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Howto Change Linux Boot Options and Splash Screen

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Don't like how ugly your PC looks when you dual boot? Customize how your computer boots with Grub 2 - ||Join the chat: http://on.fb.me/follownix || In this tutorial I show you the basic ways to configure your bootloader. Lots of things have changed since the upgrade from the original Grub, so check out this week's episode of OS.ALT to learn more about how to make your boot menu boot-a-licious! Fight for the users in our Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/CKYwgxA
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Text Comments (212)
zainuddin brahim (1 month ago)
thanks nixie, it help me to refresh back on my unix skills...
Shawn Gollatz (2 months ago)
AKA: “How a beginner can brick a system”
Cedric Carroll (2 months ago)
You're awesome, thank you
nice tutorial... 👍
Josh B (3 months ago)
Whats with catering to the pervy guys in the comments
kuldeep dinkar (3 months ago)
Please make a video on "proper bios setup" for linux installation from bootable usb flash. Please. Explain each term without escaping any of them.
Akash Anand (3 months ago)
just copying the image to grub folder didnt worked on ubuntu 18...!! did i missed someting?
George Vassilev (4 months ago)
Such a calming voice
BoomWithPeter (7 months ago)
Yeah i made my Smart Kiosk and this helped a lot in customising boot image
Jack Frasier Comedy (7 months ago)
If I change my grub splash, how do I change the colors of the menu items? I still want it to be readable. and I'd like to customize for different pictures.
Jack Frasier (7 months ago)
Those glowy glass apples are mezmerizing!
G.K HACKERS (8 months ago)
How to grub starting message set Example Grub loading.... Welcome to grub!!!
Hal shot first (9 months ago)
Thanks Nixie, you're a perceptive teacher
AcctNo99 (9 months ago)
Hey there. Will you like... marry me? Let me know what works best for you. Thanks!
Random Fandom (1 year ago)
Make a video on rEFInd! Please cutiepie?!😉
Sandeep Kumar Sharma (1 year ago)
Your words doesn't match your face. Just wondering if you knew it all or there is a guy in the background.
EXcentriX (9 months ago)
Plot Twist: This girl is a guy.
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
why didnt I find you earlier? D:
Rodrigo Almeida (1 year ago)
I loved your voice, your sweet talking way.
Nicole Yi (1 year ago)
She is very pretty!
Vancouver OpenBSD (1 year ago)
Hot woman + linux geek?!? (gets down on one knee) Will you marry me?!?
Richard Ritz (1 year ago)
I have dual boot Windows and Linux Mint 18.1 xfce and I want to know where is grub2 physically stored and the HDD my Linux Mint is installed an SD A6 so is that where the grub2 is my computer is MBR and I believe my MBR code points to the grub2 but I want to know where and the drive is grub2 in a separate partition or within SDA 6 and I thank you very much in advance
TaveruS (1 year ago)
Is there a video like this with a naked girl? Would be nice
Advantage (1 year ago)
I've legit been subscribed to your channel for a few years because I find your content useful & inforrmative. Keep up the good work!
h b (1 year ago)
how do i change white portions of my screen to some other color. I find the white screen seems to burning images into my eyes
METROPIXO (1 year ago)
have an issue on no graphical mode boot debian doesn't boot on desktop (kde ou gdm3) i reinstall gnome and xfce kde and gdm3 but nothing after an dpkg reconfigure what your solution when startx doesn't work ?
olivia-J Trans (1 year ago)
hi Nixie, please disregard the moronic sexist comments below , by of course "so called" men. have a nice day
Miss. Wright (1 year ago)
what are your thoughts on using "Grub Customizer" to simplify the process? Is it possible to have 4 O/S's on a GRUB menu (1 Win + 3 distro's ) ? Thanks-
EXcentriX (9 months ago)
I don't think it has limits. I have Windows 10 and a permanent Ubuntu on a USB. If I unplug the USB, it boots right into Windows. Even then, I have 7 Entries in GRUB.
Dirty vincent (1 year ago)
I fall in love....
James Clark (1 year ago)
Good but slow down. Not everyone is a bash expert. I gotta write it down😎
Noorquacker (1 year ago)
This isn't changing the Linux splash screen. This is changing the GRUB splash screen.
