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Why Isn't Congo as Rich as Saudi Arabia? Massive Tax Evasion

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is rich in natural resources, yet the average citizen lives on only 72 cents a day. The foreign mining companies are getting rich while the general population is living in poverty. Many Congolese citizens are diging through the dirt on their hands and knees in search their fair share of the countries natural minerals. While there are taxes on the mining companies who benefit from the countries resources it is proving difficult to actually collect the money that is owed. Vocativ spoke to one tax inspector who explained that tax evasion and government fraud is rampant throughout the mining industry. So it seems that until those benefiting from the countries natural wealth start paying their fare share, many average citizens will have to continue digging through the mud to get by. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vocativvideo See more on our website: http://www.vocativ.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vocativ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vocativ
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Text Comments (1037)
Demiana (1 day ago)
Yeah blame the Africans! That doesnt work any more! Change the narrative to the truth.
Malawi Page (2 days ago)
Shame Africa, shame Congo...
Olivia Coombe (3 days ago)
Shame, Shame Shame
kakole IVAN (5 days ago)
zionist are fucking stealing congo
crossfire (7 days ago)
May God help the people of Congo.
No Name (7 days ago)
Two things keeping Africa down 1. Corrupt govt’s 2. Power hungry european countries
William Solia (9 days ago)
Its crazy how the rest of the world just benefits and while sitting back and watching whats happening
Orang Indonesia (12 days ago)
Congo, you should learn a lot from Kenya how to govern your economy
Blue Sky (13 days ago)
Ha ...
Brown Beauty (25 days ago)
When a person looks out for their country they can achieve wealth in abundance! It is a shame that greedy leaders who lack common sense, fail to see the bigger picture! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yFpHUzNomlc
Hamid Azram (27 days ago)
after all these natural resources of 24 trillion dollars and they still poor and they will remain poor until they kick out all western companies and create a state owned company, look at the oil rich countries where they took control of there oil only then they got prosperous. Its those rich nations who install corrupt leaders in those countries to get their hands on to their resources
Adam Fullhan (29 days ago)
And you really think them filthy inbred white imperialists in france and the uk would simply ALLOW this rich country to become a super power 😂? They will intervene to "fight the dictator" and to "free the people" just like they did with libya and Iraq. 2 completely normal countries with issues that could have been solved by its own citizens
suffolk6311 (1 month ago)
The so called leadership should be strung upside down like Mussolini and plugged full of lead.
ken jen (1 month ago)
I can't wait to see the day my brothers and sisters in Congo get their country back from the hands of those subhuman puppets.💚💚💚💚
Kwan Linus (1 month ago)
Let's be honest, Leopold II and Mobutu are the biggest thieves.
85jmurk (1 month ago)
The people of the Congo are poor because of corrupt government officials that are backed and controlled by Western nations. When they had good government officials like Patrice Lumumba , they all plotted and killed him because he wouldn't play ball with the Western nations Mobutu Sese Seko , and the Western nations wanted Lumumba dead because he wanted to rid his country of colonial rule he went to the USA for help in ridding his country of colonial rule but the USA didn't help because they have a agenda the USA like other Western nations believes Africa's resources,land and wealth belong to them and all they have to do is find those who would betray their own country in exchange for wealth and power and and even though they're not directly colonizing African nations today, they're still colonizing through corrupt dictators and corporations who suck Africa's resources dry
Loski (1 month ago)
The president of the most powerful country on earth only makes $400,000 a year but the president of a country facing extreme poverty is earning $200,000 per month. These are the kind of leader that are holding Africa back.
Ryan Rodrigues (1 month ago)
slavery committed on large scale by Congo government.
S. Isaac Zahn (1 month ago)
You will say that Africans should stand up to their leaders. That's easy to say. The governments have guns. U stand up against them, they kill u and everyone u know. How do u keep standing up at the risk of innocent lives?
