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The Truth About Bitcoin & The Mark Of The Beast

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There's tremendous buzz about Bitcoin, but most people don't really know what Bitcoin is or what the future use of it actually will be. People are just excited about the gains they are making today, not really thinking about tomorrow. This video will tell you the truth about it's future. You don't have to believe what I believe, but if you just use a slight amount of common sense, the facts will be undeniable. I hope this blesses you!
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Shelly Whaley (1 hour ago)
God bless all of u
Jim Cras (1 hour ago)
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pesky myrtyle (19 hours ago)
Can you please discuss watchmen please
None Ya (20 hours ago)
Yes love what you do order out of chaos . Blessed are those that can see and hear the wisdom is given to some not all amen
BJ DRAWH (2 days ago)
lol i said this years ago ,,with direct deposit ,,,,now look how many get cash or check as there pay day
Miguel Dur (2 days ago)
I wonder have you completely surrendered yourself to jesus christ
UZI BOY (2 days ago)
I believe as they obviously didn't have or know the technology back then of a Bitcoin or RFID Chip, rather a literal physical mark was used as the "indicator". However I do believe it will still be in the right hand and or right forhead. We find the "right side" used in the Bible a lot, specifically where Jesus sits, at the right side of the Father.
Ash Wynn (2 days ago)
Yeah I think you are correct about BTC. If they announced a new world currency there would be some resistance and suspicion. So they very cleverly made it look as if BTC was something created outside of the establishment system, by a person or people in the mould of Assenge or Snowden or Anonymous to gain our confidence. .
Luis Lozano (2 days ago)
I acknowledge that you are putting effort into opening peoples eyes to the things happening today, but I completely disagree. Bitcoin for one, will eventually fall and not be as expensive as it is today, and cashless isn't necessarily a bad thing, its just, annoying to have to take out and pay for something, I feel like you're over thinking the whole situation, its like those videos that say something along the lines of "KFC is demonic because it has 3 letters, and 3 times 2 is 6, and it has 3 letters to three six's is the mark of the beast." its not true, Bitcoin was created to avoid goernment stealing money from poor families, to "cure" corruption, not for people to be anti-christ.
Ayrton S (3 days ago)
Perhaps, one the most ignorant videos I've seen in my life. The RFID chips were invented before bitcoin, Bitcoin is decentralized (It's the people money). When people come to understand the foundations of blockchain technology they'll realize these RFID chips, so called "marking of the beasts" is an optional feature. Just like opting for cream or no cream on your frappés. Do your research before concluding to biblical prophecies. Blockchain CAN NOT BE OWED, it can be bought but will have to be circulated globally in order maintain its value. You either trust the people or don't. Have faith!
ndzi kehseng (3 days ago)
Please I will like to know whether bit world in itself is illuminati. Can u advice me to invest in it?
nykeam alexander (3 days ago)
How do you get bitcoins?
kelvenguard (4 days ago)
the MARK is the MONEY system ... ALL FORMS OF MONEY ... BUY SELL ... you can NOT Buy Sell, yesterday or today without MONEY ... The Beast is just growing in Power ... BUT ... you will never Hear or See that from the PROFIT$ of Baal ... Yahusha said Love GOD or MONEY and hate the other ... I HATE MONEY
fomukom sam (4 days ago)
This video got me thinking..hmmm could the "B" on the bitcoin be likened to "Beast"...YAHWEH help us not to abandon your word for YOU give us knowledge and wisdom.
George Z (4 days ago)
Please turn down the music
Sheriee Jones (4 days ago)
Wow u didn't know thank you for sharing
Faith (5 days ago)
Trump is ruining the economy lol
Clark Dauphin (5 days ago)
You literally overlooked the most important fucking detail!
Clark Dauphin (5 days ago)
I had a theory that the "mark" is made of carbon. Carbon atoms have 6 of each subatomic particles (electrons, protons, and neutrons)
Clark Dauphin (5 days ago)
What he said about hyper inflation and shit happened in real life after ww1. Germany printed shit tonnes of money, causing hyper inflation
Clark Dauphin (5 days ago)
Oh blyat! Paying with your watch?! I think we solved the mystery!
