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Natural Resources

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In this video Ms. Malvika Choudhary explains about types of resources and classification of natural resources.
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ek shayar ki Ghazal (2 days ago)
Very nice mam thank u
Ravi Ranjan Tech (4 days ago)
nkurunziza obadiah (8 days ago)
This is amazing
Shubham Gupta (8 days ago)
Mam hindi mein bolo subko samaj aaya
SAKLAIN RAZA (9 days ago)
Bahut ache hn
Chet Ram (10 days ago)
Nice and best tecnig butifully mam
Sandeep Ramagiri (16 days ago)
Superb. Teaching mam tommarow is my xam I have prepared today by seeing ur videos tqq for explaining
Rinkumani Baruha (17 days ago)
Thanks ma'am that is very useful for me.
s s (18 days ago)
Thanks mam
anitha ravichandran (20 days ago)
Thank uuuu so much... I am clg student.. it is helpful for my studies
anitha ravichandran (20 days ago)
Thk uuuuu
anitha ravichandran (20 days ago)
Thank uuuu so much... I am clg student.. it is helpful for my studies
#Paisa vasool (21 days ago)
Most beautiful chapter ,,I love resources chapter
Dar Suraya (25 days ago)
Mam I'm Kashmir
Rubeena Manzoor (1 month ago)
Ua English is weak
Noor Fatma (1 month ago)
Ashok Tiwari ashoka (1 month ago)
Nice lecture
Ashok Tiwari ashoka (1 month ago)
Very nice
anand sharma (1 month ago)
Do something for you sound😡😡😡
sabir Khan (21 days ago)
Arpita Pandey (1 month ago)
Mam u are best and ur way of teaching is superb
Very well talk
Jalaluddin Khan (1 month ago)
very good
Bhardwaj Rakhi (1 month ago)
Thanks ma'am please make more video🙂
Sarik Sheikh (1 month ago)
Nice teaching
Sarik Sheikh (1 month ago)
Tariq Mubeen (2 months ago)
Rupali Kaur (2 months ago)
Akash Lenka (2 months ago)
Beautiful teacher ❤️
Vahi Zeme (2 months ago)
Nice one..but plz maam nxt tym With full english...n iwish u could hav come up with intresting Tlm...anyws u hv a great teaching skills...thanku
Viraj Singh (2 months ago)
The way of teaching is too gud
Yatin Yatin. (2 months ago)
Zulekha Ali (3 months ago)
thanku mam...... keep it up..
Shamim Ahmad (3 months ago)
awesome mam thank u
Nisha Gohel (3 months ago)
Actually she has explain the whole chapter by using both language's so that may anyone who is not comfortable with English they can understand this in Hindi.
Nisha Gohel (3 months ago)
I like the way you teach and I also understand this whole chapter by the help of your teaching
Suhana Khan (3 months ago)
MANISH IBO (4 months ago)
Awesome mam
sushil kumar (4 months ago)
Nice video
shankarappa ningappa (4 months ago)
So nice explanation it's help full for everybody
saurav mathur_official (4 months ago)
thanks mama for teaching teaches very nice
Ritik Singh (4 months ago)
Akhilesh Yadav (4 months ago)
Very good ma'am
Bablu Kumar (4 months ago)
Best explanation
Kumud Tiwari (4 months ago)
Thnxx ma'am nice explained
Devichandru Chandran (5 months ago)
Post videos in English
our's knowledge channel (5 months ago)
How we say that water is abiotic resource??? Pls tell me
Prerit Dubey (5 months ago)
Di please explain chapter 2
Purva Shidam (5 months ago)
make video on finding rational number
shruti sinha (5 months ago)
Gurav Kadu (5 months ago)
Gurav Kadu (5 months ago)
Rama Shankar (5 months ago)
Thank you mam very very thank you
Rana pratap (5 months ago)
yah ncert ke against vi hai mam. but nice mam
Rana pratap (5 months ago)
ncert me esse Jada Hai mam
Rana pratap (5 months ago)
ncert me esse Jada Hai mam
Pinknpurple Play School (5 months ago)
Maan. Ur lecture is really great... Tomorrow is my exam of m a .. n I m prepared ... U know ...just bcoz of ur lectures related to environment.. thank u... U r so sweet
Suvidyaa (5 months ago)
Pinknpurple Play School thank you dear
UNIQUE TECH (6 months ago)
ma'am make a video of math class 8 from chapter 1 .... please
debajyoti das (6 months ago)
Mam I have questions, can a biotic resource in the absence of abiotic resource? Justify your answer
bhanu Sewa (6 months ago)
nice explanation
Narayan Pathak (6 months ago)
he was very useful for me
AG 12 (6 months ago)
Nice teaching ma'am.... 👍👍
Aniska Sethi (6 months ago)
Thank you mam...
