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Ukraine: Hryvnia plummets to new low

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Video ID: 20140812-030 W/S Currency exchange M/S People exchanging money C/U Currency exchange board W/S Currency exchange W/S Currency exchange board C/U Currency exchange board W/S Currency exchange board M/S Currency exchange board W/S People queuing SCRIPT Ukraine's currency plummeted to a new low on Tuesday, losing 2.4% and hitting 13.4 hryvnias against the U.S dollar. People have been flocking to foreign currency exchanges to get as much hard foreign cash as possible in case the Hryvnia dips even lower. Fights reportedly broke out when some of currency exchange stores ran out of exchange currencies. Ukraine's economy has weakened due to the ongoing conflict in the east, with the hryvnia has steadily dropped against the dollar over the last four weeks. The nation's export revenues and the maintenance of foreign debt have also being affected by the conflict. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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Ian Parenteau (4 years ago)
Russia is currently very proud to have made all EU countries, USA, Australia, Britain,  Canada and especially Ukraine enemies of Russia FOREVER. Russia should return to Soviet times where all Russian economy and citizens are banned from travelling or doing any business or banking with their enemies from "the West".  Like the 70 years of the Soviet era, the Free World's citizens can happily live their lives in prosperity while Russians have poor standard of living and be proud of their brave Russian hatred for the rest of the world, except their best friends Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Cuba.  Russians are sick and tired of the opportunity of hope of prosperity for their people, what they really want is to be a nation of poor slaves who worship their infallible leader just like North Korea:  "Long live Kim Jong Putin, master of the human race"!
Comrade Geany (4 years ago)
See the freedm and free will of the Capitalist scum? Turining the people income in mothing and opprrssing them?
Comrade Geany (4 years ago)
+peter w You forgot about the exploitation and oppression of the poor class and medium one, the rages of the Capitaist scum, overpolution, overproduction, brainwashing programs,  police states, fictional freedom, production of people, thots and caracters and many more. Too bad that 60% of the population cannot live like you, in the medium class, were the exploitation and oppression is not so high that anyone cal feel it hard. We dont need company's in our system, those are Capitalist, the elite that controls and own everything, and explpoit and oppress the masses, is not a ferytale about "some people willing to take risks" those are not risks those are ways to rob the people! And this is not about the stimulus Peter, but a elite that own everything and not the people, open your eyes. In Capitalism is no Stimulus Peter only a fictional image of it! We need the people united in a single Social class, the people that own own the Essentials of the Society in a equality on a social scale Sistem Peter, And i asure that in a Communist society, were no elite control or own the people ,will be a great stimulus because no one is putting them down oppress and exploit them for their richness! That is not Communism " communist where no one working hard and land comes almost to still stand at some points!" Because Communism is the people, in a single united class that is medium-rich .Not only a elite were only 1% can do that! I am not glad, look around you Peter, bilions of death, wars and Comflicts for resurces, genocide, brainwashing programs, production of the people thots and caracters, over productrion, poor, starvation, police states, imaginary freedom, over production, Slaves, cheap labot prducts! That is the truth Peter, open your eyes and see this world, th reality of the Capitalism! Better trow your money in a elite? Or sponsorize and unite the people Peter!? Capitalism and Communism is ancient Peter, look at the history at the cave mans, the tribes! The poor and medium class in  a Capitalist Socirety hacve nothing, cannot change nothing, and cannot do nothing Peter! Because the rich class own the Essentials of the Socety ansd Capital! Freedom and Democracy is only for the rich class, when yozu let a elite own that! We have no word in this Society Peter, but we can changev that! You cannt change Capitalism Peter, only remove it, because it is still the rule of a elite! We dont need Capitalist for anything Peter,  Capitalist dosent bring Stimulus only oppreession and exploitation, Capitalism keeps 60% of the population down! We need a unite class that is not divined in 3 diffrent clases were one rules all that can work and live  and have a stimulus for themselvs were they can do and change their future and will, and that is a great stimulus when they can see the roods of their work 100% widount oppression and exploitation were they can inpruvre and create the lives that they want, when the people own the Society thugheder united, that is a STIMULUS Peter, not a elite how rob, brainwash, exploit and kill us, not when we arte only animals that bring profit Peter! Capitalist brings nothing but death amd exploitation Peter. Capitalism in any case dosent bring Stimulus! Eu is a Capitalist rich class union and Eu dosent help the Countries that they profit from or any Country addicted to their trade and in their grip of rage of power and exploitration!
