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How To Mine Dogecoin with a VPS

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----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE http://bit.ly/1iG7za1 ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Hi there! So you want to be a miner huh? Earing some coins by basically doing nothing. Well I'm here to help you out. I made a guide from the steps i used to setup my miner and now you can too! I'm mining in a pool http://doge.poolofpools.com. First create an account here http://doge.poolofpools.com/index.php?page=register and register a worker. I'll wait here for you. Oke, all setup and ready to go? Let's wash this puppy! ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Step 1 ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Sign up for a DigitalOcean account via https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=17ce22dc07d3 Deposit a least $5 and use the couponcode "LINUX13" or "GIT10" to get $10 extra bonus. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Step 2 ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Create a new droplet choosing Ubuntu 13.10 X64. I recommend you to go with the smallest one, 512 MB/1 CPU. By now you should have received an email with you login details and this brings us to the next step. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Step 3 ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Login via ssh with your vps login details using Putty. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Step 4 ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- In this step you are setting up your miner. This might scare you a bit if you never used the command-line but it's easier than you might think. Follow me along, I will guide you though it. First we need to update our OS. sudo apt-get update Install some package we need to continue. sudo apt-get install build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev Then we need to download the CPU Miner package. wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/cpuminer/files/pooler-cpuminer-2.3.2.tar.gz Oke, we downloaded the CPU Miner. Next we need to unzip it. tar -xzf pooler-cpuminer-2.3.2.tar.gz Cd in to the CPU Miner folder where we unziped it. cd cpuminer-2.3.2/ We need to set Cflags to minus 3. Todo so enter the following in your terminal. ./configure CFLAGS="-O3" Next we need to build the software. This is easy just execute the next command. make We need to keep our processes running despite a dropped connection. Therefore we need another tool, "Screen". Let's install this right away. apt-get install screen Let's start up a session so we can finish up our miner. Run the following command in your terminal. screen To finish our trip trough the command line we need to enter our miner-pool credentials so we can get started mining. You need to have a worker setup in a pool. Myself I use http://doge.poolofpools.com. screen ./minerd --url stratum+tcp://doge.poolofpools.com:3337 --userpass worker.name:password Execute the following line in your terminal. Make sure you have your replaced the dummy data with your personal data. screen ./minerd --url stratum+tcp://server:port --userpass worker.name:password ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- That's all folks. When logging back again use "screen -r" to restore session. If you liked the guide please send some Dogecoins my way. DKBDosvrtNqJpQDJVxp3UzuDtnttykvcWM
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Text Comments (10)
zage (2 months ago)
si funciona aqui esta el link te regalan 10 dollares gratis https://m.do.co/c/d36d6e7c825f
MrKamilk612 (1 year ago)
i wanted turn off my computer what now ?
Buschwookie (4 years ago)
what's the song name?
Laura Wilson (4 years ago)
When I typed in "tar -xzf pooler-cpuminer-2.3.2.tar.gz" to unzip the file there was an "error" message. (Stuck Newbie.) Please Let me know how to proceed...
billyboy402 (4 years ago)
can i have some help  i get the the end and use " screen ./minerd ––url=stratum+tcp://us-east.multipool.us:7777 ––userpass Billyboy402.1:x  but nothing else happen .  could some one send me there log in and i will mine for you 
roylodder (4 years ago)
I don't know. You have to try it, but remember, it get's harder each day. ;-)
roylodder (4 years ago)
In Putty you can use Shift+Ins to paste text.
Bitcoin Lover (4 years ago)
Tell me please; How do I copy and past in the black screen???
Bitcoin Lover (4 years ago)
Thank you
Laura Wilson (4 years ago)
You have to download PuTTY in order to copy and paste. Digital Ocean's console does NOT have a copy & paste feature.

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