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Philippines: Two Tons Of Platinum Discovered - 1995

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English/Nat Government officials in the Philippines have uncovered two tons of platinum worth around 26 (m)million US dollars. The hoard is believed to be part of a massive amount of treasure stolen by a Japanese general in World War Two. For decades, treasure hunters have searched for riches rumoured abandoned by retreating Japanese forces at the end of World War II. Now their quest seems to have been vindicated - with the discovery of the supposed Yamashita treasure. According to financial experts, the two-foot, bell-shaped lump of platinum - a metal more valuable than gold - would bring about 26 (m) million dollars on international markets. Tomoyuki Yamashita was the commander of Japanese forces in the Philippines towards the end of World War Two. He was rumoured to have gathered a huge amount of treasure which was buried in 170 locations in the Philippines. Known as the "Tiger of Malaya", he was executed for war crimes in 1946 and treasure seekers have been looking ever since. Government agents seized the platinum Sunday from a villager in Lallo, 250 miles north-east of Manila. Apparently a Japanese treasure hunter found the platinum in 1993 in the sea off Cagayan province, and gave it to the villager for safekeeping. But on his return the villager refused to give it back - so the treasure hunter reported the find to the authorities who have now claimed the precious metal. There is no certainty the treasure is part of the Yamashita hoard but the agent in charge of the operation believes the rumours to be true. SOUNDBITE: Allegedly, the informant in the case was the a son of a Japanese general, during World War Two, and before his father died, he was informed that there were hidden treasures of this kind in the place and he was provided with the necessary map in locating the treasure. SUPER CAPTION: Vincento de Guzman, National Bureau of Investigation By law, such treasures are considered government property. But according to officials, the unfortunate finder will be given a substantial share of the proceeds from its sale. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/566e45b6ec0d9504f585296d6ccba09f Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (249)
mel babao (6 days ago)
Matagal luna rem ma alaman ito ngaying 2018 nasaan na ito.. nasa kamay ng Gov o ni pandak.
rogue assassin (16 days ago)
i wonder! where is it now? discovered it by 1995 now its 2018 so who become rich ha ha ha .....
Burt Abilon (1 month ago)
Kalokohan. ..kalawang. ..
Perisibal Carpiso (1 month ago)
this is not a scam....this is during time of efimaco velasco NBI director....i saw it with my two eyes....but it came out missing
Robert Shrewsbury (2 months ago)
Yes the Platinum here and no one ever said which of the six Platinum group metals this is. Be it Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Ruthenium, Osmium or Iridium. Rhodium is a harder and lighter of the platinum metal,s whereas Iridium and Osmium are the heaviest, even heaver than gold. Gold is about 19.3 time the weight of water and so a cubic foot of pure gold is about 1,200 pounds! Robert
Adora Matic (3 months ago)
Isabella58 (3 months ago)
Bakit hindi gamitin ang mga yaman natin at wag ng mangutang sa ibang bansa. Matagal na pla yan bkit hindi ipagbili or whatever, ano ang hinihintay ng govierno at nkatago lang ang mga yan , pati Gold, dami rin natin tapus laganap ang hirap ng mga Filipino. Mayaman talaga ang Pilipinas kso ang mga politicians natin ay mga sarili lamang ang iniisip nila, sila lang ang yumayaman talaga...,local & higher officials puro sila na lang lang ang nakikinabang...kya walang pag-unlad ang Pilipinas. Kya daming gusto mag politicians pati mga artista gusto rin mag politicians ksi dyan madali kumita ng kwarta....kya govierno lang ang nkikinabang sa yaman natin .
Zaini Caliboso (4 months ago)
Good allah bless the Philippines and mga pbbyaan ng pinas
RUGGED BREED (4 months ago)
The Philippines is rich now
Joshua Corpus (6 months ago)
bakal lang daw yan sabi nnag mga tiga gobyerno isa na dito ung dating NBI director na si epemaco velasco
ResortDog (6 months ago)
The Catholic Church hired pros too and found at least one of the major hoards to repatriate to the Vatican not the govt.
Robert Shrewsbury (6 months ago)
Of the six platinum group metals, what platinum metal is this two ton piece? [email protected] I suspect it is Iridium platinum!
