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Best Bitcoin Faucet List 2017

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List of faucets to claim once in 60 minutes or less http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=2bc7edf222ca 60 min 84 satoshi –more with time https://freebitco.in/?r=5656765 60 min 90 satoshi http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=B1F94C9C208B 15 min 152 satoshi (if you set always get average) http://bigbtc.win/?id=2968247 5 min 30-1000 satoshi http://sunbtc.space/306286 60 min 55 satoshi https://wokefaucet.com/bitcoin-faucet/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 80-10000 satoshi http://getyourbitco.in/580096 5 min 65 satoshi http://claimbit.win/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 15 min 50-1000 satoshi https://premiumfaucetnetwork.com/?ref=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 5 min 34-1000 satoshi http://getmoney.fr/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 75-10000 satoshi http://freegoodbit.cf/bitcoin-faucet/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 100 satoshi http://satoshis.online/1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh/ 30 min 75-250 satoshi http://www.viral-alert.com/crypto-faucet/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 50-85 satoshi (85 my max so far, so probably more) http://worldofbitco.in/254607 5 min 65 satoshi https://multicoinfaucet.com/?ref=battlejuice faucet for BTC and ETH Bitcoin – free roll 67-35000 satoshi + faucet 30 min 67 satoshi Ethereum – free roll 87-89000 satoshi + faucet 30 min 87 satoshi http://sunmoonbitco.in/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 15 min 50 satoshi http://swagtoshi.us/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 30 min 50-420000 satoshi https://captchas.rocks/1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh/ 30 min 50-250 satoshi http://timeforbitco.in/358406 60 min 47 satoshi https://luckybtcfaucet.website/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 15 min 30-10000 satoshi http://bitfun.co/?ref=BF2363063371 60 min 60 satoshi - more with time http://fieldbitcoins.com/?ref=mk3nj00d635438 60 min 60 satoshi http://www.coinrotation.com/bitcoin/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 45-150 satoshi http://bitcotraffic.com/1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh/ 60 min 150 satoshi Next 4 faucets sometimes require verify and anti-bot twice, but they are well worth it http://freebitcoin.bitmmgp.ru/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 100-80000 satoshi http://bonus-bitcoin.bitmmgp.ru/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 70 min 100-70000 satoshi http://bitcoin-kran.bitmmgp.ru/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 100-90000 satoshi http://bitcoin-faucet.bitmmgp.ru/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 60 min 100-100000 satoshi List of faucets to claim once a day or less https://topbtcsites.com/freebitcoin/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 1440 min(24h) 90 satoshi https://www.freebitcoinclaim.com/bitcoin-faucet/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 1440 min 75-2000 satoshi http://u24.co/ru/faucet/ref/1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 150 min 71-1001 satoshi http://bitini.club/1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh/ 1440 min 69-10000 satoshi http://faucet.bitcoins43.com/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 720 min 90-340 satoshi http://coinlack.com/1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh/ 1440 min 100 satoshi http://fcoin.tk/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 1440 min 130 satoshi +3% more a day up to 300% = max 520 satoshi https://cstrsk.de/faucet/?r=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 1440 min 120-15000 satoshi http://bitaler.com/btc/?ref=1gXn11qv8F2F7Ge6rwA2NDEpUEGjLZoAh 120 min 50-1500 satoshi All faucets fully working and paying every time 18.07.2017 There may be slight difference in rewards due to Bitcoin price Enjoy :D
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Remezan Erik (7 months ago)
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fayde ki soch (1 year ago)
FREE BITCOIN EARNING INSTANT PAYOUT FAUCETS LIST, NO INVESTMENT Website links 1:- http://freebitcoinwin.ml Website links 2:- http://99bitcoin.ga Website links 3 :- http://instantbtc.ga Website links 4 :- http://coin4you.tk/ Website links 5:- http://bigbtcwin.tk Website links 6:- http://onewayfaucet.tk Website links 7:- http://hotcoins.ga Website links 8:- http://luckyfaucet.tk Website links 9:- http://btcsafari.tk/ Website links 10:- http://coinbtc.tk Website links 11:- http://instantpayfaucet.tk Website links 12:- http://moonbit.ga fr Website links 13:- http://rebelbtc2.tk Website links 14:- http://rebelbtc3.tk World best Highest paying bitcoin faucets letest 2018
fayde ki soch (1 year ago)
COMMING SOON IN 2 DAYS - PAYING HIGHEST BITCOINE FREE BITCOIN EARNING INSTANT PAYOUT FAUCETS LIST, NO INVESTMENT Website links 1:- http://bigbtcwin.tk Website links 2:- http://onewayfaucet.tk Website links 3 :- http://hotcoins.ga Website links 4 :- http://luckyfaucet.tk Website links 5:- http://freebitcoinwin.ml Website links 6:- http://99bitcoin.ga Website links 7:- http://instantbtc.ga World best Highest paying bitcoin faucets letest 2018
At least 80 satoshi from three sites immediately to your wallet !!! 35-100 https://goldenfreesatoshi.ru 35-100 https://goodfaucet.ru 10-100 every hour.https://agoodprofit.ru
Bit Boom (1 year ago)
#BitBoom is a xapo faucet! Earn 500 satoshi every day and earn with refferals, earn 5% every refferals claim! https://www.bitboom.cloud/?r=1
Khada kiran (1 year ago)
ALL THE BITCOIN FAUCETS COLLECTOR BEGINNERs Have thought ever thought how good it would be if all your small amount of bitcoins get collected instanly in your bitcoin wallet. Than, don't worry here I give you the four sites with legit status review and rating where you can earn bitcoins upto 2000 satoshi per site each day and all your earned satoshi gets collected in one wallet named coinpots. From your coinpot you can withdraw minimum of 1000 sathosis. You don't need to separately signup for coinpot. You will be automatically asked to signup for potcoins when you register for one of below mentioned bitcoin earning sites. 1. MOON BIT : simply sign up at http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=a0f3150aec0a and start earning up to 2000 satoshi per day and there are other offer available too. For legit status and rating you can go to https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-12209-moonbit 2. BIT FUN : simply sign up at http://bitfun.co/?ref=D89D11C2F81B start earning up to 2000 satoshi per day and there are other offer available too. For legit status and rating you can go to https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-21314-bit-fun 3. BONUS BITCOIN : simply sign up at http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=B61760E78211 start earning up to 2000 satoshi per day and there are other offer available too. For legit status and rating you can go to https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-15768-bonus-bitcoin 4. BTC CLICK : To join you can simply signup at http://btcclicks.com/?r=a2477106 .You can win upto 1000 satoshis daily by jus clicking the 10 sec adds and there are other offer too. You can also check its legit status at https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-10100-btcclicks.
EasyCrypto (1 year ago)
New Faucet Paid good - http://v2.easycrypto.ch 10% discount - https://goo.gl/ieZfaW
Angie Gerald (2 years ago)
Free bitcoin faucet and 50% referral commissions at https://coindispatch.com/faucet?rid=ag938745

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