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REAL economical situation! How do Ukrainians hide their income?

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My services - http://ukrainianspace.com/services-2/ Donations PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/OlgaReznikova Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/oliareznikova Contact me: Page of my blog in FB - https://www.facebook.com/ukrainianspace My personal FB page - https://www.facebook.com/olga.reznikova.129 Reznikova trips - https://www.facebook.com/reznikovatours/ Instagram - olgareznikova Twitter - https://twitter.com/ukrainianspace For business correspondence - [email protected] Statistic information. When you want to understand economical situation of the country, you open statistic and try to estimate incomes, salaries, prices etc... But it doesn't works for Ukraine. Believe me. If you remember, I work in economical department in state administration, and also I worked in private business (and still working actually). So I know how government collect this statistic data and how private sector of economy create them. It's totally random numbers which don't show any real picture. Private sector shows what is better for them, and government also change this statistic to more good-looking numbers. Nothing real. If you want to understand real situation, use data of international agencies like Standard&Poors, Fitch Group, Moody's etc. But not state statistic. Average salary. Imagine that numbers are real. Even in that case average salary shows you nothing, and here I will explain why: salaries in Kyiv and regions are very different. Average salary in Ukraine on last November was 5406 UAH (200USD), but in Kyiv it's 9000UAH, and in region is down to the 3900UAH. As you see, 9000 and 3900 is a big difference. And both salaries are average for regions. Do you believe people really live with 200USD per month? ;-) I think it's ridiculous, because even renting an apartment in Kyiv is from 300$ per month. there are "official salary" and "black salary". Statistic can show you just official salary, which employer shows on his report. But I actually don't know if there are companies which pay 100% official salaries. Because law is very strict and you have to pay salaries every months, in other case there will be huge fine and even criminal responsibility. But what if once time company will not have money for it? Sometimes there is a delay from suppliers, bank issues... anything can be, and by that day company will not have money to on bank account to pay salaries. It's will be crazy for them. So one of the most popular "legal" way - to show some small salary as a official salary, and another amount pay as a bonuses. Also official, with taxes, but as a bonuses. So in that case you already have a wrong imagination about salary, because official salary can be 200$, and bonuses - 400$. Another way - show official small salary (very often it's minimal salary) and another amount pay by cash. Also very popular scheme. Person in reality can have 600$, but according to official documents he earn 100-200$ per month. Don't pay any official salary to person, just give him cash. It also can be, very often. In that case you can't count it in general. 3. Private entrepreneurs. This is the most important part of people. You can't be very rich working on somebody. But you can be rich working on yourself. I think it makes sense in every country. Not a lot of people have high salaries, but they can have a high income working on themselves. How much do they earn? God knows. If they work with a cash (on markets, service field), you have never know how much do they earn. They need to put money which they earn into their bank account, and after that it's considered as their income from business. And they will pay taxes from this amount. But what if they will not put it into bank account?.... Most companies higher workers as a private entrepreneurs. They just sign contract about partnership. It's convenient for both of them, because if you are private entrepreneur, you pay much less taxes from your income, than when you are employee, and you pay taxes from your salary + your employer need to pay some taxes for you. They can work officially, but you will not see their real income in statistic of "average salary" . And as higher is salary, as much more better to work as a private entrepreneur. You will get up to 30% more money. So guys, who are looking for young models in Ukraine - count your money ;-) Girls are not stupid and they are not USSR women anymore who were ready to marry just if you buy them jeans and eyeshadows. They have everything here. We have rich Ukrainians, we have poor Ukrainians. Life is very different. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Aviation Museum in Kiev: don't miss the visit!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co-OkDVk9zA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Almuthanna hijji (8 days ago)
You talked so much but you didn’t really say anything ..
Almuthanna hijji (8 days ago)
You wasted too much time repeating the same .. no need for average salary .. what is the beginners by salary of school teacher , doctor , minimum wages as per government , new hired banker ... so on
jerome jolle (1 month ago)
Hi Olga, I encountered that eastern economical paradox when I started working in Romania, Bucarest. Fancy cars parked on my street, pretty high prices for renting a flat (300 euros for mine) Then you get to know how the country works)) I'm french, and we also have this underground economy factor, but without any possible comparison! You guys have no idea.. Banks are blacklisted, you never hear about paying any tax, but you will complain all the time about how bad infrastructures are, and corruption..
