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Buying Legal CBD Weed with Bitcoin in Vienna

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An old bud started a (legal) CBD weed shop in Vienna, Austria. It's completely legal to sell as an aromatic plant and it's not illegal to smoke... it's the most relaxing smoke in the world and doesn't get you high at all--it's absolutely lovely. Add me on Snapchat! JAYURBZZ http://www.facebook.com/jayurbzz http://www.instagram.com/jayurbzz all my other stuff you can see on www.PerceptionTravel.TV
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Text Comments (6)
Nejat Tüter (1 month ago)
we need thc
MrTRYTOO (5 months ago)
on their website it says that sissy only has 6.4% cbd !?!?!?!
Seyfi Ali (7 months ago)
only shit no thc
Dijan Arthur (11 months ago)
Wo kaufen?
eastereggg (8 months ago)
Magu CBD, Stiftgasse 19, 1070 Wien oder www.magu-cbd.com
Dan Coleman (1 year ago)
What strains?

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