Yurlim (1 month ago)
Corruption is Africa surname
Aaron Yohannes (1 month ago)
It's shameful for Africa .... Africa countries very bad president in .. Africa still very poorly country because of that
Nathaniel Deckard (1 month ago)
Western and Chinese contrivances fuelling Congolese corruption. These are the causes of wasted and stolen wealth of the Congo !!!
CapitanoGUC (1 month ago)
not all countrys in africa are doing so bad. Just look at Southafrica. It is going down right now but 15 years ago it was a very prospurus country with free scool education and such things :-)
Jaduong Mreka (1 month ago)
This is one sided news, I’m not saying that Kabila is good but, Kabila might be stealing hundreds of thousands, but the Europeans are stealing billions of dollars. So maybe you should have reaported their exploitation of Congo. Kabila just came to power , but the Europeans have been stealing from Congo for more than 100yrs.
Mic mic (1 month ago)
We Afrikaans know and it will end soon thanks
don dada (1 month ago)
Because they was a french colony
Bidness100 (1 month ago)
Destroy Another To Build Up Another
Arthur Darby (1 month ago)
They trying to make blacks now down with they stores in North Carolina, tabacco products etc.
rizeking (1 month ago)
we will take back our land. I AM COMING. CHANGE IS COMING
rizeking (1 month ago)
it's time to fight these people out of our land. And keep that wealth for our people. all white supremacist and anyone who love them. Africa unite they can not beat us when we are together
Bob Mbeki (1 month ago)
The question should be "WHO'S NOT STEALING FROM DR CONGO?"
MBMAM STP (1 month ago)
In Europe if I buy a stolen item or fake brands (the thieve and the buyer) get charged for the crime! How does it work with governments who cooperate with the corrupted government in Congo? Is funny how developed countries love to help Africa sending charity organisation with so many infrastructure to build but the only infrastructure they built is to exploit oil and other minerals?!
Muller De Wet (1 month ago)
One can't govern a country successfully with a low IQ. Stupidity equals selfishness. Africa's leaders don't care to help their people but only to get themselves rich. They are huge racists and will never ask for help because of their inferiority complex
Bantze Hotep (1 month ago)
Kagame steals from this country too! Kabila is regarded as his puppet. $24 trillion in the ground and only foreign crooks and the proteges benefit.
Ngoy Mutombo (1 month ago)
One day Congo will rise ihate to see people of my father's land suffering 😖
devinngeorge (1 month ago)
They need to slaughter or topple their leaders tbh. I'm not advocating such it needs revolution
Officer Hayaman (1 month ago)
kibudome (1 month ago)
United Nations UN simple
When I look to every miserable country in Africa I see The Republic Terrorist State of France History full of Killing local peoples Patriotic Leaders Retarded French
STRATE PAPER (1 month ago)
Reprobate minds?🤔
Mr. D (1 month ago)
I love how the narrator redefines minor age prostitution as "foreigners having a look at the local beauties." Then it gets even better as he asks rethoric questions likes:"Why is this country plundered by western corporations so poor? Let`s ask the corrupt government officials installed by western countries."
Sphesihle Ngubane (1 month ago)
Let us decolonise our continent please. Let us not suffer with our own minerals
Donald H. Tyers (1 month ago)
All African Nation leaders are criminals!!!!!
Mr. D (1 month ago)
Whenever there is a leader that is no corruptable, that leader gets a bullet in the head. The West is pretty good on making it clear to every ressource rich country on the planet, "Go along or we`ll kill you."
Turin Turambar (1 month ago)
Black African Congoloids: 65 IQ and Below. Never invented the wheel. No philosophers coming to mind. No civilization of its own. Arabs: 85 - 100 IQ. Extensive history of inventing and creativity. Leaders of the Islamic golden age. Notable thinkers including Averroes. One of the west's greatest rivalling civilizations. "What's going on?"
Bob Mbeki (1 month ago)
Some scientific studies has found that "what you call congoloids" have relatively higher IQ (they are still trying to confirm or figure out why). You Arabs have lower IQ than Jews. The white middle class men have relatively the highest IQ ever! No one comes even closer to them. Deal with it!
