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Ubuntu : Adding Screen Resolutions

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Additionally you can find my video courses on Pluralsight: http://pluralsight.com/training/Authors/Details/andrew-mallett and take time to see my own site http://www.theurbanpenguin.com Adding additional screen resolutions to Ubuntu. I needed 1280 * 720. This is how it is dome
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Dipayan Sen Gupta (2 days ago)
Kudus to your fake accent :)
theurbanpenguin (23 hours ago)
What accent do you think I am faking
Arun Kumar (1 month ago)
Thanks bro i have facing problem from last 1 year with screen resolution on linux Very Helpfull
theurbanpenguin (1 month ago)
Happy it helped you
Subrata Sarkar (1 month ago)
Just perrrrrfect!
theurbanpenguin (1 month ago)
Thank you. I am glad it worked for you
PROCKY S (1 month ago)
Thank you ..
Abhinn Bisht (2 months ago)
Thank you very much . You have good kernel knowledge clap clap clap
theurbanpenguin (2 months ago)
P W (3 months ago)
Ganesh Sapate (3 months ago)
It show invalid parameters when run command --addmode
KAMLESH NAGPURE (3 months ago)
i am not able to set resolution permanently from this command after restart the pc resolution change to previous size.
nombre apellido (3 months ago)
Thks a lot, man!
Gianluca Viganò (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot! It works perfectly To save the resolution (for people that don't have understood the video) just create a file where you want and name it "10-monitor.conf" Then you have to open the terminal and write: "sudo mv [PATH_OF_THE_FILE]/10-monitor.conf /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/" and it's done!
theurbanpenguin (5 months ago)
Thanks for the comment and detail
Aditya Nawandar (5 months ago)
What's the theme that you are using?
Vishal Shivapujimath (6 months ago)
Thank you so much! It Worked
Setecentos Voltz (6 months ago)
thank you so much , u make me happy today S2 i love u GRINGO VIADO
Yoshinon D. (7 months ago)
Linux Rookie (7 months ago)
Here is the video for permanent saving the resolution : https://youtu.be/-ABHN8BtWh8
othmane (8 months ago)
Andres Martinez (9 months ago)
You're the man... Thanks buddy
Well, first of all nice tutorial. But I have a question. How can I more than 1 resolution to that file? or maybe I should make another file? Please inform me about this.
ItzDerock (1 year ago)
For me it says it cannot get gamma size.
Anon7 uigo (1 year ago)
Only tut to explain the monitor ID. Two thumbs up
kilofazer (1 year ago)
Thanks man, u r great ;)
Giovanni Carannante (1 year ago)
thank you from Italy!!
theurbanpenguin (1 year ago)
Halvor Øverby (1 year ago)
Thank you, this worked perfectly:D
Kidy (1 year ago)
[email protected] ~ $ xrandr -addmode DVI-I-0 1600x1200_60.00 xrandr: unrecognized option '-addmode' Try 'xrandr --help' for more information. [email protected] ~ $ xrandr --addmode DVI-I-0 1600x1200_60.00 X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR) Minor opcode of failed request: 18 (RRAddOutputMode) Serial number of failed request: 45 Current serial number in output stream: 46 What is wrong?
Amin Mohamed Ajani (3 months ago)
there are two hyphens in addmode.
D4M13N (10 months ago)
This worked for me: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1778584
SpideySpeaks (1 year ago)
I followed your instructions typing the commands in terminal -- it worked ok. But when I copied your cat file and I saved it using gedit, and rebooted the computer. After I got past GRUB all I see is a blank screen, really no nothing to see not even the UBUNTU MATE logo. I waited for almost 2 hours but no changes---what happened??? Now I can't log-in. Help please
Ravi Kumar (7 months ago)
I did the same to my pc... did u find any solution?
Sylia Gray (1 year ago)
Worked like a charm for my Ubuntu 17.04! Just what I needed! Thank you!
fenixlz (1 year ago)
Linux is so pain in the ass
Amal Pramanik (1 year ago)
xanScorp (1 year ago)
Using my external monitor's resolution keeps producing the message on that monitor "Resolution mismatch! Change device's resolution", which is strange. As I said, in the newmode line for the resolution was set to the monitor's resolution, yet displaying that resolution seems to present a problem.
Jerdi (1 year ago)
how the hell i create this file, ths tutorial is uselss.
Matthieu Capuano (1 year ago)
ABOUT CREATING THE 10-monitor.conf FILE, TRY THE FOLLOWING: 1. This is all easier if you go directly into the right directory, so enter (without parentheses): "cd /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d" 2. Create the file in this directory by using any command to create a file, for example: "touch 10-monitor.conf" 3. You may need to edit the permissions for that file so try: "sudo chmod 777 10-monitor.conf" 3 (note). This gives anyone with access to your computer permission to edit this file though, but if you're the only one using it, then it should be safe 4. Use a text editor to edit the content of the file (I used vim but you need to install that and learn to use it, which is simple. you could also try gedit): "gedit 10-monitor.conf" OR "vim 10-monitor.conf" 5. Copy the exact theurbanpenguin shows at 4:04 (lol, video not found) except for what he highlights, which you'll want to change according to your resolutions and the line you copied at 1:50 6. Save the file 7. Done, hopefully
Harsh Kandhway (9 months ago)
Matthieu Capuano thanks brother.. It works
lale (1 year ago)
when i put "sudo cvt 1366 768 60" it set itself to "1368 768 60" HELP?!?!?!