Kim Cole (1 month ago)
We have some friends that live in the village Kytu, near Lviv. They had some problems with the husband not making enough working a job (unofficial job). The wife has cancer and they have 4 kids. In a village situation how much would someone be able to make with no special job training?
Audia Keny (1 month ago)
as my business was Macedonia, so very EU..
Audia Keny (1 month ago)
how do you connect to Europe ?
Audia Keny (1 month ago)
all of the above..
Socialism kills
Steve Marshall (1 month ago)
What is the current monetary unit (rubles, etc?)in Ukraine
Charles C (1 month ago)
How likely are Ukrainian women for marriage with foreigners? Specially If I only speak English and Spanish.
Mikhail Saavedra (1 month ago)
You know I get where Olga is coming from, but honestly, I think its a bit too bright of a perspective and perhaps tinged with a touch of national pride. I am a journalist who spent a whole year in Kiev as a correspondent and I saw much of what she explains and the "creative" way people bill. But I do think that the economic situation is much too volatile and outside of the big cities quite dire. The reality of speaking with young professionals and business owners is that they would live elsewhere if able (easily 50% of all the people I spoke with, interviewed told me this directly). Also, the idea of an anticorruption agency is laughable in the CURRENT situation, not saying that this cannot change or that smart people don't understand that this should change, but taking into consideration the number of politicians I interviewed and how truly rotten they are I say it is going to be an uphill battle. Having said that I loved the place and its people.
Mikhail Saavedra (1 month ago)
I should add that in spite of the fair anarchy of the economic situation the place is astonishingly safe considering (I am currently in Latin America, which I love intensely, but where safety can be an issue.
William Gill_Esq. (1 month ago)
To estimate average MONTHLY salary in Ukraine, first know what the average is --$300 per month, and $500 per month in Kiev, and then adjust for Purchasing Power Parity, and then remember most people live in their old Soviet apartment and therefore have no rent or mortgage payment. And yes, many people receive half or all of their salary off the books in cash to avoid paying taxes and this "helps" the employer not pay payroll taxes. Bottom line: the Russian war caused the economy to collapse and the situation is still very bad. The poverty level is very high - at least 70% and imo and the opinion of many experts in Ukraine it is more like 80%.
Umair Abdul Aziz (1 month ago)
how can I pm you?
john lee h (2 months ago)
In sintesi , dice che c'e' del pilu in Ukraina..
NOH Gwang Min (2 months ago)
Hi. It seems same in china. I had lived in china for 3years. Tbh,Im really surprised how the samething happening in china. My chinese friends told me most of chinese guys take hidden money whichi is same or more amount of real income. I was laughed at how the communist party members says "my income is only 800$" but they have big home and expensive Audi,bmw,bentz. So ridiculous. They are used to hiding their real income like that. So i am wonder that issues could be happe in somewhere countries in former soviet. Do you think this happening in your neighborhood countries?
Migo Miga (2 months ago)
Olga why u got married so fast?
Ralph Hunter (2 months ago)
thank you-Ya jockou
First Last (2 months ago)
Every 5th car is a new BMW, Audi, or Mercedes. A reasonable 2bd apartment in Kiev or Odessa starts at $1k/month. At the time of writing this 9000 UAH is $345. You do the math. Oh, and people who drive those cars and own those apartments pay no taxes.
Olga Reznikova (2 months ago)
Yes true
Jungin Baek (3 months ago)
What's 9000 greenis? in dollars?
Olga Reznikova (2 months ago)
check current exchange rate
zzz ZZZ zzz (3 months ago)
Hi guys! I will tell about Ukraine with my eyes. For an IT specialist, Ukraine can be a paradise on earth. Look, investing in a small apartment in the capital costs about $ 22,000. If you are a good hired specialist, then your income can be about $ 7000 per month. $ 2000 per month you can spend on yourself completely covering your needs, $ 5000 per month you can invest in anything. If you invest in apartments, then every five months you can buy a new apartment, ie. more than two apartments a year. The average rental price for such apartments will be $ 250 per month. Playing in the primary housing market, you can multiply investments of about 15-20% per year. In short, starting to engage in such investments with such income at 30, you can safely retire at 40 years. Will suffice for travel and for life, and help children. Excuse me, they will translate through Google Translate, my whole life in the domestic market has worked.