D0101 (5 days ago)
The bottom right of the Bitcoin "Coin" has 666 on it. It is at the 5'oclock position if it was a clock face.
Mrs. R.D (5 days ago)
thanks. God bless.
Patyy Tshihumba (6 days ago)
May the Lord bless and increase you for opening peoples eyes.
nice guy (6 days ago)
the Sea Beast of Revelation 13 is the Papacy, and forced Sunday Worship of the Sun god (trinity) is the mark of the beast
Ash Monaë (6 days ago)
Mr J.K. (7 days ago)
If this is the mark, then why did you buy some?
Truthunedited (7 days ago)
It’s not the mark. You’ve misunderstood something
Derian Lewis (7 days ago)
I rather starve than have the mark of the beast
Dolly Schwall (7 days ago)
Thanks for this video I was planning to buy ...Thank you Jesus for saving me.trom Satan's trap
Priscilla Dake (8 days ago)
So what do I do as a Christian? is it wrong for me trade in it? Will that mean I've accepted the mark!?
Truthunedited (8 days ago)
No that doesn’t mean you have taken the mark
Mark Robinson (8 days ago)
I just found your videos and I gotta say, these are great! I'd like to point out one thing... you put a lot of globes in your videos. As someone who studies the bible and does a lot of research, I'm surprised you haven't yet come to the conclusion that the earth is actually flat and stationary; as taught in the bible and indicated by your own senses. Example.. Psalm 104:5: "He set the earth on its foundations, it can never be moved." There are many others.. The heliocentric, spinning ball, big bang theories that we are indoctrinated with in the schools are taught to us for the purpose of hiding god and making us think we're merely evolved monkeys. It's not a coincidence that they tell is the earth is on a 66.6 degree tilt and rotating around the sun at 66.6 thousand miles per hour. The flat earth is easily provable as well. For an introduction, I would suggest you look up "the best flat earth interview ever" by ODDTV. "It's the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle I hope you take the time to look into it for yourself. Cheers.
Jose Santiago (8 days ago)
Good stuff
ghanim masoud (9 days ago)
i learned about inflation and money
David Nelson (9 days ago)
Many people dont realize this is not going to happen. The crash of internet will wipe out everything folks. Dont be a fool. They are not going to do their Evil plan and they should be stopped. There is no way this can happen. The hackers and Anonymous will bring down internet.
David Nelson (9 days ago)
Humanity is mush closer than I thought to self destruction
David Nelson (9 days ago)
A global Revolution is a must to save our lives
Serge Sam (10 days ago)
GREAT VIDEO EXCEPT THE REAL MARK IS THE MICRO CHIPS.... Bitcoin for many Christian is a way OUT, something to pay our DEBT , buying 0.02 project that will grow to 100$ take the money and pay what we own to GOV to loan, to person... Then we wont be obligate to receive any mark to survive.... :) Sure The END IS NEAR, The Blockchain is not OUR FUTURE, Jesus Christ is and he's coming soon, alone with is great judgment ! so if you're in DEBT use Crypto to get out of it, invest in 0.02 project it will surely goes to 100$ then pay all your debt and BE FREE !!
Wes XD (10 days ago)
Bitcoin is more advanced than i expected it to be
rcwilsonify (11 days ago)
The Holy Spirit has not moved me to strategize for the coming time but to trust in God (not mammon in any form). We are not to worry about what we should eat or what we should wear. We are not even supposed to consider how we should respond because the Holy Spirit will speak for us. When He calls us out, we must leave our earthly belongings and not turn back. Some of us will be imprisoned, some killed, however, we know, because the Son has shown us, we are not to fear, because our Father will deliver us. He will guide us home. I have truly enjoyed your series, this one troubled me a bit.
bertconnell (11 days ago)
😂 “I made money off bitcoin, but its definitely of the devil”. What a joke. This was like captain obvious video tutorial
Fritz Campbell (11 days ago)
Love God’s work in you, bringing great stuff. I am not a crypto currency expert, it is the opinion of some who are, that crypto currencies are a freedom from control because it is outside the current dollar based system. There can be and do exist multiple crypto currencies and this is a protection from Govt. control and also allows transactions between anyone away from fees and tariffs etc. all of which is good. Thx for all...
