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Conservation of our Natural Resources

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A short video made by me about conservation of natural resources. Music Credits to Beyoncé = Halo. I do not own any copyrights.
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Rubeka Bran (4 months ago)
Start cleaning
Rubeka Bran (4 months ago)
Stop littering
Rubeka Bran (4 months ago)
No my lovely earth
Sahar Tabraiz (4 months ago)
Stop cutting start growong
Khuram Baig (1 year ago)
Now can do my Inquirytask
Cayla Cornejo (1 year ago)
We need to educate the younger generation
zohaib tariq (2 years ago)
an irrelevant question what is the name of the song
Jake herostar (3 years ago)
so sad what happen to this planet
Can Dy (3 years ago)
it's very useful and helps me realize many things. thank you so much
LOUISA arc (3 years ago)
this is an uplifting video I wish the whole world will see and respond with actions in the world...
sathvik lokesh (4 years ago)
Kathryn Manion (4 years ago)
Amazing! This was really heart touching and I really hope people understand what bad things us humans are doing to the environment.
Nandini Menon (4 years ago)
@Kathryn Manion true! thank you truly :)
Amy S (5 years ago)
We only have 4 more days to protect 11,000 hectres of amazon rainforest! Please donate to help the ARCC raise 25,000 to protect an inportant section of Peruvian Rainforest. Please click the link to donate (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-arcc-project)  or google "The ARCC project: indiegogo" THANK YOU FOR CARING!!!!!
Taly Montalvo (5 years ago)
Showed this video to my second graders. They couldn't get enough of it!!! So powerful!! Thanks for making this video, Some of my students cried. 
Nandini Menon (4 years ago)
@Taly Montalvo that's so sweet! they must take part in various ways to save the planet. so sorry for replying so late. but thank you for making them aware :)
Sreekanth Vikraman (5 years ago)
Nice Video....
Julian Baraya (6 years ago)
Shashank Ramadurgam (6 years ago)
wonderful 1 really heart toching.......
Eden Rallang (6 years ago)
nice! Thanks for sharing the video with us, now I can share it with my students.

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