Skye Bowen (3 months ago)
Sounds like government statistics all around the world.
peter Dorr (4 months ago)
Her hourly rate is 390 Hryvnia. Who earns that in the Ukraine? Hardly going to be achieving any good deals if everyone knows the translator is on that per hour. The myth about two tier salary? wages are low... And yes cash in hand is the way. But employees are not earning big wages. Apartments were free to Ukraines ignore the western prices.
uday mahulkar (4 months ago)
olga's work show how a woman can handle her country beautifully......... my best wishes to olga.
uday mahulkar (4 months ago)
curruption is the gift of god,it happens when situation or human goes wrong. all the qualities in this world is to make this world balance and harmonious......this is the main moto of god. in india god means sweet in a state. it means when you worship god you just eat a sweet
Free dom (4 months ago)
Wow, if you make love as you talk it will be interesting as hell ;)
bharat josh (4 months ago)
i take that information as informative and inclusive
Vetericus N (5 months ago)
Hi Olga I still love your videos. I studied Bulgarian, then Russian because it seems to be a 'standard' but I want to know Ukrainian language. It's beautiful. Большое благодарю
Mac Burrton (5 months ago)
Hmm, seems legit 😂
impero1936 (6 months ago)
800$ for flat in kiev?! 150 square meters whit European standard in centre kiev near president ;) in kiev only people's works for foreign company have good salary or oligarch (politics corrupt). Oscee data 2018 it's 70% poor people's in Ukraine. Average salary 200$/month. Retirees 50/80$ month. Many girls in Ukraine will tell you that they need $ 5,000 a month to live. they watch too much TV and music videos with rich people. the truth is very different.
zzz ZZZ zzz (3 months ago)
my salary is $ 7000 per month, the official salary, I do not remember, but about $ 150 a month. IT industry. Kiev.
Phil (6 months ago)
I once had a guy turn up in a Merc in Kiev (a real nice newish one) that my date had called from the taxi company. We wasn't expecting one just the usual bog standard car. Cost a ridiculously cheap amount to go just a few miles up the road, no more than 100 UAH. Girl seemed to reckon he was doing it for petrol money though petrol is supposed to be fairly expensive out there I hear. So it was kind of a bizarre situation as to why a guy would use an expensive car to earn a pittance - unless of course as said earlier by someone it was bought on the cheap by inappropriate means. I think there is an aspect that some people are poor or wealthier in all societies, but is perhaps slightly more poor people in Ukraine at the moment. An poor performing economy will do this - recession, high inflation or interest rates, high unemployment. Could happen to many economies, look at Germany in the late 1920s & early 1930s and we can see the affect it has. Same was true for UK in the early to mid 90s - few people but the wealthiest or those at least in employment had the money to spend.
W Radford (6 months ago)
It's really funny how these hoes know numbers and how to break down to the exact percentage of income for a man vs. how much they weigh/dress size....
Lyle Chesley (7 months ago)
Very beautiful eyes!
Naso Bouko (7 months ago)
No wonder Ukrainians immigrate in vast numbers.
احمد العباسي (7 months ago)
Can you collect a study invitation?
RAM MONDAL (7 months ago)
Sorry,I don't want to rude ,but video is kind a long
tempest411 (8 months ago)
What a mess. But it explains a lot. If Ukraine wants to be anything other than the red headed step child of Europe it's going to have to fix itself!
Carl Zapotny (8 months ago)
can you tell me what city in ukraine the tipan mutant air riffle came from i know it is made in ukraine thank you
Martin Nemčko (9 months ago)
Great video, I was in Lvov and Odessa last year. Price and food in restaurant was best on world but was really suspicious how Ukrainians could afford hotels in Odessa (near arcadia) or one near beach called Nero. Now I know.
silvialo5 (9 months ago)
how much cost anticorruption agency ?? :-) :-) :-) the more oil you put the deeper you can push for business
Muhammad Yasir (9 months ago)
Du bist sehr schöner frau ❤
Jack Lafrance (10 months ago)
Шановна Ольга, ваше відео дуже цікаво, і я їх все спостерігаю, було б дуже ціну-каємо, якщо ви зробите відео про те, як ніхто-резидент може придбати нерухомість в Україні?
