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LINUX Understanding inodes

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More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com Here we take a tour to make sure that we do truly understand inodes in Linux and what they do and contain. Firstly they do not contain the file name. This is stored separately and the file name is linked via the inode number to the inode. The inode itself contains the metadata about the file: the mode, ownership, size etc. Keeping the filename separate to the file metadata does mean that we can have then hard links, multiple file names that point to the one file by way of the inode. We will take a look at the ls command with the -i option along with stat and find -inum ; all of these command line tools help you gain knowledge and use inodes effectively in your system
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nuclearpsyche (10 days ago)
Excellent tutorial and clear explanation! Thank you! I didn’t know you could search for files by inode number 👍
theurbanpenguin (7 days ago)
Thanks for your comment
Eric Dolce (5 months ago)
very much cool indeed !!!
Morten Skøtt (7 months ago)
Great! Thank you.
Rajeswari Moorthy (8 months ago)
Great Video. Thanks :)
jason s (8 months ago)
This video is amazing! We were looking for something like this to keep configuration management.
Bipul Pramanick (11 months ago)
i love you, dude. beautifully done!
Andre Khan (11 months ago)
Excellent, thanks!
Mlf Conv (1 year ago)
who did the Animation ?
Balaji S (1 year ago)
Thank you , great lecture
steven coto (1 year ago)
i was more amazed on the use of "!"
HUAN LIU (1 year ago)
yroken (1 year ago)
This was a great lesson. I plan on checking out your website and hopefully subscribing soon.
SFSoulCrooner (1 year ago)
great series tux!
rfrancoi (1 year ago)
Excellent video. Thank you.
Tan Solomon (1 year ago)
A very well done video! Thanks a million for this. :)
Pramod Ashnal (2 years ago)
Very easy to understand ! Thanks
Chandra Sekhar (2 years ago)
Thanks !! , ur a genius !!!!. This helped a lot.
Orkish (2 years ago)
What is the point of having an automated hand slowly "writing out" text?
PENDANTturnips (9 months ago)
Orkish I guess the main reason is that it makes the video more engaging, resembling a university lecture or a higher budget video with animations. This can engage more of your brain since most people like to see stuff moving, I think we're more evolved to absorb information like this than talking over still images. Other benefits are that information is more gradually displayed to you, giving you time to process what each part represents. I personally like it, more interesting than the other OS lectures out there from uni profs who talk over still PowerPoints.
Anthony (2 years ago)
Soukaina Firmli (2 years ago)
thx a loot
Asad Moosvi (2 years ago)
spring autumn (2 years ago)
itsmelostfox (2 years ago)
took a midterm test today and one of the questions was "what is an inode", got it right! apparently, but thought I should take a look and boom, here I am!. watched a few of your videos so far and subscribed. keep up the good work!
Tajvia Willis (2 years ago)
Best explanation I've seen of a pretty complex topic. Thanks!
Suresh Ghanta (2 years ago)
Minglei Zhang (2 years ago)
saad naeem (2 years ago)
very good explanation with examples. Thanks for sharing
Jesus Osorio (2 years ago)
NICE! you are my hero!
PIRO GOD (2 years ago)
Great Video Thanks a lot!!!
steveandbee (3 years ago)
Thanks. First clear explanation on inode for me today
Andrew (3 years ago)
Thank you! I subscribed and WILL be checking out your other videos.
CerealKiller (3 years ago)
this was absolutely perfect
Supa_c (3 years ago)
Man that was strait to the point ! Tums up
vovaonfire (4 years ago)
Thanks! That's a great lecture :)
theurbanpenguin (4 years ago)
Thank you
insomniac3334 (4 years ago)
used this to cram for an operating systems quiz at the last second, it's fantastic!
keye keye (4 years ago)
Is there any reason why rm 'ab' doesn't remove the inode ?
Avneesh Dwivedi (4 years ago)
thank you very much sir u make my study easy
chan manalac (4 years ago)
very clear explanation. i havent' been even halfway the video, but i already liked this video because the explanation is such easy to grasp. Although i find it a little bit distracting when looking at that writing hand. :)
green tealeaf (5 years ago)
:) thanks4the vid, that joke made me laugh4two days ;) Mayb that is just me hehehe
alpen wasser (5 years ago)
Excellent video, dear sir! :)
Carlito Dizon (5 years ago)
thank you for the knowledge

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