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WATCH: What is cryptocurrency?

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Bitcoin, which some observers refer to as the future of money, is slowly gaining traction in the Philippines. Local monetary regulators have started to take notice of the so-called cryptocurrency. - The World Tonight, ANC, October 24, 2017
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Cleo Ocado (2 months ago)
Pahayag 13:16-18 [16]Sapilitang pinatatakan ng ikalawang halimaw ang lahat ng tao sa kanilang kanang kamay o sa noo, maging sila'y dakila o hamak, mayaman o mahirap, alipin o malaya. [17]At walang maaaring magtinda o bumili malibang sila'y may tatak ng pangalan ng halimaw o ng bilang na katumbas niyon. [18]Kailangan dito ang karunungan: maaaring malaman ng sinumang matalino ang kahulugan ng bilang ng halimaw, sapagkat ito'y bilang ng isang tao. Ang bilang ay 666.
ABC (5 months ago)
Which are two exchanges allowed?
Delsin Rowe (7 months ago)
I like this !!
Jason Anselmo (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is a scam. Its a high tech Ponzi scheme just like Bernard Maddoff scam. If you are a smart investor you should cash out as early as you can. Its a ticking time bomb. Tic tac tic tac...
behemothbandit (8 months ago)
Pag nalaman ng mga politiko pg gamit ng dash or monero. Patay na, madali mgtago ng pera.
Me Myself (3 months ago)
behemothbandit PATAY!! oh baka matagal na sila nag tago
Gold IRA Rollover Guy (9 months ago)
Yes! its nice that it implies the convenience of cryptocurrency, there are lots of people nowadays who are using bitcoins and it is also recognize in major bank institutions. Since cryptocurrency is not bound by the exchange rates, interest rates, transactions charges or other charges of any country; therefore it can be used at an international level without experiencing any problems. This, in turn, saves lots of time as well as money on the part of any business which is otherwise spent in transferring money from one country to the other. Cryptocurrency operates at the universal level and hence makes transactions quite easy.
Russell Oracion (11 months ago)
Ginagamit ko ang coins.ph bilang bitcoin wallet. Ensured ang security nila at active ang customer support nila. Plus, makaka-earn ka pa ng 50 pesos just by registering and verifying your account afterwards. Just use code 'ryvfmw' to sign up! Or just click this link https://coins.ph/invite/ryvfmw
Cris Magdaong (11 months ago)
May mga tao na ba na kumikita dito? Watch mo para mapatunayan mo, http://bit.ly/nagbagoangbuhay Panno ka KIKITA? Watch http://bit.ly/airbitpassiveincome
angeal siperoth (5 months ago)
Cris Magdaong h
Iglesia Ni satanas (11 months ago)
As of today 900,000 thousand pesos per bitcoin.
Iglesia Ni satanas (10 months ago)
kong maibabalik lang natin ang oras 2010 nasa 3pesos lang per bitcoin
umabot lampas 1m nong dec30,
Cecilia Arceño (10 months ago)
But now 300,000
Pro Federalism (11 months ago)
Iglesia Ni satanas true
Iv An (11 months ago)
I started trading btc since 2014, it was 500usd that time. But due to its volatile price, it very unpredictable for me. Oh well prices now is at 9000usd.
Crypto Filipino (9 months ago)
Hindi ko alam kung may minimum sa coins.ph pero pede ka bumili as low as P100.
Racer D (9 months ago)
How much is the minimum amount for the purchase of bitcoin?
MC Spear (10 months ago)
Crypto Filipino woot woottt....invest invest pag mah taime hahahaha
Crypto Filipino (10 months ago)
Iv An goin $20k na
edgar santos (11 months ago)
less than 1% of the population is aware of this cryptocurrency boom. we really need to educate the masses in the soonest possible time. this may well be that vehicle that can ultimately uplift financial standing of every JUAN.
Ian Madrid (11 months ago)
Kung gusto mo talaga maintindihan ang bitcoin ng simpleng intrinsic value at fundamentals lang basahin itong article na ito http://bit.ly/2zFbSCi
Juan Mariana (1 year ago)
I dont mann.. dnt see it yet.. id rather buy and hold god's money.. a.k.a GOLD and SILVER...
Iam Brandnew (10 months ago)
Juan Mariana very high educated of you to state that gold and silver is God's money. ......!!! Sounds like you know alot. Okay smart one!
frdrcklim (10 months ago)
+Swole Senju Pasensya na, but Crypto also has charts too, just like stocks, just like foreign-exchange. And just like stocks and foreign-exchange, you base an uptrend or downtrend on Technical Analysis. Just because something is down does not mean a trend is diverging. I know it looks like the Wild West right now and believe me, it was worse before. Now some people compare this to the dotcom bubble. For sure there are people like you who may have thought that investing in dotcom stocks was a silly thing. And so the bubble burst, but the internet is still here, isn't it? And those that survived the bubble are now tech giants. That's the same with bitcoin. In fact, they call blockchain technology the internet 2.0. That is how big it is, the next step of the internet. 2017 was the year cryptocurrency gained attention. 2018 will be the year cryptocurrency will be mainstream.
Crypto Filipino (10 months ago)
Oh and by the way, they are already trading btc for $20k in Korea as we speak. bithumb.com
Crypto Filipino (10 months ago)
Exposed what? What did they say?
Crypto Filipino (10 months ago)
lol it will reach 50k in 2018 just wait. I predicted $8k in Dec back in Jan when it was $700. Turns out it was way too conservative. John Macafee predicted $500,000 by end of 2020. Chamath Palihapitiya Golden State Warriors co-owner predicted about $100,000 sometime next 3-4 years. These are smart people. If you wanna be successful, follow smart people.

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