B 1 (1 month ago)
Pohadkove Cesko (1 month ago)
200k a month WTF the Dutch prime minister gets that in a year..
Andre Brown (1 month ago)
phoebe munyua (1 month ago)
why africa why??!
Florin Gabriel (2 months ago)
bc they have no brain.
Napoleon Bonaparte (2 months ago)
I still have relatives living here. There needs to be a revolution.
Mr. D (1 month ago)
No chance, anyone like Thomas Sankara gets assassinated. The west does not allow that anyone takes away the butter from their bread. Look up "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", John Perkins
kawyahgaradi (2 months ago)
Who ever is responsible for this deserve a thousand death!!
kawyahgaradi (1 month ago)
+Mr. D . No I don't actually
Mr. D (1 month ago)
Do you have an Iphone?
Avery S (2 months ago)
The biggest corrupt mining companies are jewish owned! I hope the Africans know that the jews also enslaved them, traded them and tortured them. In fact, the idea of enslaving a race was conceptualized by the jews. Read their Torah (Old Testament).
Sunil Francis George (2 months ago)
Very Tragic. I feel for the people who have to deal and endure this travesty for a lifetime.
Congo has the richest resources on earth
Mr. D (1 month ago)
Which means they`re fucked!
Franck Stardome Ltd (2 months ago)
Fake news...Glencore is not owned by Congolese...White devils own it....Glencore was one of the main sponsor of the Great African war and a impeccable tax évasion expert
Damian Fung (2 months ago)
They are about to deplete the congo of it's minerals
Mr. D (1 month ago)
... for your iphone, smile!
RussiaNukesAmerica3 (2 months ago)
Because the Saudis r ' white ' and the Congo isn't.
S. Sarajlić (2 months ago)
Maybe it is because many men at a young age have 8 children with different women and do not pay alimony. Race matters.
Baseboy live (2 months ago)
Foolish African president, puppet presidents and rulers, your people are dying, you are looting and feeding this white cocasians who hate you, and think they give you aid, why they are still from you!!
Jahha H (2 months ago)
African governments need to stop being sellout puppets... p.i
Yual Dut (2 months ago)
Trillions of dollars and yet these leaders in these countries are able to trick outsiders and hide the money without a single person knowing where that money is. Something sounds fishy. And the individuals interviewed speak perfect English when conga was a Belgium colony. Again very fishy. Resources that are sold in dollars or euros and most likely end up in western banks cause most African countries don't have stable currency or banks to park that money (which is in the trillions by the way) without a single individual willing to follow the money but point fingers at African leaders being corrupt. The whole world smells like fish now. Two countries that have resources in the trillions ( Saudi Arabia and congo) both with "dictator regime" and one we can see what they do with their wealth and one we say is corrupt but yet give no explanation as to where exactly that wealth is. Follow the money of these countries leaders and it always leads a trail right straight to the doorstep of western banks. Most people know well enough if these leaders parked their money at Chinese banks I can guarantee you 110% most western leaders would be so procise as to naming the exact banks and owners of those banks that African leaders would have their money parked at. We all know the reason why these stories always portray African leaders as irresponsible and greedy but never get the full story nor following of the money to see exactly where it's parked at!!!!
Rimu N (2 months ago)
I've got to say, I disliked the British for colonization but my gosh, every country that Belgium or France touched is absolutely fucked.
Paradev Paradev (2 months ago)
India is faaar better than Congo.. and we hardly have natural resources .. as the guy said honesty is required to run a country ..
KokaKolaKan (2 months ago)
Are they waiting for someone to save them?
bongani mondlana (2 months ago)
khadafi was the only african leader who we hoped would change Africa and the westerners took him out cause he was a threat. Why isn't kablila being attacked by the us for human abuse (i guess he's no threat and is a puppet
gastone ogweno (2 months ago)
Can foreigners plunder a country like this on their own? No the problem lies with Africans.
Nick Q (2 months ago)
Victim of global elites banking cartels by bribing ignorant corrupt politicians n corrupt military personnel. Devil of colonial governance: poor education n poverty.
