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Linux Essentials L01 What is Linux Essentials Certification

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If you are serious about gaining your Linux Essentials certification you can gain a heavily discounted price to my Linux Essentials course via this link: https://www.udemy.com/learning-linux-essentials-taking-your-first-steps-in-linux/?couponCode=youtube-video More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com In this video we introduce the newest LPI, Linux Professional Institute certification: Linux Essentials. Through a series of video tutorials we will prepare you for your exam or at least furthering your interest in Linux
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Engineer Waqar Ahmed (1 year ago)
What does it have to do with CCNA ?
Brock sator (2 years ago)
Love the your videos so far. If possible could you add a few move videos to the play list going a little more in depth to piping and user and groups
Paul Ward (2 years ago)
Just started taking your courses on PLURALSIGHT. Really great. I'm finding a briliant new interest at the age of 55. Many years ago when I left school I was an operator of an IBM3090 using JES2 and JES3. Using the command line was all we had so I really love this Linuxy stuff. (Can't ever see me getting a job using it though at my age !!!)
Nick H (2 years ago)
Thanks Andrew. Awesome!
Thanks, I find it very useful.
Cloud Academy (3 years ago)
Hi, such a great material here for the Linux Certification.  I'd like to recommend these full-courses for the LPIC Certification as well.  Enjoy:  1. Linux certification - Introduction  https://cloudacademy.com/cloud-computing/courses/lpic-1-linux-certification-introduction/ 2. Linux certification - Boot and Package Management https://cloudacademy.com/cloud-computing/courses/lpic-1-linux-boot-and-package-management/ 3. Linux certification - System Architecture https://cloudacademy.com/cloud-computing/courses/lpic-1-linux-certification-system-architecture/
dobiem1 (4 years ago)
Hello Andrew. I note that on the LPI certification site that the LPIC-3 is being withdrawn end of 2013! Will this be replaced with an alternative set of exams?
theurbanpenguin (4 years ago)
No LPIC-3 continues but you just need to sit one exam rather than the cousre and specialist exams as before. The old core and integrating exams were retired and a new integrating exam along with the security and visualization exam. I am working on tutorials for 303 the security exam at the moment
wise_man (5 years ago)
Thank you for the good work. Much appreciated!!!

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