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KT Tape: General Elbow

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General Elbow The elbow consists of three bones coming together at a junction, as well as the muscles that serve to flex, extend, and rotate the arm. The elbow also consists of ligaments that hold these bones in place, tendons that attach muscles to bones, cartilage that allows for smooth movement of the bones at their joints, and nerves that provide functionality to the arm. Each of these different parts can become irritated or strained resulting in pain. Many times elbow pain can be dull and achy, and not specific to any one particular area. There may also be times when you will want general support for use in sport, daily activities, or outdoor work. The following application will help to provide pain relief and support during activity, and can be used to address general elbow weakness due to pain. Elbow weakness and pain can occur due to hyperextension of the elbow, overuse in sport or physical activity, or as a result from problems further down or up the arm. Those with professions that use the hands and arms with repetitive strain -- such as hairstylists, mechanics, massage therapists, or warehouse employees -- will find that general elbow pain is unfortunately sometimes part of the job. KT Tape will help to provide the needed support and pain relief to help recover faster and avoid further injury. More specific elbow pains can be addressed with our other elbow applications, but use this application for general elbow pain and overall support. Try to avoid activities that cause the elbow significant stress, and ice after activity. For additional resources, please visit the KT Tape website at www.kttape.com.
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Text Comments (49)
Christian Rosa (2 days ago)
Mr 50% stretch lol
Betsy Garcia (12 days ago)
Does this help if I hurt my elbow in football? (I’m a thrower in track and I need my elbow. It probably wasn’t such a good idea to do track and football at the same time :/ )
Jayden Norms (1 month ago)
Pinched nerve?
Anthony Basol (5 months ago)
Does this work for basketball if my elbow hurts
Sarah Coulibaly (3 months ago)
Sarah Coulibaly (3 months ago)
Anthony Basol srry idk why I’m ranting to u
Sarah Coulibaly (3 months ago)
Same this bitch tried to pull the ball away from me and pulled my elbow all the way back
Muhammad Shakeel Inayat (5 months ago)
Do we have to shave off hair from the arm and elbow also before applying the tape?
Ferrero Mua (4 months ago)
It’s highly recommended to do so
gravTrox (8 months ago)
KT tape, theres much info re golfers, tennis, armbar, gen elbow, how would one tape for anterior elbow, brachioradialis/brachialis strains
KT Tape (8 months ago)
gravTrox - here's what we found: you might want to avoid applying tape directly to the anterior part of the elbow due to the thin, sensitive skin in that area. If you need support in the anterior portion of the elbow, you might want to try our tape applications for both outside areas of the elbow to see if it provides the support you need.
KT Tape (8 months ago)
Good question. That's a pretty specific application. Let's see if we can find an answer for you. Stay tuned.
Ann Harden (9 months ago)
Could y’all do a series for MDI (multi directional instability). I have it in all of my joints and as i’m very active it gets hard to deal with sometimes. Usually i combine different techniques and personalize it for myself but some places i can’t figure out, including my elbows especially. Thanks
Rease Fujita (11 months ago)
I got an elbow sprain after a teammate stepped on my elbow during practice. Would this be the support to help that?
KT Tape (11 months ago)
Give it a try and see what you think. A lot of people really benefit from this elbow application. You may also want to consult a medical professional about your sprain.
brazalas (11 months ago)
I just love how well Chris Harper explains application.
Maritza Montanez (1 year ago)
do you need different colors, or can you still do this with just black kt tape?? please reply fast i gave practice for volleyball in 2 days !
nova (9 months ago)
Its the same thing just different colors
GAMER,S WORLD (1 year ago)
I have spent months investigating treating tennis elbow naturally and discovered a fantastic resource at Trevs Remedy Tactic (google it if you are interested)
Ves77 (1 year ago)
here's a few ideas about treating tennis elbow at home try ice packs on the affected region consuming celery may be beneficial try omega-3 supplements use a hot potato pack to reduce pain (I read these and why they work from Secret Elbow Tactics site )
Will Carroll (1 year ago)
Maritza Montanez I’m like 99% sure you can use the same color
Jayron Jegay (1 year ago)
Would this work for baseball, I play outfield and my elbow starts hurting sometimes
Cristian Tomaquin (1 year ago)
My dad was playing basketball and when he tried to dive in for the ball , someone ran into his elbow and I guess he sprained it or Idk or popped it. Now his okay , his juss feeling pain on his elbow.. how should I tape that ??
Court (1 year ago)
does this work for softball elbow
Mimoza Haziri (2 years ago)
I like cake
Mimoza Haziri (2 years ago)
I like cake
Chillz TV (2 years ago)
I need help. I just broke my elbow and took off my cast and the doctors said I chipped my bone, will this help? I'm only 10 so I don't know much about it.
Diego (3 years ago)
Do they need to be different colors??
Joy L (3 years ago)
Does this help for sprained elbows?
chris smith (3 years ago)
Now how would I tape an arm for tennis AND golfers elbow?
espo81287 (3 years ago)
Do you have a video to show people how to make the adhesive on the KT tape actually good? If you plan on putting this stuff on a part of your body that bends. Like the elbow. Make sure you carry scotch tape with you
Hannah Noble (4 years ago)
Would the kt tape be good for a ligament tear?
Kayla Rake (4 years ago)
Cool beans
Cheyenne Garcia (4 years ago)
I play volleyball and I fell on my elbow and there's a bruise on the inside of my left elbow would this tape be good for it I've also had small bumps inside my forearms when I messaged down towards my fingers like my trainer told me would the tape be good for that also?
Jen Choun (4 years ago)
how would you do this byyourself or would you need someone to help you with this?
J Nandra (5 years ago)
Do you have any videos for cubital tunnel syndrome? I have seen a picture on your Facebook page but a video would help greatly. The application method is different to that found on Facebook.
Julia Lerner (5 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this. I have both lateral and medial epicondylitis, and I get pain into my wrist (lateral), tricep, and shoulder. How would you advise taping my elbow?
Javy Montoya (3 years ago)
+Julia Lerner Did you ever find out? This sounds much like some issues I have myself.
KT Tape (5 years ago)
Sounds like you might need to get a customized application.  Go to our forum here: http://www.kttape.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=5&sid=544b95562aa1ce3c99fee7a16b61f6e6One of our pros will help you out.
KT Tape (5 years ago)
Thanks for the comment!
nbirkner (5 years ago)
I tried a few different ways of taping my elbow - and found this way to be the best - I can actually continue on doing my house work with no pain! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! it is hard to do on myself but it works!
KT Tape (5 years ago)
Yep. This is the newest version. We think it's easier too!
Sean Bak (5 years ago)
So this is the newest application of general elbow pain? No splitting the tape or no funky stuff? cause its much easier than ur past general elbow applications
KT Tape (5 years ago)
Peyton, I would recommend you visit our "ask an expert" forum on our website. One of our pros will help you find the right application.
KT Tape (5 years ago)
Yes you can. Let us know how it goes!
Chanman (5 years ago)
can i use this while playing badminton? sometimes my elbow hurts after playing for a few hours.
KT Tape (6 years ago)
Yes. Just pat it dry, don't rub with your towel.
KT Tape (6 years ago)
Yes. In fact for obstacle courses I'd recommend the KT Tape Pro. It will stay on for around 5 days if you apply it correctly. Putting in on the night before is a good idea as that gives the adhesive time to really bond before you start the activity.
KT Tape (6 years ago)
It's hard to say without seeing it. If you have severe pain, restricted range of motion, excessive swelling or bruising you should probably have it checked out. When in doubt, it's never a bad idea to have an injury looked at by a Dr.

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