Fred San Miguel (6 months ago)
Platinum is just like ordinary lead in look if you do not polish, but It is hard and heavy. Im not an expert... thats what i know.
Gibrael Panayaman (6 months ago)
San napunta to ngaun
Pogsit Pogapo (7 months ago)
just a metal
Paki KHO (7 months ago)
Steve Sullivan (7 months ago)
Ya 2 tons of that shit with two guys an 2 camera men. Top security,and o ya a rental truck🤔
Robert Shrewsbury (8 months ago)
Yes indeed the Philippine/Japanese gold is so fascinating. The gold there is for sure real. "Gold Warriors" by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave is a very good book on the Philippine Gold. I spent about a year doing detection work in the Philippines and found a few targets that have since been removed by the people that hired me. The most difficult part is detecting the treasure vaults. The materials the Japanese placed in the shafts was designed to thwart electronic signals and it works very well. My system was able to get through this. It is very costly to retrieve a Japanese treasure in the Philippines and so this is not for poverty stricken "wana-be" treasure hunters. Robert
Ishe Kirana (8 months ago)
I have one troys 32 onces troy, 99,99 18AZL London.. who get buy
allancruzescano (8 months ago)
So where did all the money go? Because 2 tons of platinum is worth $98,112,000.00 all the corruption must have took them.
Fait Accompli (8 months ago)
That’s a fishing weight
duruy dukuy (9 months ago)
The truck obviously own by Chinese, so it's already smuggle to China..
andy cruz (9 months ago)
First it has long been settled by the NBI that it was not Platinum but a plain and simple Cast Iron with about 0.001 Platinum impurities if I recall it right. In fact it was fondly called "LATINUM" meaning lata (tin can) being presented as platinum. Second as observed by others who made their comment, Platinum doesn't rust and are in fact use in industrial process as protective surface against chemical attack as it is corrosion resistant. Its appearance is very similar to silver unlike the one shown in the video. Those who fantasize on this fairy tale like the Yamashita treasure should wake up now.
Jommer De Luna (10 months ago)
Platinum more than gold?
Neel Gos (1 year ago)
these dum don't known the different bitwien irone and platinum.
Virgil Thelmo (1 year ago)
It is TINGGAnum.   Mahal yan.
pinochio lastimosa (1 year ago)
Its not platinum
Rolando Mota (1 year ago)
Rusted Platinum 😬😬😬😬😬😎
Eric Beltran (1 year ago)
That’s small part of our wealth... haha
Patrick dela rosa (1 year ago)
this is fake if its real itz to heavy
blade65dagger (1 year ago)
this was cory time i think when no DENR or other regulatory govt body are in placed. . . turn out later lab test no platinum content .. ..
in other countries if you find treasures, you can sell it to goverment. in philippines they will confiscate from you...
Rodge Yee (5 days ago)
So damn true
Chong The Gamer (17 days ago)
+augustusmd Calm down.
augustusmd (1 month ago)
So It's the old, "transport-weapons-in-the-food-truck and food-in-the-weapons-truck" routine again, huh? Anyways, Pt metal does not spall off at the surface due to the oxidation so pictured -- and it would take a whole lot of effort to make Pt look like this - or a missile nose cone - so it's safe to say: that ain't Platinum, Japan man San.
harold tubigon (1 year ago)
sino po bumubili ng palladium dito
Jaives Ve (1 year ago)
they found out its only iron
Barmie Remon (1 year ago)
Tae yun ni kingkong
mhar M. (1 year ago)
omg This is Real and you can visit Philippines Museum see for yourself this Platinum not yet clean that's why.Hello Museum is open for you to Visit
snoozinghipo (1 year ago)
Looks like steel or iron to me.