GM Knows (2 years ago)
is everything here still relevant to ubuntu 17.04?
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
I use bionic beaver and I dont think much has changed. mostly because this tutorial is about GRUB which has basically nothing to do with your linux. its just the thing that starts your linux. but it could be possible that newer ubuntu uses a newer version of GRUB so your question is not completely obsolete. so yes: I'm pretty sure it should work in 17.04
mystified1234 (2 years ago)
Gr8 Tutorial.. Are you able to share, how to add a Freebsd UFS and/or ZFS entries to grub. BTW would you consider doing a tutorial on rEFIbd boot loader. Thanks so Much! Both your mind & body is so captivating ! 10 + on all counts.
Bits Samsung (2 years ago)
Hi, can you make a video about Lilo bootloader ? Please
IT HUB (2 years ago)
i am facing a problem with booting to win 10 after Zorin os has been installed i can see the Win 10 loader option but when i use it it just refresh the boot screen to ask again the boot selections -_- sorry if my English not good :)
Libram HackTeam (2 years ago)
illmtoloko (2 years ago)
thank you :)
4THE_RECORD (2 years ago)
I just dual booted Ubuntu14 alongside Windows 10 via a partition, and in Ubuntu my screen keeps flashing black+white as if thiers an interpretation error with the Graphics Card. I need 14 for the software I'm running so I need a fix that doesn't require updating the OS. Any ideas?
I have successfully installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS on my Mac Mini as a dual boot system. I also got rEfind installed manually on my Mac. The thing is that rEfind can't seam to boot  Ubuntu. I did figure out how to boot into it from a recovery mode in Advanced Systems. I have it all setup, and it is working well, except for that. Do you have any sage advice that could help me solve that boot up problem? God Bless.
Azeem Mohammed (2 years ago)
Thanks its really help full
Antonio Carrizo (2 years ago)
Grub shell. I could get to know how to set pager environment variable (set pager=/bin/more ...yes, got to provide full path to "external" commands...) No CD command available. NO TEXT EDITOR ALSO. I barely could to see dmesg log file., no kernel panic warning but system boot up stalls. Grub shell help needed!
Userx Xbw (2 years ago)
you're playing a Linux techy and you're still running Ubuntutututututu? WHAT?
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
whats wrong about Ubuntu? It's the most common Linux distro, so? I really like it and because it is so common you get alot of help if something doesnt work as planned. so yeah: Ubuntu rocks!
Marcus Sommer (1 year ago)
What exactly is non-techy about Ubuntu? Linux is Linux, the only thing that really separates distros are repos, desktop environments and pre-installed apps. Even though Ubuntu might not directly appeal advanced users it's a perfectly capable OS for "techies" or whatever you wanna call yourself. Aaaaaand, Linus runs Fedora, thought everybody knew that?
olivia-J Trans (1 year ago)
Userx Xbw, You don't know that they're ALL Linux only different distributions.
mohamed aziz knani (2 years ago)
No he doesn't
aloha snackbar (2 years ago)
Userx Xbw could be for convenience linus runs ubuntu at home purely for this reason
drkrd1 (2 years ago)
IF you change the timer to minus one then you can take your time selecting, especially if your using more than one OS
D Black (2 years ago)
How do I get bootloader from USB drive to my Hard Disk? I don't have a bootloader on my hard drive (i.e. no other operating system - i.e. no Windows) and Ubuntu won't boot from the hard drive (only from the USB drive). When I try and boot from the hard drive (with no USB drive attached) I get the message: "no such file or directory as /boot/efi - I suppose I need to somehow transfer the EFI Boot Loader from the USB drive to the Hard Drive. Can any kind soul help me with this - with explicit terminal commands as I am a noob to Linux. Many thanks - much appreciated - happy to send you a few hundred Satoshi's if you can help.
