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C-program basic Encryption

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Program for basic encryption using ASCII value
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Justin Sterling (1 year ago)
There's quite a few errors in this video. When it comes to encryption, one of the things you want is stability and predictability. As it is programmed here, your encryption and decryption will fail on various systems due to int not being standardized to 32 bits. The explicit conversion from char to int will result is different "password keys" between various systems, thus encrypting on one system may produce gibberish on another system when decrypted.
Komal Rajpal (4 years ago)
decryption? its not the same message after subtracting the password value
Bevon Bailey (4 years ago)
how do u decrypt  to get back original msg?
Tutor-Joes Stanley (4 years ago)
Hi bevon thank for visiting my channel its very easy to decrypt the encrypted message by subtract the password value 

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