Alexander Afxendiou (11 days ago)
Bit coin is crypto currency ILLUMINATI malevolent affiliated that should be obvious and Donald Trump is all for it meaning Donald Trump is ILLUMINATI
Diana Raju Nadar (12 days ago)
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Jason Robillos (12 days ago)
Global currency ? Regulation ? 😅 Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology. Blockchain a DECENTRALIZED ledger. 🤔🤔
Otaku Noioso (12 days ago)
Good explanation about bit coin . Horrible the religious metaphor . God does not exist. Please spare us from this bible preaching.
charlse harry (12 days ago)
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Mathew May (12 days ago)
Not going to lie this is the first video I've watched from this channel.... GREAT VIDEO..... I fallow a couple other channels and I've yet to hear anyone else talked about the bit coin..... Keep preaching the good message and opening peoples eyes to the truth
James Lewis (12 days ago)
BITCOIN AND RFID CHIP work hand and hand under the NWO ruled by satan himself. No more lukewarm for me.
Jose Diaz (13 days ago)
preach it brother :)
Christopher Jones (13 days ago)
I had no possible clue what bitcoin was until this video, thanks for the heads up brother, keep spreading the truth to all that will listen God bless
Datukshabilali Ali (13 days ago)
connie ngozi conorado (14 days ago)
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Polly Dixon (14 days ago)
So are you saying that Christians should invest in Bitcoin to be able to buy and sell...and would you still not have to take the chip for the Bitcoins to actually work ?
Truthunedited (14 days ago)
No you shouldn’t invest in Bitcoin at this present time
Dr Sr (14 days ago)
Seems hypocritical to be investing in bitcoin which appears to be the currency of the beast . #2 regardless of what you say the world sill never be a cashless society. Cash is King. And true end of timers are stockpiling 42 months of cash to live on during the tribulation. This is all hype. Remember Y2k? It wasn't the end of anything. Bitcoin is just another Ponze scheme. Don't get sucked into it. You didn't explain how the profits of 100 to 1000% is made or for what purpose people would buy bitcoin or how it is used to buy a car or food or furniture? I'm just sayin bro, the video is vague and hypes the chip which is nothing more than a GPS locator for your dog or cat. 😎
Dekha Rashid (14 days ago)
I lost my money on bitclip & 1000 expert so have no answer to my questions???
Davidetta Rennie (15 days ago)
Wise video. Thanks 🙏🏿 a lot
Iti Toni Vetemotu (15 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this...God Bless
Miguel Sanchez (15 days ago)
1 in 100 already have the chip
Haze Morris (16 days ago)
Thank you so much for this!!! The devil has been on my back attacking my mind thru my weaknesses! It was only God that led me to look at these videos so that I will be armed with the truth and to keep my faith going strong. God is moving thru you so continue to educate the masses so that the truth with set them free!
M.J Simple (16 days ago)
Abeg it will not work jor they should go pop and subside. God will personally come down from heaven. Not on His life. Not on any of His days! IJN Amen!
M.J Simple (16 days ago)
I have money IJN Amen.
M.J Simple (16 days ago)
And I'm so uninterested in bit coin. Gimme some dollars pls. Or even naira. So is this why I have no monaaayyyy?!
Fifi Phuthi (16 days ago)
Lord have mercy on us. I keep fearing for the future because I know we're living in the end times. Jesus please have mercy.😢
Ayana Nicole' (17 days ago)
I appreciate this video. I recently have become interested in making money with online businesses & i came across Bitcoin today. I had never heard of it so i decided to go on YouTube & search it & ended up running into your video. It all makes sense. Keep doing what you do & living righteously. 🙏🏽♥️ GOD BLESS
Michael Colapietro (17 days ago)
Very interesting video and yes, the bible and other religious and prophesies take about a world currency and a mark. With out the mark one cannot buy or be a active member in the global society. The bible talks about the anti-Christ and the false profit. However, many prophesies and othe religious books talk about three anti-Christ coming at different times fundamentally changing the world. The first was Napoleon, the second was twins, born from different families in different lands or countries, Hitler and Stalin both changing the world and taking hundreds of millions. The last and the greatest will be hidden until it is to late. This will be the worst of all his true name will be Mabus the king of chaos. He will raise to heights out of obscurity and will command a world audience first coming as a healer and unifier embraces by the false prophet. Mabus will cause chaos throughout the world spreading hate with all those that embrace him. His name is Obama and he is just getting started, look at what he has already done and actively now trying to overthrow the American government. The false profit is the Vatican and the Pope who has embraced Obama
H.Graham McPherson (18 days ago)
@TruthUnedited - how will investing in gold/silver make a difference unless you buy it in physical form? In addition, where can I buy physical gold/silver?