Bisma Rather (6 months ago)
maam ...aap thoda ziyada proper hindi use krti ho. ..i m from kashmir so may b mujh jaise loog b propr hindi naa smje...so aap thoda hindi kam use kiya kare...n the lecture is very good going...keep it up
Mohd Zakir (6 days ago)
shi kaha
anand sharma (1 month ago)
Urdu mein bole tumhare liye
Bisma Rather (6 months ago)
shahid wani ty
shahid wani (6 months ago)
Bisma Rather u r ryt
Lalit Kumar (6 months ago)
Madam app beautiful or teaching fabulous
Yasir Ahmad Bhat Bhat (6 months ago)
mam effects of overexplitation of resources
RJ (6 months ago)
B comfortable and confident ....best of luck
SELF Made Yadhuvanshi (6 months ago)
u written availibity.ur spelling is wrong.
suie sakibbutt (6 months ago)
I sluit u mam the way of teaching
Tawkeer Ahmad (6 months ago)
Talk in Hindi plzz
Mir Zara (6 months ago)
A7m video tnx ma'am
Bilal Wani (6 months ago)
plz mention along with example
Harshita Komlekar (6 months ago)
Ma'am plzz explain the utilization of water resource and problem associate with them..
Anand Bhagat (6 months ago)
HINDI ME BATAIYE...........................
Hitesh Paul (6 months ago)
Ayush Kapoor (6 months ago)
Santosha Devi (6 months ago)
ur teaching of method is great
Street Reviews (7 months ago)
Thank you mam
Yogendra Lamba (7 months ago)
nice tips
JD MIND (7 months ago)
Mam apka tarika bhot Accha Hai padhane ka thank you.
RAVI NAIK (7 months ago)
super mam, the way your teaching this chapter thats good and i like that. superb mam .
Simar Sharry (7 months ago)
Thank you
Dharma Bhatt (7 months ago)
Simar Sharry you're not going out
sk sahil kumar (7 months ago)
Excellent mam
Dheeraj Jaiswal (3 days ago)
Anzar peerzada (7 months ago)
thank u mam ...please share us ur no ....
Rewa Miskeen (7 months ago)
Thank you ma’am,nice video
Rajesh Chaudhary (8 months ago)
Thanks for teaching
Goutam Joshi (8 months ago)
thanks mam
roshal rani (8 months ago)
Very nice
afshar khanam (8 months ago)
H.k.S comedt video (9 months ago)
Thanks mam
rajesh tandi (9 months ago)
MAIMOONA AKBAR (9 months ago)
Thanks mam
Nayra singh (9 months ago)
Nice style of teaching 📚📚
Sachin Gaikwad (5 months ago)
Nayra singh 6thगनणि
Tawkeer Ahmad (5 months ago)
Nayra tnxxx
Ram Singh (9 months ago)
Thanks it's a great and very helpful
SAIF ANSARI (9 months ago)
Evolution per
mk Walayet (9 months ago)
Ashwinee kumar Rout Ray (9 months ago)
most cute totli miss 😊
mehran ullah khan (9 months ago)
Thanx mam iam a student 10th in pak
Akashy Kumar (9 months ago)
mam apna mobile number koj
Akashy Kumar (9 months ago)
mam please mobile number
Brijkishore Singh Lodhi (10 months ago)
very nice chapter explain thanks mam

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