Kindness Khupe (2 months ago)
zimbabwean army secured those minerals to kabila
Domenico Coviello (2 months ago)
Iq of Congo 77
Avik Sarkar (3 months ago)
Ever wonder why mineral rich countries are so poor and countries with literally no minerals are among the richest
Mike M (3 months ago)
With a stroke of a pen, 3/4 of DRC issues can be sorted. Imagine sanctioning a list of companies believed to be engaged in corruption, from trading with the US and EU. So if a company mines raw materials for electronic devices, it is stopped from selling anything to the US and EU and if say samsung or apple uses parts from that manufacturer it too is closed off from the Western market. Suddenly it becomes cheaper to pay taxes in congo than get sanctioned. But it's not in the West's interest to have a stable DRC.
Douglas Santet (3 months ago)
Congo should wake up quickly ,no wonder the west does not want "regime change" in congo
tomas amical Lumumba (3 months ago)
Karma does this thing God is the creator not the white The people vote didactor president Not the European So wake up and let lumumba died for mobuto run the country Lumumba was loyal to his people but the people not
dominguez prado (3 months ago)
Congo RULERS should STOP ENGAGING in CORRUPT DEALS whether with FRENCH MINING COMPANIES or others, who take 90 0/0 of the country's RICHES and leave a HILARIOUS 10 0/0 to the CONGO people. A Chavez
horizons own (3 months ago)
I think i might become a congolese polotician. The only flaw in that plan is i have to learn fucking french.
Sakinah Hur (3 months ago)
Many migrants escaping to EU are from these areas... International foreign business corruption along with internal political corruption leads people to escape for a dream on living somewhere else... Think about where the source of why these migrants come to EU and try to make differences for them to stay home, which they would prefer... With Peace Sakinah 🌹
steve mayala (3 months ago)
I like how many blame Africa and don't want Africans blaming the west....and don't want refuges.. Let me ask you this ...why don't your armies and secret services stop coming to our countries... Where is saddam, ghadaffi, Lumumba, Compaore? Who killed them ? Why is france still taxing africa?
Thembelani Mkhize (3 months ago)
I feel like crying when I see Africa so poor and yet is rich in mineral resources. West is the main reason.
mustapha nzeba mukuna (3 months ago)
You want to bring peace to Congo and development get ready with Christianity the cancer for Congo
Bee be Cee (3 months ago)
Ask who had been stealing from Congo in the last century until now.
Africa Mega (3 months ago)
I know you, just keep on watching me and get paid but keep 1 eye open.
Africa Mega (3 months ago)
Just watch.
Michael Mage (3 months ago)
The DRC is a fucking shithole because of greed.
Kelvin nyenza (3 months ago)
Thats why Europe is full of black immigrants every day
Kenny McCormick (3 months ago)
what can you do when u have kids and u need to feed them. When u try to fight the government they point a gun at you. Fight corruption as your kids starve. Or struggle to find every little to feed your kids as corruption increases.
Malcom Canning (3 months ago)
they can all be bought. its a black thing
Africa Mega (3 months ago)
This is going to stop very soin, congolese people will be respected again.
Grizzly (3 months ago)
Indeed nothing is gonna happen ;D
Grizzly (3 months ago)
And what do you expect to happen? xD
Africa Mega (3 months ago)
There's also a congolese saying "mutu abatami aleki yo na mayele" the person that's hidden, he's more intelligent then you 😉 Treat me any how but give us few years and you'll understand this génération's plan... Undercover brother man. Good day to you.
Grizzly (3 months ago)
"don't wanna reveal our plans" there are no plans if you can't even explain a thing or understand how a country can grow xD there is this Dutch saying "iemand blij maken met een dode mus" Pretty much means making somebody happy with a dead sparrow. That's what you're doing telling lies making people happy for something that isn't good or won't even happen. Normally people do that to others but you managed to believe yourself.
