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Science Video for Kids: Natural Resources of the Earth

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Natural resources are found all over Earth like sunlight, air, water, rocks, soil, plants and animals. There are two types of natural resources - renewable and nonrenewable resources. Let's learn more about natural resources by playing this video. #ChildEducation #ScienceVideos #Kids #Science #Education Looking for more educational content? After watching the video, put your kids' knowledge to the test with our Natural Resources quiz: http://ow.ly/10hqkD
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Text Comments (79)
John Oczkowicz (5 days ago)
at 4 13you are dumb
Liam Heleno (15 days ago)
this video was made a long time ago
Gunnybunny 1919 (24 days ago)
Booooooooooo ooooooooo
BabyBoiG (24 days ago)
I’m just Watching this for fun
Julia Jewell (28 days ago)
Julia Jewell (28 days ago)
thanks for teaching me about this
Taylor Luttrell (28 days ago)
i lernd nothing
Don’t copy Siri’s voice
rajesh khushwaha (2 months ago)
App asi bana
Sir Meows A Lot (2 months ago)
Alexis tete
nolyn (2 months ago)
i swear this video looks like its a flash animation from 2008
BHOOP JANGRA (5 months ago)
PCAndroidGaming (6 months ago)
good job
Ignacio 22Gamer pro (6 months ago)
ERD Tube Pro (6 months ago)
This is ROBLOX
James Suah (7 months ago)
Hellocool 836 (8 months ago)
Thank you making this you are a great person keep do the good work
Braden Shaw (9 months ago)
Really cheezy
Xander Tating (9 months ago)
Dhruv Gamer (9 months ago)
I hate you
Madison Barbour (9 months ago)
good job on the vido.
hoda labib (10 months ago)
iiKawaiiGenius :3 (10 months ago)
Great! Thanks for your help! I have an up coming project and i needed information on this and i got what i needed thank you so much! Can you do one on "How earth materials can be used as natural resources" It would help if you did one on it! And Thanks Again! :D
Gunjan Prakash (5 months ago)
actually so I need it for my assesment / exam
Joshua Preast (10 months ago)
Same project
Robert Noland (10 months ago)
im a teacher and i think your great at your job!
Momo (10 months ago)
Ari Mations (10 months ago)
Thanks for teaching me what is natural resources for my big test
Ari Mations (10 months ago)
And do u miss 2017 I do
Leah Wagner (10 months ago)
Maureen Chinwe (1 year ago)
The lady talk's fast but I still love it 😍😍😘😘😙😙😚😚🤗🤗🤗😁😁😄😄😆😇😗😗😗😮💩👩👧👩👧👯👼🎅👱👸
Oscar Garibay (1 year ago)
Isril Gadwal (1 year ago)
Althea Syewart (1 year ago)
RyDen Kylie (1 year ago)
Why u use siri
Sally died Last week (1 year ago)
TheGoldenKitty ! (1 year ago)
I saw the pink bunnies r walking on water LOL 😂
Juan Reyes (1 year ago)
Anthert59 (1 year ago)
The Crystal Dash Mc (1 year ago)
I came here from school
Angelous Goodwin (1 year ago)
me too
MikeTheBro (1 year ago)
how to be sped located ha
Nancy Villanueva (1 year ago)
yeah but our natural resources invented that's what you should make a video about to tell kids that go go no what is wrong with you go to you that's what you should make videos about the
Yarahall (1 month ago)
Nancy Villanueva tf
Damonkim88 (1 year ago)
I asked you to speak clearly!
Nancy Villanueva (1 year ago)
Damonkim88 💩💩💩🚽💨💩🚽💩💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩💨💨💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💨💩💩💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽💩🚽e
Damonkim88 (1 year ago)
good but don't copy siri
grfg grtr (6 months ago)
Lmao good one
Robin Henriksen (1 year ago)
That's Siri
Sarika Shinkre (11 months ago)
Diesel dye and kklbestbro the same way Gaming
I am a Giraffe (1 year ago)
why does the rabbits tail looks like the dogs tail but great vid
Erin Dennis (1 year ago)
Great video for my students! Thanks.
Angelous Goodwin (1 year ago)
this vid is horrible
Sanjeev Rai (1 year ago)
cool 😄
this needs some better explanations very well vid tho
Wolf Williamson (1 year ago)
there is carbon dioxide in plants and oxygen in animals and humans but good vid
Oscar Sandoval (2 months ago)
best dude (1 year ago)
u domm ass
Angelous Goodwin (1 year ago)
the person that made this vid is a dumb retard.
Choo (1 year ago)
no its domm u domm ass
Bonnet Grace (1 year ago)
Moisty Abreu it is spelled dumb
knrr2010 knrr2010 (1 year ago)
try to upload in tamil language for uneducated peoples pls.............
knrr2010 knrr2010 (1 year ago)
I kindly request u to speak clearly
Angelous Goodwin (1 year ago)
me too
Gregg Schreier (1 year ago)
this is easy natural resources
Angie Eubank (1 year ago)
Natural resources video
Just Shinbi 고양이 (2 years ago)
Future dairy This video was cringey asfuck
Bhavani Iyer (2 years ago)
nice video
SamTheCar (2 years ago)
THis video is so retarded. rabbits are not PINK!!! lol fml
Ravi Ravi (6 months ago)
bhan ke lode
Anthert59 (1 year ago)
I AgReE WiTh YoU
xxYaluiqYT (2 years ago)
anyway ur vid was cute!
xxYaluiqYT (2 years ago)
you will be a great teacher soon just keeep working hard :)
Braden Shaw (9 months ago)
I play roblox too!!
Ari Mations (10 months ago)
Do you mean a science teacher?
Angelous Goodwin (1 year ago)
Angela Bishop (2 years ago)
Andrea Usher (2 years ago)
This upload can at the perfect time, thank you!

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