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West Stealing Africa's Resources

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Manuel Bart (1 month ago)
There are treaties that allow western companies to take natural resources in exchange of money and supplies. That’s called trading u imbeciles. We don’t "steal" from you. Those who put the prices on natural resources are Africans not Europeans. Morons
Christopher Clark (22 days ago)
Manuel Bart no it's not dickhead. Get ya story str8. It all started some time ago asshole. We all know how that happened. Use ya brain.
mr omar L (2 months ago)
The West should be removed from every African nation period
EddieLee (2 months ago)
That was powerful and sexy.
Nessa (3 months ago)
Thank you! Continue to spread the truth!
Abdul carr (3 months ago)
World system geared to keep Africa poor.
Abdul carr (3 months ago)
This is so so true. Evil people. Devils are all around the world. Do as I say but not as I do!
NJ Grant (4 months ago)
It were the democrats! They're the ones who are doing it!!!
Paulette Johnson (4 months ago)
of course the West needs Africa's resources but Africa must take the power BACK
Count Dankula (7 months ago)
Sierra Leone is a shithole,just civil war. Look at her horrible ugly racist face.
becouse you are low life begger me tally ill psychopath a d people which are helping it are religious fanatics athey should dig out the gold and come back and that it
sphephelo sokhela (1 month ago)
We're aiding Europe and USA not other way round that a fact without Africa and African resources you're nothing but smelly wet Caucasian dogs 🐖🐷
iJourney (7 months ago)
You can sense the hypocrisy and the sense of guilt in the room
Nessa (3 months ago)
Yessssss smh
Peter Baah (7 months ago)
iJourney you are right on, they looked so uncomfortable.
Count Dankula (7 months ago)
IJOURNEY If I was their I would throw dog shit at the ugly racist preaching her white genocide that you all preach but you are too busy killing each other.
Joe Soap (7 months ago)
No lady the Chinese will be your new colonial masters not the West
Red Nono (8 months ago)
God bless you very powerful speech #PatriceLumumba
guleet (8 months ago)
I thought the Congo was the richest !
tye tyes (7 months ago)
guleet What is the point? Wow. The point is revolution. Never give up. Don’t be a coward in front of ALL odds. Go to mosque or church if that will help strengthen you- - but find a way to strengthen yourself. For the last 20 years solid African economies have consistently featured as a majority in the top ten fastest growing economies on this planet. South Africa is actually “talking” about taking stolen land back from white People. The new generation of Black People in the diaspora are directing films like “Black Panther.” If you can’t get motivated by that look to History. True revolutionaries like Toussaint Le’ Overture, a slave who organised the single most sophisticated slave revolt in history. Defeating the biggest, most well equipped, well trained armies that were in the process of subduing the whole globe Establishing The modern day nation of Haiti in the process. In this day and age we have even the internet and social media which we can utilise as an immensely powerful tool to organise and raise funds. Never ever make the mistake of saying “what’s the point” to me. Peace and Love. The only thing that can stop the liberation of Africa is if the Book of Revelations kicks off too soon!!
guleet (7 months ago)
tye tyes YEAH TRUE , but what is the point ! It's going to be stolen by the Caucasians !!
tye tyes (7 months ago)
guleet ALL of African is immensely wealthy!! There is yet Gold, mineral and oil reserves that haven’t even been discovered on the continent!
Shaun Onverwacht (8 months ago)
Very powerful!
mohamed sajor bah (8 months ago)
I luv ur speech sister
Sid Morgan (8 months ago)
African Defender (8 months ago)
Who is she and others speaking to? I will tell you,the same bastards who cause the problems !!! At the same time our governments allow the Chinese to come in they don't like us,,the Arabs they don't like us,,,and yes America, Europe, Austria, china the mid east are all welfare recipients, the Europeans come in to learn or steal the culture catalogue everything African, spirituality, people,to appropriate into their live to be happy,,,as they kill our way of life,,,,,,There is nothing wrong with black or brown skin....
TheSushiraw (8 months ago)
Sometimes we dont know know how to work strategically no wonder we are always taken advantage, STRONG CURRENCY doesnt always equal strong ECONOMY, my sister try to be logical at least... *1Euro= 1400 South korean WON, 1EURO= 46000 IRANIAN RIAL, 1 EURO= 28.500 VIETNAMESE DONG. 1EURO= 54.500 VENEZUALAN BOLIVAR.* Some of us AFRICANS are ego filled, all those countries with weak currencies are far richer that many AFRICAN COUNTRIES with stronger currencies. sometimes a strong currency can harm economy, did you people know that?
Capois W. LaMort (8 months ago)
I love that sister!!!!
Chrissy Johnson (8 months ago)
who mines all the precious metals and diamonds !!!!! Jews may be !!!
David Wilson (9 months ago)
Whoa this is profound
Ms. Tritesearia Cammy (9 months ago)
they don't care about how things are in nature if you stop thinking that your resources is going to keep this Earth from spinning you are wrong there is a reason why these countries are going to Africa and stealing your resources because you are allowing them to so if I'm going to be allowed to steal from you do you think I won't of course they're still in your resources of course they're taking your gold your diamonds your precious mineral resources along with the human resources that have already been stolen. of course they're lying on your beaches tanning their bodies building their homes vacation homes for dirt cheap because until you open up your own eyes until you educate yourself on what's really the truth you're going to continue to be just a doormat. it's amazing how you don't see America going over to China and stealing its resources it's amazing how you don't see England going over to Russia and still in its resources the only continent where other people come to steal from and become rich is the continent of Africa.
