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Natural Resources

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Manju Devi (16 days ago)
Please explain the mineral and power
Shri Prakash Pandey (25 days ago)
Birjesh Tyagi (26 days ago)
Reena Singh (1 month ago)
thnx mam
Very nice lecture thanks
william D.salinas (1 month ago)
I discovered your video via Presto speaker shortcut - there's lots useful videos there that should help out
Rajnish Mittal (1 month ago)
Very unappreciative way of teaching. I got totally mad and sleepy after viewing this.
Sarika Salunke (2 months ago)
ch 9 is where
Sarika Salunke (2 months ago)
no seeing clearly
Sandhu Yuvraj Singh. (2 months ago)
thanks mam for your teaching
Sandhu Yuvraj Singh. (2 months ago)
mam your writing and your teaching method is very good
Rakesh Manchanda (2 months ago)
Nice explanation mam....
Kaleem Rainey (3 months ago)
Very very nice video lecture...
Umar Meer (3 months ago)
very well mam thank u so much
Gautam Shah (3 months ago)
Mam your way of teaching is very very good
sentiquil (3 months ago)
Ma'am you actually teach well but on some points you were wrong.... Potential resource is a resource that we have at present but we dont have the technology to extract or implement it on large scale for example uranium deposits in ladakh region of india. Fossil fuels are used at present and we have the tech to use it efficiently without wasting it, hence they are actual resources and not potential resource
Simran Sandhu (3 months ago)
Thnk u mam just because u i'll score 96 ... Thnk u so much u r the best 😆😆
Suhana Khan (3 months ago)
Alfiya. Firdous ☺☺💐💐
vishvanath reddy (3 months ago)
Thank you mam nice teaching
Rave GameZ (4 months ago)
your video is shit
Manoranjan Manoranjan (4 months ago)
Thanks mam , because I understood easyly
Sheikh Seerat (4 months ago)
Thanks Madam I am very Satisfying for your teaching.I am very thankful to you
Deepak Choudhary (4 months ago)
Very good teacher
Deepak Choudhary (4 months ago)
Very very thank you so mush
janhvi yadav (4 months ago)
Anushka Dubey (4 months ago)
Your methods for teaching it's really easy and good way thanks for teaching all the chapters
Mohan Barde (5 months ago)
Mam bahot achaa
Divyanshu Tiwari (5 months ago)
Thanks mam for teaching me NATURAL RESOURCE के बारे में बताने के लिए you are great
Janaki Pradhan (5 months ago)
Achha lagata he mam Tq
Chandra Kala (6 months ago)
The best videos thanks so much mam
Bina Khatiwada (6 months ago)
nice teaching mam
Amit Kumar (6 months ago)
Amit Kumar (6 months ago)
Mame My final paper on Monday Please suggest me important Question
With whiteboard explanation is very good but could you please remove ads on the white board right side .Because we con't understand board writing.Thanking you.
sardanatutorials (6 months ago)
Thanks very much for your feedback. Just for your kind information we have uploaded more than 1600 video on you tube out of which hardly 120 contain ads, rest all are ads FREE. After all we have a BIG team over here & no one is working Free of cost. Everybody has to arrange their breads. Hope you will understand. To see our more videos plz visit https://www.studyadda.com/featured-videos
Shahjad Alam (7 months ago)
Thanks for this video maam
Anand Paroda (7 months ago)
Mem aram s padhao...Etna fast kyo...
Chiku choudhary (7 months ago)
Many mistake in the lecture like at one time u say Fossil Fuels comes under Potential resources nd other time u say they come under Non-renewable resources..
SHUBHAM KUMAR (7 months ago)
Thanku so much mam.... I really appreciate your teaching style..... Your explanation was very simple which is helpful for most of us.
Aman Singh (8 months ago)
Class 8 student ko kitna padhna chahiye sir
Fatima Khan (8 months ago)
fossil fuel ko potential bataya...phir non renewable bataya...kehna kya chahti hai
maddy liyaa (8 months ago)
Nancy Slathia (8 months ago)
Mam your way of teaching is excellent
Avnish baranwal (9 months ago)
Nice explaination
Murtaza Ali (9 months ago)
Tnq mam
shubham tiwari (9 months ago)
Your explanation is very clearly
Arvind Kumar (9 months ago)
Palakurthi Srija (9 months ago)
Better ..if u teach in English. .. rather than hindi
B positive always (9 months ago)
Nice mam
shiva verma 2 channel (9 months ago)
Thanks mam
Ranjeet Yadav (9 months ago)
Thanks ma'am
Vikas Tomar (9 months ago)
mam, I can't see this .so do anything.
