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Extreme Texas Abortion Restrictions Reinstated

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--The extreme Texas abortion restrictions are reinstated --On the Bonus Show: Are the Chinese consuming infant flesh?, Babies can learn songs before they are born, a voicemail on bias and debate, Louis' Halloween costume, more... http://www.davidpakman.com Become a Member: http://www.davidpakman.com/membership Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidpakmanshow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/davidpakmanshow TDPS Gear: http://www.davidpakman.com/gear 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP Subscribe to The David Pakman Show for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=midweekpolitics Support TDPS by clicking (bookmark it too!) this link before shopping on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=thedavpaksho-20 Broadcast on November 4, 2013 David's Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/david.pakman --Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj --Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 --Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt --Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj --Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 --Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt
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Text Comments (91)
Randall Lane (4 years ago)
Texas should secede, I don't think anyone in the rest of the country would give a crap.
Kayla Henry (5 years ago)
I am from Texas. My 16 yr old cousin was raped and became pregnant. She became depressed and didn't want to carry her rapist's baby. So she got an abortion. And she had every right to.
DarthCipient (5 years ago)
Been saying it for ages, conservatives, especially old men, get off on the idea that a woman can be impregnated at any time, and has no control over it. It explains their opposition to contraception, abortion rights and also accounts for the attitudes towards rape as not being a big deal. It's all designed to keep women weak and helpless and totally subject to the whim of men. Nothing to do with liberty and freedom (wrong to regulate corporates, but regulating women is fine, yes?), or religion (I guess the Bible (written in tens of centuries ago) frowns on the pill (invented in the 1960's) right?, and no concern for foetuses, since Republicans don't give a flying fuck about them once they are born, unless they will inherit large fortunes from their parents.
Zeldagigafan (5 years ago)
"They think it's bogus too" No, Louis, that is as wrong as anyone can get. They KNOW it's bogus, they're just saying that to appeal to their base, donors, and general bullshit regarding religion. The moment news of S.B. 5 started spreading, I voice my stance on it (in opposition) to the representative of my district, Angie Chen Button.
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Well homosexuality is a sin although I feel that it may just be gay marriage that is a sin not just being gay but thats debatable. And the liberals would blow their tops if we tried to legislate against divorce or premarital sex. So really the liberals only have themselves to blame.
G96Saber (5 years ago)
'Yes, she did commit perjury by her own admittance and when investigated independently, it was verified she committed perjury' - You know what? I don't believe you. I can find not even a whisper of what you've said. Anyway, the majority of American's think abortion is fine, so even in the off chance she did lie, repealing the law is pointless.
G96Saber (5 years ago)
Oh, she 'admitted to lying' did she? Well, funnily enough, I have the greatest database in the known universe at my fingertips. Guess what? She didn't lie. Or at least, the idea that she lied hasn't even been reported, never mind her admitting that she did. Secondly, I don't care about legal theory (in this context anyway), what you are suggesting is both impractical and pointless. If abortion was criminalised, it would be de-criminalised immediately.
G96Saber (5 years ago)
Don't be ridiculous. Even if she did lie (which there is no evidence of her lying) the case showed how obvious the problem was going to become. People were already considering legalising it anyway, and not enough people are against it for it to be banned.
paleocon1971 (5 years ago)
She is now an avid pro-life advocate, and she ended up giving her baby up for adoption.
sgf129 (5 years ago)
Rachel maddow did a great piece on this the other night on how it was two George w. bush appointed judges that tip the scales.
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Thats a good thing, we'll need them this day in age.
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
How exactly can you legislate against that? Make divorce illegal? Make premarital sex illegal for christians only? I dont see how that would work in congress. In the catholic church you cannot remarry or receive the sacraments if you have gotten a divorce but people do it anyway.
RA Brown (5 years ago)
In conjunction with restricting abortion services, Texas has one of the highest rates of child poverty. So, while these Republican Texans claim concern for women and the unborn, they show they could care less for children who are born and can't get enough to eat.
MrRp25 (5 years ago)
Way to go Texas-the state with the HIGHEST rate of REPEAT teen pregnancies.