Truthunedited (18 days ago)
Tom B (18 days ago)
Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. SAToshi NAkamoto. SATAN.
Martin Uche (19 days ago)
Is it bad to invest into crypto currency? Will one lose Salvation when one invests into crypto currency?
Martin Uche (19 days ago)
Thank you so much, may God empower you the more in Jesus name
Truthunedited (19 days ago)
No I don’t think you’d lose your salvation at this stage
IRON GAMER (19 days ago)
“This calls for wisdom, let us calculate the number, for this is the number of man, that number is 666” Revelation 13 the bible
X777 1235813 (20 days ago)
Very good thanks man. However Jesus is the reason we allowed the money changers to enslave us. Watch the Zeitgeist movie on Youtube. Interesting about G&S as the underground money. Cool man
Vincent Eata (20 days ago)
To Truthunedited: My brother, I appreciate your zeal for the LORD, however, I have to disagree. This is a deep subject, but the mark of the beast is Sunday worship. It is not a credit card, chip, barcode, tattoo, or physical thing that is put on one's body. The main issue is about OBEDIENCE. Who do you worship? God or man? (or devil or creation?) (e.g. see Daniel chapter 3 & 6, Esther, etc). A law will be passed soon that will force people to break the law of God. At that time, people will either receive the seal of God or the mark of the beast. Bitcoin, hashgraph, & other cryptocurrencies are mechanisms that can be used to control the buying & selling but it's not the mark of the beast. May God continue to strive with you. Please check this out: https://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/media/e/15008/t/144-000-and-the-seal-of-god
kumukuthi teban (21 days ago)
are you an Adventist brother? I like your videos so much, it tells. The truth
Truthunedited (21 days ago)
No just a believer in the Messiah. No denomination
latortura1986 (22 days ago)
They are already doing that you haven’t talked about the real id act that was pasted in 2005 which has to do with a federalized id system that Florida is a complient state
Shanshik (22 days ago)
Good Video. The only thing i don't agree with is a chip being a mark of the beast. Imo it's another technology to control you but it still isn't an actual mark. "Mark" itself sounds like a tattoo or some sort of engraving which they would force you to put on your forehead on right hand. Something you won't be able to remove but as for the chip you can still remove it by force. Just my honest opinion. Keep up the truth!
pegpenguin (17 days ago)
And when it says "he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.", I don't think that literally means he will actually refer to himself as God, but more like he will mock the idea of belief, proclaiming that God doesn't exist, and we our our own god, so it's just a form of mockery really. So the "rebellion" or "falling away" first, is in line with this attitude among many, not just the ruler in our society.
pegpenguin (17 days ago)
Okay, I did a little Googling, and found that this tech may actually be already in its early stages. It's called Gamma Knife radiosurgery. However, in my dream there were no doctors monitoring or controlling it. It was fully automated by AI. I'm trying to remember now why the young man wanted to enter the machine. Hopefully I wrote it down somewhere before. Now this is just my interpretation. Perhaps the wireless surgery done to the brain (ie. "in the forehead"), is chosen only by people who hate the idea of believing in God and especially Jesus. Almost like a protest, showing allegiance to the world and humanity over "archaic ancient beliefs" such as Christianity. I'm starting to think that the Antichrist is ruler, who will hate everything to do with worship of God. So you may be required to show allegiance in having a like-minded state (which will be most people anyway), in order to not be ostracized from human society and its high-tech orchestra. And getting the mark will be a definite way to show that you indeed do. In this Bible verse, it does seem to describe this in a roundabout way: *2 Thessalonians 2:3-4* Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.