Jack Lafrance (10 months ago)
Велике спасибі Ользі, ваше відео чудово
7Ahilles (10 months ago)
Hide 100$ in 250 income 500$ salary ? As hooker maybe Old people cant affort meat and scared of another winter coz warm cost more and more.
dominic k (10 months ago)
Watch the RT video on YouTube> wages in Ukraine lower than Bangladesh and Ghana> well that say,s enough!
dominic k (10 months ago)
Olga you talk like you,r on medication and you try to make Ukraine a little bit better than it really is. First of all you can not compare Kiev with the rest of the country,secondly you do not really make clear what the REAL economical situation is! I know that it,s not so good with the economical situation in Ukraine,a normal low educated worker does not make more than 300 euro,s a month (busdrivers,shop assistants,warehouse employee,s) excetra. When these people renting an appartment for 300 euro than they live with more people in one house,adults that still living with their parents or a brother that lives with his sister and her husband for sharing the rent. Ofcourse you see enough people in Kiev that lives good and drive new expensive cars but all those people that you see in the metro haven,t got much more than a IPhone or a tablet. Altough you see a lot of rich people in Kiev,the majority of people in Ukraine lives below the poverty line. I am sorry to say but Ukraine is not like a Western European country,you see the poverty and corruption everywere.
Hang Geng (7 months ago)
I don't think she is on medication but I think her views are subjective though. In reality, I know for sure NOT everyone even can make 2000 hryvnas a month(((((((((( This really saddens me((( Perhaps only for her, someone who works for the government, and lucky enough to get in to it, can earn at least 50,000 hryvnas a month...world is unfair( I used to work as a delivery man in CHINA! Got spit on, cursed at, called names, and even a fist fight once from those who I delivered to. Now a teacher and a translator still and always will respect those who is in the MANUEL LABOUR SERVICES INDUSTRY(Blue collars)
Marek Rajnic (11 months ago)
Nice video about grey economy, but Olga try not to paint nice picture with things like expensive cars- Ukrainians should be ready to admit that the country is a corruption mess, where numerous nationalities do not have their rights- its like Baltics who scream out how progressive they are, but most of their young people emigrate from there.
rawstarmusic (11 months ago)
So were do you earn your money? What do employers pay? What do you get working in a shop and can you rent apartment and live normally? Where do you get the money?
Jonas Fransson (11 months ago)
So, with all these bonuses to the salary.. What is a normal wage in Ukraine or more specific Kyiv? :)
Jonas Fransson (11 months ago)
Olga Reznikova Thanks! So you could probably say that if you earn 400$, in reality you probably earn about 800$? That 50-60% is bonuses. Just an example :)
Olga Reznikova (11 months ago)
normal is 800-1000$, but average is around 350$
Jari Kalenius - Finn (11 months ago)
I think that expensive cars on the streets do not tell that people are doing well in a country. What is the quality of cars ON AVERAGE, and how many people EVEN DO HAVE a car? What about buildings and infrastructure, that are on average in bad shape in Ukraine? There are homes without basic things like water. When I look at the roads and buildings in Ukraine: it seems to me that this is a different world. What about beggars on the streets and homeless children? And pension: many Ukrainians get about 36€ in a month pension. In Finland average pension is about 1600€/month, minimum is about 1000€ + we get other benefits too, like money for health care and for apartments. Of course Finland is more expensive than Ukraine, but not that much.
