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AES in Cryptopp c++

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AES in Cryptopp c++ vs2012 windows 10 files:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lte7jjL7SKKvZ4j2tIif0rbWHDAe4ZSY/view?usp=sharing
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Text Comments (7)
nomealow (8 days ago)
6:53 Code Generation > Runtime Library > Multi-threaded / MT
mohammad yasein (3 months ago)
thank men.
Felipe Bala (4 months ago)
Many thanks to you !!!!!
Aaron Disibio (5 months ago)
This code for me results in a "Signal: SIGABRT (Aborted)". Any ideas why?
Areej Qasrawi (5 months ago)
Aaron Disibio try to use vs 2012
Aaron Disibio (5 months ago)
Areej Qasrawi I managed to get it working. When targeting c++17 it threw that error and I couldn't get Crypro++ to work. (Other examples also didn't work.) Targeting c++11 fixed it for me.
Areej Qasrawi (5 months ago)
Aaron Disibio what do u mean !

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