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Understanding Linux processes within slash proc

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More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com Take a look at reading information from running processes within your .proc directory and make use of tools such as readlink. When your first look at the numbered sub-directories within /proc you will know they represent running processes but the information may all be a little too much at first so we look at decoding this information to make you a masetr
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Anthony Walker (3 years ago)
great tutorial, thank you. 
TheTechnical (3 years ago)
readlink print nothing in my ubuntu ?!!
Simon Rushton (3 years ago)
+aaalabdulwahed Hi there, you should see that the symbolic link is red this tells you that you don't have permission to read it. Alternatively, you can type ls -l exe from within /proc/1/ and again it tells you that it is owned solely by root and permission is denied. To follow the video or to read this link you'll need to use: sudo readlink exe or if you're feeling dangerous log in as root. "With great power comes great responsibility"
Abdulrahman (3 years ago)
+Simon Rushton Me the same. It prinyts nothing! I did the exact same as you. readlink 1/ in proc$
Simon Rushton (3 years ago)
it should; what command are you running and from what directory? 

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