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GCC compilation Step by Step explanation with Example

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This video will explain GCC compilation process with help of exmaple 1. Pre processing 2. Compilation 3. Assember 4. Linking
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Dorothy Namulondo (4 months ago)
nice buh please make the next more clear and visible thank u
surendra pal Singh (1 year ago)
Hi, Thanks for such an awesome explanation. I have a query: As you mentioned after assembly stage, the code is now converted into machine level instructions corresponding to user written code. However some functions like 'printfl()' are still present in form of labels. These labels are resolved/linked in the last stage ie linking stage. My question is: How does this happen? How does linker knows the path/address/definition of printf()? Is there a way I can see printf() definition on my system?
surendra pal Singh (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply. Is there any source (blog/doc/video) which explains the linking process in detail?
HowTo (1 year ago)
Thanks dear. I don't think that you can see printf() definition. It is in the compiled form and stdio.h header file only contains prototype of it.
Haroon Basha (1 year ago)
Good explanation
Mike Greer (1 year ago)
I understood you well. Thanks for this video. I have been struggling with IDE's now for about two months. I've used Geany, Code::Blocks, and my latest is Eclipse CDT. I spend more time troubleshooting and configuring my IDEs than I do fixing syntax errors in my code. Very frustrating. At least you have provided me a tool to break the process down and detect where my IDE is falling short.
Diego Piscoya (1 year ago)
well done my friend
yasir arafat (1 year ago)
Very nice explanation..Thanks
HowTo (1 year ago)
Thanks yasir.
GameDev Now (2 years ago)
Doumo arigatou Howto-san!
Isaac Boyd (2 years ago)
Thank you! That was a really nicely explained tutorial.
HowTo (2 years ago)
Thanx for appreciations.
MD TALIB ALAM (2 years ago)
explained nicely but i am confused what are the sources of those codes i.e gcc -E frome where i can learn more about it means of which programing language command these are
MD TALIB ALAM (2 years ago)
i am trying to run gcc command but cant do it as i have code block mingw setup 16.0 i have saved the bin directory into the environment setup of my computer
MD TALIB ALAM (2 years ago)
thanx ..
HowTo (2 years ago)
gcc is GNU C compiler, it's used for C programming language. If you want to learn more about it search gnu gcc comands
Alexander Gonchiy (2 years ago)
It's impossible to understand anything due to your horrible pronounciation.
Márcio Amaral (3 months ago)
@jbahtia at least he can code better than you
jbahtia (3 months ago)
he is a scumbag dirty indian living in a basement carpark...
cyanghost109 (9 months ago)
You must not have to call tech support very often.
Fatih Akbas (1 year ago)
There are many people who explain same concept using clear language. Go and watch them or you can make a video with your extraordinary pronunciation!!
ProClue (1 year ago)
enable CC, simple as that!

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