pegpenguin (18 days ago)
Btw, I will continue to pray for better understanding, because I still am not convinced even of my own dream after. For example, why did I not see anything that had to do with the right hand? Or what is 666?
pegpenguin (18 days ago)
Shanshik, I prayed to God to reveal what the mark of the beast is, since I would like to be made aware should it be here already. What happened soon after was that I had a dream of a young man who entered into some kind of black kiosk-like machine about the size of a phone booth, or like one of those instant photo booths. However, this was the future, not the present. I believe inside this machine was a type of personal automated brain scanner, but not just a passive X-ray like device what we have now. I had the impression that it was able to alter your mind. Basically, like wireless surgery… a "mark" on your brain itself (as in, physically and biological). So if true, I don't think this tech exists yet. Think of it like laser surgery, but it can alter the inside directly beyond the skull of your forehead without having to drill any holes first. In fact, it was painless and quick, and computer controlled automatically. But what does this operation or mark actually do, or what is it done for? Is it just a unique ID to your body that you can't tamper with? I think it's more than an ID. My hunch was that it makes you fully Godless. But even though that may sound scary to us, the man in my dream getting it done had no fear. He was nonchalant about as much as you or I buying candy from a vending machine. It's important to note that the young man was not coerced or forced to go in either, to receive the mark. He was more than happy to. It was voluntary. He was glad to get the procedure done. And like I said, it was painless, effortless, and only took a few seconds. A "mark" on the right hand, might just be a prelude to the above more advanced method, before this tech is improved. So that might be some kind of identification, before the mind alteration tech is more easily accepted. However, I agree… it probably won't be an RFID chip. It will likely be a biological alteration of some sort, that can operate like an ID. In other words, tech that doesn't exist or at least is not implemented yet either. But was this just a dream? Perhaps. However, what I found interesting about it, is that it's not something I would have thought of as the mark of the beast. So it was a fresh perspective indeed. And I was like you before, thinking that the mark of the beast is likely some kind of tattoo, perhaps from Islam or some Christian-hating ideology, so they can keep track of who obeys their fanaticism. But instead I had this dream of something way out of the box. Or more like literally "in the box" ;-)
Basic Dos Gaming (22 days ago)
erm bit coin was made by the people to avoid governments...
Evans Smith Donald (22 days ago)
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Gareth Brown (24 days ago)
The computing power that would be required and the electricity bill to mine the last bitcoin would astronomical.
Teriann Davis (25 days ago)
Thank you. I had a weird feeling about bitcoin but didn't know why. I don't understand it because I don't get what it's backed by. Is it still a good time to use it and likely make money to buy gold with?
Truthunedited (25 days ago)
No not any more
Ryan Smith (27 days ago)
Begging for a new world order currency? This is Legion - he is a demon and sound s and says exactly what the hive mind demons say Dajjal or Say10 or el diable usses wind up toys to test gods people These and most online arte one thing = AL aka ai aka dajjal Froom the bottomless pit aka black hole release by cern Cernious the stag god over his grave Another name for the same game - to consude and confuse you until consumed God speed Contact me -gangstalked and aware - ryan - 613-827-6441 txt or call Support!
De CryptoEarners (28 days ago)
Hello, I'll like to know this: so do you mean that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are from satan and Christians should have nothing to do with it?
De CryptoEarners (27 days ago)
Thanks for your reply, which means computer science and all the technologies that emerged through computing, including this medium of communication is satanic?
Truthunedited (28 days ago)
Much of this system today is from Satan. I’m letting people understand the potential risks. Everyone can do as they feel led to do
Michael vW (29 days ago)
Its not just Bitcoin people all forms of money is evil! Just some advise, always buy on the dip.
Merrimour The Red (29 days ago)
Great video mate
RigoRocks23 (29 days ago)
I don't think bitcoin will be the currency mentioned in the bible. Since the creation of this video it has come to light that governments are researching the creation of CENTRALIZED digital currencies for their own countries. Bitcoin's public ledger makes it very inconvenient for governments use as the people will be able to see their transactions on the blockchain and track them as well. If changes are made to the code it would create a hardfork so it's very unlikely that bitcoin in its current form would be their choice of control over the world. Maybe we will see the cryptocurrency of the bible emerge in the next 50 years or so.