EXcentriX (9 months ago)
I am not asking what you did there, but how about this: First find out what device that HDD is, I'll use /dev/sda as an example sudo apt-get --reinstall install grub-common grub-efi-amd64 os-prober sudo grub-install /dev/sda sudo update-grub But all this does is to copy the bootloader over and grub makes a reference to your USB-stick there, so you would boot from HDD to USB. Does the HDD even have an OS on it, who Grub can boot into? You may consider installing an actual OS there, but if that HDD has data on it, I'd refrain doing so.
Mino Tauro (2 years ago)
I want help you Nixie the red tap is for hot water!
Datan0de (3 years ago)
Great video! I just discovered this channel and am really enjoying it. For those wanting more detailed info than a video will allow, IBM has a fantastic page all about Linux bootloaders and how to configure them.http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-lpic1-102-2/
Filip Grönlund (3 years ago)
Sudo update-grub solved my issue with GRUB not detecting my windows OS after installing Linux prior to the Windows install. Thank you Nixie! :)
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
well this would be very overkill especially because you dont install OSes on a regular basis. if you know you want both: first install windows than linux. if you already have linux and want windows: just remember that you have to reinstall your grub. no need for an overkill always search for new os grub thingy. and I'm pretty sure there wouldnt be an easy fix to achieve the behaviour you specified
Grub, by default, detects Windows and put them in its list automatically when it (Grub) is installed with Linux installation. As it seem (I did not know that till now) Grub cannot do that when Linux is installed prior, only because it is not possible to know that it has to search for another OS (Windows). As it seems it is programmed to search for another OS during its installation. After that, in order to see Windows, it has to search for another OS all the time, as it does not know when to search for another OS. Maybe it could be possible to be programed to search for other OS every time it starts and show the new entry in the next boot, but I don't know if it is possible. I think, maybe nothing of what I say is right, that what you did was just to force Grub to update its list settings and maybe, if you are in a UEFI system (UEFI motherboard, both OS installed in UEFI mode and not in BIOS Lgacy, and so GPT partitioning style), force it to have a look at EFI partition, find there the windows boot information that informed Grub itself that there is a Windows boot - loader in your hard disk and finally search, found and put WIndows boot - loader to the Grub list.
Jackab Marti (3 years ago)
u looking so cute
Madni Computer (3 years ago)
ap bohat beauti full ho soo nice
Beat (3 years ago)
i installed android x86 but i can't get it to work in grub. i tried everything already, adding it in custom_40., trying boot repair, too bad it won't work
Craig Kahl (3 years ago)
I wish you would explain slower.
Shawn Gollatz (29 days ago)
___Vishnu__ _venu_ (4 years ago)
She is so HOT....... LOVE U!
Aldifashatv (4 years ago)
plss help me, my grub eror...
wuopisht (4 years ago)
Worked perfectly. Thank you!!!
David Jimenez (4 years ago)
I want to change my grub menu or hide it. Because it turns out that if I perform a very simple edition in the kernel while the system is booting up..,vualá: I am the root user without type any password or I can change this password! It seems to me a huge security breach
Quasi84 (1 year ago)
You can password lock grub in such a way that only the default entry is accessible unless you have a password. Booting another entry or editing an entry will require a password. You can password protect all entries too. Then the next question is: What if grub.cfg has been modified? You can generate a standalone image of grub that contains the grub.cfg. If you have a UEFI PC, you would be able to sign the stand alone image, store the public key in the UEFI NVRAM and enable secure boot. You can then store the keys on an encrypted disk or partition that you have to unlock manually when you want to modify or update grub. So unless you unlock the encrypted drive, nobody will be able to fiddle with your grub unless they have time to factory reset your UEFI and remove any password that you use to protect the UEFI. It is possible to make grub secure where it would require physical tools to change the boot options, but this would take some time and won't always go unnoticed. So all that remains is physical security. Always require a password for sudo. Always lock the screen when you won't be keeping an eye on it. Lock boot order in the BIOS/UEFI. Password protect BIOS/UEFI setup. Enable tampering protection so that if someone physically opens the computer, they would need to know the password upon next boot or they would have to figure out how to reset the EEPROM before they try to boot after tampering with the computer. Remove all other boot entries and disable the possibility to boot removable media. To make secure boot work with custom images, get your hands on GNU's secure boot tools. If you want to have a secure laptop, buy a laptop that supports secure boot, boot order locking and tamper detection. Never downplay the importance of physical security, it goes a long way!
furriephillips (3 years ago)
+David Jimenez Physical security trumps everything.
samintosh (4 years ago)
I swear on a thousand Unix, this girl is just a model. She was just doing the talking part. The edtinig part was all done by a guy in the backgroudn.