Electrodude (4 years ago)
+Comrade Geany   Yes all good, hard working, but have some time to spend to watch the news over the war. :) That all have noting to do with the fall of Hryvnia at this moment, that's is about the war! But i will answer your story. :D I am look around me, and i see nice county, nice roads, one of best medical system in the world, we have good jobs, everything is nice and clean, much more money to spend, and all rest of good stuff west have to offer!  But you right there are much faults in our systems,  but we can fixed that, and we will in time, but i am for 90% happy with all we have, i am thankful that i was born in my county! We need company's in our system, there is noting wrong about that, but much be in balance, we need people that are willing to take the risk, we all can start company we have all that right, we need extra stimulus to do like big mo. Without the stimulus no one will stick his head out and bring work to the county, get something like communist where no one working hard and land comes almost to still stand at some points! I am glad we have some type of capitalism, but much not go out of hand, and like all what's men made, men can change it. We can change the rules of this game so it's more fair for all, poor or rich, and we are working on that, there are protest last years about that and it is growing, not only in EU but also in the VS and other county's. But we need something like capitalism to get stimulus, otherwise you get lazy nation! EU is working to help all east EU county to get those county's to West EU standards. You have real twisted mind abut the west, give it time and you will see that Ukrainians will get better lives then Russians have! ;) Look at Poland, they economy was never be better and people get better and better, more money and they can start now there own company and get even richer and more jobs to Poland. Look at GDP, very nice line, and they will get help from EU to do, Poland grows harder then rest of EU, poland will get same as the rest of the EU, no slave county or so. http://www.gios.gov.pl/stansrodowiska/upload/image/stan2008eng/klimat/fig._6.7._changes_in_ghg_emissions_in_poland.png We in west are no puppet, this is what we like a choice! We have made this, but have some faults in it, noting big. Most of us like the system, think 90% ad more is happy about it, we don't want something else! We want only to fixed some fault and we are even more happy! :)
Comrade Geany (4 years ago)
+peter w O hello Peter, you again!  Are you doing good? What have the Capitalism to do with the fall of te Ukrainian curency? Well Peter is simple! When you own the Essentials of the State like Economy and even the cureny because you own the Capital, you can bring the curency down, making a Economic crisis or a Comflict. And that is happeining in Ukraine, to exploit even more the people and to oppress them and the most inportand to not leavre them a choise! Oh Peter Peter look around you. The Capitalist scum with their companys create the polise States, imaginary freedom, cheap labor products, fictional freedom that is now in any Capitalist rich class Society, poo income, no power in Society, and so on... We need a Society ruled and own by a united class Peter, all the people, to have all better lives, full freedom of speech, no racist to groups, better human rights, more money in time, not a rich class runed police State, because then we own the Essential and the Society himself, not a elite or a grup! Fix Ukraine?  there are plans to get all east EU county get up?? :DDDDDD Peter Peter!! What a ferytale...... There is not fixing in Ukraine or east Europe Peter, those Countries are only the Capitalist profit maker, with no Industry economy or every branch that will help those ountries, because they distroy it, to make those Copuntries addicted to the Eu marketing Sistem, and to ensave the population if its a up rising, or normal stage like now! Eu need Ukraine now for that, for his Resurces and more Profit!, making the Country now addicted to the Eu sistem and to the rich classes of weu and more dezvolted Capitalist Countries from the west! Peter, i live in one of those Countries, and i was living in a Socialist Republic before, so quit the ferytales because this is reality dear Peter! And what Obama is doing now, is called a distraction fotr the people, a ferytale, that will affect more us, that them. No Capitalist or Pupett is stading up Peter for us, no one! Guess how invest bilions of dollars and peoples income in those Companys Peter? With one hand they take, with 2 they give back Peter! Russia is now a Capitalist State too,and no one is cleaning the back yeard, only pretend to do, but open your eyes this is Reality Peter!
Electrodude (4 years ago)
Lol, what have capitalisme to do with the fall of Hryvnia by a war in east that county! You are getting ridiculous now! How can county that is in chaos have economy that grows? We need company to have good jobs so people have all better lives, full freedom of speech, no racist to groups, better human rights, more money in time, etc, etc. But we must get some power back form the company's, they have get to much power in past 10 years, that we can fix of course, and we are working on that! Let Ukraine in peace and give us some time to fix Ukraine and you will see dat Ukraine get lots of good jobs and start growing, there are plans to get all east EU county get up, but will take some time of course. By the way, Obama have start company yesterday against the tax heavens you hate so much,  like London and others, i thing we must all do, it time to stop that tax corruption by the elite! Maybe Russians can stand up against there corruption to! We clean our own backyard, you must try also!  

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