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If you have Bitcoin in Philippines you can do all this

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I visited Philippines for a vacation trip and came across a Bitcoin ATM In Manila Makati! Philippines is so fun to travel, it's very affordable and easy to go around. The Islands are amazing! I would recommend using Litecoin in Philippines as it's cheaper to transfer from Pesos to Litecoin. Visit my Merch store for Crypto stuff and mining gear - https://www.bitcoinmerch.com/
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Jakelol1980 (25 days ago)
You cant do shit with cryptos in The Philippines. My fiance is from The Philippines and i have never seen any place that takes cryptos. Here in Sweden were we live some stores and online Swedish stores take cryptos but not many yet and next to zero in The Philippines. Maybe there is one or 2 stores in whole Manila that takes cryptos but i have never seen one.
angel chavez (1 month ago)
Where can I get one of these atms
Leonimar Artajo (1 month ago)
Thanks love Philippines
piterstg (1 month ago)
cool video :)
rosas mc (1 month ago)
Thanks for all information dear .....love you
X R I P P E E P (2 months ago)
you can do all this *stands at a atm for 5 minutes*
Jakelol1980 (1 month ago)
X R I P P E E P Yeah you cant do shit with any cryptos in The Philippines. My fiance is from Manila and i have never seen any store that takes cryptos.
kenneth lagariza (2 months ago)
thats great...thanks for the visit and positive feedback of my beloved country.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
james mel (2 months ago)
BIG like from this. im from philippines
Kingsley Ndaguba (3 months ago)
Great video but you would have tried Bitcoin cash too on the machine... definitely the fees will be much less or zero!
Bit Mac (3 months ago)
500 fee? for 10k php only 300pesos. on coins.ph
ayman (3 months ago)
Its PALESTINE / Hyfa you edit not Telaviv
Bill Ga (3 months ago)
The ATM has no cash to dispense that's why it's unavailable to sell to it. I would be impressed to see one cashed upped machine buying coins for cash. This would be a nice way to keep off the taxation office radar.
BlockWolf (3 months ago)
nicely chosen thumbnail
Maribel R (3 months ago)
I want to go back
Donald (3 months ago)
Glad you managed to escape without being kidnapped or assassinated, seeing the last UN convoy we sent to those islands last year to assess the nationwide political regime genocide got blocked from reporting back the crimes against humanity as their mad dog leader threatened to abandon the United Nations.
John michael Arabilla (3 months ago)
hahahahahahaha super hahahahahah
Crypto Psycho (3 months ago)
well, you are reading or listening to the fake news. Stop spreading lies.
John Ryder (3 months ago)
Ltc to moon soon fools
nipplemilk Network (3 months ago)
Recmar Elaon (3 months ago)
Cool mabuhay
James Brooks (3 months ago)
Ltc baby!
raymond ona (3 months ago)
Where is the atm? Interested in buying ltc. I moved back Philippines from China. In China I have a guy who I buy btc thru wechat
Crypto Moon Boys (3 months ago)
I love the Philippines and I love crypto!
ilanrobz (3 months ago)
try also to find store which you can spend money here on Philippines... also try it wherever you'll go... subscribed, found your channel accidentally
-ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel (3 months ago)
Both BTC and LTC are garbage. BTC is sabotaged by the very people that pretend to be protecting it (the Core developers, their predominant coders work for Blockstream corporation which is heavily funded by bankers). LTC is crap as well as it's "road map" is same as for BTC, to NOT be used as Peer-to-Peer money, instead both are destined to be used as a gate into Lightning network, a banking system 2.0 that hides behind Bitcoin name. Real Bitcoin is BCH, Bitcoin Cash. Watch my videos to learn why.
Ms Algie (3 months ago)
Wow thats half of your diposit.. no way! Im from philippines too.
ABC (3 months ago)
Ms Algie yah pretty expensive
Mikel De Leon (3 months ago)
Try coins. Ph app to buy Bitcoin. low transaction fee
decrepify warlock (3 months ago)
What ? 500 fee. No way haha
A Rose (2 months ago)
the litecoin fee is zero tho.
Jennifer Rachel (3 months ago)
Wow, So Cool
Jennifer Rachel (3 months ago)
ABC (3 months ago)
Jennifer Rachel do you use btc?
cool baba enjoy it
thejoker2k4 (3 months ago)
wtf 500 fee lol
Stephen Hornak (3 months ago)
Thats cool, my GF lives in Cebu City so I hope to go there in March next year
Seng He Ng (3 months ago)
Stephen Hornak yes your "girlfriend". You're definitely her only ATM, sorry boyfriend
Seeejjjiii Tools (3 months ago)
Litecoin still has fee. 500 pesos is equivalent to 10 usd
Seeejjjiii Tools (3 months ago)
Wow, welcome to our country!
Ryan Negrite (3 months ago)
500 Peso fee if you buy 1 BTC
micheal crackson (3 months ago)
"cryptocurrncy" "a bietcoin" 😂
Irvin Mendoza (3 months ago)
Question, why is this a cool thing?? Why not just use coinbase? Or am i missing something?
carvin66 (3 months ago)
Irvin Mendoza not everyone has access to coinbase. In addition, you can turn crypto into cash at these machines as well. Kind of of nice if your traveling and just need a bit of local currency. It would be nicer if businesses just took crypto but that is the exception and not the norm at this time.
John Wheaton (3 months ago)
There are no Bitcoin or Litecoin ATMs on mainland China now, but there are several in Hong Kong and Macau. At least one of the HK ATMs also handles ETH. I have also used them in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
Emmanuel Oluwole (3 months ago)
Come Nigeria, hahhahahhahhahah
Emmanuel Oluwole (3 months ago)
james Jones me sir
james Jones (3 months ago)
I am going to Nigeria next week. There is a King there who wants to share his fortune with me.
Music Channel (3 months ago)
I'm from Philippinees.
Adam Shamam (3 months ago)
Michael Ilano (3 months ago)
Cool, hope you had a great time here. Just noticed that most of the scenes you showed in the vid was in Cebu, is that where you took a vacation at?
Allen Tejero (3 months ago)
I'm from Philippines. :)
Javad Farahani (3 months ago)
give me the location in Manila, please. I'm going to visit there soon ...
Iamgauravaroraa (3 months ago)
On the top of the screen it is mentioned that 500p is fee for buying 1 bit coin They have mentioned coat of 1BTC in their currency + 500P as fee
Hash Slinging Slasher (3 months ago)
Hey hey hey from Ph here.... but I did not even realize that we have crypto ATM....
M V (3 months ago)
Nice... come Singapore there is BTC machine around.. but only allow to buy BTC http://www.bitcoinatmsg.com/locations/
Carville Collado (3 months ago)
Great vid
Will (3 months ago)
waqas arshed (3 months ago)
That so cool .. here in Saudi Arabia nothing for crypto currency
R K (3 months ago)
1st view dude
waqas arshed (3 months ago)
I think i am first

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