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Chile Miners Rescue 21 Johnny Barrios Rojas Wife & mistress issues

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http://www.facebook.com/NSOTD Miner Johnny Barrios Rojas, left, embraces his girlfriend Susana Valenzuela after being rescued from the collapsed San Jose gold and copper mine. His wife of 28 years Marta Salinas is thought to have not known of the affair with his mistress Susana Valenzuela until the two women ran into each other amid the tents pitched by family members anxiously holding vigil - and a very public spat ensued. More: Who'll play Johnny Barrios and Susana Valenzuela in Chilean Miners: The Movie? Mr Barrios, the 21st miner to emerge from the collapsed mine after 69 days, had sent a letter requesting both women to greet him when he was rescued, writing he wished them both to be friends. But the 50-year-old looked around sheepishly as he emerged from the rescue tube that elevated him to the Earth's surface, peering through sunglasses as mining officials in red shirts applauded loudly. More still: More amazing rescues. Among them, smiling widely and waiting for him to notice her stood Ms Valenzuela. When he did not, the round-faced strawberry blonde walked around to face Mr Barrios and gave him a long kiss and hug, weeping into the shoulder of his jumpsuit as he whispered into her ear. Ms Salinas was nowhere to be seen. She said: 'I am happy because he made it, it's a miracle of God. But I'm not going to see the rescue. 'He asked me to but it turns out that he also asked the other lady, and I am a decent woman. Things are clear: it's her or me.' Mr Barrios' sister told the Daily Telegraph: 'Marta is angry. She feels humiliated and she has said she is not going to see him... so in the end it's Susana's arms he will run into.' Weeks earlier, Mr Barrios' wife had ripped down a poster of her husband put up by his mistress. Defiant, the mistress taped the poster back up, and beneath several poems and prayers she had dedicated to him, she signed it 'Your Wife'.
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Davlyn Nolan (8 months ago)
I'll bet he was the only one who wanted to stay down there lol... (p.s. That was a joke FYI)
guitarralaraja (5 years ago)
Invite? Do you think this was a talk show? They were trapped, he just wanted to fuck both grande yonni weon caliente jajajajaj
guitarralaraja (5 years ago)
This made my day!! Unfaithful Chilean Miner Yonni Barrios Offered $100,000 to Be Spokesman for Cheating Website hahahahahaha
smithraymond09029 (8 years ago)
It could have been his gay lover waiting for him. Talk about egg on your face.
jankunas13 (8 years ago)
@ashesawful He didn't invite anyone. When you fall 700 meters underground and they are going to get you out the people that love you come wait. The wife and mistress met there, they found out they where waiting for the same guy. Still his fault though.
Charlette Hernandez (8 years ago)
@BanginChula That is so true.
wussyme (8 years ago)
@sydog11 I bet he was extremely relieved to have been underground when they found out,. :op The only place on earth they can't find and castrate him.
wussyme (8 years ago)
@ashesawful he had been separated fro his wife for many years. it's hard to get a divorce there. Then he moved on with the new woman. He prob invited his wife because he felt bad for her, or out of respect for her since she'd been holding vigil for him. My guess is that if she hadn't turned up there, he wouldn't have invited her. It's too bad this guy is getting vilified so badly. He really hasn't done anything wrong, and the other miners several of whom also have mistresses, get nothing.
hcindy1226 (8 years ago)
Regardless of the marital situation, you DON'T invite both of them, and if they had been separated for 6 years, then the wife really shouldn't have given a d**n, and he shouldn't have cared either. However, he definitely looked a bit uncomfortable being greeted by the woman.
ashesawful (8 years ago)
Why the fuck would he invite his wife and his mistress to come meet him, he should have just chosen one or the other.
OgirlmjTruths (8 years ago)
he didn't seem too happy to be back , his expression is real dry compared to the others, and he clearly WAS looking for his wife...the legal one!
Akire Ebrauj (8 years ago)
Apparently he and his wife were separated over 6 yrs and the so called mistress was his non legal wifey. Everyones so quick to judge without actually knowing and as if this has never happened in life lol
your wifes boyfriend (8 years ago)
@ahpuesbru With her other man.
Jacquie Hurley (8 years ago)
What a sad event for this poor man and his family. None of this is anyone's business and it is very sad that, even without knowing the whole situation, the world passes judgement on this very private situation. WE should all be ashamed!
hcindy1226 (8 years ago)
Don't feel the least bit sorry for him. I read in another article that the miners were asked to choose 3 people to meet him. He chose his wife, his mistress, and a brother. Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe there was a lack of oxygent to the brain down there, or he's just stupid. I vote for the latter!
June Daniels (8 years ago)
Wife was humiliated and too upset to receive back her husband in public. This mistress should have at least stepped aside and shown some class. I don't blame the wife for not showing up where she was not respected. I wish Yonni all the luck in the world. He literally has his hands full. After these two women get thru with him, he won't have a penny.
B C (8 years ago)
where the wife at?
ShebadKim (8 years ago)
He really didn't wanna kiss her! Lmbao! He came out lookin around like damn where my ppl at and c her ugly ass! Wow, wife was a good one cause she may not have known about the mistress but you better believe she new about the wife! Ida waited til them cameras turned off and whooped dat ass n told her now run tell that homegirl!
RuffhouseNC (8 years ago)
His jumpoff had his back.
Colette Ahearn (8 years ago)
yes but he was seperated from his wife for a number of years so I dont see the problem??
albert finney (8 years ago)
@ahpuesbru seems it's mistress. Wife met her on the site. Seems he invited both of them to greet him. SURE! Wife of 28 years, mistress 4. Surprise! Mistress posted pic of him. Wife ripped down. Mistress put it back up and added to the bottom--'his wife,' meaning SHE was. This was 'blonde round faced mistress.' Wife said she felt nothing much about it and made the right decision. He sure narrowed his options. I guess both leave him. He though trapped in mine bad. Tough.
jose Guerra (8 years ago)
Ha ha ha, look at his face, ha ha ha, imaging him running back to the capsule and trying to go back ha ha ha, just kidding, he is in a bad position, but poor guy he will need to be rescue again
B C (8 years ago)
isnt his wife??????? I dont understand
justmyopinion88 (8 years ago)
I heard he wanted both of them there because he loved them both and wanted them to be friends... the wife wouldn't come if the other woman was there... I thought he was very disrespectful toward his wife.... this is a very embarrassing situation..... I think it would have been worse if she showed up....
Dan Castro (8 years ago)
mmmm, se le va ir hondo!

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