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Find gold in Russia

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Find gold in Russia
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maezzee (22 days ago)
Hell .......I will give the gov 50 %.....tell me where it is and I will be on the next plane......
FTW CRIME (2 months ago)
younghun Joung (4 months ago)
What city your gold city address.
A Aleksa (4 months ago)
Country Man (4 months ago)
Where is the river or mountain?
brave one thanks (5 months ago)
That's great I'm proud of them I got some swampland I'll sell them
brave one thanks (5 months ago)
Bulshit is right there ain't no freaking way he could find gold that easy I've been doing it for 35 years
william smith (3 months ago)
+Konczuk Tm what river in Russia or Kazakhstan has gold like this? We have a saying. If it sounds or looks too good to be true, then it is false.
Konczuk Tm (5 months ago)
in russian no one is touching the gold its illegal its real coz my friend go to russia and have a lot of gold
Racing Prospector (5 months ago)
You are insulting every gold miner with these videos. You don't just walk up to a river and pick up gold. Thousands of us break our backs just digging down to the pay layers. Gold that big will never be sitting on the top
william smith (3 months ago)
Idk man, he panned it down and it stayed in the bottom
Mohammed Bomouraa (4 months ago)
don't work hard work smart
Kyle Stapleton (5 months ago)
Those are real nuggets! There's a real place in Russia where there's an abundance of gold. You can also tell it's real when he picks up the nuggets and drops them, sounds like gold to me!
Mukesh Soni (1 month ago)
william smith (3 months ago)
You can take those river rocks and paint them with gold spray paint. This would be the smooth looking nuggets. Then you can mix up some concrete or melt cheap alluminum, to then pour small amounts onto the ground to let cool and or dry. Next spray paint these gold as well. That will give you pieces that do not look water worn or smooth in appearance. And also will make a metallic clinking sound...... When prospecting for gold, you will usually "never" find a placer deposit that has both water worn smooth and unworn/irregular gold in the same deposit. That's redflag number one. And the clear color and other colored pieces of glass, not gemstones would also not be found in such an abundance or in the same manner, correlation or proximity of the gold. This is redflag number two. Lastly, there wouldn't be a law against taking the gold and selling it to an authorized contracted buyer. As mining the gold only goes towards boosting the economy of that country region and nation. And also provides income the people. Since man's creation, all around the world, gold has been used in some way or the other and admired for it's uniqueness. Lastly, look at the operations currently in that country. Actual companies. They are moving a lot of ground material and what is the size of their gold recovery? Not huge nuggets and gems! That's for sure! So why wouldn't these companies go to where the big stuff is and contract with the government as they already do? Get my point? Why would someone, even anonymously, put this out on YouTube but for clicks. We all know about the goldrush stampedes of the 1800's. Do you really think that those people want to be indated or bombarded by foriegners? Especially at what the price of gold is currently within the U.S. By the looks of the videos, it would take very few days to aquire enough to the equivalent of 5million. Am I right or am I still wrong according to what you post/comment and or want to believe in your own mind?
william smith (3 months ago)
See, you don't even know the river of where this is supposedly located.
william smith (3 months ago)
Lol and where in Russia would such a place be? Lol
Racing Prospector (5 months ago)
Gold would not be sitting on the top like that. That's not how gold mining works.
PUKIEMAK AKU (5 months ago)
No idea??? Poor
shuaib mansoor (6 months ago)
I also watch your another chanel videos.but i dont know yet that its real gold.still confuse 😴😴
Andrew Breeckner (3 months ago)
Right i know there big gold there but this?
Maximilian Schmaderer (6 months ago)
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Shinobi (7 months ago)
fake, it is clickbait for views. Gold paint.
Breaking News (6 months ago)
haha ^_^
Breaking News (7 months ago)
Antonio Quispe (7 months ago)
Where did you buy the gold spraypaint from? Haha jk
Breaking News (7 months ago)
Not me 😂😂😂😂
Victor Robinson (8 months ago)
Victor Robinson (5 months ago)
+Konczuk Tm why do you think it's illegal too have ? Goverment may want up too 25% to 35% fee too mine their ?
Konczuk Tm (5 months ago)
+Victor Robinson its reall my friend go to russia and have a lot of gold but i think its ilegal
Victor Robinson (6 months ago)
diego oliveira (8 months ago)
and in magadan or kolyma?
United Kingdom London (1 month ago)
diego oliveira magadan or kolyma what that mean mate ??
Henry Santos (8 months ago)
Where is this place on russia can you lets us now can you tell
cipinassssss (4 months ago)
+Konczuk Tm no im not russian can defend them pretty well
Konczuk Tm (5 months ago)
+cipinassssss defender of russia xd
cipinassssss (7 months ago)
its russian gold americans fuck off keep your sticky fingers out of the world
Gunnar Haight (8 months ago)
I'm The Dude! I want to visit.
Jasper Li (9 months ago)
where is it?
Breaking News (3 months ago)
hihi, not sure :)
william smith (3 months ago)
+Breaking News what river? On what part of the river? This is too unbelievable to be real. We have a saying. If it sounds or looks too good to be true, then it probably is false.
Psylo /420/ (8 months ago)
+Breaking News hahahahaha
Breaking News (9 months ago)
The greener1 (9 months ago)
bullshit, staged
Breaking News (7 months ago)
Wa wa haha

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