Jess B (1 year ago)
wow havent seen one of these in a while its a Pittsburgh Industries ltd Super Smash old school 1920s-30s wrecking ball before they changed them to pear shaped and its the smallest they made if that was platinum gen sakimoto yaka hobunchy or whom ever their BS story is about would have had this thing dragged at machine gun point to the transport by as many of phillys he could have found the original cable swinger mount still on it looks like they welded a lifter on it well used as the bottom half is worn away im almost certain gen sakimoto would have slashed up and or committed karaoke or something if he heard this BS story circulating whats really funny is none of these units have a magnet amongst them ha ha ha we are talkin low voltage here the lamp is dim
Jhell Saldo (7 months ago)
Jess Burns 1
Desert Dan (1 year ago)
Tovah Karate Student (1 year ago)
saan na yan?
ramil voluntate (1 year ago)
fake o epic fail?lmao
Paul Luciano (1 year ago)
If this was real platinum, it wouldn't weigh just 2 tonnes. Platinum has a specific gravity of 21.45 meaning 1 cubic meter of platinum weighs 21.45 tonnes. Now just an estimate for the volume of this half sphere, it's about 0.6 cubic meter, meaning it should weigh 12.87 tonnes. This is just one scientific way of determining metals and not just watching on youtube how it's mined.
Don Pit (1 year ago)
ARCH (1 year ago)
one word FAKE
Qi Huna (2 years ago)
A ton of Platinum is equaled to a ton of cash!!
Fredo Cabral (2 years ago)
that's a lamp of casted iron.
snorman72 (2 years ago)
more like £26 at the scrappy
Benjamin Pumares (2 years ago)
That's a wrecking ball
Joel Hermenegildo (2 years ago)
Johnny Nunya (2 years ago)
It ended up being cast iron.
Henry Rollins (2 years ago)
PILAS means batteries in spanish.
Zalds Lim (2 years ago)
platinum rusted ?????? thats new
Artemus Rodricq (2 years ago)
malakanan malakanan, mabooty comarigo comparigo como staka
Salvador Madamba (2 years ago)
do platinum get rust? it's just iron.
white lightning (2 years ago)
it's lead, platinum does not oxidize. and if it were platinum, it would be bars not a big blob. it's lead.
Such stupidity... How in the world would a Platinum ends up in a chinese third word delivery truck! There are six sources of Platinum and Palladium in the World! And four of them are in Russia. and only Two in U.S. Alaska. Idiocy and scam are the words to this!
Liz V. (1 year ago)
You’re stupid also.....Just because a country is considered third world doesn’t mean they don’t have precious metals. Philippines IS very rich in natural unmind resources. PI gov’t hasn’t allowed foreign companies with technology to mine for these rich deposits.
DATU PUTI (1 year ago)
Ngayun may palladium deposit na makikita sa plipinas lalo na part ng visayas
Paul Luciano (1 year ago)
there is platinum here in the Philippines
se7en (2 years ago)
stupid... study WWII and you'll know why... particularly with the japanese invasions... haha
maqsood ahmad (2 years ago)
Liz Llanes (2 years ago)
nasaan na yan kung talagang treasure yan??? nasa mabuting kamay na ba ng mga corrupt at mga buwaya?????
Ayesha Sofia (1 year ago)
Alam ko
E Cannon (2 years ago)
Safe and secure in the U Haul strong box!
joshua d (2 years ago)
i thought its philippines why its a chinise truck
Lumogdang Orlando (2 years ago)
japanese truck bro not chinese
Hoverbot1TV (2 years ago)
The heat required to melt that much platinum in the 1940's? 1600's? would be on the scale of modern refineries limits today. Maybe a handfull of places could drop pour that much in one blob.
Lumogdang Orlando (2 years ago)
yup your right melt them together then hide it i saw this in the news in the phillipines the goverment took it tested it and said it was only a mine bouy for sea mines but i dought that story goverment hidden it somewhere and kept a secret from the pilipino people
huck fin (2 years ago)
its not platinum! platinum don't get rust.
Perfect Diamond (1 year ago)
+Ali Castro talkin about common sense they didn't even try to polish it so that it will look really like platinum.
Jaives Ve (1 year ago)
it found out it is just an iron
Ali Castro (1 year ago)
the video said its platinum case closed
darknblack33 (1 year ago)
Retarded reasoning just to start a keyboard war.
jose valgorio (2 years ago)
Ang panloloko kung laging ginagawa nagmumukhang totoo sa mata ng tao.. problema mlang mas high tech na ngayon ang mga kabataan at alam na ang totoo at walang papatol sa mga panloloko nyo.
Ian Patt (2 years ago)
When this nonsense was posted on July 22nd 2015 Platinum was $1082 an ounce. When it was allegedly found in 1995 ($400 range) it was worth $26, 000,000. Wouldn't a header of $69,000,000 ( value 07/1995) made better click bate? No research done, just like the ball of lead shown.