Chris Braun (30 days ago)
Awesome insight, and your strategy to buy gold with profit from Bitcoin is admirable (good as it gets?) But everyone really should be aware of Ezekiel 7:19. Hopefully we won't be here to see it.
Jupiter Stars (30 days ago)
One World Currency !!!
BlogManager.fr (30 days ago)
Thanks a lot for the Truth! Glory be to the Lord.
Cherie C (1 month ago)
We only have to look at what happened to the Jews in WW2 to know that part of the persecution of the church will be similar. Do you really think that access to your money will be allowed unless you take the mark of the beast? You don't have to do what I have or what I'm trying to convince my husband to do; give away to needy brethren and the poor your excess money so that when you stand before the Lord you will have occupied your time here righteously. Be content with what you have then bless others with your excess as the Lord leads. Shalom.
Nick Rudd (1 month ago)
Soros's dream is cashless society, He's also against Rothschilds one bank empire. Banks will be erased, Soros will win. Win a game that will ruin us all.
Cherie C (1 month ago)
Please stop investing in the world and invest in eternity. Shalom.
Cherie C (1 month ago)
You are the first I have seen speak with knowledge on this, others speak of it as a secret evil against the masses, but you have given real world information. God bless you. Stay straight, turn neither left or right. Check yourself daily and keep an eye on your numbers here. If you are in the faith you will not have many subscribers. We need to realize that if we have money, as Christians who will be persecuted like the Jews in WW2, during the Tribulation, and have it taken from us. No preparation beyond what the Holy Spirit leads is needed, but being known by God through His Son Jesus/ Yeshua. Good video. Shalom
MovieMagic1328 (1 month ago)
Trust me when I say i respect all perspectives , i just don’t understand why people have all the right ideas and put a lot pieces together but still won’t look beyond religion . imo religion reveals a lot of secrets about the world but it is also a business that makes billions so why do people still think everything ties into religion when it could be just another way to control us ...im not day it IS but it could be . All i can say is look outside the box not everything has to connect to faith or religion or any of that
Truthunedited (1 month ago)
You could try this method but you will always run into a road block. The question of “why”. Why is this all so important to them, if they already control everything anyway. You will never understand the motives of your enemy if you don’t look deeper into what they believe in
Opoku Afram Paul (1 month ago)
Nice Video, thanks for revealing the truth. God richly bless you
Aga Lango (1 month ago)
watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdRVQLUxJP0
Marcin Eevore (1 month ago)
Brother! You really need to get deeper in Bible study and pray to God to lead you in your search. Mark of the best is the coming Sunday Law. Pope and it's institution is the beast Rev. 13:1-10. Roman Catholics say Sunday is the day of worship, and claim that those who honor God on Sabbath are in contrast to RC. Please read this: http://amazingdiscoveries.org/mark-of-the-beast-antichrist-papal-authority and also this one http://amazingdiscoveries.org/S-deception_end-time_mark-Beast_law also this one https://amazingdiscoveries.tv/media/70/7814-the-mark-of-the-beast/ to start with.
Marcin Eevore (1 month ago)
my one and only teacher is Jesus and His word from KJV bible, I urge you go back to the word of God or you will also ''wonder after the beast''. I challenge you, prove me wrong from the Bible.
Truthunedited (1 month ago)
It’s ironic that you believe I am the one that needs to study. I would say you should beware of your teachers. You’ve obviously been taught this and just believe it
Set Apart (1 month ago)
The Mark of the Beast ? What is the Mark & who is the Beast ?
aktion man (1 month ago)
Real talk
ETC Is Coming (1 month ago)
www.BeastIsComing.com www.BitcoinIsComing.com
Ben Philias (1 month ago)
Great video! I've watched it before, But I had to watch it once more.
Truth Seeker101 (1 month ago)
Great video my brother! Question, Should I move back to my hometown to my farm for the sake of my family? This question I have been asking myself for about 2 years now! I want to be prepared!!! Lord help me to prepare!!
Truthunedited (1 month ago)
If you have a farm away from everything I know that’s what I would do personally
Ryan S. Madero (1 month ago)
Lies 😂

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