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Ravencoin: How Mine and Setup Your Wallet (Windows)

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Text Comments (26)
Crypto Explorer (9 months ago)
What is Ravencoin? To us, the RVN community, it's a new open-source project intended to see if a use case specific blockchain designed to be focused on the transfer of assets can develop technology which provides security or functional advantages for certain projects. Specifically working on things like RSK, which will allow solidity to work on this chain, will be huge for Ravencoin in the future. Website: https://ravencoin.org Bitcointalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2752467.0 Windows QT Wallet Download: https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/blob/master/binaries/release/windows/raven-qt.exe Nvidia GPU Miner: https://github.com/MSFTserver/ccminer/releases/tag/2.2.5-rvn
Leif Cid (29 days ago)
This has aged well. Congrats
Akshay Chandela (4 months ago)
Sir pls make a video on callisto (clo) coin and how to mine clo also .
johnathan wetherill (7 months ago)
My pc keeps crashing after 15 mins . Does any one know how to lower the intensity . I have it running stock at 57tdp . Ive read that changing intensity from 20 to 19 will help but i cant find out how .I am using the ccminer on the threeyed pool .
Michael Stewart (7 months ago)
how do you put an name my wallet says noname
Pratik Patel (7 months ago)
How to mining in ethos
Ed Knapp (7 months ago)
Will older 2GB GPUs mine Ravencoin?
Lord Caoliki (8 months ago)
That pool url doesnt work... its just a test page
Tim Gebele (8 months ago)
Same Problem
Nospam Man (8 months ago)
aside from the intro, very great tut. i guess i just felt like it could have been shorter!
LegendaryK4 (8 months ago)
I am running 2 GPUs currently, do you know how to deactivate 1 of the cards so I can game while 1 continues to mine. I currently do this using pheonix miner but cant seem to find out how to do it on the CCminer. Thanks!
Urban Cloud (8 months ago)
add "-d 0" or "-d 1" depending on which card you wanna mine with
LegendaryK4 (8 months ago)
This definitely helped me. Thank you sir for your effort. I decided to join miningpanda's pool. Thanks again.
john h (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video!! Anyone know where i can purchase Ravencoin?
Christian Mattar (8 months ago)
I havent added a wallet address, mining on Supernova, have a worker there. How do I move the coins form my supernova account to my wallet at this point?
Jeff Gravel (8 months ago)
anyone know how to solo mine on gpu?? thanks
GoldSmog (8 months ago)
Thanks! Curious to see how this goes! RE2cFH22zgxP6p9vYNfToihBBhFGwSiuPp
Gaming Bantonz (8 months ago)
Anyone know how to mine on mac
skydive maty (8 months ago)
skydive maty (8 months ago)
You need compile the miner by you own...
Muthu Lingam (8 months ago)
How to Mine in SMOS
Mikael 61314 (8 months ago)
how do you configure laptop to have RUN-RVN-THREEEYED. On your video around 11:11. do i need to create an account
CryptoPope (9 months ago)
thanks for the video, it helped alot!
Mr Mach (9 months ago)
Awesome video man. Raven Coin RJLRJ5opDA177xrhRt5CdW3YtHxbzYTot2 I discovered this coin the day it came out. How did you find out about it? I have 4 rigs going with 8 1070 gpus in each mining me some Ravens. The team behind RVN is huge!
Charles Rehbein (9 months ago)
Awesome Vid!!! Raven Coin RSQjYccNkD6eEfcT72s8zJys6k5QmJLXd3 I set up my 980TI and joined a different pool: Minepool because they do not have fees. Now I have to set up my Water cooled CPU that is waiting to dig in. Signed up for Sphere, also you helped me with Electroneum the first day we were able to mine. Unfortunately I was a noob and was using the solo miner...running CPU only...Forehead slap!!!
Charles Rehbein (9 months ago)
Thank you!!! I had some difficulty last night mining this coin. I have led lighting on my rig that turns red when my video card is getting too hot. I trying different pools too with the same result. I ended up having to switch back to ETN which I can safely go to work and not fry my video card. I will try again after work tonight.
Crypto Explorer (9 months ago)
Thank you for the kind comments. It's been 24 hours and you are the only one that entered. I have sent you 500 RVN. First transaction was 499 and second was 1 RVN. I wanted to make sure you have 500 and didn't consider the transaction fees with the first transaction.

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