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Military deal: America after natural resources in Africa - Dr. Ahorsu

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Adams Dabre (1 year ago)
USA always talking about democracy only to fool people, to me democracy is a system of corruption, say let democracy bring peace and you ask yourself what kind of peace? oh there wouldn't be any coup so our people will live in peace, what happens is this western countries will then start robbing your country without you ever knowing it, they say you have peace but not peace with your stomach, in case some of us don't know, ghana alone is far more richer then 10 European countries put together, how come we are so poor ? They make Africans sycological poor and we believe we are poor, that's why when you see an in Africa instantly you believe they are right, anything they ask about your country you start vomit every secrets about your country and about your people, for example if the westerner ask about your country's leadership you tell he, about your gold mine your tell him everything, while in euros those countries that have little gold, perhaps the king/queen doesn't even know where the mine is , they have nothing, African wealth is what they been using against America, we ship everything to they for free, we say children to go to school they go only to but no chairs to sit not even to talk about food for them, again ask yourself what befit did democracy bring to Africa ? I say is democracy is nothing more than hypocrisy and a lie

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