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The Philippines' child miners risking their lives for gold

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The shocking reality faced by children and teenagers on the Philippines' Gold Coast - who face massive risks such as travelling down a flooded mineshaft with only a flimsy plastic tube to breathe from for hours at a time. Read more: http://bit.ly/1QRSZZF Watch more on our Dangerous World playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXjqQf1xYLQ5KNmCPWRWnnTWKKwcgS2IT Subscribe to Channel 4 News: http://bit.ly/1sF6pOJ Filmed, produced, reported and directed by Evan Williams Research: Hannah Poulter Field producer: Sol Vanzi Co-producer/second camera: Ed Hancox
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yousaf zamir (4 months ago)
Dangerous World!!! How about showing plight of Palestinians, Saudis brutality on Yemenis racism in US..... CH 4 nothing more than a propaganda medium... No one can take you seriously
Neon Brasian (6 months ago)
Putang inang Mayor Ricarte Padilla WALANG KUWENTA!!!
8Bit Time Traveler (1 year ago)
This is absolutely scandalous. What kind of society of savages can allow things like this? What's wrong with these people? Nobody is reacting and try to fix this problem.
importedmusic (1 year ago)
Surely they can just get a fishing net or boat? Problem solved.
George Calm (2 years ago)
The root of the problem is the fact that Joshua has SIX children. With such huge overpopulation childrens lives worth shit. But nobody is to blame but themselves.
sky philly (2 years ago)
No matter how hard life becomes, God values the poorest ones!
woman should be prosecuted for enslaving the men mand this animals abuser of human rights is free to go
mar co (2 years ago)
This video is very sad :(, I can NEVER understand why over here we have charities to help cats and dogs when children (and parents) all over the world struggling like this. ( ...animal lovers response will be imminent..)
Crafty Shawn (2 years ago)
This is sad
Elizabeth Armada (2 years ago)
wrong, Why let the children suffer family planning,is not a trend in my country just like us
James Heinlen (3 years ago)
we take so many things for granted here in america. i wish i could help them even just something small would help alot.
MAGA anti-globalist (3 years ago)
Just a tip, if you can't afford to feed 6 kids, DON'T have them!
its actually a woman which forces men to to do it this animal breeds and forces someone else to take care of it its called opportunism and abuse man has this pride of I am smart and great and sacrificing themselves for what for an animal which uses vagina as a as an excuse from being a parent
Omg I'm so verry lucky my father don't let us work hard we are seven kids 3boys 4girls but despite of hard life we still eating 3times a day too sad to see them working to help their father @sisters i hate to see this kids working in danger
Emir Yakışır (3 years ago)
Real UFO Videos (3 years ago)
I don't wear jewelry. Kids shouldn't be used to mine anything. Next time you put that ring on? Or chain? Think about where that gold could have come from? Kids dying for capitalism! Zeitgeist the World!
john majors (1 year ago)
Real UFO Videos lol, I dare you to tell them to stop. The father and his kids would tell you to go fuck yourselves. I know it's hard for a pampered little commie like you to understand but this is the only way to sustain themselves. everything has unintended consequences, so do people a favour and mind your own fucking business
Real UFO Videos (3 years ago)
+kansasthunderman1 I'm talking about the jewelry. Not the computer hardware? Go ahead. Wear your junk jewelry? I don't care. I care about child workers who get exploited everyday? And how blind people who wear the crap around their necks, and on their fingers? Don't give a damn about nothing but themselves!
kansasthunderman1 (3 years ago)
+Kris Samsel Most gold is used in electronics and it is recycled from discarded ICs and there's no need for "virgin" gold.
Real UFO Videos (3 years ago)
+kansasthunderman1 You're missing the point.
kansasthunderman1 (3 years ago)
+Kris Samsel Gold can be obtained from various sources and only a small amount of it is from the mining  shown in this video.
jeff milligan (3 years ago)
The title "The Philippines' child miners risking their lives for gold" is misleading. It should read "The Philippines' boys and their fathers risking their lives for gold". All the miners are males.
guleet (3 years ago)
+TYRES1987 feminists are crazy militants don,t listen to them! 
TYRES1987 (3 years ago)
+guleet Why not, where are all the feminists screaming about the lack of female representation in gold mining? 
Isaac Malonza (3 years ago)
+jeff milligan kxkckxdodcdppccpfodpcoicjfjcjcjcjcjuvjvjfjfkfiififi
guleet (3 years ago)
+jeff milligan so you want females to do this work , have you no shame?
jeff milligan (3 years ago)
+TYRES1987 I hear ya! The Boko Haram killed hundreds upon hundreds of boys, all erased by the media. It's a golden rule of journalism it seems, if the victims are male, erase their gender. 
Jonny Mann (3 years ago)
The mayor wearing the gold necklace at the end says it all really.
Vincent Wilson (2 months ago)
At Benjamin: He’s supporting the local business that supports child labor. As a result, That little boy isn’t going to school
MAGA anti-globalist (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Mann And some idiot on here calls this a Libertarian problem, the problem is the corrupt government.
Benjamin Harrison (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Mann Just supporting local business
JUSTACHIPN (3 years ago)
Love these people !!!
Mat Broomfield (3 years ago)
Americans - THIS is an example of libertarianism and capitalism taken to its ultimate extreme. No social care, no protections, just the wealthy preying upon the poor, and the poor sacrificing their lives to feed their families. How are market forces protecting these workers? Where are the unions? Where are the poor joining together to ensure fair treatment for all?
MAGA anti-globalist (2 years ago)
+Mat Broomfield So what?
Mat Broomfield (2 years ago)
+Atlas Shrugged. Not now, but when it was the USSR, the mass poverty caused by its overspending on the military during the cold war was one of the things that lead to the break up and the end of the cold war.
MAGA anti-globalist (2 years ago)
+Mat Broomfield Russia spends far less on its military (less than 10%) than the US in relation to GDP...... Not sure you know what you're talking about..
Mat Broomfield (2 years ago)
+George Calm Russia, country that spent 50% of its budget on the military and fell apart as a result? That nation you mean?Nobody is asking for a free lunch, simply that the wealth is distributed more evenly. For all of your insulting rhetoric, you must be wilfully ignoring the entirety of Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to say something so silly. The fact is, there's enough wealth to go around, but the top 10% exploit the rest of the nation. Even your own nation managed to stop children having to work in life threatening jobs. Of course, now that you have a crazed mongrel in charge whose more interested in posturing, bigotry and hiding his wealth elsewhere, things have taken a turn for the worse and child poverty is on the rise again.I suggest you go ponder a little more deeply before making such silly posts again.
George Calm (2 years ago)
These is no free lunch ever in the universe. Where you would take the money to implement such social system. Im frome Russia (was born in USSR) so dont tell me your fucking deluded tales you poor idiot.

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