Ms. Tritesearia Cammy (9 months ago)
let me tell you there is nothing the black African can do to destabilize the Western economy that is a mess normal again you do not understand the game. I implore you before you sign any more contracts and make any more deals with the West with the east with the Russians to do some serious data research history research you are not equipped to play This Global game just by your speech alone
Ms. Tritesearia Cammy (9 months ago)
the answer is stop allowing them to steal your natural resources natural resources is worth a hundred times that of paper money you still don't understand the game. stop asking the colonizers for their help there has never been a time in history of the whole world where the white people have been help for black people. if I have to listen to one more YouTube video where a black country in Africa is asking for help from Asians or white people or Russians the West it will be too soon. the god of creation gave the black man the continent of Africa and if you do not rise up and stand up as strong black men and women and take care of your business you're going to lose your continent because the wolves or plenteous bloodthirsty they've done it before they will do it again right before your very eyes. I really don't think this woman is listening to her own speech. if you can stand up and give a speech about how other countries are utilizing your resources in various ways the question should come to mine is why aren't you utilizing your own resources and those very same ways. I'm telling you time and time again you have to debug from everything the colonizers have taught you about yourself about your history about who you are in creation . she asked the currency question ? if I was in the audience I would have asked her why is that who determined that. who is benefiting from that? the West never does anything for free. the price you are paying is 10 times more than what you should be playing. the West the colonizers the neocolonialism I have left the black man and black woman doubting their own ability to self govern to feed to close to build economies to build infrastructures. open up your eyes Blackman. you talk about how the colonizers continue to reap benefits through UNICEF the Red Cross and other so-called free agencies. after all that they do feeding your people slop not good enough for animals and go back and eat steak and vegetables calling it nutritious soup all the money that is given freely to those companies and the best they can do to Aid hunger is feed black children slop or as they call it nutritious soup IE slop. I'm just telling it to you from a black woman sitting in America watching this nightmare unfold televised nightmare what little black African children what flies crusted over in their eyes around their mouth and these demigod self-appointed demigod white people come to the rescue with slop. nowhere in America where we are feeding our hungry our homeless are we serving slop so why is this slop good enough for African children. stop wanting to share stop talking about integrity and honor wake up you're dreaming pinch yourself. learn from history whom you are dealing with Integrity is not the right word honor is definitely thrown out the window, sharing is a concept unheard-of by colonizers. again I really don't think this lady has heard her own speech if I was in the audience I would tell her to sit down and let someone else better educated on the world history and economics to stand up and give this speech clearly she has no idea on how to make her country viable in a world market sharing is not the answer.
Jay Ed (28 days ago)
Europeans could not maintain themselves in the dark ages and then Africa was doing above average and today look at world wide blacks and African blacks within the continent of Africa. The other world countries can't maintain their countries natural resources because they are nearly depleted.
Ngenzokwami Induna (3 months ago)
The leaders of Afrika are corrupt.
david mcintire (3 months ago)
Ms. Tritesearia Cammy Racist much
harun razak (6 months ago)
Europeans couldn't even maintain themselves during the middle ages.
Joe Soap (7 months ago)
Ms. Tritesearia Cammy - difficult to help those with average IQ in the low 70’s . Always looking to blame someone else for their problems, need to look in the mirror, Africa has been largely de-colonized since the 1960’s almost 60 years and it still lags! Hmmmmmmn wonder why?
Daitey Tetteh (9 months ago)
Surely, sooner than later......
Dallas Bank Robber (1 year ago)
Wow. I'm speechless. Great information and a reality check for the ignorant.The last statement she made in this video was absolutely incredible. Africa please rise up.
Jay Ed (28 days ago)
+Count Dankula We don't need to carry it out. The natural law of things will take care of it. All black african people need to do is stop sharing and when war happens fight back. After all thru out history we all know who oppressed entire civilizations and nations of people the most.
Count Dankula (7 months ago)
BANK ROBBER What are you going to do?. Their are 11 year old White girls in America that can shoot coke cans from 300 metres away. She is just a black angry racist. All these Black Supremists Witch doctors call for white Genocide. You don't have the ability to carry it out.
Taka Taka Zuko (1 year ago)
EU is rich because They steal natural resources from Africa.
Yahudah ha LEVI (7 months ago)
Well said
Independent was not given back in a fight, colonialist countries found cheaper supplies of resources and ceded control
China was trading in east Africa during the Tang Dynasty, 1000 + years. ago,
Peter Baah (7 months ago)
Elijah cesspoole shut the fuck up.. Europeans had been in Africa long before the recent arrival of China. You missed her point, the Europeans came to Africa to make deals but later used their superior military might and guns to take Africa by force. It was not until they started fighting back to gain some independence. Again shut the fuck up n learn some true history.
Actually, Africans set the prices and the west buys them

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