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Free Bitcoin Mobile Miner Apps? Don't Get Fooled!

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There are a lot of Mobile Apps available for Android devices and iPhones that claim to all you to mine for free Bitcoin using your phone. Learn what mining really is, and find out if these apps are a potential scam. Also, find out which few are actually legit apps where you can mine for cryptocurrency using only your cell phone.
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Csenge Gall (1 month ago)
What about fitplay?
curry puff (2 months ago)
Hey! Great and easy bitcoin miner - get it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=my.miner.bitcoin Just launch miner on your phone and start earn, without any efforts!Please use my referral code 1VJEB9KF9EJX Join me!
Davin Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Victor Azevedo (2 months ago)
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Anvesh Awasthi (3 months ago)
Bro please tell all download links
Milenko Popov (4 months ago)
Hy,what is the best,and the fastest bitcoin app on google play store thats realy work,that isn't scam???
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
great info brother. in trying to find a legit miner for android if there really is one. you got another subscriber. check out my youtube.
I'm a chicken (5 months ago)
daamn bitcoin 19k and bitconnect 440 lol
Kerh Milambiling (6 months ago)
Well I found free $3142a money making system that is really working for me>>>pypmon.win/?WlggNL Try once.
psychesoap (6 months ago)
Smart-B Møñÿûÿ (6 months ago)
I just need someone to help me with a few bitcons after investing everything I had in bitcons I was scam now am so broke that I download most of this app that end up being wastage of time and effort.. this is my wallet address any assistance is great. 1AZfKeBPET5sjNyV9ugFmKvpTTTGJrDWtK
Smart-B Møñÿûÿ (6 months ago)
I just need someone to help me with a few bitcons after investing everything I had in bitcons I was scam now am so broke that I download most of this app that end up being wastage of time and effort.. this is my wallet address any assistance is great. 1AZfKeBPET5sjNyV9ugFmKvpTTTGJrDWtK
Smart-B Møñÿûÿ (6 months ago)
I just need someone to help me with a few bitcons after investing everything I had in bitcons I was scam now am so broke that I download most of this app that end up being wastage of time and effort.. this is my wallet address any assistance is great. 1AZfKeBPET5sjNyV9ugFmKvpTTTGJrDWtK
Thabekhulu 01 (6 months ago)
I can't believe i've wasted so much time mining nothing. Thanks Steve. This world is getting rougher.so many unreliable apps.why doesn't Google Play Store delete them from their system?
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
Buhle Mpanza because they make money from them
Darren Burton (6 months ago)
https://getcryptotab.com/307135 mine free bitcoin
lemesosael3 (7 months ago)
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Vidal de Wit (7 months ago)
Cool! You might want to check the Crypto Mining Top List for Best Mining Pools, Mining Apps, Mining Software and more at https://cryptomineco.in/
There all scam's c scammer apps exposed .... Facebook working on class action lawsuits
zamoneh mvi (7 months ago)
Young Crypto (7 months ago)
there are some real mining apps
Pengu (2 months ago)
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
Bernardino Luzon (7 months ago)
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Daniel Davey (7 months ago)
First time viewer here, but I literally LMAO when he started mentioning ads with these apps and an ad popped up
Josh Villa (7 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $6124_real money from this_amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?oy6DtR Try once.
zubair (7 months ago)
Haha I know you are scammer hahah
Victor Vladimir (7 months ago)
As the price of coins keep increasing or decreasing, so is the profitability of mining them. Both building mining rigs yourself to mine and buying cloud mining contracts are very profitable at the moment and will get you a pretty huge ROI. This is the perfect time to get into the mining scene and start building a steady income. Your ROI depends on the amount of coins you mine. I mine coins like BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and ETC. Feel free to contact me for assistance via ([email protected] com)
A. Kent (7 months ago)
Ok ok ok ok you're the thought 👮.
sid vicious (4 months ago)
A. Kent mehhhh
A. Kent (7 months ago)
Thumbs down.
allofUSAunite (8 months ago)
You can actually buy fractions of a stock on things like acorn for one.
cutcc (8 months ago)
I'm glad I became skeptical and stumbled upon this video when I did. I think I've been wasting close to 4 months of my time with these mobile mining apps =p. There's no such thing as easy money I guess.
Kai Shaik Mahomed (8 months ago)
Just try this to mine Bitcoin I'm using it and it works https://btcspinner.io/invite/459209
Robert Alfredo (8 months ago)
This is the best app to make bitcoins download here http://slidecoin.net/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=robert119_2
The Boss (8 months ago)
Movie Trailers 2 (8 months ago)
get to the point next time dam
Angry Guy (8 months ago)
My mom said bitcoin is a waist of time and money, she is now asking me for 1 bitcoin because it is not a lot, she clearly does not know how much 1 would be worth.
