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Hardware and Drivers in Linux

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More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com Now we take the path of looking in more detail of how programs in Linux access the hardware. We can use tools like lspci to list devices on the pCI bus and lsusb to see devices in the USB bus. To view loaded drivers we can visit /proc/modules or just run the command lsmod. With this underway we can load and unload drivers with modprobe and the older tools insmod to load and rmmod to unload. Unpriviged software running in user space memory will access devices using the sysfs, a virutal filesystem representing devices mounted into the directory /sys.
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Kamal Rathi (27 days ago)
Can we have video on all type of hardware on systems like PM,PCI,RAM,ROM paths on linux so that CPU containing anything has a path in OS so for explaining that?
Sourav Goswami (1 month ago)
If I do: for i in $(lsmod) ; do sudo rmmod $i ; done My keyboard works, and I can hover my mouse on anything on the screen, but mouse buttons doesn't work! My internet is disconnected... :] I did this on a virtual machine that I was planning to delete soon! But a reboot fixed that. One thing I want to tell you is: modprobe doesn't have -l option now.
Tiago Torres (2 months ago)
Great explanation, without having to hear the horrible accent!
midnight Rain (5 months ago)
Your videos are short and sweet, straight to the point. Thank you for that.
Andrey Ponomarenko (8 months ago)
Easier way: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxhw/hw-probe/
Nicholas Johnson (11 months ago)
Have you ever got thunderbolt hard drives to work on Ubuntu? I can't get a external drive to show up running Ubuntu 16.04 on a GA-Z87X-UD5 TH and I'm looking to set it up so I can.
Hampton Ford (1 year ago)
I'm trying to install a driver for a TL-WN822N USB-Wifi adapter. When I tried plugging it in and running "ls /dev/sd?" nothing changed. It is 4.3.X kernel. Why?
Sushil Khot (1 year ago)
great...Thank you...
Axel Werner (1 year ago)
modprobe -l is missing on my ubuntu 16.04 LTS...wtf ?!
Brands Programming (22 days ago)
modinfo pcspkr
Miguel Amezola (1 year ago)
Same with Debian Jessie.
Omar Fixer (1 year ago)
Excellent vid!
MartinHTN (2 years ago)
Is this also pretty much the same on Red Hat-based distros?
theurbanpenguin (2 years ago)
bogdanb78 (2 years ago)
selecting text and middle click where u need the text should also paste... also i don't understand why pcs* retrieves paraport and other things that don't start with pcs...
Тра тата (1 year ago)
Apparently he have replaced standard “grep” to “grep -E” through alias. Also, it is possible use keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste in the pseudoterminal: copy - ctrl + shift + c paste - ctrl + shift + v
Rajiv Kumar (1 year ago)
That's because pcs* is a regular expression which evaluates to 'pc' followed by zero or more 's'. This is different from shell globbing where that would mean 'pcs' followed by any characters.
Aidan Wagner (2 years ago)
"lsusb: command not found" , help?
Rache Sprech (2 years ago)
+Clitaclasm Gaming/Tutorials lsusb is part of usbutils which would be in the repository of whichever distribution of linux you are using. On ubuntu you can sudo apt-get install usbutils while on arch linux you could do something like sudo pacman -S usbutils; and on a rpm distro like redhat, centos or fedora its probably yum install usbutils
Baptize (2 years ago)
this may help if you type lsusb and lspci and get -bash : command not found , please install pciutils and usbutils . This will make life easier
anglojojo (2 years ago)
Good video Andrew, one thing got me confused is when I try to run the command "modprobe -l" I get a message as the -l is an invalid option, I'm pretty sure it worked for me a few weeks ago, could it have been deprecated? I can't figure out how to list the full kernel module names.
Brands Programming (22 days ago)
Thanks bro! I love you
Dragnarok28 (2 years ago)
+anglojojo try this instead : modinfo pcspkr
DAVID GREGORY KERR (2 years ago)
I found this very interesting.
konasteph (3 years ago)
glad that most comments give thumbs up to clarity, diction, let me add that the absence of thumpy music is also appreciated
Ammad Marwat (3 years ago)
sharhav (3 years ago)
Thank you for Excellent video. i work with linux mint 17 , the command modprobe -l does not work for me, why?
Henok Wehibe (3 years ago)
Linux explained with proper English thanks  
skull198 (3 years ago)
Ashe Bulamu (3 years ago)
Excellent tutorial Andrew..
well done!
djvladtepes (4 years ago)
Shakiel Bloemetje (4 years ago)
Your videos are short and sweet, straight to the point. Thank you for that.
Zugy Kudus (4 years ago)
I have a dual boot on my laptop, windows 8.1 pro and ubuntu 13:10, and I use realtek usb wi-fi adapter for browsing. when I am in windows, the internet is very fast. but when switched to ubuntu, it is connected, but the signal is weak and can not open the internet. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? thanks
Samuel Clay (4 years ago)
good explanations, well narated
Very illustrative, there is always new stuff to learn even if we're looking at the basics

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