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Factors of Production (Resources)

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Factors of Production (Resources) There 4 factors of production, namely, land/raw materials, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. Why is entrepreneurship considered a type of resource? Well, because an entrepreneur brings other 3 factors of production (land/raw materials, capital and labor) together to make production possible. Why is money not considered a type of resource in economics? What is the difference between economic capital and financial capital?
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Rayan Altowayan (1 month ago)
good video but your pronunciation is a little off
Ghazala Mateen (1 month ago)
Thanks my daughter juwariyah syed like this video
Ghazala Mateen (1 month ago)
tahir khan (2 months ago)
Very well. But why you are not making more videos???
Jordan Grice (2 months ago)
this sucks alot
Sanuka Kithnula (3 months ago)
1:52 HAHAHA 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😋😛😝😜🤪😜😝😛😋🤣😂😅😆😁😄😃😀🤤🤜🤛🏻
Diaz (4 months ago)
waw! thank you
Yousaf Sheraz (4 months ago)
Good Job this helped me a lot.
Televisão Assasina (5 months ago)
Dinheiro não é capital
Dick Head (5 months ago)
Ur videos suck teach us how to make big boy cake
Dick Head (5 months ago)
You suck
sakshi Tkd (6 months ago)
juliboy200 (6 months ago)
Schüsch Lan
KenTech41 (6 months ago)
cute voice clear lecture thumbs up!
jailson dias (6 months ago)
Don't feel frustrated by those who complain about your accent, I personally find it very intriguing and absolutely delightful
Gopnify See desc (6 months ago)
Can I seize them?
Marc Azie (6 months ago)
thx a lot
Marc Azie (6 months ago)
thx a lot
KaungKhant Kyaw (7 months ago)
Thank u so much
shefali Singh (8 months ago)
thanks for this
Ameia Minor (10 months ago)
thank u so much this taught me a lot
Ibrahim Yusuf (10 months ago)
nice i like it
Maximus To The Max (10 months ago)
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Marwa Abubakur (3 months ago)
LOL ya'll need help
FinestStrafes (7 months ago)
wtf am I seeing here
Camden Addams (10 months ago)
"no comment"
Camden Addams (10 months ago)
Nah I'm talking beefy steak. I want them strong so I can whip them more without killing them
Maximus To The Max (10 months ago)
They are beefy..... if we talkin beef jerky
mohammad yousef (10 months ago)
الله يلعن اللي وظف كهوكر واللي خلاه يدرس واللي مستانس على تدريسه والله يلعن نحنحته ويلعن البيتزاوالكولا معه ويلعن الكوانتيتي دماند
Maximus To The Max (10 months ago)
Are your slaves Ethiopian or somolian?
Hina khan (10 months ago)
owwwwsam and quit easy to understand thanks from pakistan
Sanuka Kithnula (3 months ago)
Hina khan it’s quite
Tushti Tiwari (10 months ago)
Rohan Vaswani (11 months ago)
top understandable video
Edward Dodson (11 months ago)
The problem with our existing system of socio-political arrangements and institutions is that private control over nature (described in economics by the term "land") is permitted without full compensation to a community or society for what is a monopoly privilege. This systemic injustice has been repeatedly identified by moral philosophers and political economists as the cause of wealth and income concentration by "rentier" interests. The solution is political: imposition of a near-100 percent charge annually that publicly collects the potential annual rental value of whatever locations are privately held.
super suscribers (1 year ago)
So bad teacher
Marwa Abubakur (3 months ago)
You clearly just not capable of learning, even your grammar is wrong.
Tanya Moelle (11 months ago)
What type of teacher do you need then?
Alomgir Kabir (1 year ago)
Which Program did you use to make this Animation?
mohamed inshaff (1 year ago)
very clearthank you helped me alot keep up your good work
Will Beards (1 year ago)
Tanya Moelle (11 months ago)
It's an American spelling, you dumb? They can use whatever spelling they want.
Saalar Ahmad (1 year ago)
Labour is for brits, let the rest of the world use whatever the fuck they want, k asshat?
Shiva Nandini (1 year ago)
Horrible Accent
Sanuka Kithnula (3 months ago)
Fuck off shitty bitch Horrible name sucker This helped my MAJOR EXAM all my life’s work
Lamegamer2 (4 months ago)
Shiva Nandini mother fucker son of a bitch you are so mother fucking ugly and dumb.
Somebody (6 months ago)
Horrible name🤣
jailson dias (6 months ago)
I think so too
Mr.Sceptic (11 months ago)
Shiva Nandini Then don't watch the video, bitch.
Talal Khan (1 year ago)
Quite intresting and knowledgeable keep it up 👍👍👍
The Web Master (1 year ago)
Legendary Entertainment
flume justflume (2 years ago)
bruh dis accent
Marwa Abubakur (3 months ago)
adorable isn't it
Kaushal Chhimpa (2 years ago)
Thank u so much mam..!!
Funny Videos (2 years ago)
Very nice.......
Ben Harris (2 years ago)
1:34 1/(2^0.5) =/= 2*(2^0.5)/2 Bad math-ery
Sanuka Kithnula (3 months ago)
Ben Harris get it sorry
Sanuka Kithnula (3 months ago)
Theolyn Warrender (1 year ago)
1/(2^0.5) = (2^0.5)/2
Theolyn Warrender (1 year ago)
I was going to say hahah
brijesh sivabalan (2 years ago)
sandeep perera (2 years ago)
awesome video, found it very useful,,,THANX
Chris Brown (3 years ago)
Very clear, thank you very much :)
Faith Kabanda (3 years ago)
so if I am asked in an exam, 'why is entrepreneur ability said to be distinct from labour' , what will be the best answer?
Casey Chia (3 years ago)
Entrepreneurs organize factors of production while labor is just a means of production. I hope this helps!
Sriharsha Devalpally (3 years ago)
Thank You so much. this really helped me for my economics study
lubna hasan (4 years ago)
thanks a lot!
R (1 year ago)
great video but u should work on ur accent
Mohit Bansal (3 years ago)
here same
lubna hasan (4 years ago)
hope u can make some more videos on economics as your graphical skills are unmatchable and I'm more of a visual learner, thnx!
Economics Mafia (4 years ago)
Glad that you liked it =)

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