Ynnlarcron (8 months ago)
But why they rated so high and why they legal and why they on play stores they miss delete them cause it's scam wasting ppl time
Victor Souza (8 months ago)
Bitcoins for viewing websites: https://ref.adbtc.top/718286
Angel Rodriguez (9 months ago)
when you did this video btc was a few hundred dollars away from its ATH o-O 2:24 on coinmarketcap
VirgitBird (9 months ago)
So i mined 0.005 bitcoins to find out its fake. Fml
Ric Asht (9 months ago)
Too much intro.
Corem GP (9 months ago)
Out of curiosity i tried 500.000 shatoshis and never received it in my wallet so far. I was told to wait for a week... Well it didn't hurt to try this scam. If i get it I'll give comment. Which i think i won't cause didn't even received a confirmation on my mail. Any how It's boring wasting time like this so i rather invest 300$ from my pocket!!!😃😃😃😂😂😂
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
any legit app yet?
Corem GP (8 months ago)
Still waiting...😂😂😂😂
Corem GP (9 months ago)
We all got screwed!!! 7 days wait and no pay yet... Maybe never will we get paid. I needed that money to cure my dog from cancer but now you can imagine where he is now! Dead and In hell because no pay yet. If i am wrong and you pay me with interest then i'll give 5 stars. Everyone here give one star and don't waste time with this. Real miners have real computers with powerful GPU's and real websites. They make money by us downloading the spp. This is a scam! 😂😂😂
Ignacio Cano (9 months ago)
Loaded Minergate and used it on my PC as well. I have transferred from Minergate to coin base and it does work. But uses lots of battery power and takes time but it's good for the beginner miner
Ignacio Cano (9 months ago)
Mr. Poage Gaming Just click on withdraw when you log in to your account online. If you want to transfer an alt coin then use their exchange. Almost you need is your external wallet address.
Mr. Poage Gaming (9 months ago)
Ignacio Cano how do you redeem it tho
ACADRIAN TUTORIAL (9 months ago)
Have you checked out the Storm Play app? Sign up with my code and we will each get 6,000 Bolts when you try it. Code: H5U31Y also can mine BTC and ETH! https://goo.gl/U4c1GJ
Ilkin Guliev (9 months ago)
bitcoin address: 145308
Sam Sepiol (9 months ago)
Thanks steve ive been trying to do research right now because iam in the fact that i cannot really afford to invest thats why im finding some legitimate apps to mine
Jim (9 months ago)
i got scammed too, wasted like a week watching ads for fake 500000 satoshis. At the end, sadly app was not paying
Kenia Avitia (8 months ago)
I did too with Free Bitcoin Miner. Download Free Bitcoin Spinner, it sends you an instant payment after putting in your email. https://coinspinner.me/c/S3OJF0
Jim (9 months ago)
pause the video at 0:05, the first 4 bitcoin apps that you see are scams. I tried all already, as far as I know only stormplay and btc spinner works for android.
Maxx Witt (9 months ago)
What app
Charlie Macklin (9 months ago)
Dab Bad what was the name of the app?
Bucification (10 months ago)
http://btcheat.com/?i=700524 free slots with real BTC pay guys.just let time pass.this is my refferal.i gain free spins for every guy that clicks.you don't have to create an account.
Dejan Cetenovic (10 months ago)
Profit per day 0.0006 BTC https://www.startminer.com/1222205
Richard Feeney (10 months ago)
i fell for this shit... it got me interested alt coins tho so it wasnt completely useless.
IVAN GALORE (9 months ago)
+Learn In Bangla has it really worked for you??? am actually hunting down for that one app to make earn that extra cash.
Learn In Bangla (10 months ago)
Richard Feeney Have you tried satoshi cash? chicken icon in it 200 is the minimum withdrawl instant payment takes 5 minutes
Richard Feeney (10 months ago)
Learn In Bangla, no they were all fake.
Learn In Bangla (10 months ago)
Richard Feeney Do you have anything legit? ☺
Jellybean (10 months ago)
Electroneum stated on their social media that you can not mine on the app yet because they have not launched that portion of the app and it will be available in January.
Sudhir Dhanji (5 months ago)
Which app
Ano (10 months ago)
For those ad based apps you might be able to rig up a bunch of old cellphones and watch all the adds at once or if you were computer savvy you could simulate a few hundred cellphones but at that point you should just write your own scam app
Ano (10 months ago)
It's sad this needs to be said, who in their right mind would think they could mine in any significant way on a phone that would actually be worth while
Drift Scale (8 months ago)
Ano people who are desperate for money and only have this as a way to try mining coin
Livia Rodrigues (10 months ago)
https://www.startminer.com/1543724 melhor modo de minerar btc , se inscreva na minha referencia... E faz o mesmo compartilha com seus amigos e ganhara 0.0002 por dia!!!! Boa sorte pra nos 💞💲💲💲💳🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Gabriel Navarro (10 months ago)
How you guys feel about HASHFLARE or Hexabot?