XX LMBN (6 months ago)
Cristaliana Ivor it's not sexist
brian420 (1 year ago)
Thats hard but , you are right
Ade (1 year ago)
I wouldn't call it sexist. It's presumptuous, and based on the fact that it's hard to find women interested in deep tech topics (not that I would even consider this video anywhere close to a deep-tech topic). But regardless, I agree with the sentiment of your comment, Christaliana. There's no good reason to assume the person in this video isn't actually competent in tech.
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
well as a girl I know more about linux than many of my guy co students. even my boss and co worker asked for my help because I knew more of linux than they did. so take your sexist comment and stuff it up deep into...
著聞ぱら (2 years ago)
Sexist. ;-;
Jose Vargas (4 years ago)
Marry ME?
Chathurinda711 (5 years ago)
How do you remove the Grub boot loader (ONLY THE GRUB NOT UBUNTU OS) and get the windows 8 boot loader to select the os on a dual boot system (Windows 8 & Ubuntu )?
EXcentriX (9 months ago)
You cannot directly boot from Windows Bootloader into Linux out-of-the-box. It's easier to go from GRUB into Windows. EasyBCD does that, afaik.
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
windows bootloader is there to boot windows. so you can't use it for that. but if you dont like grub in particular there are some bootloaders out there which enable you to boot both
Ross Millen (4 years ago)
Check out EasyBCD by NeoSmart Technologies. It can be used to give a more windows-ish boot menu on startup. Although tbh if you're dual booting you're better off letting grub boot windows and ubuntu.
Nick Hanson (5 years ago)
You're awesome :)
wataki2 (5 years ago)
Instead of a plymouth i just get text. And i've tried all the plymouth applications but they dont help.
Abdelkhalak El Hassani (5 years ago)
the "chmod +x /etc/grub.d/40_custom" is unnecessay.
Abdelkhalak El Hassani (4 years ago)
@catweasel28 you dont need to chmod 40_custom. of course, you need to be root or use chmod to chmod files not in your home directory. My comment is the fruit of my experience.
catweasel28 (4 years ago)
It is necessary, but should be preceded by sudo.
Leer Jones (5 years ago)
Chick that knows linux = Marriage material.
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
nah, shes mine!
Dirty vincent (1 year ago)
Leer Jones jajajaja its a joke
JugheadObama (5 years ago)
you're not aging well.
Shree Vathsa (5 years ago)
Hi Nixie,       Please make a tutorial on how to get your grub back, after you reinstall windows which over writes the MBR. :-) thanks in advance
Cristaliana Ivor (1 year ago)
Maybe heres a more verbose answer to your question. https://askubuntu.com/questions/88384/how-can-i-repair-grub-how-to-get-ubuntu-back-after-installing-windows
Cookie (5 years ago)
Insert Live cd, click on install, then upgrade, that whould reinstall grub
Serghei Godorog (5 years ago)
thanks Nixie, great rack... i mean tutorial :)
cbilljones (5 years ago)
keep finding myself coming back to this vid, i know i can get this info elsewhere; but i orefer having a sexy linux geek explain it to me. Thanks again Nix :P
Eugene Brinis (5 years ago)
did she learn how to do makeup on her face
sz858 (6 years ago)
didnt you miss copying the closing } at 3:07 ?
Internot (6 years ago)
Well done missy pixel, that's very useful info indeed.
Halaf Errikkson (6 years ago)
No, no it isnt. Android is yes a fork of linux, although it doesnt use a big bootloader like GRUB, its likely a light quicker less functional one. Although in theory i suppose you could install it...