Jari Kalenius - Finn (11 months ago)
I compare Ukraine mostly to home country Finland. Never been to France, Italy, USA… Ukraine is a very different world than Finland. Practically there are not beggars in Finland. Lately there have been some, but they are not Finns nor live here. They have come abroad to stay here for a while. There are beggars in big cities like LA, London, Rome and so on. Life in a big city… I suppose in the Middle Europe beggar-problem has lately become bigger because of this refugee crisis. Infrastructure and buildings on average are in very bad condition in Ukraine compared to Finland. Just one example: in stairways in Kyiv, everywhere where I have been: electronic systems like electric cables are a big and dangerous mess. I have not seen anywhere in Finland anything like that, never. And stairways in Kyiv general… But I have not been in new buildings. I have been in the center or near. Average salary in Finland is 3600€/month. A bus driver gets 2000 – 3000€/month. (Taxes + pension fees are about 20%, so he/she gets about 80%.) More man makes money, more taxes. Like a doctor, who can get 6000€ in month, gets about 65%. There are not much very expensive (over 100 000€) cars in Finland. It is a rare, or should I say a very rare sight. Your video has good information. But when you say that you have Teslas, Mercedes, BMWs as taxi cars – you give a wrong impression. I have been 4 times in Kyiv and one time in Odessa. Most of the taxis are bad, satisfying or pretty good. Maybe 5 % taxis are good cars (Mercedes and BMWs that are new, max. 3 years old). But it is very true: there are much very expensive cars in Kyiv, and in Odessa too. Expensive cars on the streets are not a proof that a country is doing well. For example: there are in Moscow more expensive cars than anywhere. There is corruption. And millions live in poverty. 10 workers can live in one room; many people do not have homes, enough food, medicine and so on… Mentality against gay people; mentality that a human is not an individual but a member of a community; clans – these are not heritage from USSR. They are very old Eastern ways. But I suppose these things apply more in Eastern Ukraine than in Western.
Olga Reznikova (11 months ago)
It seems for me that you just had really bad experience or you are trying to pay attention to negative things. 1) How many beggars in Ukraine? Much less than in downtown of LA.. I am travelling a lot in Europe and I see there the same amount of beggars as in Ukraine. So yes having them is not good but this is thing which exist in any country. 2) Infrastructure and buildings. In average they are good, but all depends form local authority and economic or city/village. If this is very very deep village, but they have big agro firm there, the village will looks so nice with all new buildings, roads, nice lights etc.. The same about cities. I don't understand which different world you see in buildings? We have nice, we have bad.. Did you see Italy, France, germany? The same old bad buildings next to good... Just like in Ukraine. Many of them are now renovated in Ukraine. 3) Homes without water - yes it happens in villages, when people don't make water system and use public wells for free. But they are welcome to put pump into well and connect it to water system in the hose. 4). Pensions are small, that's true, but before compare it to Finland, compare how much we and they pay for pension while we are working. People who are in retirement now did not make any pension payment at all. Simply, in USSR there was no social insurance - there was just 10% tax which was going to budget and somehow cover all things. But in reality in market economy such things don't work. That's why now we are trying to reform the system and now you have to pay some social payments... We have got so much problems from USSR which we are still solving now...
Jari Kalenius - Finn (11 months ago)
More: The quality of your taxi cars is poor, on average I mean. Or maybe I should say it is very poor.
Jari Kalenius - Finn (11 months ago)
One more note: many countries and foreign organizations do volunteer work in Ukraine. Why is that? Of course there is a war, and it is a big problem, but it does not explain everything. Anyway this was an interesting video, thanks for it!
Jari Kalenius - Finn (11 months ago)
Note: I have been 5 times in Ukraine.
erwan benzerra (11 months ago)
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Raj Patil (11 months ago)
Hi. I need your help about Privat Bank. Is it safe to invest in that bank. And people say ukraine is under a war situation. Is it true? I am interested in investing in privat bank because it offers high % of interest. What is your opinion on this. Plz help 😊
Hang Geng (7 months ago)
I wouldn't try it if I were you...you can shun me away if you want...see for yourself
William Boyer (1 year ago)
Yes sweetheart, that is in Kiev. This is like me claiming that Manhattan being the bell weather for rent in the US...
William Boyer (1 year ago)
....and this is why I will not invest in the Ukraine. Very dishonest government. I've spent time in Sumy and Kiev, it is DEPRESSED! According to the CIA Fact Book, the Ukraine has a population of 50 million and a GDP of less that $100 billion. Not good. A quarter of a century after the split from the USSR, the Ukraine is still considered a transitional economy. Their banking system sucks too! God Bless this girl since she is the only one I've seen who is even attempting to attract investment. Where has the government been?