Ian Patt (1 year ago)
That's because AP is #FakeNews, and this proves it.
dnatskfy (1 year ago)
I remember this way back '95.... A few days later they authorities announced it was fake. I believe this was just a decoy... the real deal was hidden from the public eye...another hidden vault found with tons of gold bars. Funny how AP post this vid after 20 years with that title still.
R. Salamanca (2 years ago)
Scam.. Scam.. Scam...
watashi gurei (2 years ago)
Where is that treasure now? What happened?I Never Saw ON News ON TV and Never heard from that treasure any more...
Noname Plsno (2 years ago)
its lead you fuckhead
Guy with many name (2 years ago)
been taken by corrupt people i guess
wildcat (2 years ago)
i know this platinum........
wildcat (2 years ago)
it is real.......N B I .....got it to our place
Track Master (2 years ago)
Bro my Buyer ako kita tayo... call me at smart> 09079005642 globe>09176508204 A.S.A.P.
Sonny Boy (2 years ago)
Sonny Boy (2 years ago)
it had PILLS on it
Steven Tenbears (2 years ago)
watch the movie joe dirt.. thats a fuckin space peanut you fucktards
Lumogdang Orlando (2 years ago)
hindi yan scam tol alam ko yan na dyaryo yan pero sinabing bakal pabigat lang sa mga sea mine ng hapon pero ang totoo its was platinum but ramos administration took it kailangan ng hapon ng mga metal nung time ng gyera pero di sila gumagamit ng pabigat they use floating mines
R. Salamanca (2 years ago)
Kayong mga scammers ang mga susunod na ipapatay.. Economic sabotage yan!
Gary Johnson (2 years ago)
wildcat (2 years ago)
really????......go make treasure wt me
tootsie|troll® (2 years ago)
lol i misread the title. i thought it says plutonium ;)
JOEL MARMITO (2 years ago)
Khmer seremos
Jupiter (2 years ago)
This is just a small part of the gold hidden in the Philippines. Ronald Raegan and George Bush considered the Philippines the richest country in the world because of its gold reserves. It holds and owns a staggering 90% of the world's gold reserves not including the gold accumulated by Marcos during and after the Japanese war. They are secured in the basement of The Central Bank of the Philippines.
African Hut (2 months ago)
lol , 90 % ? are u wack ? a little background , as i i am in the industry , most of the gold in the world is in the ocean ( sea water) look it up , as for LAND reserves australia is first with 9800 tonnes of ore reserves , followed by South africa with 6000 then russia . as for gold currency that goes to the USA , with 75% . now if you say they have 90% that means that 1000's of tonnes of gold are un accounted for and hidden by them . Not likely . as for the comment that they hold 400,000 tonnes of it , u are just plane retarded . means they hold about 24 trillion dollars worth of gold , not to mention that only roughly 174,000 tonnes of gold has been mined . people shouldt believe everything they hear
Tanduay 5 years (3 months ago)
JOSE RIZAL you didn't die for that
Arenga Aa (4 months ago)
Jupiter ?????
l lhet (6 months ago)
Hoydlee Bonifacio isa png gago
l lhet (6 months ago)
Frank Garner gago
Code Hurricane (2 years ago)
Totoo ba yan phlipines o yung WW1 18'S yan Philipines vs US
christians tae (2 years ago)
55DepotStreet (2 years ago)
Natz Castro (2 years ago)
aba dapat may tax yan
Florante Maurillo (2 years ago)
Latanum yan.. Ewan ko kung magkano na kilo niyan sa junkshop.. Dapat dalhin yan sa UP para masuri at makilo Hahaha ha.. U-Pian ng lata.
andy cruz (9 months ago)
Lugi pa sinuman ang gagastos ng pamasahe pag dinala yan sa UP. Plain cast iron yan para sa junkshop! If I recall it right "LATINUM" kung tawagin yan noong araw.
eSports Replay (2 years ago)
lol. nice dude
Jessa Cheon (2 years ago)
hahaha... bote bakal kau jan...
john jr (2 years ago)
bobo putang ina fipipino..fucking pinoy
Karl Calito (2 years ago)
let's just look at the facts! 2 tonne of platinum simply flung on to the back of a dodgy looking 1.5 tonne at most bag of nails box cart!
