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How to Use Windows Update MiniTool

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Windows Update MiniTool is basically Windows Updates on steroids. Here's how easy it is to use. http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/windows_update_minitool.html
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Michael Lambert (1 month ago)
Is this Application Still being updated? Thanks for the video. I can see how this could help me very much in the future. Thanks in advance. If you happen to know the url or latest release version that would be very helpful. Thanks a lot in advance.
ShitBeats (1 month ago)
am i the only one who got 90gb update?
Dominic Adu-Poku (2 months ago)
Is there a way to kinda pause the download (sometimes when the network gets disconnected and you don't have to restart all over again)???
MTWODZU (11 months ago)
Is this tool able to turn off update process permanently in Windows 10 Home?
Ben Tennessen (1 year ago)
hahaha windows updates on steroids i like tht. keep up e good work
Cornell Swart (2 years ago)
Hi, Just downloaded WUMT on windows 10. Thanks for the video. Was wondering how to use the Download only, no install feature? Where does it download the update to? (Also, I'm trying to download a 1GB update, and according to the text box the update finishes within 5 minutes which is impossible with my internet speed) I have 20.12.2016 (is this the newest version?)
Cuervo2012 (2 years ago)
do you have a list of updates that have bugs so i can know which one to avoid? or where i can find that list?
majorgeeks (2 years ago)
We do not because, as a general rule, all updates should be installed, so it's not a good idea to skip any of them. Worse, some one rely on another. This is handy if you know one, in particular, is causing issues.
Alex Mehrgan (2 years ago)
Hi Im wondering does this work for windows Vista? im having issues detecting updates with windows vista and 7 note im running with 2gig ram, how long should it take to detect the updates
Shafiq Ahmad (2 years ago)
How to disable this tool if you want to ? I'm on Windows 10 and want to get Ubuntu Bash from Insider Preview and I think It might be getting in the way !! Also I'm unable to Up my OS Build
majorgeeks (2 years ago)
+Ahmad Kazama Enable all Windows Updates but just a guess as I haven't bumped into your situation. As I showed, you can go to Windows Update as well and manually make sure updates are on.
Ken (2 years ago)
My updates stopped working. I tried the Microsoft Fix it with no luck. I tried the program your describing and no luck. It just sits for hours searching for updates. Would you know of a fix? This is for Windows 7. Its a new install. It did work right after the install. The next time went to use it I had to install the updater program from Microsoft and its stopped since then.
majorgeeks (2 years ago)
+Ken This might not be the solution. I don't know how many reboots you've had but I've had success rebooting while it's searching. Even taken a few tries.
Dennis Thompson (3 years ago)
Why aren't your videos in HD?
teentitanbg (2 years ago)
@majorgeeks you should try Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
majorgeeks (2 years ago)
+ddthom2008 Using Bandicam and getting HD now
majorgeeks (3 years ago)
+ddthom2008 Don't know, I saved it as HD when uploaded.
Leonard Ralph (3 years ago)
i have just removed win 10 after it done an update on my computer and changed a lot of settings that i did not ask for or wish for wiped out my both my printer drivers and would not let me reinstall them or go back to the last settings, crazy! so have gone back to win 7 thank god i have a bit more control.
prannoy tej (2 years ago)
cant even assign default programs properly...
prannoy tej (2 years ago)
me too.
majorgeeks (3 years ago)
+Leonard Ralph Weird just went back to 10 personally. I find 7 antiquated now.
Robert Schulz (3 years ago)
It's way more computer friendly than the builtin update tool in Windows 10
Wendra Nolan (3 years ago)
Thanks, Mr. Tim. You RAWK!
joefromspace (3 years ago)
This is how to do it, MICROSOFT! Great tool.
Geo Sam (3 years ago)
I'm guessing that this program doesn't have support win10?
Geo Sam (3 years ago)
+majorgeeks Thanks for your reply.
joefromspace (3 years ago)
+Geo Sam Yes it works here on my win10 x64
majorgeeks (3 years ago)
+Geo Sam Q: Windows 2000 to Windows 10 :)

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