Tobi Tobey (1 year ago)
Thanks for elaborating on this topic, very helpful. I had the same questions you mentioned in regards to affordability. This gives me a better perspective of what to expect with Ukrainian rent and the vast price ranges.
Carian Corp (1 year ago)
Your vlog is great. You keep getting better and better. Understandable that the Gov't agrees on reporting only official wages as complete compensation. I can see that pretty handy when meeting with the IMF & World Bank, let alone the ECB. So, keep it coming, you're a great Rep on your country!
dan020350 (1 year ago)
areeb karim (1 year ago)
i am coming ukraine
Jacques Mertens (1 year ago)
More than 16 minutes of endless bla bla, just to explain that some payments are under the counter, like in most countries. Less than 1 minute would have been sufficient. Why not create a new video series? 1 minute for each video, but straight to the point. You would get more views as well.
Hang Geng (7 months ago)
Hehe~)) you're cool man!
Rimrock300 (1 year ago)
Ah..Yes, big surprice, women likes to talk)
tania maximova (1 year ago)
That's why I so do not like to come home to visit Ukraine and my old friends, because I believe the right words for this system are cheating and corruption, when people so get used to lies that it seems the most convenient way to solve problems. Until people remain to be so happy and proud from the system they invented thinking that this is "smart" - nothing will change.
Vishal Bambhaniya (1 year ago)
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a js (1 year ago)
Vishal Bambhaniya lol keep dreaming
Mohammad Kawser (1 year ago)
nice video
Youssef Sultan (1 year ago)
Wait, wasn't she blonde?!!
TheIronMan987 (1 year ago)
Thank you Olga for your advice and opinions. xx
Lucian Garcia (1 year ago)
I'm only a resident of Ukraine (married to a Ukraine citizen) I bank there. I need to transfer money to myself from my bank in America monthly. It wasn't much trouble. just needed my passport, proof of residency, proof of marriage. had to go into the bank though. Yeah, I also noticed that every woman there has an Iphone! when we first met, my wife had a new Iphone6 and a new Ipad i was suspicious of her. especially on her Medical Internship salary. she was. a model, part-time ambulance medic and she and her friends owned a few coffee shops. ( I hope that was all she did) I did ask her cousin about the "hidden" money because it seemed, to me, that people have more money than what I thought. I've noticed our monthly expenses in Ukraine are around $1200 USD while my expenses in Hawaii were around $2500 USD. I love watching these videos. She is no nonsense in her explanations. enjoyable.
Vishal Bambhaniya (1 year ago)
Lucian Garcia i like to bother behaviour both i learn by ukrain people 😎😎😎
Lucian Garcia (1 year ago)
Vishal Bambhaniya-Well then. I guess you're up shit creek. No bother. Have a nice day.
Vishal Bambhaniya (1 year ago)
Lucian Garcia you trace late my paragraph in our phone pc etc
Vishal Bambhaniya (1 year ago)
Lucian Garcia no I don't like another country Langvege 😜😜😜 you know tradition ...
Lucian Garcia (1 year ago)
Vishal Bambhaniya-still not following you. google translate then try again.
Maximka (1 year ago)
data произносится будто дэйтэ, а не дата
Bryan Holden (1 year ago)
Ukraine has become the European Capital of Illicit sex. A resolution on the need to struggle against the glorification of Nazism and contemporary manifestations of racism, discrimination and xenophobia by the Third Committee of the Unite Nations (UN) General Assembly by a majority vote . Only three countries, including Ukraine and the USA, predictably voted against the document.
so what are the names of the cities that do not have war? Im coming to make good friends and not for sex. just to have good female friends. one never knows, we may finally fall in love and married. So for three weeks stay, how much dollars ca one have base on the exchange rate? I dont want to live in high expensive hotels. I just want moderate nice secure place.
Is Ukraine now safe to visit? I heard there were conflicts.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
yes, if you will not go to war zone))
Milosc Voimsus (1 year ago)
I Love You.
César Gayo Bravo (1 year ago)
Olga, thanks for your informative videos about Ukraine. I just wanted to comment that you communicate well in English, but you still do a lot of mistakes concerning articles, conjugations and so on. Try to work on that.
andrij melenewycz (1 year ago)
hard on the ears. qualifications?