Anuj Kumar (9 months ago)
Genius mam ,your teaching method is too good.
Thanks man
mk Walayet (9 months ago)
Please speak Hindi
Lone Bilal (9 months ago)
Next video abt it
Ashwinee kumar Rout Ray (9 months ago)
@10:31 did mam say vodka
Ajit Pal (6 months ago)
Ashwinee kumar Rout Ray mam said wood ka ok.😄😐😐😒
Tahir Jan (9 months ago)
Mam firstly U are cutest & so beautiful .Ur teaching is so beautiful & beneficial for us thanks so much really
SANTOSHKUMAR GAHAN (10 months ago)
u send all concepts
Suresh Sai Siresh (10 months ago)
Deeni Channel (10 months ago)
Jagtar Singh (10 months ago)
abiha zainab (10 months ago)
Really one of the best teacher. My teacher did not teach this chapter and environment and told us that these are not at all important from examination point of view as if we just study for exams
sujal thapa (6 months ago)
abiha zainab nice girl
#PERFECT (10 months ago)
This is not 9th grade bio... Is it?! TITLE YOUR VIDEOS BETTER DUMASS
Kamlesh Yadav (10 months ago)
I am really impress with your teaching mam
Dhairya Kothari (10 months ago)
Good one
jaiswal Jaiswal (10 months ago)
plz tell me fast
jaiswal Jaiswal (10 months ago)
mam how agricultural crop are example of biotic component?
vaibs chouhan (10 months ago)
Avability spelling is wrong
chandra kailash (2 months ago)
I agree
chandra kailash (2 months ago)
T Lyrics (10 months ago)
Mam not man
T Lyrics (10 months ago)
Man by which way you can say that water can be renewable
Mere fabrate hero Mr Rahul gandhi
Suparna Sharma (7 months ago)
Modern Guru water is h2o so hydrogen + oxygen bt in lab so it's renewable
Adarsh Tiwari. (10 months ago)
aapka smjhane ka tarika axa hai mam
Akshma Mittal (11 months ago)
suprb video.....
VASHM Channel (11 months ago)
prince rahul (11 months ago)
Nice mam
Mahak Ahmad (11 months ago)
Osm Mam
hamid sarwar (11 months ago)
Thanks mam
Awais mehmood (11 months ago)
Thank you Madame
god is one (11 months ago)
Not understand well
The master mind (11 months ago)
Very bad teaching
The master mind (9 months ago)
Jeet chhaiya thanks
Jeet ahir (9 months ago)
you are handsome
cool priyu (11 months ago)
Nice explanatio mam
Sila Khan (1 year ago)
mam what the example of potential and actual resource please give me answer
Rk Tutor (1 year ago)
Awesome Madam G this video is very helpful for me.
Suman kanwar (1 year ago)
Explained very good
Suman kanwar (1 year ago)
Thank u mam
Devesh rawat (1 year ago)
mam plzzz ye batao ki water bhi to natural resources h agr humne usko kisi use m liya to usko renew kaise kr skte h
Kuldip Singh (1 year ago)
Thanxx mam!!!😊😊
Kumar Aditya (1 year ago)
thanks mam
ESIAKA SERIES (1 year ago)
Please just reply my answer
ESIAKA SERIES (1 year ago)
What do you mean by sustaining resources give brief descriptions
Priti Dewan (1 year ago)
You can teach nicely
Sahil Metha (1 year ago)
mam make a video on atomic structure
m omprakash (11 months ago)
Good class
m omprakash (11 months ago)
Sahil Metha good teaching mam
Sajad Ganie (1 year ago)
U r too good mam
Naran Bag (1 year ago)
Sooo nice teaching mam
bigyan bikash (1 year ago)
is the good method to teach
bigyan bikash (1 year ago)
is the good method to teach
Heena Naaz (1 year ago)
1. jaga khad ko bol kaiko halri
mukesh singh (1 year ago)
nice teaching Mam
manoj1988dagar (1 year ago)
explaination is very good and auwsom but u have to explain some lines in hindi also thank you mam for explaination and ask some and also and their answers
Kense Jr 55 (1 year ago)
manoj1988dagar don’t think only Indian uses YouTube
Tanishq Punjabi (1 year ago)
exhaustible not exhaustiable...spelling is wrong
mukul haldwani (10 months ago)
U also dont know the correcr spelling by your own...
Spy Error (1 year ago)
fist check yours

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