Berthas Prolapsed Anus (5 years ago)
wtf? It passed?
Erudition (5 years ago)
I am pro abortion! People who are pro life should be forced to adopt all the unwanted children in foster care and on the streets. You can't miss what you never had...
Kenny Smith (5 years ago)
Republicans are lying when they say they want small government, I mean since when does small government mean telling people what they can do with their bodies
Tony Robson (5 years ago)
RE: Ireland that's about to change though right?
Dan MCV (5 years ago)
Texas Republicans want the government to be so small it fits in a woman's vagina!
G96Saber (5 years ago)
I think that's already happening.
Geordie6740 (5 years ago)
It's not just America, Ireland and Northern Ireland (part of the U.K.) have obscene religion based abortion laws. Women are forced to go to term with infants that will not survive. Abnormal foetus' have been ruled NOT a legitimate reason for termination. Keep in mind that these laws have not been updated for 150 years and the Religious right have fought tooth and nail to prevent new legislation.
G96Saber (5 years ago)
It doesn't mean the law should be overturned just because one woman lied.
peaceoutyo1 (5 years ago)
David you're late on this story, 1/3 of Texas abortion clinic were closed in September.
magicalbeanjuice (5 years ago)
Sheesh...how do we stop religious infiltration. Scary.
fatouche99 (5 years ago)
More meat for the grinder.
fatouche99 (5 years ago)
This is nothing, they've been Christianizing the U.S. military for the last 25 years.
YoungMasta1254 (5 years ago)
We should just let Texas burn its filed with racist dumbasses
magicalbeanjuice (5 years ago)
Very true of religious fanatics, its hard to tell one from the other.
BALLOON!!! (5 years ago)
Oh no! We all have to pull out now!
Okkako1 (5 years ago)
Texas religions nuts and Taliban can you tell the difference? NONE
Jared Traxel (5 years ago)
oh america, one day you guys will realize the republicans dont give a fuck about anyone who doesnt make over $1,000,000
typeviic1 (5 years ago)
Kids who are from single family homes are MANY MANY more times likely to join the military as a "career" option. So, if the GOP can craft anti-abortion laws, it will result in more births, thus more future soldiers. This is the REAL reason the GOP is against abortion.
philosophicalreason (5 years ago)
Than maybe rewrite the law as I will not pretend to know what every letter of the law says.My point is just because one person lies does not make everyone a liar.
philosophicalreason (5 years ago)
Invest in coat hanger stock in Texas..that will be the cure in your view I guess.You just assume every woman lies or you would not have made that statement.
philosophicalreason (5 years ago)
"How the hell can this happen. How do these religious nuts get power to influence laws like this. Whats wrong with America."A bribe here a little bribe there,money talks.How do you think all major oil companies more or less get away with faulty tankers and oil spills.Religion no different the highest bidder wins.
philosophicalreason (5 years ago)
The Mormons will be able to have child brides next LOL
SabrinaSpellman (5 years ago)
The death rate for the baby is much higher lol. Seriously though abortion should be allowed with restrictions on age of foetus. Unless of course it's medically advised because of safety of the mother
J Lee (5 years ago)
Their laws weren't as "extreme" as those in North Dakota, where after 6 weeks all abortions were illegal. And they have only one abortion clinic. I think that's more worthy of being called extreme, don't you?
AlwaysBbln (5 years ago)
If only the defense put forward an argument with facts as you just did David, if only.
Mini Skirt (5 years ago)
Deaths due to Abortion Mmmmm clearly you are not counting the murder of the children then!!!
kurtilein3 (5 years ago)
smart people should leave states like texas as soon as they can.
Maci's day (5 years ago)
Thank you for that. Maternal death is 14 times higher than induced abortion (though "pro-lifers" will outright lie about that). Pregnancy does carry risk and complications that someone should be not forced to accept.
Maci's day (5 years ago)
The unfortunate thing is that many women also share in the anti-choice belief and that they know what is best for all families.
Maci's day (5 years ago)
Babies do not need another person's body to survive.
Maci's day (5 years ago)
Lie of what?