Jam Jamz (1 year ago)
Olga you sound like a CEO
theransomdance (1 year ago)
So what would be the actual normal salary for someone like a waiter in a restaurant in Ukraine?
Kuba Klepacz (1 year ago)
So if you earn a lot money why do you decide to emigrate to Poland for example? :D Ukraine is a very poor country - everybody knows it. Maybe in bigger cities like Kiev people live better but you won't convince me that this country is a nice place to live, study, earn money etc.
Monster Vodka (1 year ago)
Yeah, but the business (at least in the US) have some guidelines on which numbers to use.
Saidul Islam (1 year ago)
Olga could you tell me, if i come to Ukraine , from there can i able to go Poland?
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Yes, sure. But you need to have visa.
Rick Bruni (1 year ago)
My respects to ppl from Ukraine!
It is very funny but a real story indeed.
croatabroad (1 year ago)
the chance is no one is going to invest in ukraine. your country is almost destroyed.
jurisprudens (1 year ago)
Ukranian economy, despite the war and everything, grew 5,5% last year. It is far from being "destroyed".
stonebridge jones (1 year ago)
Olga what countries have money? The Asians and the west and it's like fuck Eastern Europe you get nothing. Olga you could explain what the Commie jews did to your people. You could say the Commies would load up 200 people a night to be shot and of course in the smaller cities would be much lower and maybe only 20 people loaded up and shot and so if they talk bout people loaded in Kiev and Sumy or other smaller cities then you have to take into account the number of people.
Patrick McDonald (1 year ago)
Your information is great. I have been to Ukraine and plan on returning. I saw a video of children in need. So went at the end of that week to do what I could. Would like information on places "in need" of things for children. Orphanages / Hospitals like that. I was in Kiev for two weeks, this next time possibly much longer. Thank you.
Said Khoury (1 year ago)
can a foreigner have a bank acount in ukraine ???who can help ?
Serial Jazzer (1 year ago)
For a Ukrainian, a nice apartment downtown is $150/mo. Same apartment for an American is $800/mo. That's how they roll.
Astral Traveler (1 year ago)
You can stay in a dorm for $12 a month in Kiev while you are studying. ^_^
Kennedy Kerry (1 year ago)
блядь блин це дуже пиздец. трохи трохи українська мова. будь ласка вибачте мене я не знаю що я говорю, звідки американці
Hang Geng (7 months ago)
ChornyiKot (1 year ago)
Can you get mortgages in Ukraine?
Jur0b (1 year ago)
Is it possible to pay for flat and food with minimal salary in Ukraine?
Joe Wigington (1 year ago)
Ukrainian currency is Hryvnia, not Rubles.  The exchange rate is quite high since troubles started, but not everyone has access to USD to exchange.
bob bot (1 year ago)
In Communist days the east was controlled by the Commie jews for a long time before they controlled the West and it starting to look that way again. Putin took some companies and he is worth 40 billion A politician can't get rich like that or they are corrupt.
bob bot (1 year ago)
Maybe but run down apartments. Food, you could grow your own but it's cheaper for people with US dollars. You exchange $100 and you get $2,600 rubles in Ukraine.
John Verbasi (1 year ago)
AUTOWORLD your a blind fucktard
Neil Jayasinghe (1 year ago)
you are talking nonsense here
Francisco p (1 year ago)
Muy hermosos ojos!!!! saludos!!!! desde México
Наверное конкретно потому нашей богатой стране и необходимо мастерить "комфорт-туры" по Украине...
Hang Geng (7 months ago)
Dain Smith (1 year ago)
looking beautiful...😙
Kevin Wong (1 year ago)
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Jeffrey D (1 year ago)
I read the minimum salary just doubled Jan 1 from 58usd to 116usd. I know a girl in Kyiv works for the cable tv company in marketing. She earns 300usd a month. She told me she has a friend who works collecting trash for the city for the minimum salary of 58usd a month! Imagine that, working overnight in the cold for 58usd a month. I have a friend who works as a bartender at Shooters and averages 1,200usd a month. So salaries are all over the place. . So many apartments sit on the market for years. Not a robust real estate market here.