Michael (2 years ago)
I put this right up there with the $100,000,000.00 U.S. banknote they insist is real and will sell it to you for 50,000 pesos. Its a sheet of paper with a picture of the note and it's says the U.S. government will pay $100,000,000.00 to the holder upon demand. Philippines, scam capital of the world.
Zeg Zegler (1 year ago)
Michael Lol! You can fill the comments with litany of your shits, name-callings, and other stereotypes. But the fact remains that your stucked here since 1982 coz ours is one Fückin' Country which can still give some Quality Shit of your Cheap Retirement Dollars 💰 🚬 💸 🎭! Lulz! At least when you die here in the Phils your cheap dollars could go along way for several nights of wake with all those 3-n-1 instant coffees, instant noodles, and cheap biscuits. Your soul would surely be in Heaven as hundreds of people even complete strangers would be flocking your wake to say prayers for the repose of your soul in exchange for merienda and mainit na kape! Hahaha In your country, when you're old, you're no more than a trash bag! Nobody fückin' cares whether you stink or not coz the filthy really stink anyways! In your country, when you're old, it is as if you're already dead. Why? Because your meager retirement dollars would not be enough to sustain a decent life in economies with high standard of living! So, Mr. Geriatric! My piece of advice is for you TO GO BACK TO THE BARRACKS! Do EVERYTHING you Fückin' want! Perhaps join the KKK for the Oldies! 🎭 🃏 👊
Michael (2 years ago)
Your just another butt hurt pinoy filled with that bull shit called pinoy pride who cannot stand the truth.
Michael (2 years ago)
+Angeles Floyd Let me see: 1.) Corrupt government. 2.) Corrupt people who have a bad reputation worldwide. 3.)Pissing everywhere. 4.) Scared to use a trash can. 5.) Reputation for being scammers and thieves 6.) Just elected an admitted murderer and rapist to president.     Just why would I wish I was pinoy? I have been going to the philippines since 1982 and have seen no progress at all. Just what tr4easures you talking about? 1.) Using dynamite and cyanide for fishing? 2.) Illegal logging? 3.) Pollution?   No, I THANK GOD I am not pinoy. So take your PINOY PRIDE and shove it up your ass. I have noticed anytime anyone speaks thye truth about the philippines and filipinos the filipinos label them racists. Funny considering that filipinos were found to be one of the most racists people in the world.  But then again I have never met a filipinbo who can handle the truth about themselves.
Angeles Floyd (2 years ago)
Your a hater and wishes you were pinoy..smfh at you and yes Philippines has lots of treasures and you just mad cuz your country don't have shit..lmao haters man
Michael (2 years ago)
Never believe what a filipino says.
Sethilliano Roblox (2 years ago)
The guy on the left measuring it was my dad and said it was fake! Sorry... Hahaha! We couldve been rich lol
Lee Van (4 months ago)
Lariz Diane Marañon tell your dad I said HI
Libra17 Santos (1 year ago)
Kung fake yan.dina sila mag comment.pag tunay gagawa ng dahilan.
Zach Kyrone (1 year ago)
Pinalabas na fake ang narecover na platinum noon,
Zach Kyrone (1 year ago)
Naalala ko to niraid ng nbi ang bahay ng tito ko sa catayauan lal-lo cagayan valley, at nakita ko kung paano tinutukan ng baril ang isa kong tito, ramos pa noon ang president
Leader success ! (2 years ago)
it's Godzilla balls when he fought Mothra !
RewdAwakening (2 years ago)
Worth 26 mill and they're just driving it around in some shit heap truck.. ....yeah ok.
BillyCBoxingFan (1 year ago)
Yeah, like the average joe looking at it would know what it was let alone how much it's worth.
Last chance (1 year ago)
RewdAwakening if it's platinum than 2 tons thats 4000 pounds will worth little over 50 million us dollars
dnatskfy (1 year ago)
Hey people, this was just a decoy.... The real find was the hidden vault with tons of gold bars...Where were they taken?
billy -NaruTard- willy (2 years ago)
+Beboy Pericon Ireland
Beboy Pericon (2 years ago)
what is your country???