Sakar Subedi (1 year ago)
failed to get size of gamma for output default . this is the error i get after the xandr command any fix:?
psvr 3D videos (1 month ago)
Using Ubuntu 18.04 and Virtualbox, getting the gamma error
skarlett (6 months ago)
lol !!
Forway Montero (8 months ago)
ahhahahahahahahaha man u made me laugh
Sakar Subedi (1 year ago)
I reinstalled the OS and quit using ubuntu.
SenorSwagBuns (1 year ago)
did u find out what was wrong i have that too.
Sarowar H. Mishkat (2 years ago)
thank you!
radiša bogdanović (2 years ago)
[email protected]:~$ sudo xrandr --newmode "1280x1024_60.00" 109.00 1280 1368 1496 1712 1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync X Error of failed request: BadName (named color or font does not exist) Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR) Minor opcode of failed request: 16 (RRCreateMode) Serial number of failed request: 39 Current serial number in output stream: 39 What is problem?
Heart Reeves (2 years ago)
when typing "sudo xrandr --addmode HDMI-1 1776x1000_60" I get back "xrandr: cannot find mode "1776x1000_60.00"
Kiran teja (11 months ago)
what is HDMI-1
gabriel ubiadas (2 years ago)
same prob :/
Thanassis Zadrimas (2 years ago)
I've done it with my own resolution, but this is the result: DVI-I-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) VGA-0 connected primary 1152x864+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm 1024x768 60.0 + 1360x768 60.0 59.8 1152x864 60.0* 800x600 72.2 60.3 56.2 680x384 60.0 59.8 640x480 59.9 512x384 60.0 400x300 72.2 320x240 60.1 DVI-I-1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) HDMI-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 1440x900_60.00 (0x29a) 106.5MHz h: width 1440 start 1528 end 1672 total 1904 skew 0 clock 55.9KHz v: height 900 start 903 end 909 total 934 clock 59.9Hz [email protected]:~$ sudo xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1440x900_60.00 X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR) Minor opcode of failed request: 18 (RRAddOutputMode) Serial number of failed request: 29 Current serial number in output stream: 30 [email protected]:~$
ZAKTECH90 (2 years ago)
please give tutorial to save resolution. because it's gone after restart
Jerdi (1 year ago)
this tutorial sucks sooooooooooo much
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ (1 year ago)
When did he explain it, he´s just saying he already created that file? Not showing how? I have to google now how to do it. That´s a gap in the tutorial and typical. I never saw one explaining everything you need objectivly. If you need something to to do something, you should show how. So the circle is closed. This turorial is not finished.
Marc Wolfe (2 years ago)
Watch the whole video before making dumb comments.
ZAKTECH90 (2 years ago)
it works but after restart it's gone plz help
Atul Chavan (2 years ago)
thanks a lot, it worked for me.
James Spurin (2 years ago)
Very helpful, this covered the bit which a lot of tutorials miss and that's finding the corresponding monitor name which you need to use.
Alex McIl (2 years ago)
Brilliant video, really. I get to time line 2.48 and then get the following message on the Terminal and therefore am unable to continue. Any chance of letting me know what this error is please Andrew? X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDAR) Minor opcode of failed request: 18 (RRAddOutputMode) Serial number of failed request: 42 Current serial number in output stream: 43 Many thanks
Gilbert Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Very nice turorial however it didn't work for me I was trying to do as instructed but I had an error of can't get gama setting from default monitor
Hugo Sanchez (2 years ago)
Out of all the screen resolution tutorials out there, this one was the only one that managed to help, thank you!
Bhashya Kishore (3 years ago)
Please, how to create the configuration file? Total noob here :)
TheRed SpeciYzStar (1 month ago)
Bhashya Kishore 😂😂😂
ZAKTECH90 (2 years ago)
me too
Copetekk (3 years ago)
*clap clap clap* thanks for showing me how to make that file, such awesomeness (unsubscribe)
tilon (1 month ago)
6gigabyte4 whats happened? XD
6gigabyte4 (2 months ago)
oh don't do that
6gigabyte4 (3 months ago)
Create one on your desktop, open your desktop in terminal and (sudo cp 10-monitor.conf /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d).
Ej Dirst (3 years ago)
and this you  call easy  computing for every human? ask to do that for user who never did something like this i spent 5 hours before i found your video no thanks i will stay pirate user of microsoft anyway they are second in the top cheater of the world so i dont feel pain when i am stealing something on www:)
Valentin Pedersen (3 years ago)
i am doing this on a external screen and it just goes black
Mykhailo R (3 years ago)
Thank for your video, Andy. But can you upload some videos for intermediate Linux users? It would be really intresting.
Mykhailo R (3 years ago)
Excuse me, Andrew, no Andy. My bad.
Mikhail (3 years ago)
This VMWare is a pain in the butt to set resolutions for most of any distro! I was experienced the same problems with FreeBSD, but I resolved these problems even though I didn't have to play with distribution settings but only with VMWare settings.

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