Maci's day (5 years ago)
Why would abortion be right in the case of a rape and wrong in the case of consensual sex? Is the fetus still not a fetus in both a rape and consensual sex? The way I can see someone saying that is you are looking at the resulted pregnancy as a punishment for the crime of having sex.
Maci's day (5 years ago)
A women should not have to be forced to be a vessel for an embryo/fetus that she does not want. An embryo cannot live on its own, it needs a body to grow. You are putting the embryo/fetus (no self-awareness or pain yet) over the desire of the carrier. My pro-choice position has been strengthen since being pregnant. Pregnancy can be awful and I do not think someone should be forced to be pregnant if they do not want to.
Maci's day (5 years ago)
Why? This isn't a theocracy if you want that then maybe live in Saudi Arabia. I think a child would fair much better with divorce parents who co-parent separately than living with married parents that argue constantly. Violence, adultery and abuse should not be the only reason why a couple should divorce.
magicalbeanjuice (5 years ago)
Mega-churches, money, and power... add politics and thats exactly how this can happen, your right. What happened to division of church and state, they seem to use the constitution as a loophole.
magicalbeanjuice (5 years ago)
Goose poop, thats funny, I find comfort in that. Religious people dont seem to mind messing with 'gods will' when they need invitro-fertilization, but if the doctor tells them there are too many and need to destroy a few embrios to increase the survival or it could endanger the mother, then they have a problem with it again. Catholics can annul a marriage if the wife cant get pregnant, though it could be low sperm count, his religion exempts him from testing cause to put it in a cup offends god.
Crescent Star (5 years ago)
Don't worry David, the republicans are all for creating jobs. If you abort your child that is one less worker.
Slam Dunk Cosmos (5 years ago)
I think in the far future, patches of intelligence will form in the United States, filled with people using common sense, logic and overall rational behavior (with mostly empathetic secular/agnostic/deist views) . While that happens, patches of deluded, stubborn and scientifically illiterate yokels will clutch their mental crutch, and others will have to tip toe around them like goose shit in Autumn. (You ever walk through a soccer field in Fall? Shit's everywhere, at least in Canada).
Terra73100 (5 years ago)
I am officially ashamed to be living in Texas.
Kenny Smith (5 years ago)
You really need to explain your argument further. Here is my explanation for why women should not be restricted from being able to have abortion 1 If they decide that they want to have an abortion, and there are restrictions like the ones in Texas and probably other conservative states, they would resort to unsafe methods in order to get abortions. I would feel great if someone can help me with this argument
Cheshire Kat (5 years ago)
If you want to live in a country like that, go move to Saudia Arabia.
Cheshire Kat (5 years ago)
Can we give Texas back to Mexico?
Cheshire Kat (5 years ago)
Well said, my friend.
Cheshire Kat (5 years ago)
A cockroach has a life also. That doesn't stop me from stomping it, if one invades my house.
Eltrio2 (5 years ago)
Congrats Dave, you just explained that Republicans are full of shit. The fact that they're racist, sexist, and just plain incompetent is NOTHING NEW!
TheAbyrwalg (5 years ago)
US courts should be closed, the judges are criminals
Kenny Smith (5 years ago)
This is just irritating, women in Texas should be able to have access abortions and be able to feel safe doing so. Fuck your morals, religion, whatever gets in the way of supporting women's reproductive rights
magicalbeanjuice (5 years ago)
How the hell can this happen. How do these religious nuts get power to influence laws like this. Whats wrong with America. Get your act together. The world is watching in horror. What next...arranged marriage, chastity belts, stoning women in the street. I am never going to texas or any red state, reflublicans scare the crap out of me...we should all be affraid. Rise up people... Use your voices and take back your country before its too late.
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Ever hear of the website thewarningsecondcomingd0tcom john? Id go and read it a little trust me its not what youre thinking its not a fear mongering "OMG THE SKY IS FALLING!"" sites
Thurgor Supreme (5 years ago)
forcing your way of life on people is not OK!
Agumon5 (5 years ago)
God bless Texas theme song anyone >_> ?