AbuGadingDung (2 years ago)
it's a wrecking or anchor ball dumbass, why not do some lab test first before you will declare it in public???
wildcat (2 years ago)
already done......a son of japanese filipino man......got dat on the sea
Mini Brown (2 years ago)
Imelda had a precious imperial jewelries from yamashita treasure!mayayaman na ang mga japanese umpisa pa lng ng mundo!mga treasure ni king solomon!the real roots of japanes is an israel!mga desente elegante mataas ang dignity na mga daimyo ng japan at son of amateru or Goddess!iisa ang traditional ritual ng jews at japanese at shinto religion belief same as an ancient israel.kaya ganun ka yaman ang japan umpisa lang ng history nila!maraming kayamanan ni king solomon mga ginto nasa japan!ang totoong mukha ng mga japanese ay matangos ang ilong at mukhang europian na mix lng sila ng chinese.Lahat ng tradional celebration ng japanese at matsuri sila lng ang tao sa asia na parehas ng traditional ritual at celebration sa mga ancient israel!matatalino elegante mataas amg dignity na ang roots nila!kaya if may mga egyptian bust na gold nahuhukay sa pinas isa sa yamashita treasure kung saan dala dala pa ng mga israelites sa japan galing sa egypt!
ilocano86 lakay (2 years ago)
lalim ng punto mo brad... pero historically may basehan lalo na in connection sa ark of the covenant... traditionally ginagawa talaga ng mga japanese yung re enacment ng pagbubuhat ng possible replica or katulad ng ark of the covenant... on the other hand my ganito ding tradition yung mga ethiopian descent ng mga jew..
ilocano86 lakay (2 years ago)
lalim ng punto mo brad... pero historically may basehan lalo na in connection sa ark of the covenant... traditionally ginagawa talaga ng mga japanese yung re enacment ng pagbubuhat ng possible replica or katulad ng ark of the covenant... on the other hand my ganito ding tradition yung mga ethiopian descent ng mga jew..
ROY PETER Mente (2 years ago)
Pinakamahal na platinum kaysa sa ginto.
Gren Pardz (2 years ago)
d pa nga na linis
jake zamora (2 years ago)
i think media wont waste, time for just an iron ball.
Gavin Becraft (2 years ago)
If its true then they are blessed pray for emThey are poor walk a mile in their shoes
Kevin Olesik (2 years ago)
i wonder if its worth anything ...
texasdee slinglead (2 years ago)
worth a whole lot of comments
Dan Yuki (2 years ago)
Dont be misled, dalhin yan sa junk shop ipor kilo at maging totoong pera.
Dan Yuki (2 years ago)
Kung totoong platinum yan hindi lang 2 tons ang bigat niyan at hindi kulay kalawang , platinum does not corrode,
xtian jstn (2 years ago)
platinum like gold doesnt rust or tarnish. fake
Spratly Islands999 (3 months ago)
Madrid .... Sino ang mag aakala na dito pala sa Pilipinas matatagpuan ang lahat ng kayaman mula sa langis , ginto , silver , coal, Palladium, Platinum,Deuterium , nickel bronze etc .. etc... name it we have it here in the Philippines, what more can you ask from God. nasa tao na lang ang gawa at siguro aasenso na ang Pilipinas . hwag lang nakawin ng mga Pulitiko na walang kabusugan .
Alvin Page (1 year ago)
xtian jstn your IQ is 35 below.
John Champion (1 year ago)
it's been buried hence it's covered in shit.
tricky1992000 (1 year ago)
It will be a crust of calcium carbonate from coral that will have attached while it was under water.
MrWeedWacky (2 years ago)
"But according to officials the unfortunate finder will be given a substantial share of the proceeds from its sale" either he is fortunate - because he gets that share - or am I missing something here???
Dr Hannibal Cryptor (7 months ago)
He will be given a substantial amount of money, unfortunately he wont live to see it.
wildcat (2 years ago)
d original fisherman who given that platinum........even a single sentavo
ICO (2 years ago)
lol..... best laugh today! let's keep it in a old box truck.... I thought the USA cornered the market on the dumbest people on the planet, another hoax.... move along.
Alter Kater (2 years ago)
This is lead.
martinJtan (1 year ago)
wildcat i
wildcat (2 years ago)
oo may kasama pa yan

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