching anything
Reuben Yang (3 years ago)
+John Gibbons Thanks a lot. Do I have to place the chest on stretch? If so, how should I stretch it? Thanks again.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Reuben Yang What you have said will work fine as long as both of the fans cross the haematoma. Good luck!
Brad whiston (3 years ago)
Hello this video is the best 1 out for this, quick question I am 4 weeks post op of ACL reconstruction and double meniscus repair. My knee still has slight swelling in and my hamstring keeps tearing (scar tissue) is it advisable to use K tape on both of these areas post ACL treatment?? Thanks
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Brad whiston Thanks for the great comments, as long as you have swelling then this technique is one of the best to help reduce the swelling and pain, but you can also try the other 2 techniques I have for general knee pain and full knee taping. Good luck
kelli gray (3 years ago)
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing 
Nicole G (3 years ago)
Can I use this technique for a small radial tear and a full thickness cartilage tear?
Carmen Soranno (4 years ago)
how much tension do you apply to the kinesio tape in terms of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%?
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
No stretch on the technique I am demonstrating as it is used to reduce swelling 
Eva Klaassen (4 years ago)
Hi! Great tutorial! I just have one question for you: Can you appy two different techniques of applying kinesio tape on the same joint?  I want to apply kinesio tape on my knee to stimulate lymphe drainage (so it will hopefully reduce the swelling in my knee) But I also want to apply a different technique of kinesio tape to support my patella. Is it possible to apply both techniques on top of each other?  I tried searching the internet but couldn't find the information I needed. Hope you can help me out!
John Gibbons (3 months ago)
Hi, I have a 'full knee taping' technique on here and also a 'general knee taping' and both will stabilise the patella and also assist in removal of the swelling, so try one of them first rather than mixing two techniques and see how it feels. Good luck, regards JG
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
I would try one at a time first but if you want to add a piece of extra tape for the patella then it could work, might be worth a try. Good luck. 
Andrea Lalle (4 years ago)
I worked two months ago to the anterior cruciate ligament and also to the internal collateral ligament using a plastic device type "coker-arnold" and the knee swelled up, this kind of technique is recommended for my problem?  how long I have to cut the strips and how do I get them?  thank you very much!
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
You can buy them from physique.co.uk or rocktape.net
Hunter Lane (4 years ago)
will this technique work to reduce swelling caused by bursitis of the knee??
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Yes it will be perfect for a bursitis and worth a try.
Ua Kine (4 years ago)
Great Job
John Gibbons (4 years ago)

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