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Mapping Africa's Natural Resources which holds a Strategic position

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The region is full of promise and untapped riches...
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ettekamba6969 (1 year ago)
Africa shd start to trade with itself up to 96%.
Hank Ogle (1 year ago)
As a American who has both black and white cousins in South Africa. What you are saying isn’t the solution. Thank God since this video Zuma has been removed from power. I myself as a white American man would love to see South Africa become a wealthy country by it’s citizens. It is unique because the citizens as a whole have gotten past skin color. Their history is deep in racism and cruelty because of white Europeans. This is a very true fact but in recent years it’s been suppressed because of black African dictator. Both black and white people of South Africa consider themselves African. They have also learned that they need each other to advance into the world stage. They don’t have the racism of America. I talk with my family personally mostly my black cousins. Not having fair elections is what is hurting that country. Within the last month things are changing for the better. I get the division in America and I acknowledge the cruelty of black Africans throughout history. However unlike America. They have moved past racism and deal with dictatorships. I don’t make these statements to argue. I’m just stating you should make a effort to personally talk to people in South Africa. I can’t speak for the rest of the continent but fair elections is the issue there. Nelson Mandela was a great man and did what was right. Unfortunately the ones who have followed have put greed over the people. A lesson we all should think about.
Dennis Cherogony (1 year ago)
Point of Correction .....we as black people are not Africans.... Our original name is Ethiopians.... The Evil slave mastor Renamed us Africans after a white man.....Arebia is part of East Africa... Amos 9:7...Isaiah20: 4
bankai1234561 (1 year ago)
Africa needs to stop supporting the us with precious minerals that supports their military and technology advancement let's see where the us ends up then. Canada too lol
GURU (1 year ago)
could not agree more!
slamberger (1 year ago)
the richest continent on earth. AFRICA.
Harmonious Frenchman (2 years ago)
Great video. With the white nationalist movement in america rising, maybe it's time to take all black talent back to Africa.
GURU (2 years ago)
Sharing of information that peaks my interest. If I find a subject matter worthy of discussion, my channel was created to speak on it and share with anyone interested in hearing and/or discussing.
Harmonious Frenchman (2 years ago)
What is your channel's objectives?
GURU (2 years ago)
EXCELLENT POINT - really appreciate your comment and thanks for sharing your wisdom here...
Harmonious Frenchman (2 years ago)
To have a black nationalist movement in Africa without first having a united Africa would be difficult if not impossible. The African Union needs to rename itself the Union Of African Kingdoms, or the United Kingdoms of Africa to start the process. The United States of Africa would never work because it doesn't recognize the sovereignty of the different African Kingdoms. A prime example of such a unified kingdom is the United Kingdom made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, each country sovereign but part of a union.
GURU (2 years ago)
I'd have to agree with the EXCEPTION that all the Whites would have to leave Africa, FIRST - while leaving all our natural resources for Africans to exploit. NO MORE EUROPEANS or their hands...IN AFRICA! Would be ideal...then I can see it. Oh, before leaving America - she too would have to PAY HER DEBT to Black people, first and foremost.
Jacqueline Villiamizar (2 years ago)
great video brother! Salaamualikum! we need to get back to Africa ASAP!

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