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
get your money back yet?
Olev Korb (5 months ago)
Chris M. hey sir, what are your result from using hashflare
Chris M. (9 months ago)
I paid $900 to Hashflare on Dec 3 and haven't been able to withdraw a penny. They claim the bitcoin network is overloaded, so the minimum withdraw amount is .05 bitcoin.
G (10 months ago)
Is this a repost? I feel like Iv watched this once before. Crazy deja vu
Crypto Genius (10 months ago)
yea these mobile miners are dangerous, glad Electroneum provides a different angle and a with offline wallet!! the mobile miner starts January
Jason Gomez (10 months ago)
1:51 Cardano is not a derivative of Ripple! You probably had Stella Lumens in mind.
RSHoudini Salazar (10 months ago)
Hey Steve you Rock brother most mining apps are bs also thanks for the update for the Electroneum ETN mining fake apps i did download one and is with so much commercials bs so i did just now errase it out from my cell also may be taking so much power on my smart cell just investing is best way to go and invest on real rigs to mine with Bitqyck they charge $2000 per 100% rig get in to mine bitcoin and get full profits of 75% from monthly pay on BTC to us bitqyckers affiliates i am in since july and also own 4000 bitqym each bitqym is $1 dollar token with 1 watt of electricity to mine at Bitqyck new building facility they just bought at washington state so get in some residuals monthly on the 50 yrs mining deal see To activate for free t Bitqyck inc out of Dallas Texas USA and get more information about our opportunities,see if interested to create a FREE account HERE ====== >>>> BITQYCK.ME/56060
Federico Portalupi (10 months ago)
Jeff, what’s up man - Can you look into Elastic when you can? Interesting project but there are some holes... it’s down tho!
Federico Portalupi (10 months ago)
Also, what’s up Steve!
Adam Bro (10 months ago)
Opinion on gulden?
Devin Mc Kinney (10 months ago)
tech nizzy (10 months ago)
Hi, I think Jeff had mentioned UBQ in one of the last videos. He said it was highly undervalued, winner of the FinTech Award. 10x potential. Can you talk more about that in an upcoming vid. Thanks
Danny Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Thanks for this video dude! Absolutely wonderful!
at BitcoinJake09 (10 months ago)
Reveiw TRADE BOTS please!!!
Jay Griffy (10 months ago)
is steve and rick a couple?
Budget Wargamer (10 months ago)
Jay Griffy who's Rick?
2openhere (10 months ago)
Hey Steve can you guys explain why you can't buy crypto anywhere in the world, why are markets and prices local. I live in NZ and I see all these places and coins and can't trade any of them, at a USD price like Coinbase.
J D (10 months ago)
try signing up for bittrex and trading there or binance
Mentes Livres (10 months ago)
IOTA come back to life! It’s going to shit and it’s taking all of my money with it! lol
LookForwardd (10 months ago)
Just wait when the new wallet is released. I expect it will go up substantially.
HyperMoon (10 months ago)
It has wallet, albeit not a very good one. New one released very soon
C V (10 months ago)
it's not coming back, never invest in a coin without a wallet lmao
The Phoenix (10 months ago)
Electroneum mining is not out yet but when it is released it will be "fake mining" it will not use any cpu power.
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
so is electronium legit? what app do I get to start mineing. I'm on solar off the grid would like to check it out. see my youtube channel
Crypto Genius (10 months ago)
Tony California x8 profit right now newbies need it altcoins need Electroneum its a good tool
Tony California (10 months ago)
I know and the strange thing is, Jeff was promoting Electroneum.
Rudy Branch (10 months ago)
The Phoenix it doesn't matter. It's all about getting out to the average Joe... mass adoption... a taste...
retlem (10 months ago)
The only reason why the rating is so high is because they solicit a five star rating for the payout. It's all bs. Look at the 1 star reviews from the people that wasted their time.
Randdom (4 months ago)
There is minersgate like he said. https://minergate.com/a/4c3cbaf097dab4b5f6dd8f8e thats my refferal. Here is the normal link https://minergate.com/
Hemp Billy (4 months ago)
retlem so whats a legit no er for android?
King Homer (10 months ago)
"Free"? C'mon. You gotta spend money to make money in this game. Zero dollar investment equals zero dollars. $100 investment equals $200-400 next week.
noaidN (10 months ago)
What do you think about "SEND" ?
paul1mdrn (10 months ago)
Hey Steve and Jeff, great channel man! Could you cover how some of the exchanges work, especially making large withdraws and the fees/limits that go along with it. They have no problems taking in funds, my concern is cashing out eventually.
CryptoFrank (10 months ago)
Love this channel!
Crypto Genius (10 months ago)
CryptoFrank 👍

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