Alli YAFF (5 years ago)
I love your show David.
alvarogon0618 (5 years ago)
You make strong valid statements. You're a profoundly progressive and articulate patriot. Bravo. what are your comments on the "amazing racist" comedian on youtube
Lon Jenin (5 years ago)
All of you who don't live here be happy you don't
Roonskii (5 years ago)
texass discriminates against women by taking away their right to safe and accessible healthcare. Remember, right wingers didn't extend food stamp funding also.
Roonskii (5 years ago)
Are you talking about rick perry's wife? Do think rick will go with her?
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Shut the fuck up thats going to be reality soon its not my opinion. Do you really think I want that to happen? You must be a special kind of stupid.
True antitheist2006 (5 years ago)
Nobody cares about your bogus conspiracy theories go back to the dark ages where you belong religious nut. On the plus side glade to see you are excepting that your side is losing freedom FTW.
Katie Burak (5 years ago)
How awful...Not.
True antitheist2006 (5 years ago)
Who the fuck are you to say it should be enforced by law on what a woman can are can't do with her own body get over yourself loser. You the politicians like you and Texas are nothing but backward obstructing walls holding American civilization back do us all a favor and disappear back into the dark ages where you belong.
Brian (5 years ago)
Why are politicians even involved in this issue? abortion is between doctors, patients and families. Governments shouldn't run their countries, states, or cities based on their politician's personal beliefs, forcing your personal beliefs and morality onto other people and not giving them a choice is being a dictator.
brandonleobelanger (5 years ago)
wtf you crook
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Exactly to be realistic there is not fighting against gay marriage or abortion its not winnable this day in age and thats what pope franics will tell you very soon. A lie that will destroy millions of people will come from the catholic church. Everyone that has left the church in the past will all flock back once that happens know that no matter how real and logical it seems it is a lie
A. G.A. (5 years ago)
They could not care less about women safety they just want to make abortion exclusive for rich people.
TIGER II (5 years ago)
may god fuk u all and may god fuk himself. cuz we all know god is a bitch and what do u call those who follow a bitch?
Ryan Langley (5 years ago)
You want to kill your baby? Get the eff out of Texas, scum.
Geary (5 years ago)
Given that Christianity nullifies the 'ethics' of the OT, objections to gay marriage are baseless even around religion.
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
If it makes you feel any better I dont vote anymore as I already know there is no defeating liberalism. You'll get all youre wishes gay marriage, abortions up until the day of birth, and of course you'll all be part of the united global church. Believe it or not the vatican is preparing for the biggest lie to ever be thrown at humanity. So big that gay marriage will be allowed in the catholic church.
The_Desert_Tiger (5 years ago)
And people like you have the right to vote, that's scary.
Erudition (5 years ago)
I am pro abortion! People who are pro life should be forced to adopt all the unwanted children in foster care and on the streets. You can't miss what you never had...
Sang15Mitang (5 years ago)
Good job showing how anti woman you are and how you actually do not care about the fetus even a little bit. :)
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Well if a woman wants to get her baby ripped out of her with a coat hanger or have it done professionally then she deserves to die and I could care less. I'm done trying to appease the unappeasable its just how it is.
Sang15Mitang (5 years ago)
I wish anti choice morons would focus on things that reduced the amount of abortions being necessary (birth control, increased minimum wage, that sort of thing) rather than making abortions unsafe for the female and causing more death.
Crochet Lab (5 years ago)
Women should leave Texas in droves for states that are operating in the 21 century.
TheCrustyFry (5 years ago)
Just because they do them doesnt make it ok
Cold Duck (5 years ago)
When you all go to hell tell the devil Big says Hey.
Steve G (5 years ago)
They know it isn't safer. They know that women will get back alley abortions instead of clinic abortions. Even saying that they don't care is being too kind. They actively want women to die if they have an abortion, because they consider it "murder." And they want for women (those they don't know personally, anyway) to suffer punishment for their "immoral" sexual urges. Banning abortions has become a proxy war agt. the sexual revolution & womens lib movements, not abt. the "sanctity of life."

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