Africa Mega (3 months ago)
More like we don't wanna reveal our plans because the first one is to get rid of some people's nozes in our business.
sundiii99OWS (3 months ago)
There is a way to end this child and adult slavery: get US and UK to say the wage is wrong, or just say every person should forever get a GUARANTEED RESIDUAL INCOME. Corporations are like a beast that has one body, and the 7 richest ones have seven heads on long necks: they're all connected financially in the body. Same for governments, but a another beast, seven richest governments. No individual can ever win a battle against them. But if people worldwide become united together, then we become much more powerful, and then we have a chance of winning, and ending world poverty quickly, because billions of people are starving to death. Just think of feeding children, nothing else. Everyone please fast for 2-3 days so you can feel what it's like to be starving.
The End (3 months ago)
Wow, there is a Wakanda and their leadership takes advantage of their people, amazing?  Socialism at its best!
Diraac Dropper (3 months ago)
I couldn't even finish watching it, it boils me inside.
Uncle Ruckus (3 months ago)
I blame African leaders. I won't blame the West for taking advantage of the stupidity and evilness of these people. If you are willing to starve your own people, in order to drive some Mercedes or BMW, you are the primary responsible for the conditions of your country.
Bantze Hotep (1 month ago)
I know you are redneck troll. I don't blame you since your low IQ rednecks practice bestiality and incest. They are sickening. Once you get your house in order, you can come here and tell Congolese what to do.
Uncle Ruckus (1 month ago)
Bantze Hotep Why shouldn’t I?
Bantze Hotep (1 month ago)
Nonsense! Do you blame gangsters for terrorizing a community?
Paul Patriot (3 months ago)
France you get out of Africa. All its does is to continue colonizing its colonies and stealing from them, same a belgium
GODESTINY (3 months ago)
The problem is 2fold. Africa is fucked due to how it is arranged. The brits and other colonialists did a fine job of grouping diffrent ethnic groups in one country so wars and conflicts will never end in africa until borders are redrawn by ethnic and relegious lines. The second peoblem is corruption. There is corruption is other countries as well but nowhere to the extent there is in african countries. Until those issues are solved there is no way africa could become succesful
cosMICjester (2 months ago)
+GODESTINY Blah. blah blah it's whitey's fault. Do u shiaatstains ever take any responsibility for anything?? Black South Africans have been rioting, robbing & killing other black immigrants from African countries. You're tribal violent beasts who hate each other. BLAME YOURSELVES.
w (3 months ago)
african tradition.
Leader Never Follow (3 months ago)
Because congolese are stupid
M Africa (3 months ago)
We need to get rid of the Europeans and America and bring in Russia. You can never do business with your former colonizers they will Fuc. Every time it’s time to get France and all these people out
Grizzly (3 months ago)
Funny thing is most Russians are Europeans and white
Leader Never Follow (3 months ago)
M Africa you wont because your scared of the white men , you want to be white
Davo. M (3 months ago)
What do people not understand? Blacks are incapable of running a country ( very low IQ) Take a minute and look at Africa, poverty, over breading, corruption on a grand scale............ The blacks are dragging Africa back into the dark ages. Look what is happening to South Africa, thank you ANC, Jacob Zuma (just to name one), biggest criminal alive! And NO I'm not being racist, its fact.
krispy kreme (2 months ago)
You're not just racist, you're a retarded racist.
احمد السودان (3 months ago)
There are plenty of African countries escaping poverty
Leader Never Follow (3 months ago)
Davo. M im mix white and black and your right
RomanianSocialist (3 months ago)
Capitalism at its finest. And if these people tried rising up against their government they would be shot
Truck Diesel (3 months ago)
The problem is that the people at the bottom are too dumb to rise against their oppressors.. they can’t read or write or share information so they will stay dumb — this their life and harsh reality, it’s sad but they don’t matter ... it’s like the people in the ghetto rising up against Wall Street, where would they start? Sorry but some African people will always be poor and backwards and dumb. It’s just how it is.
Leader Never Follow (3 months ago)
Truck Diesel exactly
william wekesa (3 months ago)
White oligarchy and the eastern oligarchy are to blame

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