Bryan Ohlsson (1 year ago)
I know a lady, who works for a US company in Kyiv and makes about $500 USD a month. It is difficult to have apartment, pay for food, phone and have a normal life. She helps her parents, who live in the war zone. Kyiv is extremely expensive, even for American standards. I looked at purchasing an apartment there to rent out, while I was not there. Maybe me, but I was having a difficult time paying $50,000 USD for a very small flat. There are larger condo's here for less or about the same price. (Of course not in cities like NY, LA or San Fran) The corruption in the Government there is like girls gone wild videos. One looks at the cars or house, these fools live in and they know there is rapid corruption. Drive 30km south of Kyiv and just look at the home along the Dnipro. Think about this... The US has given Ukraine 1.3 billion dollars. This does not count the IMF or EU. Where has this money gone? Do not say the war, because the soldiers there are hurting for equipment, medical supplies and cold weather gear. I love Ukraine and hate to see the people suffering, while the fat cats in Government there fly around the world on vacations or send their kids to school in the US or Europe. Hell, I know one corrupt fool there, that sent his younger daughter to school in Switzerland, then flew the whole family there for the girls graduation. Not going to talk about Ukraine officials families vacationing on the coast of France or the ski trips to Italy this winter. Let me tell you about the one politician who's son is going to school in the US and driving a Corvette Convertible. If the Ukrainian people saw or knew about all these things, there would be matching in the streets again. Something has to change there and quickly or Russia will keep moving west towards Kyiv and it will be Kiev again one day.
bob bot (1 year ago)
You can go live in abandon homes all over the place.
John Verbasi (1 year ago)
Barnettstrongman Jnes that's a month not a week
Barnettstrongman Jnes (1 year ago)
I meet people there only make $75 to $100 a week. I think in major cities it might be different.
Dain Smith (1 year ago)
Hi... m from india, I love Ukrainian peoples very much and india also loves u all. May I help you...?
Tam Tam (1 year ago)
can i kiss your eyes and lips? :)
Olivia Krywulak (1 year ago)
Tam Tam so creepy
Polysoon Palichuk (1 year ago)
HR u no nothin of Ukrainian women so stop pretending
HR (1 year ago)
You can even f her if you pay enough. Believe me, she is Ukrainian.
get fucking lost
Wang Wu (1 year ago)
Да Поймите, что у большинства людей кушать бизнес и 2-ой заработок, чтоб сделать существование в Украине .. Бизнес-заработок и 2-ой заработок, не учтенных в рабочих заработной платы. Все упрямо сидеть, будто семейство либо поделиться с Freinds будто в каждой стране. Но большая часть людей в западной ереси о Recieve жизни в Украине. Они делают существование на американской либо европейской бакса в качестве единственной валюты в мире. Таким образом, они лицезреют лишь смысл, будто южноамериканский и европейский. Но все, что в Америке и Европе вы отыщите в Украине. Жизнь же и стоимость та же. Таким образом, люд в большинстве сделать то же самое, однако в иной валюте. конечно либо дудки?
Hang Geng (7 months ago)
Saint Boris Nemtsov (1 year ago)
No more income for evil terrorist LPR colonel Oleg Anashchenko!
Taha Chi (1 year ago)
OK, let's not get crazy here, of course "there are poor in all countries" but the point is, at least 50% of the population in Eastern Europe is poor, and even that 300 dollar apartment you talk about, you should know better than most people that there are indeed couples who rent them, man pays for rent 300 and wife pays for food with 300, and if one loses a job back they run to the soviet flat for 100
MOSCOW (1 year ago)
+Olga Reznikova Хотите поглядеть, будто на Украине дудки русофобии и нацизма? Это Краматорск, школа https://www.facebook.com/100003432947515/videos/530899153701178/
MOSCOW (1 year ago)
Вы не поглядели видео? Там нацист из добробата учит малышей, что все российские это недолюди. А 18% российских нужно отрешаться от национальности. Учит малышей в гос школе.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
А какое касательство Украине имеет к России вообщем? Почему у нас вообщем надлежит быть что-то к ней относящееся?

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