Halaf Errikkson (6 years ago)
Yeah, it should work with any linux distribution using grub 2. Lubuntu is just ubuntu with LXDE slapped on top :P
Halaf Errikkson (6 years ago)
Chameleon! Thats an interesting choice, its often used for hackintosh's? How do you like it compared to GRUB,
Intuxikated (6 years ago)
grub custimizer FTW!!!!
sevensickzero (6 years ago)
bish got a makeover. I like dat shit
GREAT GOD MARS (6 years ago)
i wana marry u .im n luv .will u have my children
Ted Chou (6 years ago)
thumbs up for "software is like sex, its better when its free."
Ted Chou (6 years ago)
12.4 unity? looks like shes keeping up with the updates too.
Predator Pinsir (6 years ago)
doesn't have a lot options but it is pretty usefull: ''sudo apt-get install startupmanager'' nice manager for grub as well as burg: ''sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ingalex/super-boot-manager'' ''sudo apt-get update'' ''sudo apt-get install super-boot-manager''
Bill Bates (6 years ago)
I multiboot, but I dont use GRUB anymore. I use Chameleon these days. :)
Gamingaholic (6 years ago)
Just to be sure, this will work in Lubuntu also, right? I'm going to give it a try.
GGShinobi77 (6 years ago)
aww, if that vid only existed back then when I switched from grub to grub2 :) Would have saved me lot's of time!!! I'm sure every newcomer to grub2 will greatly appreciate that. Excellent! :)
LTC3 (6 years ago)
SHe is in mid blink. Everyone looks like a drug addict mid blink So fuck off.
Alexander Pavel (6 years ago)
I modify the grub.cfg directly occasionally and I've never had any problems
Michael Hazell (6 years ago)
Where is the purple splash screen located? XFCE 4 from "xfce4" in the Ubuntu repos change my background to a debian image, and I'm not a fan of it really.
all this would have been a lot easier as simple text. We read faster than you can speak.
snarab2003 (6 years ago)
At the risk of sounding like a n00b, is grub 2 a part of Android? At the moment I'm more interested in rooting my phone and would like to know if this lesson would applicable to a custom Android device/OS.
max9ification (6 years ago)
rm dudes_in_line :D
Subsentient (6 years ago)
More people should use EXTLINUX as their primary bootloader for x86 boxes. It's a very elegant bootloader. I can build my own configuration file in one place and the bootloader doesn't care about drive ordering, which is a real win for a thumbdrive junkie like me. And since SYSLINUX and ISOLINUX understand all the same stuff, I can rename the configuration file and keep my config no matter what file system or medium I am on. Nixie should give this bootloader a try.
stchman (6 years ago)
You can accomplish a lot of the same things by installing StartUpManager. It can be found in the Linux Mint 12 repositories. It is said that it is incompatible with 12.04, but it works fine.
Andrew Harris (6 years ago)
Yawns... Lilo.conf anyone? Anyway, Grub is cool. I normally just use it anyway. /boot/grub contains the good time grub boot custom options, and if you run into a realllllly messed up problem, like the /boot/grub directory ending up in /home/yourname/boot/grub(why I don't know? Maybe you rolled your own and the stems stuck out of the rolling paper), that would be the file you'd want to look at. The .mod files have to do with options passed to the kernel and other kernels and os's.
梧桐 (6 years ago)
Paulo Silva (6 years ago)
@nixiedoeslinux i don't know if you also find an interesting issue: when having both Ubuntu and Debian installed in different partitions, Ubuntu doesn't include Debian on the grub update, but Debian includes Ubuntu - very weird, isn't it? when you have opportunity to try it, please do, i think you'll be shocked as i got
Furu Maru (6 years ago)
Hey, that's my picture at 00:11
Keith Carrill (6 years ago)
Can you explain more on how to change what ya boot screen displays, i'm tyrna get my screen to only show two options for windows and linux, i'm using mint though. thank you
use burg!
hizshizle (7 years ago)
0:11 creator of that image is furumaru on deviantart
Linuxdirk (7 years ago)
A girl explaining how to tweak GRUB2 config is MY girl! I love you, Nixie!
yabba234 (7 years ago)
you are so beautiful :o)
forbidden404 (7 years ago)
Paul Lonergan (7 years ago)
why edit the splash screen? i never have to reboot linux :)
kingkong14957 (7 years ago)
You are linux goddess i worship thee :)

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